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  1. I would support such a GB, whether I'm available to provide any meaningful help would depend upon whether I'm actually working in (ironically), Italy or at home. If I'm at home, count me in!
  2. As a Vectis boy who has actually clambered in and around the Solent Skies aircraft, whose grandma worked for SaRo and whose mum lived just down the road from the old SaRo works, I'm up for this
  3. Thanks to both Andre and Martin for the links, some interesting subjects there.
  4. Where did you get them from Martin? What subjects do they cover?
  5. Actually, this is what's come up on the feed while I've been cooking dinner (spaghetti bolognese if you're interested)... Couldn't be more different any of them...
  6. And I used to like you guys but in the words of Mr Lydon "Never trust a hippie!" (although ironically, he himself was a big Hawkwind fan in his youth). Must be something to do with Martins? Can't stand all of those boring, long,, self indulgent solos, give me something loud, fast and preferably, sub 3 minutes, something like this... OK, so the next two are slightly over 3 minutes but one is from my music ground zero, the other is from the only band that ever mattered... Actually, I quite like the Röyskopp & Alison Goldfrapp song, but then, she can do no wrong in my book!
  7. A Spitfire type Q Harness would be appropriate for a Vampire F.3, it's certainly what I'd use. Q Harnesses were introduced about circa 1944 and became standard for normal seats in RAF aircraft, personally I'd use a buff coloured one in an early F.3.
  8. I understand peoples comments about the price of the kit, we all have to manage the amount we spend on our hobby according to our budgets but... ...I often think whether £24 is a reasonable price for a mainstream kit of the Meteor F.8 and then compare it to the recent Hobby Boss A-4 Skyhawk, which retails at a certain on-line hobby shop for £32-99, so suddenly the Airfix Meteor represents better value to me. Some people have commented that as a home produced product the Meteor shouldn't cost so much, granted, the kit is designed and developed here but where do Airfix get their moulds cut these days? Are these still outsourced to China? Then there's the mouldings themselves, aren't these mostly done in India. The decals are by Cartograph in Italy, I'm not sure where the boxes are printed? Perhaps the instructions are printed in the UK but the point is, little of the kit is really home grown only slightly more than the Hobby Boss A-4. As such Airfix have to pay the prices associated with transporting products half way around the globe. Then there's the 20% VAT which gets added to the cost. So for me, the cost is bearable, I'll get (no short shots permitting), a well moulded kit which provides me with both types of canopy, aileron and intake without having to go to the effort of having to sand the outer wing panels to a reasonable thickness whilst simultaneously, not turning the circular engine cowlings egg shaped. I'm looking forward to this kit, I'll buy many over time. and if anyone's interested, I'll be getting rid of my Xtrakit (SH) moulded Meteors.
  9. The IIIE is specific to the Adl'A and had the Doppler fairings, IIIEA and IIIEI, whilst based on IIIE airframes, do not feature the Doppler fairing as they're different models. I suspect that's what Laurent was driving at.
  10. Yes, but without the Doppler radar. The IIIE based airframes offer so much more in the way of markings, I'm disappointed it's not the initial release but I'm so pleased with what I see in this kit.
  11. Seeing this thread back up and running makes me happy, a break from the doom and gloom!
  12. Imagine a bald, fat man, in his fifties, wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt, doing karaoke at a friends 50th birthday party pretending he was wearing a white leather jumpsuit, studded with rhinestones and a big quiff of hair, apparently, my vocal range was outstanding... ...I don't think so myself... followed it up with a mate doing this... >>>(I used to work with his brother when I was in the RAF)...
  13. Added to the list with a great subject choice! Thanks for signing up.
  14. Certainly Robert: Modeldecal 88 - No.30/10-RE E.C.2/10 "Seine" in the blue scheme with earlier, high viz roundels or later, low viz ones (I'm planning on doing the high viz scheme Model Art 72/039 - 2-FE E.C.T.T.2/2 "Côte d'Or" Spa 65/Spa 94 markings on NMF; 2-LI E.C3/2 "Alsace" NMF; 10-SJ E.C.1/10 "Valois" in the blue scheme; 10-LE E.C.3/10 "Vexin" in the desert scheme - I'm planning on doing all of these Model Art 72/067 - 2-FA E.C.2/2 "Côte d'Or" Spa 57/Spa 65 markings in NMF - this is the one I'm planning on doing Berna Decals BD72-110 - No.19/5-OI E.C.2/5 "Île de France" in NMF; No.74/5-NJ E.C 1/5 "Vendée" also in NMF - I'm planning on doing both of these. Both the Model Art sheets have some alternative aircraft in the scheme's chosen. Hope this helps?
  15. The DTU books are the holy grail of Mirage books but they were always pretty pricey when first published and remarkably scarce these days. The Duke Hawkins book is recent and is pretty good for the Mirage III/5/50 in general.
  16. Reading my latest copy of the AMW magazine last weekend there's a good preview of the kit, some careful thought has gone into how the kit is constructed. Really looking forward to its arrival.
  17. Great, thanks for signing up, I'll add your name to the list. Sorry Peter but Bordeaux-Merignac is too far north, it's not on the southern coast of France, likewise Mont de Marsan. I thought I'd covered this before but looking back, I hadn't clarified the point about France. Basically, this is for those states that essentially border the Med and the Adriatic and are included in Europe, plus poor old Portugal because it often gets left out. For France to stop it just being another French Fancy GB, it really means those departments in the l'Occitanie and Provence-Alps-Cote D'Azur as well as Corsica which would be eligible. Using my trusty Le Guide Officiel Camping Caravaning these are: Hautes-Pyrénées Haute-Garrone Ariège Pyrénées-Orient Aude Hérault Gard Bouches-du-Rhône Var Alpes-Maritimes
  18. Just counted up the decal options I have for IIIC's (my least favourite version btw), I've got markings for 8 Adl'A options so I shall be needing a few of these.
  19. Wez

    Airfix 2023

    I think Azur have announced a Battle, so the decals are likely to be for that. Airfix predictions: 1/72nd new tools Harvard IIb (I know Special Hobby do a version, I just want one where I can't mess it up based on a poorly made cut) Canberra B.2/6 Lightning F.1/3 Javelin Meteor FR.9 (which looks likely, based on the F.8's sprue shots) Hunter T.7 Lysander Firefly FR.5 Venom FB.4 F-84F 1/48th The aforementioned Bucc in the colours of the services that actually used it in anger...
  20. I think that's what we all hope, that and it won't cost an arm, three legs and a kidney!
  21. I'll take a look, I may have overlooked that, thanks Troy
  22. @Chris Thomas is your man but as the others have said, more likely to be aluminium paint. I did read somewhere that initially this was just sprayed over the existing Ocean Grey/Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey scheme but weathered badly and ended up looking quite tatty. AFAIK, the only NMF Tempests may have been the Mk5 Srs 2 aircraft used by 501 Sqn/FIU for anti-diver ops but I've yet to see a photo to confirm.
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