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  1. Thank you @Col. @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Harry Lime and @Jabba I've not been doing much modelling lately, but have at least been able to get the Buccaneer primed and the (very simple), cockpit assembled. Cheers Cliff
  2. No spares unfortunately Mark. I will however scan the sheet before I use it. If necessary, I can then change the colour of the codes in Photoshop and reprint them on my inkjet. The pale blue colour should then work OK over the previously applied 'white' kit decals. That's the plan, anyway! Cheers
  3. Looking closely at the decals Col, I can now see that the codes are not actually printed in the same colour as the white parts on the roundels. The whites on the sheet are a little creamy (as some Tamiya/Hasegawa can be), and I thought that was what I was seeing with the codes. However I now think they me actually be a slightly creamy pale blue! So I'll be cracking on with the kit decals and seeing what they look like when they're on. Cheers
  4. Thanks @Col. and @Harry Lime. It appears that I'll need to reconsider my options! Cheers
  5. My wife has just chosen RLM02 for our living room. Cheers
  6. A quick question please. I'm building a 1960's RN Bucc in overall EDSG. The codes on the kit's decal sheet are white, but I'm seeing builds appearing in the GB where they are light blue. Which is correct? Hopefully both! Cheers
  7. Looking pretty in pink. Cheers
  8. It's looking very good Patrice . These later marks hardly look like Spitfires (if that makes sense!). Cheers
  9. Is that overspray around the cockpit Steve? I thought you were a brush painter? Cheers
  10. Thanks Hewy. I don't know enough about Buccaneers to comment on its accuracy, but its certainly an enjoyable build. Cheers
  11. Thanks @Hockeyboy76 - it's nice to see a Pegasus dropping in Cheers
  12. Thank you @TEMPESTMK5 and @Rafwaffe, I've added you to the list . I had this drop through my letterbox earlier this week. I'm not sure if it should qualify Cheers
  13. Looking much more like a Buccaneer now . I particularly enjoy these Single Type GBs as I usually learn a lot from other folk's builds. This one is no exception and now know that Tamiya providing three decal options (RN, RAF and SSAF), but only one type of slipper tank, means that there's a good chance that they'll be the wrong style for my build! Cheers
  14. Very nice Steve. How are the decals looking? Cheers
  15. If I scream, will you build faster?
  16. Hi Dennis. I'm thinking of building a Tony myself for this GB and have been looking at artwork on Wings Palette. There are a couple of 244th Air Group aircraft shown, the artwork being taken from a 1971 Osprey publication, copyright Richard Ward. Both show a blue anti-dazzle panel. I'm thinking that would be something a little different, if correct . Cheers
  17. It looks like you're going to be busy Rod! Cheers
  18. Coming along nicely. Light aircraft are very appealing Cheers
  19. "Test Bucc" sounds interesting ...…... Cheers
  20. Really nice work so far Beazer. Cheers
  21. I've had a similar problem in the past Dennis and put it down to some lingering solvent residues within the the pores of my fingers (it happened shortly after I'd been cleaning my airbrush). When I remember to do it, my painting routine now involves both wearing a face mask and frequent hand washing. Come to think of it, this sounds like a great "Coronavirus health benefit" excuse for spending more time modelling . Cheers
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