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  1. Kinda reminds me of the Do 335, so many kits for so few real life examples.. the scale modelling world is littered with many examples of this abhorrent crime. Cheers.. Dave
  2. For what it’s worth @Solar Panel Phil, the DK sheets lists EV-W as FL218 as well, so that may help confirm your pick-up. Cheers.. Dave
  3. Ahoy me hearties... Tis that Vulcans I see? photo c/o @Rob S Cheers.. Dave
  4. Cracking job on that wee Kiwi Skyhawk Rich, always a popular subject to model and admire. You’ve done one hell of a job on what is a quite good base kit and the enhancements and superb quality of finish has lifted it to greater heights. Love the large bold zapping as well, that’s no quick respray! Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  5. A short while back I picked up one of those 1/72 Monogram B-26 snaptite kits for a small monetary outlay. I’ve been after one of these for years as apart from the recent Valom kit, this was the only original short winged Marauder kit to ever hit the hobby store shelves. Shes’s not exactly blessed in the detail department and due to its simplistic design, construction is quite strange from a seam clean up perspective, however the shape and crispness is there which will make this an interesting build. I’d love to pick up a cheap Airfix kit to furnish the internals, however that might j
  6. Looking forward to seeing the photos Greg. Nice to know you’ve produced something that family related as well. Cheers.. Dave
  7. This looks fabulous and really something quite bizarre to add to your quite colourful collection of kits Julian. This will be good so I’m another that looks forward to seeing this one get going. Cheers.. Dave
  8. A vast improvement in the cockpit to what Airfix provide. Nice start on a classic kit. Cheers.. Dave
  9. Hard to make out, however what is decal #49 on the paint and decal guide? Looks to be where the ‘Bogus’ lettering should be, however I can’t quite make it out on that decal image.
  10. OK, I’ll play... how about 1/72 Heller Bf109E with trop filter pinched from something else?
  11. Yeah @lasermonkey, those Xmas Supermarket specials sure would lure my wallet out, however we rarely see anything like that down here. Looking at these a little closely, I reckon that even I could participate in a Blitz build armed with one of these kits! Cheers.. Dave
  12. Andy, I can voucher for Tamiya AS-12 Airframe Silver as a good and easy use silver spray can. It costs about $12 Aussie and you will be glad you went that way. I usually decant it and thin it for Airbrush use, however it’s a good product and will behave itself straight out of the can. Cheers.. Dave
  13. I’d like to play, however the Dropbox photo imager does not want to publish your photos on my iPhone. Perhaps it’s me, but I’m betting it’s Dropbox. Cheers.. Dave
  14. I like this novel approach and do believe it’s a better way to introduce new modellers to the hobby rather rather just reboxing existing kits with a few tubs of paint, brush, glue and a simplified decal sheet. My issue is that all these extras add cost, so it will either be priced the same or even more so than the base Spitfire Vc kit, so I can’t see myself buying any just to use up spare decals. Cheers.. Dave
  15. Julian, I can honestly say that this would have to be the 'go to' online website that most Australian Modellers use. I've been using them for over ten years and cannot recall anything going less than perfect. I'm sure they will handle International postage just as good as their Domesticated ones. Cheers and regards.. Dave
  16. You're right about the DK decals sheet... they are Black letters now that I think of it! Man I'm losing it on the memory front!! No need to apologise Tony and I agree with what you've written. I have just replied to all the comments in my Beaufort WIP and have already picked up on the one gun issue as well. Cheers.. Dave
  17. Thanks Davey. Now that I think of it I tend to feel the same about every model I've completed once I get to this stage. My Frog Canberra was a classic and I hated it until the point that the decals went on, canopy unmasked and it was 100% finished. This kit will look so different with the engines on and canopy glazing (hopefully) popping out. Sorry Chris, I know you've been a regular contributor on here so apologies for the late update. Like you, life seems to get in the way of modelling which annoys me, however I can't do much about that for the moment / next 15 years !
  18. Tony, These Spits are looking great and I especially like the ZP 'Delta' one with large wing roundels. Now you asked for feedback about those Caldwell code letters and I'm afraid I share your thoughts on their small / thin size. I'm wondering if a smaller fuselage roundel may change confuse things so that they appear to be in better proportion.. not sure? Come to think of it, isn't there another set of CRC letters in one of the early DK Decals Spitfire sheets? Do you have this set spare and can rob the letters off that one? Cheers.. Dave
  19. Looks to be the same as the original @Johnson, however there’s some type of caveat regarding the use of the Kiwi logo. Click on the link and open up the Spitfire kit images. https://www.modelwereld.eu/en/model-construction/aircraft/scale-124/airfix-a12001v-supermarine-spitfire-mkia Cheers.. Dave
  20. All things considered, this is very valid point and we (especially Australians) should be grateful that life is slowly starting to look somewhat normal again. Now without sounding too dismissive of world events, did I read correctly that the new 1/48 Airfix Sabre has been produced in the UK? If so, perhaps Airfix could resort to this production facility in order to keep their product lines open. Cheers.. Dave
  21. Rabbit Leader


    I’ve well and truly moved off eBay for selling items as the fees were starting to get way too high and stuff like this just seems to happen. I’m wondering if ‘the buyer’ thought it was free postage, although I know you state that it wasn’t. Perhaps the listing appeared that way to him? Anyway, good luck and perhaps look at other mediums to sell stuff rather than this worldwide fee sapping business. Cheers.. Dave
  22. That’s one heck of a build and the accompanying props all add up to a first class modelling project. I certainly don’t have the skills to tackle this type of modelling, however would add a Scimitar to the stash in a heartbeat if one of the mainstream guys ever produced one. Cheers and very well done... Dave
  23. Painting 'somewhat' completed It's taking me quite a while to get to this stage, however this Beaufort build is still progressing in between bad thoughts of starting another project! Anyway, the AK Real Colour Dark Earth went on without any problems whatsoever. Thinned with Mr. Color Levelling Thinner, these paints behave themselves like most good quality new paints. A few days later I masked off the 'B' scheme camouflage pattern which wasn't easy as most images and drawings I had were of the 'A' scheme pattern. Tamiya's XF-81 was my choice for Dark Green and off with the masking
  24. Yes, that’s some sunset and I hope you didn’t waste it not having a glass or two of bubbly in your hand, cracking photo. The wee Blunty is looking good too. I’ve been meaning to build one of these however cannot decide what paint scheme or having the guts to tackle the four tone Kiwi pattern. Cheers.. Dave
  25. What do I do now with my two stashed Matchbox kits? I’ve built a Mk.VI already but that was quite a pain to get it right. Then again it was fun, but I’m really looking forward to these non Mk.V versions. Does anyone know what decal options will be included? Cheers.. Dave
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