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  1. As you're a chief and a Scot, I caution you to be careful not to end up making apologies to the left handed community, and then some, and then some...
  2. This may not be good enough for your high standards, but I was happy with it back then (Maritime Patrol or something like that GB). No airbrush was harmed in painting this one (and it shows?). It was done using a light grey, no RLM-whatevers, craft store paint marker over brush painted 70/71 splinter. I believe the squiggles could have been painted wider but I went for as narrow as possible lines. You know, painting that was very FUN! V-P
  3. Some of these Luft-46 ideas are just too ridiculous and still too scary if you think of them seriously. I think that the VE-day didn't come too soon at all, quite the opposite. V-P
  4. Well, if manufacturing of just one prototype was started but not even that one finished... I'd say you can paint it anyway you want it, and be bold with adding all sorts of mottle and/or squiggles over the basic scheme! V-P
  5. You know, finding a build thread of the 384th BG assembly ship "Spotted Cow" was my first contact with Britmodeller forum, so it's double iconic to me!
  6. @Enzo Matrix is it "legal" to link a for sale- post in a GB Chat? I know shopping must not be done here, but can we at least do this? Please remove if deemed inappropriate Deleted - Not the buy and sell area
  7. I appreciate your politeness to ask, but the Britmodeller Group Builds have an open door-policy Exactly the reason I thought I might go for something Türkiyesh (?) like a nice little F-16. Maybe I should balance it by building also a Greek one V-P
  8. Today I'm leaning towards building something from... Türkiye
  9. I don't think the "trouble" is in the 77/76 but in the black, which is a fresh unfaded one. That light grey would look very different next to tire/NATO/anthracite black, whatever except that true black. Filtering it with a wash will most likely improve things! V-P
  10. I only now found this thread - and it's a super one! V-P
  11. I'm liking both the colours and the splinters . V-P
  12. I agree, go with a scheme you like Pete . V-P
  13. I'm not allowing myself to *start building her* yet, but of course I can do some preparations! The last look at those sealed parts bags. Still can't understand how big this kit is. Bags opened, sprues washed with Fairy and rinsed well; now drying. *I must resist* . V-P
  14. I think that (at least) the un-written rule is that only one GB per one kit. I have enough trouble maintaining one build thread decently, what would the doubling benefit for you? V-P
  15. Oh that 217, so many familiar features but it still looks so different from a Do 17Z!
  16. Pressure, no, just a gentle push towards right direction . I'm very glad to see a/your Monogram Do 17 here! V-P
  17. I'm sure this thread will be the treat of this summer
  18. ...and do I need to tell you, where that Do 17 build belongs, eh? (check the list of current GB:s)... V-P
  19. I think this GB can also provide the kick-UTA needed to finish this Monogram stock car that stalled last year. If I give myself a permission to start the B-17 only after this one's done, well, that should do it! The chassis is in my opinion done, I only need to assemble and paint the body and add the decals. V-P
  20. In that case I can go for the 74/75/76 scheme -
  21. Watching with Unlike the Pontiac sales dept, which in 1964 ran a 421 cu.in. tri-power engine stating it was a 389 in "the blue car" and "the red car" that the press got to test drive, you can do vice versa in your build . V-P
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