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  1. Extremely good work and lovely NM finish. That’s tops! Cheers.. Dave
  2. Love the paintwork… and long wings! Cheers.. Dave
  3. Well done Pete, thats come up very well indeed and i think you’ve done justice to what is a good base kit. Very nicely done.. Cheers .. Dave
  4. Thats come up very well Rob and the attention to detail and dropped flaps make this kit stand apart from many other Ventura kits. Thanks for the informative text and photographic guidance. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  5. Thats some blending in. Pretty impressive work on a vacformed canopy. Cheers.. Dave
  6. Wow… great conversion Adrian and one no doubt you’ll succeed for all us mere souls to marvel at. Good luck and watching on (when I get the chance!). Cheers.. Dave
  7. Great news and well played Clearprop and Duncan. A good F-86A has been so long overdue, I kinda liken it to having all these Spitfire kits on the market, however not a BoB Mk.1 ever being made available! That’s probably a bit over the top, however for Korean War fans it’s got to come close. I’m felling my wallet / phone hurting already however this is a very welcomed announcement. Cheers.. Dave
  8. You will also find the white ringed surrounded roundels do not exist on the NMF aircraft (they do for pink & blue options))so best to source spares and replace those supplied within the kit. I did question this with Dora once on their Face Book page and they admitted that the decal sheet was too small to supply both sets of roundels, so elected to go with the ‘harder to source’ white surrounded ones. I suspect they have not mentioned this within the kit instructions, so best to check photographs to confirm your opinions. If the serial number spacing bothers you, then the roundels might too. Cheers.. Dave
  9. All good @Erwin, as long as it’s a Frog kit (as pictured above) you can paint it any colour you want. Cheers. Dave
  10. Thats turned out beautifully Tom and like you, I recently purchased one for a similar price at a local model swap meet. The additional FOD guards have turned out nicely on what appears to be a very good overall kit. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  11. @e8n2, @Dave Swindell, @Paul Lucas… thanks for taking the time to leave answers to this thread. Thankfully I picked up on the vented intakes and was very pleased to find them as optional parts within the kit. As the build has slowly progressed I noticed that my kit was packed with two Sprue F’s and not one F and one Sprue E. These sprues contain the parts for the undercarriage assemblies and although they appear to be similar sprues, are in fact handed and opposite in orientation. I’ve managed to continue with the build, however I’m not convinced that the undercarriage legs can be inserted properly after painting, so will need to attach these first, then attach the completed engine nacelle over the top. This will mean I won’t be able to use the nicely designed wheel well masks, however I’d rather forgo that than risk the legs not sitting in properly. Whether this is due to having two similar Sprue F’s I’m not exactly sure, as apart from this the rest of the overall fit is really good. Unless I hear differently, I’ll just accept that the B.35 had overall external canopy framework rather than the usual internal rear canopy frames as per most / all earlier marks. Cheers and thanks again.. Dave Edit - just read Dave Swindell’s canopy comments in the Mossie GB thread chat and that all makes sense. I might try my hand at sanding and polishing, the spare canopy will come in use to practice on!
  12. Nice job Pedro, that's come up very well indeed. Cheers .. Dave
  13. You've really extended yourself with all these Frog bi-plane builds Pete... I dip my hat to you my good Sir! Cheers and al the best with this Swordfish.. Dave
  14. It just wouldn't be a Frog GB without at least one Shack being built! Great to see this big beast on here and you're doing a great job so far. Apologies for the late acknowledgment. Cheers and all the best.. Dave
  15. Looking very very nice Charlie.... great work! Cheers .. Dave
  16. Thanks for the link @AdrianMF, I've not come across this magazine before. Looks like quite a nice conversion even for something completed way back in 1966! Cheers.. Dave
  17. I don't mind those Haynes manuals. They seem fairly pricey where I live so I don't have too many volumes. The new decals will help the kit too. Cheers.. Dave
  18. I appreciate the advice about the tail booms. Hopefully both your hard work and honesty will make others aware of this issue and avoid similar problems. Cheers.. Dave
  19. Looks good with decals on John, nice work. Cheers .. Dave
  20. Didn’t think Canada operated Gannets, didn’t the Navy go with Avengers and Trackers after that?
  21. Thanks Dave and apologies for the Mk. error, that was just a typo on my part. I appreciate the confirmation that my project seems to be heading in the right direction. On a personal note, do you think the kits heavier canopy framing is typical of the B.35, or just the way it has been depicted within this kit? Cheers and I apologies from drifting from GB talk… Dave
  22. Besides nose glazing and possibly turret fairing changes, whats more different about an L or M version that would discount these versions from the base fuselage parts being offered? I’m not suggesting it can, rather I’m not aware of whats so different between a H, J, L or M. Cheers.. Dave
  23. Guys, I’ve already declared my interest here, however just wondering if any of you Mosquito experts can answer the question I posed in the Post War - Aircraft section about the differences between the Airfix 1/72 B.XIV and B.35? Cheers and thanks. Dave
  24. An interesting comparison, thanks for taking the effort to show all this. I kinda have a personal policy of not purchasing new tool kits which need a fair bit of correction. The initial cost of purchase (and postage) are not exactly cheap, then theres the risk of hoping that any corrections on my part actually work out. I’m sure theres a better way to spend my modelling dollars, so this one is not for me I’m afraid. Cheers and thanks.. Dave
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