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  1. Small progress. The lightguards are made in PE, but that is too flat instead of round. So I soldered two wires to eachother, cut it to the approx. measurements of the PE-parts. Then bending, dry-fitting and cutting and repeating for the other side, but then to make it as similar as possible to the other side... hope they look good... I've also made the transport brackets. The base is shown in the previous post, then I've added a flat plate, and later on also a bar to strengthen the connection to the hull. I don't have pictures of this, as the evening started with an AAAARGGGGGGGGGGHHH moment when my VT-55 tried to be an aircraft but didn't succeed in the landing test not a good way to start the evening, but it is fixable... so only the finished pictures. I've only drilled holes on one side of the brackets because I think they fold open (otherwise I suppose it would be a good way to loose the parts..) on to the tow-cables
  2. They didn't say how loosely it was based on tour history... Based on nowadays means also that there's some link...
  3. Looking very good, have the same idea with a Mig... once... How did you do the wood?
  4. speedy recovery from here to... don't always trust doctor google. he's more wrong then right...
  5. That's a decision you'll need to make for you. Every way has it's advantages and disandvantages... maybe try it out on a testsubject (empy bottle or the like...) Only thing missing is his radio control...
  6. Silenoz


    looking really nice like this. Does that truck have one wheel more inwards then the others?
  7. Nice work on this beauty. Looking really nice and it doesn't have any paint yet...
  8. looking good, but I'd suggest reducing the time... 27' is rather long, so a lot of skipping parts from my side... Build looks nice so far. Never seen the tamiya cement with the white cap before. Is this slow curing? Bit of a bummer with all the gluing of parts, that attaching the PE-parts to the plastic was skipped. Think this for a lot of people more of an issue to do this right (and clean as you did)
  9. Nice collection... these are beautiful trucks, and love this version of them.
  10. nice to see this one here. Incredible work on this beast, which I'll suppose hopefully will end with unfortunately no kit parts used... maybe a bit comprehensive, but that is every man for himself to decide. It is interesting on how you approach the problems and address them. And knowing you don't have a mechanical background sure deserves some merits. Hopefully you haven't forgotten about the soldering by the time you will need it
  11. Thx, just added a small how to about the clamps:
  12. These contain the rounds: The green tubes are cannisters that hold the rounds, the brass are ready rounds.
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