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  1. nice choice and something different scheme wise as well. You might want to check the nose on this one. Looking up the sprue guides for the Skyhawk, the "Free Kuwait" version and it uses the same new sprue "S" as the N version which has a very slightly different nose, different panel lines and no clear point. Plus a again very slightly different tail top. here are photos of the differences, the top is your A-4M version, and below is the A-4N with "S". I think you might need to loose those extra bits for the nose as well. Plus I just f
  2. I'm fast loosing my patience with them..... well actually China Post!!!! I ordered a model from the same lot 2 weeks later and it took around 10 days to get here... so far 3 1/2 months and counting!!!
  3. Ok this will be a place holder for a wee bit as I’m flat out on other builds. This is part of a sub-themed of builds I have planned, next is a F-16I SUFA and maybe later in the year an RF-4E(S). I have always liked the IDF A-4N and built the old Matchbox one many many years ago, this time I’m moving up a scale. Someone mention Rocking Horse , Hasegawa’s A-4N isn’t that rare but they are frighteningly expensive! So luckily Hasegawa do have a couple of Skyhawks with 95% of what you need to build one. Unfortunately the 2 other releases you need are pretty h
  4. dear god this one i almost here already!!!! Plus the non-plastic thingy one start a couple of weeks after that one.......... Fortunately/unfortunately I need to finish my Phantom before next months club meeting, need to have it ready for the RAAF 100th anniversary display!! God I'm going to be busy!
  5. can't remember where these fitters came from......... I know they didn't like the heat much as they kept removing the work clothes all the time!
  6. you got some great info on that thread. Yeah those outer 2 pylons were fixed and in the time I was on F-111's (in the 80's) I never saw them fitted operationally, only for display. The real worry with fitting them and stores was unwanted stress on the "wing carry through box", a source of drama through the F-111's entire life. Drop tanks, 2 or 4, on the inner pylons were only fitted when they were flying off on exercise somewhere. On "bombing camps" it was usually a pair of big bombs or a pair of BRU's with 6 bombs 250 or 500lb fitted to each, can't remember which inne
  7. Ok I didn’t actually get around to doing any painting yet, today is club meeting, so now maybe tomorrow?? Got a bit done yesterday and the fuselage is closed up, and that was an interesting task! First off the cockpit tub needed to have the canopy shroud (?) fitted before it was fitted to the fuselage, as can be seen it needed a little bit or persuasion to stay in place. The fuselage was then joined together, again it needed some persuasion to stay there, I think one side was a wee bit bent out of shape, but all good in the end. A bi
  8. look similar to the one I have.... not too sure about their claim it is suitable for Hasegawa F-111C/G, the G model is a big no no! Don't forget the Recon birds s/n's, A8-126, 134, 143, 146, plus 95% of the time they flew without pylons fitted. The C's (G's came after my time with them) usually had only one pylon fitted to each wing with a single white SUU-20 practice bomb rack generally under the LH wing (except 129, it was mostly fitted to the RH wing as it had a bent wing carry through box and required lots of trim if not fitted). If you want to have some fun you c
  9. …I’m back and with nothing having dropped off (or new weird additions) and the thought of raw brains isn’t very appealing at all!!!! Been working at an old Uranium mine. …….and waiting for my triumphant return were some nice goodies Some nice new bang seats and wheels….. …the kit ones were a bit basic and had no seat belts. I don’t like the new PE grab handles so I may use the kit ones instead….. Same goes for the wheels, the detail is just a bit better looking, unfortunately they’re not weighted, I still can’t get the
  10. I'm back!!!! ...and with no extra appendages, or desires for brains! Looks good in primer...that blue plastic would have driven me mad!.. I managed to compare the 2 types of intakes.....gosh the difference is really hard to see......only a train/Skyhawk spotter could tell the difference! The intake sides are slightly different as well between the 2 models. The A-4E/F is on the left and A-4M (the sprue says A-4F/M, I think they mean A-4F "Super Fox, name given to the HotRod A-4F's) on the right
  11. Ooooo an RAAF F-111C very interesting!! Who did you source the Recon pastel from? They are getting very hard to find these days in 1/72nd, no body does them in 1/48th, I had to make and master my own. A8-113 (in the box photo) is one of 4 F-111A models we bought and converted to C to replace lost aircraft. (A8-109, 112, 113, 114) Oh and F-111's look so much better in SEA colours!
  12. well 2 , the original one that did the grand tour of China did eventually arrive back to the sender.......not sure why he just didn't re-send that one to me! Surely China Post couldn't be as rough as Aust. Post............ maybe they are one and the same!!! A cunning plan to take over Australia!!
  13. .... and the continuing saga of my poor wee Leopard tank....... they sent me a replacement about a mouth ago (the first attempt bounced around China for 2 months before being returned to the seller, got on evilBay) and it appears to have disappeared behind the Great Wall of China post. They were tracking it but also forgot to send me the tracking details. So 2 weeks ago they decided to have a 3rd attempt at sending me my wee Leopard tank and sent off another one (now 2 running the Great Wall of China Post)....of course no tracking number was sent! I still have 4 weeks to go before
  14. fingers crossed we pass through the annual bumfight (GB poll) the date would depend how fast we get our bribes in to Enzo the Great! If there is a general consensus on a preferred date, then I'm happy to give it a try if we go through.
  15. nice to have you along Pete....plus a great way to free up more space in the stash......... for more models!
  16. nah sorry that's finished, you'll have to now wait for the KUTA KUTA GB at the end of the year.
  17. You could probably get away with using it, 99.99% of the people wouldn't notice the difference........ just that annoying 0.01%er!!!
  18. ...and you still haven't returned the drinks trolley. I think it is quite ok to have builds that are greater than 25%, it helps make the build a bit more inclusive and could help some stalled builds. I'd be happy to take it to 50% and make a judgement call on those that are greater. Having a separate gallery is a good idea...... though I can see poor old Admin (aka Ezno the Great.... has anyone seen him of late?) being busy moving builds around the gallery for those who may have stuffed up in gallery posting!!! No names mentioned....
  19. I don't know of anyone that does a cockpit for this version/model yet. Quinta Studio do do a lovely 3D Decal set for the F-16C, but only for Hasegawa & Tamiya models so don't know what would be involved in using them...... plus version. One would sort of assume that the cockpit for the C & E might only have very minor differences. Does the E model have the new super wide HUD? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/quinta-studio-qd48037-f-16--1300773
  20. ...I see my name there.....unfortunately I'll be missing in action for this one....dance card way to full!
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