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  1. Looking good, but can you elaborate more on the red oxide primer? I mean, that was common on steel tanks, and I know this one had a steel nose, but the rest of the aircraft was aluminium (weight was still an issue on this underpowered aircraft), and I suppose when it was primed, it would have been RLM02 or bare for the rest of the aircraft. But as said, it still looks good, and it also could double as mud from the shoes...
  2. Looking good, when still able, try to fill the moldlines in the screw... it's pretty prominent on a sub... Can you elaborate a bit more on kit and scale?
  3. I can understand, I don't see it that often here, but on Facebook... person X added some pics, and hence starts the search for which, what, where, who and why... If you want to do more then bluntly pressing the like button...
  4. That camo is nice and razorsharp... enjoy the chipping...
  5. Nice progress and detailing. With regards to the IP, you can also try to use paper, as it is thinner, and works like styrene. just a thought... When looking at the sections, it seems that the exhausts also need to be moved backwards a bit (section B and C) That engine will be a heap (trust me on this) of work, but I'd mount it only when opening up the panels... otherwise it would be a pity IMHO...
  6. That's unfortunate at the lightest, really sad actually... How to punish these youngsters? Did they even know what is was worth? Some here refer to parents, don't know the age of the youngsters, but I'm a plus-dad of two sons of 20 and 23 (it started at 16 and 19, and have to admit, we don't (didn't) know (knew) all the time where they are hanging out, so we can only hope that they will use their common sence. It's a fine line between giving them freedom and responsibility... Unfortunately their parents will pay, as they are responsible in the end...
  7. Looking really good like this, can't help but thinking what a lucky guy the pilot was to be able to walk away when seeing the holes. But the damage is really well applied, may more oil around the engine, because they used as much oil as gasoline...
  8. Looking good, just in time to see this one it seems...
  9. nice subject you are building here and again a kind of masterclass in (scratch)building... For the seats, is that some preformed styreneplate, or did you make the profile yourself?
  10. looking good, and not only because of the electronics... Nicely well used aircraft you've represented
  11. sst, just hope to get this one finished in time, still have a lot to do (build and restore) in the interior... Think the canopy will be half-finished in time..., no framing inside
  12. Very nice choise of "camo". Are those decals in the kit or aftermarket?
  13. beautiful work on this one so far... nice interior, and following with interest...
  14. looking good, with regards to the IP, you could scratch in the dials with a needle, and then apply some clear... No decals here...
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