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  1. According to Mighty Eighth War Manual by Roger A. Freeman, the 381st assembled circling clockwise around their own airfield. I hadn't realized they were white bars in the wingtips, somehow I had thought they just for a reason or another had left the wing tip vents unpainted. One lives, one learns . V-P
  2. Thanks for the locating info! It was indeed an inspirational picture, and it didn't hurt that the Dreambaby carried my initials on her! Not even close to take-off or landing in Ridgewell, Lucky ME! (42-31570) in the background has her tailwheel down. Maybe they needed that practice mission! A nice trio of OD/NG BOEING built Fortresses, with Minnie the Mermaid (42-31614) leading Lucky ME! and Dreambaby. V-P(P)
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Although... Big red triangle does not sound familiar The 1st Combat Bombardment Wing (1st CBW) then consisting of the 91st, 381st and 398th Bombardment Groups, was the first CBW that began adding colour to their aircraft to aid in formation assembly. In late June to early July EDIT: 1944 of course! all of their B-17:s had an 80" wide stripe/fin center panel, stabilizers and wing tips painted insignia red. Rudder and elevators were not painted. The group symbol triangles remained black for most aircraft, but some OD/NG Fortresses (esp. 91st BG) retained white triangles especially on the starboard wing top (also in 381st BG). Soon other CBW:s followed; the 303rd BG of the 41st CBW painted a large red frame around their white triangle with group symbol C. I'm sure you meant the red empennage and not a red triangle, so you, @RJ-WobblyHands and me can build a three plane element of Forts with the Triangle-L . Or more! V-P
  4. I have so far skipped the Red Stars GB proposal, but now I may have to re-consider
  5. Haha, you're already here! But just to be sure, here you go: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/639-boeing-b-17-stgb/
  6. Problem only for American drivers - they can't drive one
  7. Which, of course, you must repay them by building a B-17 like the Sweet 17 https://b17flyingfortress.de/en/b17/42-97276-sweet-17-aka-the-spirit-of-st-louis/
  8. I have tried to keep my hands off F models and concentrate on G models - there's enough of variety within the series to last a lifetime - but 42-30721 just looks to desirable to pass by, with a dedicated set of decals and all. With a twist, of course, meaning I'd go for her regular bomber-duty look she wore before being re-assigned to those stripy radio relay operations. I've tried to find out if the F-115-BO block was one of those with red lined national insignia. Can you help me with that? V-P
  9. +1! V-P Edit: An Academy P-51B/C is my most likely subject. I have two of them.
  10. I agree, a great build, congratulations! V-P
  11. Oh dear, I just counted I have 4 proposals in the GB Bunfight and 5 more in the GB Chat... When will I learn to :shutup:? Silly me :headbang: 

  12. Welcome - and I'm listing you on the new GB Chat thread . V-P
  13. A nice one, with a daunting modification required to reverse the cheek gun staggering order (left in the middle window, right in the forward window) from the latter G models! will be required. V-P
  14. Welcome! I bet you like my signature too. Are you planning to do the Sweet'n'Lovely? V-P
  15. Nice to see you managed to fix that so quickly.
  16. This is a nice piece by Airfix crew, don't you think so too @Ol' Scrapiron? https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/only-milk-runs-for-this-usaaf-bomber
  17. I thought so too, but never got to finding out how they do that!
  18. Take a look at the previous B-17 STGB, it's a treasure trove of prototype information, kit/decal references and real modeler's build threads of practically every 1:72 Fortress kit in the market back then! Thanks, I may just do that! There's actually need to get some very visible detail parts that both the Airfix and Revell kits for God's sake I don't know why miss - pitot tube, antennas etc. Really! Ever since seeing that scene for the first time I have wondered how they planned to land that plane, with two people hanging from the nose?
  19. Once You have bought this kit, the best way to build it is among like-minded friends and pals
  20. That's easily corrected! ...and I have two of the most recent Airfix kit boxing pre-ordered and on their way . V-P
  21. Thank you gentlemen, a new thread has been opened in the GB Chat section - link - let's continue the discussion there . V-P
  22. In a month it'll be three years since the beginning (20.10.2018) of the first B-17 single type group build. I asked the distinguished gentlemen (or the previously convicted, usual suspects?) who participated in the first one, would it be appropriate to try and get a second one? We got the first ten quickly (see the conversation here). Here's a brief reminder of what this will be all about: Anything, but only, the numerous variants and conversions of The Flying Fortress, like all the XB-, YB-, FB-, RB-, SB- and “plain” B-17:s, YB-38, YB-40:s, C-108:s, F-9:s, BQ-7:s, PB-1:s… and the Boeing 307 and C-75 airliner/cargo planes too. Scale and material are of your own choice. Welcome along! EDIT: "A most appropriate calendar slot would begin from Saturday, October 14 2023 - marking exactly 80 years since the notorious second Schweinfurt mission - to January 14 2024." vppelt68 (host) TonyW DaveyGair modelling minion Jabba JOCKNEY tomprobert pizzapaolo Romeo Alpha Yankee Ol' Scrapiron TEMPESTMK5 SleeperService zebra RJ-WobblyHands neil5208 Arniec LorenSharp TonyOD . . . . . . ... -> -> Bunfight!!! I think the Flying Fortress STGB got a Flying Start for the second one . V-P
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