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  1. I want the E version as that's what the Aust. Army is getting
  2. I just realised I may have leftist a group of large models....namely 1/35th Choppers!!! Due to their size in general.....which is huge as the ones below can attest!! I will consider 1/35th Choppers to be part of the 1/32nd aircraft family for this build.......it that makes sense?? I still have 2 more of these in the stash!!! Plus I have 2 more of these as well, another MH-60L and a MH-60R
  3. well I did say I’d like AFVs to be 1/32rd and larger but I did say huge 1/35th beasts and they don’t get much larger than this!!! So all is good with this build. I actually have a half built one I bought (was partially built) I got for next to nothing, must finish it! OMG!!!! How big is that thing!!! what you build a Phantom!!!!
  4. Ok folks just a quick announcement, as you would have hopefully have seen this GB will now go for 6 months. So now there's no excuse to not build that absolute beast of a model that's taking up 1/2 the stash space!!! Just imagine how many new models you'll then be able to hide from SHMBO!!!! Secondly I have to lovely Co-Host to help out with the occasional floggings, @galgos & @Stew Dapple, please welcome them. They'll shortly will be off to attend a class in the "Art of Flogging and Other Enjoyable Pursuits"! Our start date is the 20th of May, so time to start planning as it'll come around far quicker than you can imagine. With am I building, well 2 planned, both Trumpie models (I'm a sucker for punishment), their A-4M into an IDF A-4N, and their MiG-21MF in the Czech AF "Splinter MiG" scheme........ though there are a could of Zoukei-Mura beasts that have bought my eye....so you never know. What is everyone else going to build???
  5. As Col mentioned some pre-painting is fine, some some even start some basic building. If you can keep temptation at bay and just do some painting all will be fine........I yes I know how hard it can be to resist building!!!
  6. Hi John, yes unfortunately 1/24th is a bit too small, only because it is really a common scale for cars etc, when really I was looking for the bigger and less common scales. But as Redstaff mentioned there is still a couple of GB's that will perfectly fit your planned build. Now on your next trip to the big smoke be sure to look for something in a HUGE scale, would love to have you join in...plus you'll have 6 months to build it! @Redstaff & @Mottlemaster thanks guys for your opinions and thoughts on the subject very much appreciated, this is what I wanted! I hadn't thought about large/huge subjects in the smaller scales when I first proposed this idea for a GB, so hence my asking members what they thought now. I normally like to keep the eligibility of builds nice and simple, but at the same time I really like to make as many people welcome as possible. But I really would want to stay as true as possible to my original idea for this GB and you are completely right, so will leave it as it is.
  7. ...but what you are think is hilarious!!!
  8. I am now thinking along those likes as well. A first draft thought is for 1/48th and 1/72nd large (as in very) say a combined measurement (length + width) greater than say 1000mm or 36". My 1/48th F-111 & Su-24 are ~850mm (length + width) Say for 1/72nd at a minimum B-29 size or larger, and for 1/48th at least Lancaster in size. Ideally in both of these scales the model needs to be huge. This is still very much open for discussion so am interested what other members think. ....you know you want to!!!
  9. sounds very interesting! I do know form experience it's very hard to resist that "Buy Now" button.....resistance is futile! Oh!!!! Now you mentioned it, you just have too! I don't know if we can or could get that much time..... ... @Enzo the Magnificent what do you think? Am ok to move this around if needed be.., maybe not 6 months but a wee bit longer?
  10. yeah, I think there may have been.....not really sure the poll can hand us lot!!! I mean look what it has done to you! Gosh this time of the year is way better than Xmas!
  11. hmmm yeah I just found that list ........ thank goodness for dear old @Col.!
  12. arrr ok I completely missed this....actually the entire thread!!! Slot 8 was one of the ones I just asked Enzo about 1/2 and hour ago..........we must be on the same wave length........hmmm that's a scary thought!!!
  13. arrr Enzo....... have you got your glasses on??? the last figures I have for the poll was Go large or Go Home 48, Marcel Bloch/Dassault 46. Do you know something I don't??
  14. I think to be fair to the original idea, it has to be huge. I don't know what the model size will be for a 1/72nd B-737. I won't say no, but would like to know what others think about big aircraft (or similar) in these smaller scales. As I have mentioned I didn't think about this when I planned this GB, so am open to the idea....I would love to see a 1/48th B-36 or B-52! Any takers?
  15. well folks we made it buy the skin of out teeth....to coin an old phrase!! From looking like a certainty to just scraping in, but we made it. There is an opening for a Co-Host position if anyones interested in, or silly enough to want to do it. More later once we have dates for the build.
  16. we should be fine, a bit of last minute tweaking before the GB starts is normal, and to be honest I didn't even think of those really large 1/48th beats that are out there. At the very worst if there is heaps of complaints (and there won't be) you just won't be able to put it into the main gallery. I now like to run a couple of gallery in my GB's. One for the main subject and one for all the other that don't quite fit that (previously built, over 25% built, etc), for me the most important part of the GB is getting as many member to join in and have lots of fun!
  17. @Enzo the Magnificent are you taking orders for STGB positions yet? If so either STGB2 0r STGB8 would be fine for the MiG-25/31 STGB
  18. either of these would be fine with me. Sat, 29 Apr 23 to Sun, 20 Aug 23 Sat, 20 May to 23Sun, 10 Sep 23
  19. And good morning everyone....hope you all slept well.....now it's time to welcome the dawn of a new age.....the age of the 2023 Group Build Schedule!!! Yes after some absolute frantic last minute knifing/vote shifting we have the final results...........though for one it would almost require a stewards enquiry!!!! 12 additional votes in the last 24 hours??? I've never seen the like in the 7 years I've been doing these charts. All I can say is they were very lucky as for a while things were looking grim! I was pretty close with the 50 vote "Cut-Off" line....as to my last minute predictions.......well I was right, just the opposite! Had Small and Dassault going through and Karman & De Hav not........ so guess I was sort of right! I do feel sorry for those GB's that didn't make it, there were a couple I wanted to go through. Poor old VTOL couldn't get off the ground! But to those that made it, there is a huge range of build choices, really something for everyone, plus some different ones which is nice. Now the fun begins for those who made the cut...all the wheeling and dealing for the build slots. Poor Old Enzo the Malfunctioning (well he was in that spa)....all those bribes and offerings of first born childs that will now happen to secure the perfect build slot........... psssss Enzo, the checks in the mail! I've made it really big for those who may still be suffering from staying up late..... or those that now have an eye infection from that really dodgy Spa!!!!! Finally I hope everyone enjoyed the Annual Bumfight, it's now grown to be the big event of the year for us GB dwellers. I love it and doing the charts is lots of fun......and for all those new to this I hope you enjoyed the fun and games.....probably not all those terrible jokes......I promise next years event will be even worse!!
  20. Oh wow it had closed!!! Has to be one of the most epic bumfights we’ve had so far!!! will do up a lovely postmortem chart when I get home, will be all ready for the early birds.
  21. Gosh am trying to do some critical work at a customer site outside Sydney but keep getting drawn back to this!!! Must be getting real close to closing!!!!!!!!
  22. ok the very last update of the poll!! ....and wow talk about movement!!! One GB in the space of 12 hours has managed to gain 9 votes??? I have never seen a jump like that before this late in the poll!! Has someone found a way to multi vote? Only 3 new member votes over this time period. Now with basically 5 hours to closing time what will happen, are these the final results or are we going to see some savage last minute bloodshed????
  23. Hi Sam, Nice models I saw one of these in real life on the weekend. Technically no because it isn't larger than 1/32nd, even though in 1/48th it's a large model. I never thought of this...... I'll say ok ......other like this be accepted or not individually.
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