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  1. I really wouldn't hold your breath on me being able to build something here.....am really struggling to build anything at the moment. In the last 3 weeks all I've done is gloss clear the F-15J (might have finally cracked a good clear finish) and a matt coat on my Macros YF-19, I have to finish these first. I've barely had a chance to even comment on the builds in my build... just a quick look through and that's it. The old work bench has been taken over by feral Dust-bunnies!!!! One even tried to attack me with tweezers when I went to move something!!! That said it hasn't stopped me from buying stuff, another 1/35th Kitty Hawk MH-60L Blackhawk (for less than 1/2 the current going rate) and a Vintage Fighters (now Kinetic released) 1/24th P-47D Thunderbolt.... that thing is bloody HUGE!!! But never say never about joining.....one of life's great pleasures is to annoy people!
  2. welcome along to what is probably your 1st GB. When you first asked about this I was really hoping you you would join in with this project, and what a project to! A 1/16th Anime Panzer 4 with panzer Girls! I have seen a few episodes of this show, lots of fun. 3D printing is just so interesting/amazing to me, I really wish I had the time to learn/player with it...am flat-out just trying to use my Silhouette Print/Cutter!! Well good luck with this build, I can imagine it'll attract a lot of attention, I for one am all set to follow this one!!
  3. wow no messing around here!!! The old Jack is a bit of an old Jack by the looks of it, the first sprue shoots looked like it had raised details, but you can tell it's nice and normal in the later ones. The Jill looks to be a nice model, and well detailed too. I have had to do similar things with plastic sheet as well to keep wing profiles looking right among other things. Both the cockpits look really nice, well done! If I ignore the title it might go away!!! good luck with these builds, should be fun one to follow.
  4. very nicely done, she's amazing!! Am looking forward to you nursery rhyme build.
  5. gee that finish look nice!
  6. didn't take you long to get off to a great start. I agree with your idea for joining up the fuselage side first, it really does make sense after building similar constructed models. Yeah some of the Tamiya models in 1/48th can be a bit hard to find and expensive when you do. They need to release more each time and then re-release them more often!
  7. very nice!!!! A great way to move some old Scalextrix cars, I wonder if they do a mount kit to fit 1/32nd cars on to Scalextrix bases?? Gosh this is going to make me finally build a proper folding table in the garage to set up my Scalextrix track....... plus my old Tyco HO car set!!!
  8. You do know the exhaust is too small, it needs to be about 10x the size, and the wheels need to have 45° on them, plus don't forget the over sized wing! That sounds like a typical mod to a Kardashian modification!!
  9. Gee she looks nice, and I think the paint job came out great. I find Tamiya paint is a real bugger to paint over no matter how long its been drying for! Anyway she's an AFV, a bit of dust and dirt and she'll be perfect. Oh dear tracks breaking, have had that happen many times, staples for the bigger tracks where the join can be hidden, or as you say out with the needle and thread. Which I think is the better way as the join is still flexible and with some coloured thread completely invisible. Keep up the great work, she's nearly there!
  10. Gee she looks nice Enzo, that is a bit of a complex scheme to mask on an AFV. Do you know if the yellow was originally painted by brush or spray gun? You are right though, painting it by hand would have been a lot simpler. I am looking forward to seeing this one completed.
  11. It' nice to see this one started, the cockpit/cabin areas are nicely detailed, even if you won't really get to see them at all.
  12. wow you're powering along there Enzo, and gee she's looking nice. I love the cockpit details, really nice. These Eduard Limited edition boxings are so nice, I have a couple in the stash (I may have even start a couple in the past.... of course I haven't finished them!!).
  13. nice progress Reini, the cockpit turned out really nice. She will look really smart in that scheme, I think it's the right choice here. Plus that does look like a tasty treat, you're as bad as Bosse, I am always hungry after his posts... .... haha, I was just thinking that.......... .......and speak of the devil!! Arr you just don't want to play with us any more! Oh dear having to pack up stuff and move for a while won't be fun at all. And you have an airbrush!! Welcome to the dark side. It'll take a wee bit of practice to get use to it, but once you are, you'll never go back. in you case the struggle was in the rush to get the wallet out!
  14. Great to see you've managed to make a start of her Steve.
  15. She has come along very nicely and is looking great. I agree with you on the IP, it looks superb, it's the first time I've seen dual decals used and they look amazing. Not long to go with this one, keep up the great work.
  16. AOA sensors (angle of attack)........ "things that break off very easily when handled" sensors! That pre-shading should help break the evenness of the main colour nicely.
  17. as a masking fiend, that came out perfectly!! I love the look of that scheme, well done, not an easy one to pull off.
  18. I'd so love to see one of these in the build, but unfortunately this version isn't available in a model. https://gomotors.net/Suzuki/Suzuki-Fronte/photos.html?pic=6 I learnt to drive in one of these in the mid 70's, would love to own one..... a 360cc 2 stoke beast!
  19. gee I do like the look of her, and what a nice finish.
  20. looking good Col!
  21. welcome along with build #2 and what a nice colourful choice. I didn't expect to see a Kombi in the build but it's great to see one here. Yes the masking and printing will be where it's all at with this build. I like the drying rake, in sprue order I assume? Good luck with this build and I like the fact build #3 (?) is lurking in the photo as well!
  22. Arr Stu, now that's the spirit! It's nice to see a Diana in the build, and 2 even.....though I would have let you off with just one 1/48th beast......... would have looked good with those wee vehicles! I really must add one of these to the stash one day, I have built the old Airfix one many many many moons ago. Masks for the canopy in this scale has to be a must! Good luck with these beauties.
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