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  1. welcome along, GB's are lots of fun and a great way to learn and pickup tricks and tips.....even if you don't get to complete your build in time......we've all been there! some more than others!
  2. haha Pat's probably been naughty again!
  3. well done Julian, she looks fantastic! I really do love fast movers in SEA gear. I hope you enjoyed the build, was great to follow this build and again well done on a fine looking beasty.
  4. well done Mark she looks awesome, and great posed like that, well done. I think posed like that shows her best angles, gosh she was a lovely looking aircraft. Thanks for joining us, I hope you enjoyed the build, it was a pleasure to have you along.
  5. if there's any shortage of Fitter stuff that's probably because I've bought all the rare stuff! The good stuff disappeared years ago, though occasionally something rare pops up. I have the Neomega cockpit set, it's not too bad, my first Su-17 I just used the new cockpit in the Eduard kit, i's not too bad. But I do have a Cutting Edge one which is very nice. There was for a time a Flaps & Slats set available for Cutting Edge, I bought one but it turned out to be a Blunt Edge copy produced buy some dodgy little old lady in the old eastern block...truly horrible and lots of work! There was a completely new set from a company called Tiger Model that lasted barely a year, I have a set but they didn't supply instructions. , but have spent Soooo much time researching the Flaps & Slats operation on the Su-17/22 I could scratch build one from memory! The Burner Can replacement is a must...again if you can find one, again Cutting Edge. The Eduard PE set (48173) is a must. Yahu do a wonderful new IP for the Kitty Hawk model, be a simple job to fit on the KP model, I need to buy a couple. Wheels are easy to get now, U/c legs could probably be replaced with SAC ones, else like I did, rebuild them completely...which from memory I did because the aircraft didn't quite sit properly. The Air Brakes are/were from memory only available with the Cutting Edge Flap & Slats set. There are some other bits and pieces if you want to go that far......I think I have most of them! Oh a Master Models Pitot Probe is a must as you need to do some mod work for the nose probes to sit correctly (fitted per instructions they point inwards!!). Bugger now after all this talk I may now have to build one of these as well.....which is ok as the Su-15 is looking like more work every time I look at it...plus I really do love the Su-17! I don't know if I showed you the link to my old build or not? Here it is again anyway. Gosh 2013, seems like forever ago! AaaaaAAaaRRrrRRrrRrRrrRrr I'd completely forgotten about this one and how close it is!!! Well as can be seen form above I've more of less have talked myself into building another Su-17. Go on Craig join Chris and I and build an Su-17/22 as well! Guess I'd better go off now and buy up the last remaining Su-17 stuff!
  6. right after some time off this one some good progress….though not quite as easy as I had hoped! ok the cockpit is all done and I forgot photos…again! You can sort of see a wee bit here, but even in real you just can’t see all that much , sort of why I stopped doing any more work on it. It looks cool, even if I do eventually have the canopy open…more on that later. Ok with that done I could finally close up the fuselage. First lots more test fitting was required, I really needed to know how it was all going to fit, with CA glue there’s really no second chance! One area I found of concern was the fuselage join under the cockpit. To help align this I used small plastic strip blocks (sorry about the photo, the battery was going flat). The fuselage was glued in sections with CA Accelerator to set everything in place. The only area that needed any extra work was at the base of the tail fin, there was a rather large gap there, which I knew about. More CA glue and accelerator sorted that out, some light sanding and all the joins were basically done. I was so happy with that I went straight onto the wings…..the joy of work with resin and CA glue, super fast assembly! Again the same process, lots of test fitting & adjusting then planning how to do the joins. For this I’d do it in stages, the top of the wings glued first then adjust and glue the lower side. The LH wing went on first, no issues, then the RHS which I though would give me issues but actually went on quite well. I lined up the undersides and glued, so far so good….not quite! Viewed for the front the LH wing was pointed up by quite a bit! Again with the joy of CA glue/accelerator everything wasn’t going to move so with a razor saw I cut the top joint of the LH wing and fitted a shim to get the wing level correct, then re-glued, a quick sanding and sorted! Other than the spacer the join was really good, just some more minor finishing work required. The RH wing which was the problem one with warping, is actually really good, again minor cleaning up work required here. The underside wing joins were the worse but they’re again pretty much done, just some minor filling and more cleaning up required. One noticeable issues I did find was that the radiator profile was lop-sided when viewed from front one, with the LH side being the issue. I’ve sanding it back and it’s pretty much spot on now. I now need to spend some time going over all the joins and making sure they’re all good, but the big tasks are all done which is great. The tail surfacers are all good so they’ll go on next. There are some gaps on the insides of the flaps at the wing joins, I’ll fill those with either CA or filler. She does look good now, have been flying her about. So some time to be spent of cleaning her up now, next big step will be painting her. Oh and with regards to the canopy, I’ve bought a Squadron Vacform one, which I’ll use, I’m probably now going to have it open too. I’ve been practising building canopy frame on my Su-24. Plus on a very annoying note I missed out on the Airfix 1/24th beasty on the weekend at my local IPMS meeting, was selling for 45 pounds!!! Only missed on it buying by a couple of minutes as well!
  7. well I haven’t forgotten about her……though after today I sort of wished I had! I’d finished playing around with all the different effects, in the end it just wouldn’t be noticed plus I had to now clear coat her for decals! I had planned to mask and paint the markings on her, but I just couldn’t find any the correct size, I did buy some more from the Tigercat, but even the smallest ones were just too big. Same goes for normal decals as well, the Skyknight had some odd size insignias. I just clear coated the areas I needed. The decals……. Well they were the originals, super thin and unfortunately old! They would just break up looking at them, but I had no choice and just had to preserver. The LH side tail ones ended up being the worse, they broke up into a thousand bits, I sort of got them back together. The only saving grace is from the photos the marking wore/chipped off quite easily, so I’ll be doing some chipping next. Due to the odd colour there’s no chance for doing any touch up painting. She’ll now have some flat coats to try and duplicate the flat finish one the rest of the model. Once that’s all done I’ll mask her up and do the wheel wells and U/c. When they originally painted these things black they didn’t much bother about masking so there was lots of black overspray in the well wells and insides of door.
  8. just poke Enzo.....you know he likes it! I've been looking at the GB lists so far and at the rate the GBs are going this will be a shoe-in for next year, there are currently only 5 other GB's with the required numbers. It's actually quite disappointing!! There use to be a real bun fight for places with a large number of GB's vying for those converted places, I even had the old chart up and running (16 GBs for 2018 vote, 25 GB's for 2017 vote. But last year and now by the looks of it this year we'll be lucky to even get a vote! I sort of wonder if people are becoming a bit bored with GB's as they do seem to be of late a re-hash of previous ones? There are the odd exceptions but every year we always have a couple of big ones, but.........
  9. ok I guess you'd better add me to this one....only because I have this desire to build either a Luftwaffe F-4F/RF-4E or have ago with Revell's "Unbuildable" (1/48th) Tornado again in Luftwaffe scheme.
  10. I do like the anniversary ones, once i get my Israeli F-4's out of the way I may have to do a Luftwaffe F-4!
  11. oh this one snuck in, welcome along....and wow off to a very speedy start as well. I like those little adjustments you made, helps it start up from just a normal build. Arr no need for good luck with this one, you've got her completely under control and should be finished by the looks of it in plenty of time.
  12. I think this one is due a nice little nudge? I just acquired this yesterday from my local IPMS meeting, it'd certainly fit the bill with the "Up Gunned" version. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ammo-by-mig-jimenez-amig-8500-1945-king-tiger--1027407
  13. arrr nice to see you've come over to the dusty dark side! for the most part this is fairly true, but do have some stuff from Beelzebub's Workshop that would terrify even the hardest resin builder in the stash!!! These thing snarl and snap at you even if you just look at them! Will be very interested to see this model being built, have looked at what else they produce and am quite interested.
  14. I think I saw it there, but didn't get a chance to look at it. Glad you mentioned it as I though I was going mad as I was sure there use to be something there....else I probably am! The easiest way is to just post a link, that way you don't get into trouble. I'll go have a look for it, it'll be good to see some videos of them, have heaps of reference books, but nothing beats proper video/film. I'm going to leave the room unattached, seeing there's so much going on in there it'd be a shame to hide it all. Oh and I picked one of these up today at my local IPMS meeting, the box was/is slightly water damaged but everything else is fine. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ammo-by-mig-jimenez-amig-8500-1945-king-tiger--1027407 Only $40 Oz, say 25 pounds, will be good for next years Luft/Panzer 46 GB thingy! Off to buy some Friulmodel tracks now.
  15. I don't have any of that stuff, I've almost stripped my TA-4K, I find the odour free over cleaner from a aerosol can is awesome at removing paint mostly, has no affect at all on plastic which is great. Can't remember the clear I used, I have a feeling it was the Tamiya stuff, that and the decals we're quite hard to remove. Only on slight mishap! Was cleaning out the resin tanks in lacquer thinners and also had a jar of isopropyl next to it.......got distracted came back and dumped the wheel covers and slats...........in the wrong jar!!! I sort of saved them in time but it's not pretty!
  16. as my profile header states I really don't need any excuse to build something resiny!! Have been just lurking around trying not to commit myself to too many GB's.....and as usual a complete failure! As to what it could be......gosh way too much stuff in the stash so lets just say it'll be 1/48th or larger and probably quite big! arrr Pat you've never been shameless about bumping!
  17. I am suffering badly from the same issue at the moment as well! She does look very neat in those colours!
  18. I take it you guy's know about this guy and his decals?? http://www.hahen.de/epages/64625185.sf/en_GB/?ViewAction=View&ObjectID=42302059&PageSize=50 There are some nice anniversary schemes there for the F-4F. I used them for my F-86K, they're nice decals and the guy that produces them is awesome. I had an issue with the instruction sheets, e-mailed him and had the correct instruction sheet a few hours later!!!
  19. gee those thinners did work a treat! Do you know if it affects any filler work? I may get to try that method out soonish. I have some Mr. Paint Thinners. I've managed to find some replacement decals for "Goldmember" (my 50th Anniv RNZAF TA-4K), so it'll strip off the failed paintwork and start again. The final clear coat failed and the paint and decals underneath went all funny and soft! Plus I was using my old airbrush setup for that build, the new one will work much better. ...correction, you meant Mr. Hobby, that stuff I've got eats paint...plastic....and just about anything else
  20. Oh dear, this was meant to be my second update……only to find I forgot to do the first one!! Ok this maybe a slightly large update…sorry. Ok the cool thing with this one is there’s so much construction to be had before I even need to think about painting anything. First up the engine and gearbox were built. Next up the interior sidewalls for the turret (??) were built up, there’s quite a bit of work in here and some pesky PE bits as well! …then the barrel and loading support (as can be seen I’m jumping all over the place with this one and not following the instructions……. …… some engine panels, more PE, plus I built up the shells, they are huge! ….and finally the lower section of the hull. More PE bits and lots of detail, pity most of it will be hidden by other bits! She’s a bit of a fatty! As mentioned earlier the turret assembly just sits atop of a Tiger I hull and is held on 6 (maybe bolts on each side, it wasn’t welding on at all! Ok time for some paint, this is where it all gets interesting/confusing! *** The turret interior was painted that Elfenbein (Ivory RAL 1001) after first being pre-shaded. Though I have read that there was a Beige colour used for the upper interior parts, turrets etc. This is a bit confusing. *** (I’m using a document that is an authorised extract Doyle & Jentz book on the subject, they sound like they know what they're talking about). The engine bits were painted dark grey (RLM66) though there is mention that the engine blocks were unpainted. Now the confusion….. RFM would have you paint the main hull area a pale blue colour. Though everything I’ve managed to read about so far says it should be primer red or a grey/green colour (RAL7009). Parts added to the interior from other manufactures often came in different colours but got re-sprayed in primer as well. To add to the confusion, late 1942 manufactures were told to stop using the grey/green primer and switch over to the red stuff. In September 1944 they were told to stop using Ivory and paint everything red primer…around the same time as the Zimmeritt coating was stopped for simplified manufacturing. Then Ivory was reinstated in late 1944. So do I paint it Red Oxide or Grey/Green primer…. ……as can be seen I went with the former. It really needs a wash and some highlighting as it’s pretty bland looking at the moment. As you add more and more to her she starts to get quite busy, plus details start to get hidden. I haven’t decided yet whether to leave the roof of the “turret” clear of have it removable yet, it’s doesn’t fit very well. The upper inside looks quite good, but quite a bit of work is required here. Gee she needs to go on a diet I reckon! Oh and everything just doesn’t fit together nicely either…. The lower LHS of the engine needed attention to get it to fit correctly…. ….and fitting the PE liner to the barrel, not an easy task at all to do….and there was blood involved!!! I made up the first set of tracks, to a Tigers length only to find it’s way too long! I shorted it to the length…….and then found a complete set of tracks already made up for another project. So they’ll be pressed into service for this one to save time. Interestingly when the tracks were made they were also painted in that red oxide primer. So finally the end of this rather long up…..won’t leave it so long next time (started writing this 2 days ago…). Oh and here she is with her massive big brother, a E-100 Jagdpanzer with nightfighting gear.
  21. now there's a man that's dedicated to his hobby/obsession! Goes away to enjoy the great outdoors and nature plus remembers to take his current build with him, then even goes shopping for AM bits! Just make sure the Squirrels don't make off with anything!
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