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  1. Looking good. Also been tempted by the 3D-printing, but I don't suppose that SWMBO will let me have any more stuff to play with ... looking forward to the progress of exploration
  2. The canopy was intended to be replaced by a vacform from brengun, but this one arrived dented (with white markings.. so unusable) kit cockpit: Wooden mold: Just sanded to shape and made as smooth as possible. Next up some clear packaging (Revell kit + paint to the rescue) Next up, heating and pulling it over the mold. and dryfit: almost there...
  3. You can just add some paint or solder to it before or after bending to give it a tad more body...
  4. Hard to make out if the rivetting is present on the pictures... Nice to see this one appear, but still wondering to pre-order or not...
  5. Been looking for a config for the weaponry, but choice is very limited. With the guns mounted instead of the strikes it seems only LAU-5002 or LAU-5003 launchers for unguided missiles are legit. These mostly had a streamlined cover at the front, which makes it more easy. So looking for dimensions and converted these to scale: Next up a piece of sprue of almost the right diameter, and using a drill (Sorry, no lathe, SWMBO would kick me out indefinitely unfortunately), sanding sticks and other ad hoc material to shape it: Next up the shape at ghe front and the back. The paper is to prevent the clamps making damage to the part Haven't forgotten to drill out the back, but no pics.. Engravings have been changed to more equal spacing... The canopy was ordered in a vacuum version from Brengun, but it arrived dented... leaving white markings at the outside surfaces... So only option is to bin it... We'll see how to cope with that
  6. Hopefully soon I can start on mine... by then, there will be a lot of references here... Nice work by the way so far
  7. Damn... this is nuts in 1/144 scale but a tremendous job you've pulled off.... brilliant work...
  8. My monologue continous Second missile is also a fact, the first ons us "easy", to get the second one equal... not so...difference is a half a mm The Retrokit intakes are installed for the parked position.... bit of a fit problem: So added some material to sand away: Next up the refueling probe, as per kit: So cut away at an angle and scraped round: And the other half installed, due to the slanted cut you have some raised borders, which is good... To be continued....
  9. looking good. Hope you can get rid of the scratches in het outer hull from the cooler adaption
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