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  1. A real marvel to see how you saved this beasty from the self-imposed misfortune... excellent recovery and even progress
  2. Good luck with this one. The same idea (lack of camouflage to display the wood) is linguering in my mind.. just lacking time etc...
  3. enjoy the filling and sanding... that was not expected when they announced this kit...
  4. Seems like a nice casting.. The models from Kora that I have resemble more the Unicraft spectrum of resin casting..
  5. Wow.. that's some sanding that will be necessary... The Zvezda kit looks like Meng or GWH when looking at this (Who had thought somebody would say this about Zvezda 10 years ago...)
  6. A bit of progress despite the temperatures: added the bulges for the locking mechanism of the landing gear and the sensors at the entrance of the airducts. It is all dryfit so far, so please don't mind the gap... To hot to play with paint... so on with the armarment: R-73 short range missiles: these were introduced in the field in 1984. After the German reunification these became available to the West and the performance was a nasty surprise... The kill-ratio and performance was unprecedented. It could find it's target at an angle of 40° with the flying direction, and with a helmet mounted sight it could be expanded to 60°... so an enemy flying almost next to your side... this led to a whole new family of Western missiles like Iris-T, Sidewinder-X etc... and then ... I couldn't deburr these, with the other PE-parts it is a necessity R-27 Missiles (medium and long range), these are made of somewhat larger parts: still a lot to make... 3 r-73's and 4/6 R-27's
  7. Or 80mm unguided rockets could be used also, but that footage isn't that clear, or any reports about it...
  8. I'm almost finished constructing the baseparts of my Su-27 from the Ukrainian airforce. Now I'm looking at the weapons load-out that would be feasible in current times. On the outer pylons I had some R-77's in mind, some R-27's to complement this either in the middle or under the nacelle, but what other configurations would be used in the war? Are they also used in the bomber role?
  9. You can try Heroes Models from Italy. They have a bunch of seated and standing pilots in 1/144 scale
  10. Nice too see somebody else exploring the 1/144 world. Nice work so far. Heroes Models has some pilots in this scale, in standing and seated positions...
  11. Fantastic work... Hope you can add all these without damaging..
  12. Splendid progress on this one. Hoping mine will arrive soon...
  13. Stunning detail painting, and equally stunning photography... A real pleasure to follow...
  14. Well with the tensions rising in Taiwan. . There was some nice footage of these. Isn't the area around the gun metallic instead of gloss? https://www.google.com/amp/s/weaponsparade.com/shenyang-j-11-gallery/amp/
  15. Thank you. Should work out to place these on my aircraft.
  16. Looking nice, however the paint looks a bit grainy on the detail pictures. Just a question. Can you give some dimensions of the external bulges on the intakes (the one in front and the one at the landing gear?) These aren't present in my kit.
  17. Construction of the hull, and fixing the cockpit: Some cutting, cutting line should be on the division between the front- and backpart of he hud: And dryfit. The gap is too large, I know: And preparation for the rear part. Marking the contour, cutting a straight line down, and scraping the inside out And forgot to take a pic of ghe complete assembly. So the pit fits in the original location tabs, and the hull halves were mated: The gun cover in place: Doesn't look much, but the primer will reveal what is necessary.. The sides and places where parts were removed were filled and sanded. Some scribing was needed And the entrance of the engines. Just for the idea, it will barely be visible And the dryfit of the gearbay doors: Looks better then anticipated.. To be continued
  18. Oh my god.... I feel with you... kudos for restarting the paintjob..
  19. That is a bummer... and obtaining Hobby Boss/Trumpeter replacement parts can be a nightmare.... http://part.trumpeterkit.com/ there's a link here to a replacement part service Been waiting 2 years for a replacement canopy that was squashed in the factory and placed in the box... @Serkan Sen1/72? Thought these were bigger, but luckily... mine is 1/144
  20. Nice build so far. Been eyeing this kit for a future project. Have you decided yet on the tiger or two-tone?
  21. Nice bunch of Flankers Serkan. Soon my turn too, but a bit smaller... if it works out. That J-11 is coming along nicely.
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