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  1. I've just bought this kit from Black Mike Models, two complete kits for £17.95, the kits include etched brass and masks, you get a P-63C and a P-63E (the former include French decals, the latter include Honduran decals), I consider this to be very good value. Just need to find the time to build it!
  2. This is a lovely little kit and the Indian markings with the Scorpion are very striking. Good luck with this one.
  3. I want to get my mitts on one of these, the French worked these aircraft up in North Africa before sending them out to Indochina. As Tim says, it's a largely unloved type but it makes an interesting addition to the GB. Welcome and good luck!
  4. Jason, Sorry, it's been a busy week! Usually, when an aircraft is towed there is someone sat in the cockpit to operate the aircraft's brakes, this could be either groundcrew or aircrew, in this case the pilot (personally I'd prefer it to be the groundcrew as they're less likely to break something)!
  5. Wez

    RAF A-4 Skyhawk

    Love this, just the sort of thing that would be very welcome in the proposed What If IV GB Thanks for sharing these Richard
  6. That Kittystang is bonkers! Love it! Just the sort of thing this GB is about.
  7. Steve, Sorry I missed you but very pleased you could join us. Just watch how you line up the respective fuselage halves and take care attaching the wings otherwise you should have a trouble free build. Good luck and welcome to the GB.
  8. Wee bump for this one! Anything allowed, as long as it never really happened, just use your imagination!
  9. Looks like I opened a can of worms here, sorry! @Jan Polc thanks for explaining why you went down the grey route, I asked the question simply because it's not normally my field of interest (but I liked the scheme and I have the kit), but I'd never seen/heard of a grey scheme for a Spad before. You're so right, interpreting B&W photos is pot luck at the best of time, more so when the pictures are over 100 years old! @detail is everything, interesting interpretation, thanks for your input.
  10. That's looking good Patrice, the anti glare shield looks right. Is this an F-84G rather than an F-84E?
  11. Modellers Data File (MDF 6), has some of the details from the AP if you can find it.
  12. Patrice, Glad to see one of these in the GB and you're making great progress. I agree that the anti-glare panel is slightly narrow, I think you've started yours from slightly too far forward. Have you decided upon a unit yet?
  13. I'm sure all of our sympathies are with Pat @JOCKNEY at this difficult time, I'm sure none of us would want to be in his position. As I've said by PM, don't worry about us Pat, come back when you're good and ready, take care of you and yours in the meantime. Having just returned from my jolly holidays I'm very pleased to see the state of the GB, we have 105 build threads, the gallery is already full of impressive builds, if you signed up but haven't started yet you have 7 weeks to get stuff done. I shall be taking on the enforcer role of encouraging people in Pat's absence, so expect a visit from me some time soon
  14. Thanks all for your input especially @AWFK10 for taking the time to dig out a photo. Avalon have the dark stripe on the cowling as red, likewise the fin. The consensus then is the yellow scheme which leads to more questions (always the way), some photos show the forward fuselage in a darker tone than the doped areas yet photos of the preserved Italian and French aircraft in the 4+ book (which I've finally managed to dig out from the reference stash), show the doped areas as being darker - is this due to ageing in the case of these two aircraft? I'm guessing that if B.3534 is in an overall colour, it is likely to be in the aluminium/yellow pigment mentioned by @detail is everything
  15. Normally preferring Cold War aircraft I'm finding myself very much out of my comfort zone here. Avalon decals have recently released some decals for the SPAD VIIC.1 in RFC service, I'm quite taken by the scheme for a/c B3534 of 23 Sqn RFC which is shown as being overall light grey, it looks quite attractive with its red and white stripes, the question is, is the grey correct? I don't ever recall seeing a WW.I period aircraft in this scheme, I could believe it if it was in the buff scheme but I'm a bit dubious about the grey. Can anyone confirm whether the scheme is in fact a valid scheme for this aircraft? See, I told you I was out of my depth!
  16. Wez

    Beaufighter TT 10

    Well I've had the chance to dig out the Planes article with plans by Alfred Grainger, it shows there being three lights on the centreline of the aft fuselage, it doesn't however, give any indication of what colour the lamps were, I'm guessing the standard green, red and amber but what order I can't say. I had a look at Modellers Data File 6 on the type and it doesn't provide any help I'm afraid.
  17. Correction to my previous, it is Aeocraft who make the resin corrections for the cowlings/spinners and propeller and also the canopy
  18. I can't answer your question on the 41 Sqn markings, I don't have that boxing (I've got the Mk4). I haven't built my kit yet but I believe DH Hornet guru @David A Collins has, it would be worthwhile trying to find his WIP on that, put it this way, it's an improvement upon the old Frog kit and some of the others that have gone before but it's not without some issues which need to be addressed, I have a correction set from IIRC Alley Cat but they are no longer doing direct sales due to Ali's health issues, according to his website all sales are being done through https://www.modelsforsale.com/ now.
  19. Wez

    Beaufighter TT 10

    It's a post-war conversion which strictly speaking falls into the Cold War period. I have some plans from Planes magazine which may be of some help but I'm away from my references right now and won't be home for more than a week, the best I can offer is to scan them the weekend after I get back if that helps?
  20. That's a mighty fine looking Sabre, well done Pete.
  21. Daniel, Thanks for that, also the losses tell me that the later batch were deployed to the Falklands whilst the earlier batch of aircraft were the ones pulled back to protect the capital city from a feared bombing attack.
  22. So it would seem, I don't know why but I always thought they were done at Leconfield. None of the changes would be beyond the technical capability of the MU once BAC had worked out what changes needed to be made and provided the appropriate drawings and kits. Thanks for the clarification.
  23. Wez

    Eduard Mirages

    Not fussed myself Marc, just wondered why you didn't fancy it if it was a reboxed HobbyBoss?
  24. That'll do for me, just the sort of scenario I'm thinking of.
  25. They were the gold standard back in the day, I used some 40 year old Modeldecal decals earlier this year and they adhered the best of the combined aftermarket/kit decals I used. You may have to source the serial numbers/code letters separately.
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