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  1. @Enzo Matrix with the way Ju 88 and Do 17 "families" are allowed to be treated as STGB, wouldn't this Hawker fighter lineage be one such too - thus 25 members would be enough to throw this into Bunfight - if @Rob S wants this to be treated as an STGB, they are a month shorter too . Anyway, just my ! V-P
  2. Snail pace "progress" but I believe this is the last post with pics in the build thread. Let's start with a rear quarter pic as the latest pic in the previous post is one. I have attached the wings, rear entrance door and nose escape hatch. The wings are missing the national insignia and some selected few stencils I think I should apply. Truth to be told, she'll stay without the starboard wingtip group marking for a while. I think I had one large triangle-L somewhere but it appears to have taken a Toonerville Trolley to town, awol. Well I'll be shopping for a bunch of Kitsworld decals soon anyway, that'll come to my rescue. The props need their tips to be painted yellow. I masked them off before painting the blades, now it's rather easy to dip the tips with yellow up to that edge of black paint. The props are yet only pushed on for show and safe-keeping! All the cowlings are assembled, in an open position, and painted with Hu 128 (no, they are not bare plastic!). It's easier to match the OD with the nacelles while they are in place. Exhausts and turbochargers are also nearly painted. I'll attach them after #1 and #4 cowlings are painted, but before I finish number #2 and #3. At least it's good to have a plan. Let's see how it goes . V-P
  3. That's one sweet kit, Lanmi, one of those shake-the-box Tamiyas! You for sure didn't pay any Eduard-extra for that minimask- set . V-P
  4. P.S. "BTO in the ETO" refers here to "bombing through overcast", the use of radar in target identification when cloud cover prevented visual aiming. There were several aircraft that were also named as "BTO (or B.T.O) in the ETO", where the acronym stood for "Big Time Operator" - oh those modest young Americans . V-P
  5. Ray, since you asked and guessed correctly *BLIND BOMBING is a perfect theme for BLIND MODELING* I built this kit in the late '70-s in one single (Christmas) night. Back then 40+ years ago we had no internet and online bookshops. The historical accuracy was often scarce, we built mostly what the kit manufacturers gave us. The older, more serious modelers could use aftermarket decals and read reference books and magazines. The really top guns belonged to IPMS which was kinda scary to a young kid just assembling kits. Back to year 2022: I've become quite close to the 381st Bomb Group. In the first B-17 STGB I built planes from the 533rd and 534th Bomb Squadrons. My current KUTA build is a plane from the 535th BS, leaving only the 532nd BS of the four squadrons lacking a plane in my display cabinet. In the Matchbox Classic GB I'm starting a second round with another 533rd BS Pathfinder, yes a Pathfinder... I do want to build H2X- ground mapping radar equipped Pathfinder-aircraft, thus I need not to worry about the Airfix and Matchbox kit supplied ball turrets! They also lack completely the interiors. Even the basic ones included in the more recent kits would need scratch built modifications too if I'd build a Pathfinder using them. The 532nd BS had three Pathfinders, but only one of them was of a later variant suitable to be built from this kit. That was 44-8349 code VE*G, another Lockheed/Vega- built Fortress from a yet later B-17G-60-VE block than 44-8196 (the Matchbox build) was. She even survived the war! Unfortunately I couldn't find any pics of that specific aircraft, but I can do an educated guess how she looked like - but building her blind, sort of! Late production block confirms a lot of the details: shrouded #2 and #3 exhausts, staggered waist, Cheyenne tail, radio room gun mount. The painting and markings were uniform enough in that squadron and group, no problems There is no mention of a nose art anywhere. Routing from the Vega assembly plant to theater of operations via 1 SAG in Langley - quite safe bet she actually was a Pathfinder. The decals come from my modest but growing supply for B-17:s - though I've already given away a lot of those I plan never to use (91st BG and 100th BG for example). I thank Pat @JOCKNEY for encouraging me to finally have a second go at this kit - it still looks intimidating compared to any other B-17 kit in my possession!!! The kit has whopping 10 assembly stages (Matchbox had 15, Revell now has 90+ and Airfix 138!). I will replace or add some parts from my spares, trying to enhance some of the most obvious shortcomings of the Airfix kit. Last but not least, I'll try to build these classic British kits of a classic American bomber side by side, like a small comparison build. Let's just see how I'll manage to write the build threads then. They have at least one common album at Flickr, and that'll help some. V-P
  6. I will build a WW2 four engine bomber used by the Allies. To be continued... a lot later, but. V-P
  7. Thank you Bertie, as a clarification to all others: I first had a model photo and completely different, false caption to it. Once again I thought I could quickly edit the post before anyone notices it You are correct of course and I know I first wrote about the id-, not formation lights. The model is misleading like you say but I did that on purpose, just to show they are there. V-P
  8. Check your Monogram kit, it does indeed have all the dimples for the various formation and identification lights. They are marked on the "El Lobo II" painting diagrams too. Nav lights are shown on the "Chow Hound" diagrams. V-P
  9. Part C51 may be the indicator with three lights that the carrier landing officer observes as he/she's checking the glidepath of the landing aircraft. The lights indicate whether the plane is "on the ball" or below/above it (That I was told).
  10. That's what I usually post, so... yes of course
  11. Eric, thanks a zillion! Your post proves that a good modelling forum (like Britmodeller, what else?) is also a good source for relevant prototype information. Now let's link this to 1:72 B-17G model kit information: - Academy no vents - Airfix old tool no vents - Airfix recent tool dual vents - Hasegawa dual vents - Matchbox no vents - Revell single vents Is that all? In 1:48 - Monogram no vents - HK EDIT: single vents Maybe someone can check the HK 1:32 scaler and the Lindberg 1:64th scale too? V-P
  12. Priceless, Dennis, thank you very much! I'll add the link to the first B-17 STGB Reference-thread which I´ll hopefully copy to the STGB vol.2 one day V-P
  13. Lucky me! Dennis yes, these were the wing tip vents for the later model added wing tanks a.k.a Tokyo tanks. There were two types but I can´t recall which one of the BVD-pool used the single one. V-P
  14. Oh! Nice to bump into this one! I'm having so fun building my first Hornet ever that by summer, I may be seen slipping into this one too... but no promises yet
  15. Well of course they are! Raise your hand in an auction and you're a bidder, reply to a GB proposal and you're in
  16. Attached the nose pieces together (sans the radome) yesterday. Now I just had to tack on the pre-painted wings and fins to see if he'll end up looking like a Hornet or not? The nose has some small seams and gaps that need working but nothing major. Remember, I'm benchmarking my model with el cheapo toys, not your masterpieces V-P
  17. It's a tie, Eric, as my sole Academy kit is also started, stalled and then dumped but fortunately resurrected, I hope My big B-17 is indeed destined for the Monogram Classic GB. It is *tadaa* the first 1:48 scale aircraft kit I have ever owned. It will probably be the last too, I find it rather difficult do find space for even model that big. I may or may not try to improve some of its details/correct its shortcomings, but it will certainly get aftermarket decals for 381st BG. V-P
  18. Not much to actually show here, at least not while enlarged 10x to the actual pieces! The Count will be displayed in-flight, buttoned up so (fortunately) very little of this will be seen. The pilot is not one of the two who were given the Sir Douglas Bader trophies in RIAT:s 2018 and 2019, but a nameless Revell F-16 jock that had to have his legs given the sir DB treatment to fit into the Academy F/A-18 cockpit! I have painted the lower nose assembly around the searchlight with Hu 127, then attached the lens and painted its rear surface with a Molotow chrome pen. Just to be sure it'll stay there, there's a stretch of tape to secure it in place! All that dark greyish is actually Revell #9 Anthracite but the lighting has turned it into grey. The MLU HN:s have a NVG friendly cockpit. V-P
  19. We have a banner and as a link: https://flic.kr/p/2jqZ2fa V-P
  20. I'm in. A certain WW2 bomber lends itself perfectly to this purpose. V-P
  21. by 2025 we should be able to paint the first "grey-on-grey" lo-vis Finnish roundels on the grey F-35A:s - I can´t wait
  22. Thank you Eric! Rest assured, she will be finished during this KUTA . I had a two week pause from model building, as our son was home for holidays and his old room is nowadays where I have a workbench (just a normal desk), kits, supplies and tools. Then I had to finish a build in the Nordic GB 2 by Sunday and also started an F/A-18C in a new STGB. I did receive the Revell kit paint masks during Christmas time though, so I could finally add the waist windows and mg:s. I added some black wash to starboard mg barrel, and accidentally touched the fuselage to waist window insert seam too . It looks horrible in the pic and I must try to cover it with paint. Oh yes! I had to check my previous posts, I hadn´t mentioned yet that she also has all her big radials assembled and attached. The exhausts, cowlings and props are in the paint shop. V-P
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