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  1. What you could do, and I know this would be a pain. Make a blank out of balsa of the shape of the rear of the kit intake (you would need to taper the front edge a we bit), then heat up the resin intake and carefully insert the blank into it. Being soft it should take the new shape. Leave the blank in then cool, it should retain the new shape. The new resin bit didn't look to be too far off shape so this could work
  2. I have 3 ZM F-4E's & EJ's. They build nicely but you really do notice the build difference. F-4G ..... haha.... better not tell @helios16v!!!!! ... not that I can talk....another Phantom to go into the stash!!!
  3. I know what you mean.... modelling is meant to be relaxing & fun!!! I'm so wanting to buy an F-4J, am very tempted by the ZM model.... but just know the moment I buy it Tamiya will release there's! Build & quality wise even ZM is not close.
  4. oh dear, those seamless intakes were pretty bad! I know resin does have a nasty habit of shrinking, but that is ridiculous. Oh and I must remember to add those 2 tiny bits to the insides of the intakes as well! Hmmm and those control surfaces..... enough said. You nearly gave me a heat attack when you mention the words "Tamiya" & "Superbug"!!!! We can only hope/dream/pray!!
  5. very nice, the cockpit really pops with the Quinta set. I feel your pain with that underside join on the forward fuselage section. I spent ages carefully sanding and adjusting so I didn't have that gap. As a result I will probably have a slight gap tat the rear join, but that is much easier to correct. Plus I found it better to glue this bit in sections, glue the front first, then one side then the next. I found it helped with the final joins, they weren't as bad as the ones on my first build. That rear cockpit section looks much nicer than the plain offering from Hasegawa.... almost worth the price of the Aires set
  6. there were invites??? Sorry you are right, I didn't word that correctly...common problem! Mmm the tail codes relate to Carrier Air Wings and not a specific carrier. I don't know how common it is for squadron to changing air wings on the same carrier. Interestingly her sister squadron, VF-11 followed the same path for most of their F-14 days until it changed to F-14B's.
  7. I love these things, they're so weird and really up my alley! I came very close to buying one at a recent club meet..........your build may tip me over the edge! Good luck with here
  8. plus you might need to add tabs around the rear fuselage joins to help keep everything lined up, that area has a habit flexing in (or out) and makes tiding up a pain. Same goes for those bit right behind the intakes on the underside (the pieces with all those wee round holes, flare chutes??), they need some "guidance" to sit flush! My advise is to test fit till you become complete bored, then do some more, careful test fitting and adjusting with give you good tidy joins.....and use clamps if you have, especially when joining upper and lower fuselages, particularly with the LEX joins. Last time I didn't and it was a pain to correct/tidy. .well I did go shopping and got the correct exhausts for mine...again I ended up with Revell ones....but because I have used the replacement resin surrounds (sits just in front of the rear cans) it should all fit nicely.... plus I got some new wheel (don't like the kit ones)... plus some Mk.84's for my Tomcat. I would have got a nice new replacement IRPod (again the kit one is very basic, replaced it on my E model as well) from Wolfpack but no one seems to have them... will keep an eye out though. One question, does anyone know if the RAAF Growlers carry an AIM-120 on the RH fuselage pylon??? I know the Growlers still retain the options to fit them and AIM-9X's. I know they have start of the art ECM capabilities but would sort of make sense to some sort of A to A capability to shoot at Panda Bears!
  9. to be honest I don't know why I originally started building VF-31 birds, but it has now sort of evolved into an obsession! The nice thing is that pretty well all the different schemes for all the different aircraft they operated are available... though some are a bit expensive. As mentioned the scheme for birds operating of the USS John C. Stennis is the only one I'm missing. Have all the rest (and models) for every aircraft since the Panther. That loadout sounds like a goer for me, plus it'd look pretty awesome..... Mk84's are certainly "earth movers"!!!
  10. I think you're right about the Lantirn pod, I can't find any photos of a VF-31 bird from the USS Carl Vinson with the pod fitted. I do know by 1997 they had them but by then they had changed carriers and were now on the USS John C. Stennis, which is the one set of decals I'm missing. Twobobs & Fightertown do sets, but are very hard to find or very expensive...... in case of the TowBobs set someone want $100 USD for them!!!! I may have to resort to fitting "dumb" 1000lb's, though I have read they did do some live firing drops of 4 x 2000lb's!!! Now that would have been interesting.
  11. Nice!!! I have the same masking set, looks to have everything you'd need which is nice.
  12. I'm sorry, I must have missed the when doing up the poll, will get Enzo to fix and extend the closing date for that one. @Enzo Matrix, could you please fix up the non-aircraft poll for me???
  13. to be honest I didn't know that..... though knowing me I would have discovered it right when I was about to finish! bugga....guess I have to go shopping now!
  14. Ok a quick update on today’s work, not too many photos but lots of fiddly stuff done. The rear fuselage join was sorted, filled the gaps/depressions with plastic sprue, then sanded back after a few hours. It came out really nice, just some final touching up to do, the plastic in places was still a little bit soft. before: after: I messed around with the cans and tried various options on how to go, in the end I decided to use the AM resin ones, even though they are not for this model. I at first just opened up the rear opening as I planned to just slide the completed units in. But I remembered from the last build what a pain it was to re-scribe that very rear section. So I figured I’d just use the complete set and cut off that problem bit…simple! At this stage I was so involved in the processes I completely forgot to take photos Anyway I assembled the elevators joining piece (allows them to move together) and glued in place, then once dry cut the middle section out so the new longer exhaust cans would fit. I also remembered how painful it was fixing up all these joins at the rear section of the fuselage, so spent ages test fitting and adding bits to help align everything..... ie see new brace! As can be seen intakes are in place, not an easy task to get right, I’m sort of ok with them. This is one part of the kit I don’t like and think could have been done better. Once all this was done, I could close up the fuselage. Just a wee bit of clamping required! I’m after good joins so that’s the reason for all this, fingers crossed all will be good. Lots of other little jobs were done as well. I’m away with work all this week, then have club meeting on Saturday, so probably not until next Sunday before I can continue with this build. I want to get this one ready for painting before I look at the F-14D. If I can get this one out of the way quickly I might even make a start on the Meng F/A-18E, in VF-31 colours of course!
  15. there's some nice work there, well done, those bangs seats look especially nice.
  16. they do look quite nice and the fit looks to be good as well. How much surgery did it need to get them to fit? Well done on getting the cockpit tub to fit...... just know the labour involved with Aires tubs! Should look nice once it's all painted up.
  17. this is something different scheme wise, should look really smart inits NASA colours.
  18. …… and wow the year is really taking off with build #2 and it’s still only January! Well time for Part 5 in the continuing VF-31 build/production line and another F-14 build (I only have another 5 or 6 F-14's to build), this time AMK’s F-14D. It’ll be interesting to see how this model compares to the Tamiya beast, as to me it’s almost the perfect model! I have had a sneak look at it already and have compared parts on both, I’ll go into this further during the build. But straight off the moulded detail on the Tamiya model is just so fine a delicate, where as the AMK detail is quite heavy and over exaggerated. Plus I can already see some possible fit issues....so we will see!! Oh and those amazing looking slide moulded stores….. luckily I won’t be using the GBU-38’s (they weren’t operational at this time) as they are all banana shaped! ..and yes what would life be without AM extras! New cans, really a must with most models, hard to be good resin ones! Some wheels another forgotten upgrade, especially when compared with the kit supplied ones! The now essential (in my opinion) Quinta Studio upgrade. Plus a really nice and comprehensive masking set from New Wave. The kit comes with a set on VF-31 decals, but I have this carrier done plus I have some issues with the scheme, it's not 100% correct. So I will be upgrading to the lovely DXM set for the F-14D. The scheme for this build is for a CAG aircraft operating off the USS Carl Vinson in 1995, middle one. You will also notice the underlining in red of 2 other aircraft, these are future builds which include the Final Flight aircraft. The ultimate plan is to have every jet aircraft VF-31 used, plus an aircraft off every Aircraft carrier they operated off, 15 aircraft in total (6 Tomcats), with maybe a few double ups for special schemes. This will make #5 so only 9 10 to go…. I hope I have enough shelf space!!! Can't with to start this one too!
  19. nice! Not quite as humid here, heat wise it's been quite cool, no 40C days yet!
  20. Yes very nice indeed!! Remember, glue the wings to the upper fuselage first, I didn't originally I ended up with joins that were a bit of a pain! I see you're folding the wings, nice, I did for reason #2. I don't know if you know this or not (just incase not), but that extra perforated section actually sits proud of the outer wing when folded. Plus it has 5 hooks on the underside the give extra strength to the outer wings when unfolded. From memory there was an issue with the outer section drooping during development so they came up with this hook arrangement. I'll have to go digging for al the details. But for mine I made some mount brackets and some wee hooks, not 100% correct but looked the part. It's a wee bit of work but it's not hard and I think worth the effort. These bits need to be thinned back quite a lot for them to loo right. Looks a lot better than just gluing that piece to the outer wing. Good luck, I'm enjoying your build!
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