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  1. I do like the Pumpkin Face scheme, looks really cool.
  2. Oh bugga!!! Sorry not in that scale, but I found these, just what you need! https://www.ebay.com/itm/265297541007?hash=item3dc4f7378f:g:UFgAAOSwvgdhMjd9
  3. make sure you have a spare needle incase you wear out the current one....... 2 weeks, so you're in a hurry huh!
  4. haha you wouldn't believe it, I went an looked in the tub I keep all the leftover bits for builds, first bag I pick up I see the wee little bugga's I think you're after!!! They were tagged E7. These are what you're after? If so PM me if you're still after them, and I can send them off to you....that's if they'll let anything in form over the border in NSW!!!
  5. they both look really nice in the photos, well done on completing them! I do like the dark panel around the cockpit on the Italian bird, looks very smart. I think at your age it's time to put the silly putty away before you do some real damage! I hope you enjoyed the build, a pleasure to have you along as usual..... now off and play with you Phantoms!
  6. opps, I forgot.... the poll is open! It will run until the 11:59 on the 28th........ who's time zone I don't know, so vote early Plus because it is soooo hard to chose just one build I've let you have 3 choices if you need.
  7. Well that's it folks it's all over!!! A big thank you to all those who joined in the build, whether you managed to complete your build or not, it was a real pleasure to have you all along for it. There were/are some amazing builds here and quite a few I be very proud to claim as my own. I've been hosting GB's for quite some time now and there quality of builds is improving with each GB. So you all can give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for such great models. I enjoyed the build and hosting it and hope everyone else did as well. I'll try a get a poll up a bit later today. Again, think you to everyone that joined in the build!
  8. you mean stencilling like this!!! least some here are joined together, the stencilling for the Zoukie-Mura Phantoms is all individual stencils!!
  9. ok.... off to the naughty room with you!!! Well the KUTA GB that is...... with the rest of us! A shame you could finish them in time, but all is not lost. Thank you for joining in, they will be fine models when completed, hope you enjoyed the build.
  10. gee that turret looks huge on that chassis!!! She is coming along nicely, with all the normal rein issues as well, nice job with correcting them! I agree about the similar look to the beast at the bottom!!
  11. Thanks.... I had a break from her yesterday and my eyes thank me! I would like to have her finished by the weekend (local club is having an online show.... we're still in lockdown here), so will do little bits here an there over the week. Not sure if I can make that deadline or not...... I won't rush it for that one.
  12. I was really impressed just how nicely and easily they were to use and go on. defiantly worth a try and they're reasonably cheap as well. Well this one is now officailly consigned to the KUTA GB, if time permits I may work on her there and there before then. I do want to finish her and there's really not that much left to do. The decal were so nice to use, highly recommended!! The SMS clear..... well again this stuff has let me done, some adverse reaction with the main colour and even one the plastic underneath! I've used the same combo's of paint on other builds and no issues...... it's just too unpredictable for me, so off to bun with that stuff. On the brighter side Tamiya's LP rate of clears seem to work perfectly so may switch over to them for all future work. Thank you to all the that followed and commented. I May still update this thread as I continue here, or look for it in the KUTA GB.
  13. For all your dramas Paul, it's a fine looking model I'd be happy to have!!! other than some dodgy decals (prob the most common issue we have around here) you can't fault the rest of the finish, really well done, the unevenness of the greys is perfect I reckon. With the decals, try using a pin and pock the silvered areas then add a tiny bit of decal softener to that area. Don't leave it on for to long (may melt decal) then dab with cloth/paper (whatever you use when decalling). I have done this in the past and it worked perfectly, all signs of silvering disappeared. Anyway, was great to have you join us here, and a real pleasure to follow your build as usual. I hope you enjoyed it and again well done on an awesome looking model.
  14. Well done, you deserve a nice cold one for producing a lovely looking model! I love the finish on this one, it juts looks "right"! A well used aircraft just like you see in the photos very nicely done. Hope you enjoyed the build, was great to follow, so now enjoy your well earned drink.
  15. congratulations Dermot, she's done, and wow what a scheme!! These Greek F-16's are no shrinking Violets by any means, they like their colourful birds and this one in no exception! She looks great, well done on producing a fine looking model. I'm glad you could joins s for this one, it was great to have you along.
  16. WOW she looks amazing!!!! Well done on completing her, I love the scheme and what a nice finish you have on her as well. Thank you for joining us here, I hope you enjoyed the build, and again well done of completing her.
  17. Well done Steve, she looks awesome in that scheme. I've had a couple of crew complain before about pay 7 working conditions..... found the easiest way wa to glue the canopy shut on them...... can't hear the complaints any more! I really do like this scheme, definitely not one you'd expect on and F-16, more likely to see it on a Soviet one. Well thanks for joining us here, I hope you enjoyed the build, was a real pleasure to have you along.
  18. Well done on completing these 2 wee beasties!! I love the schemes, especially the "splinter" one, it's nice to see some of the more unusual F-16 schemes out there. I hope you enjoyed the build and glad you could join us.
  19. well done Tim on completing her, she looks so good!!! It's really different to see one of these birds in not so pristine condition and looking exactly like the photo as well. Thank you for joining us here, I do hope you enjoyed the build and it was a pleasure to follow this build.
  20. Oh dear, sorry to hear she went straight to the bin and even by-passed the shelf of doom!! We're all had models like that! The problem with Trumpeter and other manufactures from that part of the world is that their models are not of the best of quality I've found. So after a short time in production you start to have wear flaws showing up in the sprue. There's no way these moulds will last, like some for the European manufactures, just look at the dates stamped inside some, and they're still crisp and clean moulds. Don't worry a lot of Trumpie models are boarding on being unbuildable...... 1/48th Su-24?........ ok that's just full of errors. Anyway I hope you have a few stiff drinks, relax and come up with a cunning plan to re-join a bit later on.
  21. yeah I'd be filling those gaps up as best I could with card & stretched plastic sprue. That'll give you a nice solid base/finish, then just use filler to tidy it all up. I had similar issues with a 1/48th Italeri beast (and I still haven't finished her either). Try to do all you filling work with plastic first, filler is good but can be problematic at times, plus do have a habit of shrinking with some types of paint. Keep up the great work.
  22. WOW!! You didn't swap you build out for a Wingnut Wings model did you? The detail work and scratch building work is amazing, more so when you know it's all in 1/72nd! Those wires you are using are just so fine....my poor eyes couldn't handle them.
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