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  1. I'm pleased to say that the Valiant has now reached the top of my 'to do' pile . I've been trying to work out the history of my particular secondhand kit and it looks like it was previously completed and displayed. No filler was used. The builder painted the few black areas, but left the rest of the air-frame in the original white plastic before applying the decals. Sometime later, the kit was broken up (quite brutally), causing damage to the major parts and all minor parts to be lost. The original decals were scratched off, which has caused some additional surface damage, and the 'placement markings' were filled with Green Stuff. Efforts have also been made to reduce the thickness of the wings' trailing edges (which has removed some of the plastic yellowing, but also some of the engraved detail), which indicates to me that a previous restoration was started. I'm going to start by refurbishing the wings. The biggest issue is the lack of undercarriage, so make life easier for myself I've decided to go wheels up . Normally, I would simply fill the bays with epoxy putty, but in this case I'm reluctant to add too much extra weight to what is already a pretty heavy kit. So instead, I'll be fabricating new plasticard doors. Beyond this, the wings will need a thorough clean up - they're pretty disgusting at present, with plenty of forensic evidence! The engine intakes will also require some attention. Please don't expect too much progress during October (as I've got some holidays coming up), but at least I can make a start. Cheers Cliff
  2. Yak 38 'Forger': VVS Pacific Ocean Fleet, 1983. 1/100 Takara kit, built OOB and finished using DIY paint mixes (based on Tamiya acrylics). The build thread is here. Cheers Cliff
  3. And it's finished I really enjoyed this build. The kit was vice-free (a rare treat for 1/100), and its slightly wacky, multi-coloured appearance makes it unmissable in my display cabinet Had it not been for the GB theme, I would probably never have chosen to build this kit and it would have languished, unloved in my stash. So, my particular thanks to Craig and Enzo for bringing us the GB. Thanks also to all of you who have supported this build. Cheers Cliff
  4. Congratulations on a lovely build Allan. For me, like many others who grew up with the old Airfix kit I suspect, these are still the definitive colours for a Phantom . Cliff
  5. Very nice indeed Patrick. Congratulations! Cliff
  6. and sure enough it is now blue and green! I ended up mixing the colours myself, based on the colour photo of a completed model provided in the kit instructions. Does anybody know why these aircraft were painted green underneath? Cheers Cliff
  7. What a stunner Pat and extra congrats from me for bringing such a rare kit to life Cheers Cliff
  8. Tony, I'm really pleased to see what a stunning job you've done with the Comet and the little Commer van is an inspired addition. Bravo! Cliff
  9. Thanks Craig. Now the glue's fully dried, I've further refined the strakes Also, everything's now fully primed and ready for some colour tomorrow ..... Cheers Cliff
  10. That's an easy one to answer Pat - but unfortunately the answer is "absolutely nothing" Here's how things currently stand. With everything else that's going on here at the moment (all good), I've now had to limit myself to one completed build per GB (the Short Sealand being my FROG). I've already reallocated my Valiant to the 'Year wot I was born' GB and I'll move the Trident over to the Heller GB when that starts. It looks like it will have to be a KUTA for the Hampden! A real pity, but I hereby solemnly declare that I will never abandon any of them again in the future. Cheers Cliff
  11. I'd be in please Dennis, probably with an ex. FROG S.6B. Cheers Cliff
  12. I'd certainly be up for this Ray. I've nothing suitable in my stash, but quite fancy one of the 1/200 Hasegawa kits. Cheers Cliff
  13. Royal Navy Phantom F-4K. Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race 1969. 1/100 Tamiya kit Almost exactly 100 years ago (on the 14th/15th June 1919 to be precise), Alcock and Brown became the first humans to fly non-stop across the Atlantic ocean. In May 1969, the Daily Mail newspaper sponsored a transatlantic air race to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that first crossing. In the race, the fastest transatlantic crossing was made by Phantom XT859 of 892 Squadron, Royal Navy. I remember the race very clearly (I was 12 at the time), and in particular the Phantom's distinctive 'omega' fin flash. Choosing a subject for this GB was therefore very easy for me - considerably easier in fact than getting hold of a 1/100 scale kit with which to build it! It took me over a year, but eventually I did manage to get hold of a secondhand Tamiya 'British Phantom' kit (which includes decals for XT859). It's interesting to note that this Phantom sits exactly half way along the timeline from Alcock & Brown's Vimy to the present day F-35. The model was painted using Humbrol 123 enamel and then glossed with Klear. The build thread is here. Cheers Cliff
  14. I didn't quite make it last night, but I'm pleased to say that my Phantom is now finished . It's nice and shiny, as befits a racer. I decided to use the yellowed kit decals after all and they turned out just fine - at least over the EDSG. Underneath, the carrier around the large serials is quite noticeable over the white. Luckily, I'm OK with 'out of sight, out of mind'! As you'll recall, this build is all about commemorating the centenary of Alcock and Brown's first flight across the Atlantic. I find it quite interesting that this Phantom sits exactly half way along the timeline between Alcock & Brown's Vimy and the present day F-35. To me, the Phantom seems much closer to the F-35 (technology wise), but maybe that's not the case? Either way, I've enjoyed building this elusive kit and am now looking forward to the forthcoming Buccaneer STGB, in order to provide some company in the display case. Thanks as always to everyone who has supported this build and to Stu and Enzo for organising things. Cheers Cliff
  15. Thanks Steve. I sense that it's only a matter of time until you come over to the Dark Side! Here's where things are at the moment. I'm just about to start decaling. With air fair wind, everything might be finished tonight Cheers Cliff
  16. Many thanks exdraken. The Flogger has a bit of a reputation for being an ugly bird, but I have to say that I'm quite liking it at the moment The kit provides ventral strakes, but I think there should also be a pair on the top of the fuselage. So I've added some from plasticard! Cheers Cliff
  17. That's fine Neil - I quite understand. Unfortunately there's no RFI, as it pre-dated my presence on Britmodeller. In fact, the model itself fell victim to a house move last year so all I have left now are a couple of photos. The one you've seen and this one: Even from here, I think you can see the lower wing droop! I hope that the rest of your build continues to go well. Cliff
  18. This is looking really good so far I built one of these when they first came out, and at that time Extra Tech did a nice PE set. I'm not sure if it's still available, but I can recommend it if it is. Unfortunately, you'll need two sets because of the extra gun position on this particular aircraft. I found this out the hard way! In fact, I've got a few parts left over which I'd be pleased to send you FOC if of interest. There's certainly parts that you could use on the engines, if nothing else. Cheers Cliff
  19. Lockheed P-38J Lightning 'Lou-E-Z-Ann' 392nd FS/367th FG USAAF. 1/100 Eldon kit made OOB with just a few additions (mainly the superchargers). Decals were scanned/reduced/reprinted from a 1/72 SuperScale sheet. The build thread is here. Cheers Cliff
  20. Thanks Dennis. Unrelated, but I keep meaning to tell you that I'm just finishing the John Boyd biography that you recommended to me earlier in the year. A top read (as you said it would be)! Cheers Cliff
  21. Thank you guys for your kind comments and encouragement Luckily, I have indeed managed to finish Lou-E-Z-Ann on time. By any standards, this is a really rubbish kit, but I've actually quite enjoyed cajoling it into something half-decent. I think because the P-38 is such a great looking aircraft. The biggest failings of the kit are a total absence of any superchargers and a canopy which looks like it's been made out of crystallised sugar - sweet! My biggest failing has been ending up with stars n' bars on the booms which are way too small. I'll need to get some larger replacements sometime/probably/possibly/never. National markings aside, all other decals were scanned/reduce/reprinted from a 1/72 SuperScale sheet. The orignal sheet had many stencils, but I limited myself to the six fuel caps. Overall, the process went very well and the Lightning has now taken up postion alongside its ward, my D Day C-47 from this year's STGB. I love it when a plan comes together! Thanks as always to all of you who have supported this build and to Robert and Rich for hosting. Cheers fellas. Cliff
  22. Thanks Lawzer. It's worked really well on your P-51. Like you, I've used white primer, followed by a black top coat (Revell Aqua Anthracite in my case). Here's the result: Just a few details to paint now, plus decalling. I must also remember to add some armament, as there's none provided in the kit. Perhaps I should have drilled some holes in the nose before I applied the shiny paintwork! Cheers Cliff
  23. Thanks Seahawk, That's good to know and certainly makes things a little easier for me
  24. Thanks Craig. Yes, all of Takara's 1/100 offerings were also released by Revell. Revell also re-released some of Tamiya's 1/100 stuff, and several of Revell's 1/100 helicopter kits were originally produced by Accurate Miniatures. I think Revell have only produced a handful of original 1/100 'proper' kits (plus a few snap-together Easy Kits). Generally speaking, Takara's decals age better than Revell's (which can suffer badly from yellowing). Cheers Cliff
  25. A start at last! It's early days, but so far it seems to be a neat little kit that goes together well Cheers Cliff
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