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  1. Are you planning to post plenty photos in the walkaround section of the forum Cliff?
  2. The simple solution is another kit Tony. Along with a few more rolls of masking tape of course
  3. Sorry to learn that Covid has hit some of your family so hard Bosse. Hopefully they will make a full and quick recovery.
  4. Great use of your day I'd say
  5. I'm not seeing your photos at the moment but the descriptions read like good progress
  6. This one looks to have a nice level of detail across the kits parts Sam. How is it fitting together so far?
  7. Sorry to see one of your kits is suffering from the curse of ICM's cheaper early plastic J-W but sure you'll be able to reinstate any detail lost while working with it.
  8. This sounds a great idea to display your model and yes for most of us I'm sure the Lancaster is one of if not the first aircraft we think of when the word 'bomber' is mentioned.
  9. If you wish to join us and open a thread showing continued progress you're welcome Jason. Ahem, sorry @John Masters, back to your updates now I promise
  10. So everything ranging from eminently sensible to @trickyrich-approved? You know my opinion already but won't attempt to carry any further influence Oh yes, another good option, potentially an easier build-up than the Revell Tornado as well I'd imagine.
  11. Well done for persevering with this one Craig. Many of us would have positioned it on the Shame Shelf a while back
  12. Have you any other suitable subjects to join this GB with?
  13. Good to see your continued progress on this one James
  14. Hmm, good question Peter, the F-4F was acquired and operated as a fighter-bomber (albeit with restricted capacities in both roles compared to the E model) so no issues with the subject but I'd encourage you to do it in a standard service camouflage rather than a special scheme if possible. The box-art scheme would, however, look great for the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record Breakers, and Special Schemes megaGB later in the year
  15. Nice subject choice Gerard and well done for finding a model shop as they seem to be an increasingly rare commodity.
  16. If Revell can include Eddy in the Iron Maiden issue Spitfire then Airfix need to raise their game!
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