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  1. I don't know about the accuracy of your cockpits Pete but they certainly look the part. I'm happy to see the B as eligible for inclusion within the gallery once done for those reasons. As you say there's more work involved with it than your fresh build.
  2. This subject certainly comes with its own full measure of wow factor and the kit looks to have that in its own way as well. Good luck with this project as it'll make for an impressive model Steve.
  3. Another good subject choice and a colourful one, in both scheme and character, at that
  4. My apologies Pete, didn't mean to be vague about this, if you wish to tackle the Mistle combination by all means please do.
  5. Col.

    Asia GB

    Not sure about the carrot but I did have a motorbike engine which did that once Are we adding your name to the GB list Jeff?
  6. Col.

    Asia GB

    Welcome aboard gentlemen We're now 26 names and close to the bunfight qualification point Hmm, my 'phone tried to autocarrot bunfight to bullfight, wonder if Google has been watching the action of a few weeks ago
  7. What a great subject choice Julian While I really do want to see this one take shape I also hope it doesn't do so at the detriment of your other projects.
  8. Interesting project Pete. Given only six were produced there's an argument they were very much an experimental type.
  9. In my opinion based on what you've shown in the background your companion project will qualify due to the work required during a full break down and rebuild refurbishment
  10. Tidy work again Alex and a coat of paint should reveal exactly how good a job you've made on the propeller.
  11. Seems good references are essential to get the best out of this kit Ian.
  12. Yellow is such a notoriously difficult colour to work with but you're doing a grand job of this one as well Jabba
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