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    Hope none of you are getting too eggsasperated at my slow progress but the final colours have at last been laid down As you perhaps don't need eggsplaned I've decided to go for a mock 'Aggressor' type scheme for this one. Yes, that's correct, it's an eggressor I have micromesh'd off the overspray after this photo was taken.
  2. Excellent, thank you good sir, now the main issue is picking a subject from the stash
  3. Is your boat on a slow boat from China? Oh, my name isn't down for this one, please add me to the list
  4. I think there's some differences between the CFT and FAST packs Stu but I've a set of bits from the Academy E that you're welcome to if they are of any use.
  5. Do you think it's time I started a fresh campaign V-P? Perhaps 2023 is the year for this one.
  6. Col.


    Got the second grey on It's only taken me eight days Two more colours to go.
  7. Nice progress on the Lib Peter and working with your newly tidied bench should help to make for a more pleasurable modelling experience
  8. Although you will be eligible for the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Special Schemes MegaGB that kicks off 24th September with those
  9. Nice paintwork. Both blues in this scheme are pleasing to my eye and seeing the first colour on alone enhances the impression.
  10. Nicely done and a great result for your efforts Don
  11. I can't see why not Stu. They are, after all, a special scheme and as bright as any display team aircraft in many cases.
  12. Sorry V-P, that last reply was typed out in far too much haste while doing other stuff, both the nose art and stripes make this one a great subject I was thinking out loud of a separate nose art category and not answering your question properly.
  13. Col.


    Most photos of JASDF F-15J and DJ show them carrying a couple of wing mounted fuel tanks. Sadly none are included in the kit so I had a hunt through the spares box Think these are from the old Revell 32nd scale Hawker Typhoon kit. A bit of butchery later got me to here Also trimmed off one missile from each set of twin rails and the fins from the remaining missiles to better represent the training rounds often carried. Getting close to the painting stage again.
  14. How about a separate Nose Art category for this GB gang? Part of the Special Schemes section. If nobody raises strong objections I'm happy to see some of this type included
  15. The F-16 success is a gift that keeps on giving to F-16 modelers
  16. Good to see you back at this one and making progress Peter. From a personal viewpoint I'd say it's always worth checking how much of the interior can be visible from outside the model when looking in before adding extra details - plenty of my models have lots of invisible and therefore pointless details added to them that were never to be seen again once the main parts were brought together.
  17. Of course you can Mark. That's an excellent subject choice and deserves attention. You've a bit of time to investigate and practice some scratch-building methods
  18. You're doing good work with this one fella and it's looking grand for it
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