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  1. After the success of the 80s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB and the fun we're currently having in the 70s edition now seems a good time to raise the possibility of following up with the 60s edition. So, who's up for it? 1, Col. 2, helios16v 3, Ale85 4, modelling minion 5, DAG058 6, Dave_R 7, Jabba 8, Wez 9, wimbledon99 10, franky boy 11, PhantomBigStu 12, Arniec 13, vppelt68 14, IanHx 15, SoftScience 16, mirageiv 17, RPM2 18, bianfuxia 19, Lex77 20, At Sea 21, Colinchipmunkfan 22, Valkyrie 23, Creepy Pete 24, Hewy
  2. Ooh! Yes please and thank you Mikro Mir
  3. Hmm, that's an interesting point On one hand they were basically a border patrol force but on the other they would have been first in the firing line. I'm going to say yes and also allow any BRIXMIS or equivalent equipment to be included. Quite right too. Tempted to go for it as well. The original issue of that sheet in 48th was going for silly money on eBay recently.
  4. You could do a lot worse than look at this one https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ML48177 While I'd have enjoyed seeing the Super Mystere a French Air Force F-100 is a fine substitute
  5. You'll find strong support for a Bucc build around these parts
  6. Col.

    Motorbikes and Cars

    Seems fair enough to me.
  7. Col.

    Small Wars GB

    Excellent, that's exactly what this GB proposal is all about, the conflicts that make us go searching the internet to find out about because it isn't one we've previously heard about
  8. Col.

    Small Wars GB

    As we're have a few GBs which centre on the Second World War and one for the First World War soon perhaps we can get the antithesis going? A Small Wars GB to cover all those 'little local difficulties' that have occured throughout history outwith the scope of most history books. Let's give the big events a miss for a change and turn our attentions to the participants in lesser known events. What I'd like to propose is a GB to cover any conflict throughout history outwith the major events. Land, sea, or air. The Civil Wars, internal struggles, even the 'let's all pile into a tiny area and get nasty but make sure it doesn't reach the headlines' incidents and regional conflicts that have happened throughout history. Here is your chance to improve the sum of Britmodeller knowledge by sheding light on stuff we may not otherwise have much if any understanding of. Participants, 1, Col. (Co-host) 2, Corsairfoxfouruncle 3, Rob G 4, Wez 5, vppelt68 (Co-host) 6, wyverns4 7, modelling minion 8, Brad 9, Giorgio N 10, CliffB 11, jrlx 12, Botan 13, Sgt.Squarehead 14, Robert Stuart 15, Sabre_days 16, Pauly Boy 17, Possibly Apocryphal 18, SAU 19,
  9. So there won't be a lack of Lightnings in this GB. Cool At the moment I'm thinking of either a Hunter, very early Harrier, or perhaps a MiG-21 to balance out all those lovely Lightnings slightly. No, Enzo, I very much doubt I can do them all in the GB timeframe. Much as I'd love to!
  10. Col.

    Small Wars GB

    Cool. I'll add you to the list
  11. Sounds a cool selection of subjects to me @trickyrich
  12. 16 days 'til this one is go gang so get the benches cleared and choices made Something I'd do well to be getting on with myself
  13. Col.

    Motorbikes and Cars

    I'd be up for this so add my name and if you're looking for a co-host I'll happily help
  14. That one is over the 25% mark I'm afraid to say Stu due to having its wings fitted. Still plenty to work ahead for you but you've gone a bit far to be eligible for this GB. A Victor K.1 Tanker would be involved in support of front line operations so is fine. Sounds as if you're having fun in the P-47 STGB and that's what's it all about Ian. Lightning, Hunter, and Javelin are all good options.
  15. Hmm, good question, tempted to say they'd all have been ADC Grey but might have a magazine article on the subject somewhere... Let me have a look and get back to you on that.
  16. Cool Understand what you mean about the title being perhaps confussing but I'm trying to retain the common theme which has ran through the previous editions and proved popular so far. I did, however, think the late-45 to 1949 period was a little too narrow in focus to support a GB of its own but fitted better into this GB as part of the link charting the changes post WWII and the emergance of the Cold War. Anything used by the various nations which went on to be part of NATO and the Warsaw Pact is good for this one. Hopefully we'll all discover a little bit more about the formation of the two organisations and their backgrounds while having fun building models of the equipment they used.
  17. What say thee gang? We've done the 80s and 70s editions of this theme and will be doing the 60s later this year so perhaps now is the time to start talking about the 50s. This time around I propose a slight difference in that we expand slightly beyond the single decade and run from late-45 to 1959. The post-World War II 45 to 59 period will give us a broad range of interesting subjects and track a transition in not only technology but also politics and society across our geographical area as well as covering the birth of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact. 1, Col. 2, John D.C. Masters 3, Wez 4, Sabre_days 5, franky boy 6, DAG058 7, Giorgio N 8, shatters 9, Arniec 10, Creepy Pete 11, CliffB 12, zebra 13, modelling minion 14, SleeperService 15, TEMPESTMK5 16, Angus Tura 17, IanHx 18, trickyrich 19, Lord Riot 20, Rodders154 21, Hewy 22, Grandboof 23, rafalbert 24, Sgt.Squarehead 25, PhantomBigStu 26,
  18. Col.

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    Brave move to make such a drastic change to the basic shapes of the kit but it look to be well within your capabilities. Nice to see the SA330 getting some attention.
  19. Lovely choice of subject and one I know you'll do justice to
  20. The B-36 will certainly make for an impressive model Arnold Hmm, wonder if it was the Italeri one I'd read was a mess, sure a rescribe job wouldn't be outwith your skill-set though Rich Good choice Stu
  21. Col.

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Sadly the Warpaint book doesn't and a quick look through my reference pile doesn't yield a set of plans which shows them anywhere.
  22. Sounds an excellent plan to me
  23. Another future kit on the must-have list
  24. What do you think gang, a Group Build for all Hawker and Hawker Siddeley designed products? Fury, Demon, Hart, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Sea Fury, Sea Hawk, Hunter, Harrier, Hawk, Trident, Nimrod to name a few. 1. Col. 2. PhantomBigStu 3. Caerbannog 4. Rob G 5. Basilisk 6. rio 7. PlaStix 8. TEMPESTMK5 9. SleeperService 10. Beard 11. franky boy 12. CliffB 13. PLC1966 14. nimrod54 15. Arniec 16. vppelt68 17. Grandboof 18. TrojanThunder 19. jrlx 20. rob85 21. Hockeyboy76 22. snapper_city 23. theplasticsurgeon 24. Black Knight 25. Doug Rogers 26. charlie_c67 27. Roland Pulfrew 28. Paul J 29. bull-nut 30. Sabre_days 31. Bonhoff 32. wyverns4