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  1. Just added this in Scalemates Stash manager as "on order". A 1980 rebox should be old enough for the GB https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-a12-mustang-p-51d-north-american--128604
  2. DON'T TRY TO DO THIS! IT DOESN'T WORK! Well these too will be shoved back to wait for KUTA 2023 or 2030, who cares. I'll start a fresh kit in this GB soon! Two months to go, should be no problems. Oh, and the next Ju 88 I'll start with the cockpit!!!
  3. Let's see... There's a trio of Bf 109:s and a pair of Ju 88:s intercepting the sole Fortress, but it'll get through once those are first dealt with
  4. Instructions, well, I prefer to write them not read them
  5. Well, I tried to finish some Gustavs last year, but ran out of mojo. A long and detailed story can be found here: I found the box with the Mersus, fondled the plastic, took a good look at that old build thread and then realized the Finnish Independence Day is next Tuesday. How could I better prepare myself for the celebrations, than finishing this trio? Actually, my mojo woke immediately, and I started again where I had stopped a year and a half ago. No, actually I didn't do that. My mojo was lost back then due to bad tins of Humbrol RLM shades 74 and 75, which I began correcting with good old Humbrol Super Enamels. They behave flawlessly! I have also repainted the yellow wing and prop tips, white base colour for the spinners and sanded all the old putty from fuselage seams. Maybe I should add a new pic too? Haha, that dark and small pic doesn't tell you a lot . V-P
  6. Interesting layout! The guns can't be worse than in the old Frog Ju 88 kit I built a decade ago though, they look like 37mm PAK barrels topped off with half a trumpet
  7. Looks very nice already! V-P
  8. Oldie but indeed a Goldie, Nice Job Pete V-P
  9. Looks like It's soon time to start keeping a list. Thanks for your interest! V-P
  10. To be honest, I admit there is info available but I have shown about zero interest in anything Soviet built so far... Finnish AF gathered a dozen or so force landed LaGG:s of which three were repaired to air-worthy and operational condition. They were used as interceptors on the Ladogan Karelian front, and apparently managed to shoot down one Soviet Bomber with it! Edit: February 16, 1944, w/o Eino Koskinen of HLeLv 32 (32nd FS) scored the only Finnish LG-kill, against a 415 IAP LaGG-3 (!)
  11. It's Steve, not ubiquituous mr. Jockney this Time!
  12. I regard that as a promise
  13. I don't know the Soviet forces too well, but a quick search resulted in a mention of a rocket launcher regiment being among the huge artillery force gathered on the Karelian Isthmus for the initiation of the assault 9.6.1944. I believe your Katyusha should be OK. V-P
  14. Welcome Icarus, your support mission is fortunately shared by many like minded Britmodellers on here. Glad to see another Kampfgeschwader 30 bird on here! V-P
  15. I will, and try hard not to mention the three LaGG:s operated by Finnish AF! V-P
  16. It says that all the four Do 22:s were equipped with floats. If you have the RS Models kit, is does indeed have DR-196 and -195 as decal options. V-P https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rs-models-92244-dornier-do-22--1256981
  17. Of course it would ok! They were used during the summer of -44 too, if someone else is interested in to learn more, please read the English abstract of this feature: https://ilmailumuseo.fi/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/kokoelmat_5_2014.pdf V-P
  18. Definitely not my cup of tea-type of a kit, I admire you all who manage to build and improve these like you do! V-P
  19. A paint scheme - probably it was a work in progress in real life - that'll be the icing of the cake in the Gallery! V-P
  20. No no Pat, now you mixed this with the Blitzbuild GB! Beautiful build . V-P
  21. Which Ju kit you're gonna build next, Pat?
  22. waiting and watching with growing interest in this! V-P
  23. Oh Enzo, I can't tell by those pics, but... did you remember to add the clear, round antenna insulators at the spine and drill locating holes for the dive brakes and external bomb racks in the wings? I know because I've been there, done that myself . V-P
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