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  1. CliffB

    1/48 USMC Rescue

    Congratulations on a beautiful build
  2. CliffB

    Turning Japanese

    Morning all. I'll be entering with this little beauty The kit provides seven decal options, six of which are illustrated on the back of the box, plus there's an OD overall Japanese army machine. I'll definitely be building one of the Japanese aircraft, but I'm not sure which one yet. It'll be at least a month before I start, so my final decision may be influenced by what others are building. Parts wise, the only options (I think), are small or large sponsons. I'm looking forward to learning more about the differences between the various 'Vertols', at which point I'll probably appreciate what other structural changes may be necessary for the various decal options Cheers Cliff
  3. CliffB

    Airfix CH-46-Swedish style.

    Congratulations on another superb build Steve.
  4. CliffB

    Turning Japanese

    You're absolutely right about the schemes in this GB. I just need to get this one started!
  5. Morning all. My first entry will be this 1/96 scale 'classic' from 1957. Don't be fooled by the action artwork. The decals (and I believe the plastic), represent VX181, the prototype PR3. My thanks to Rich for giving this the OK for inclusion . The plastic looks surprisingly good, albeit with rather deep recessed panel lines. I'll post photos when I start. The decals don't look too bad either, although the prototype markings are white (rather than yellow). I'll be trying to find replacements (9mm diameter if anyone has any going spare please ). There are no painting instructions, but from Canberra Kid's posts elsewhere on the Forum, I understand it was painted Cerulean Blue. I'll be using Hu.89 as an approximation. I have grand plans to build an entry for each of the four categories, but have set myself the strict rule of only one at a time. Let's see how far I get . Cheers Cliff
  6. Oh, OK then Rich. I have a B-29 and a Raiden (both 1/100 of course). Thanks.
  7. CliffB

    Scandinavian GB - 7 to go

    "or have been used by military in this region" What about Scandinavian airlines Rich? Either way, count me in please!
  8. Another beauty Ray and nice to see the group photo too
  9. A nice addition to your collection John
  10. CliffB

    AZ Model Yokosuka/Kawanishi K5Y2, Red Dragonfly, IJN, 1945

    Well that's turned out very nicely. Congratulations John.
  11. I thought that might be good, but apparently it's not.
  12. CliffB

    El Classico - RF-84F

    It's nice to see another nation represented . We seem to be getting quite a mix in this GB.
  13. CliffB

    Italeri C-47.RAF BBMF.

    That got me worried Jan, as I've positioned the intakes on my C-47 in the same position as Steve! However photos of my subject, do show Steve's arrangement. It seems to depend on the particular aircraft. I'm sure somebody will know why
  14. Sorry to hear this too Paul. As Jan says above, it would be nice if you could salvage some of the excellent work that you've done on cockpit.
  15. CliffB

    M3 Lee at School

    I can see why you're frustrated Dennis. Fortunately, the tracks do look much better from the sides than they do from underneath .
  16. Another beauty Peter
  17. CliffB

    VX181: Prototype Canberra PR3

    Thanks V-P. Unfortunately I've got three other GB 'first entries' to finish before I can start this one! Thanks Rich. I grew up in the 60s and the term 'Empire Made' was a common sight on toys and games. Invariably, as here, this meant Hong Kong. So I suppose it's therefore no big deal, that Airfix kits are now manufactured in China . Cliff
  18. I would like to enter with this Entex kit from 1973 please. The box lid promises 'a lot of fun' and I was impressed by the fact that the kit is 'precolored'. The only problem is, that colour is white! At first sight it looks like you are getting two kits for the price of one, but in fact it's just two alternative fuselages - one DC3 and one C-47. The parts look nice, with recessed lines and quite a lot of internal detail (at least by 1/100 standards). As I'm only ever likely to build one DC3/C-47, I thought I should go for the definitive version - an OD C-47 with invasion stripes. Fortunately, the decals look quite usable, so life should be good. See you at the start. Cliff
  19. CliffB

    The Specialist GB Chat

    Thanks Greg. It looks like I've got no excuse then! I just need to find a specific subject - no problem. Cheers Cliff
  20. CliffB

    The Specialist GB Chat

    I'm looking forward to this one starting. I'm quite keen to build a 1/100 scale entry for each of the four categories, but am struggling a bit with the night fighter. The only option that I've got would be to create a single seat Me.262 night fighter (if such things existed). I'm aware of V056, the radar test bed, but were there any operational single seat night fighters? Cheers Cliff
  21. CliffB

    Chinese Starter for Two

    All new to me, but looks like a really nice choice.
  22. An interesting and attractive addition to the GB. Congratulations Lex.
  23. Some really useful photographs Nigel. Thanks for pulling them together
  24. CliffB

    Douglas DC 3 / C47 Skytrain GB Chat

    Thanks Chrissy. I've got several Tamiya greys, but of course not that one! However, it sounds as though the result may be paler than their neutral grey. I'll have a look.
  25. CliffB

    Douglas DC 3 / C47 Skytrain GB Chat

    A quick question please. What colour was the underside of a US D-Day C-47? I've just painted mine with Tamiya Neutral Grey, which looks like a slightly lightened grey primer. Elsewhere though, I'm seeing a creamy colour being used - much like the box art on the latest Airfix kit. Any advice please? Thanks Cliff