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  1. Last nights work, handpainting the missiles:
  2. Great work pimping this golden oldie...
  3. On some other painting instructions the leading edges have a different color, so more tape: And then some handbrushing with vallejo, I didn't dare to use the AB for this: So on to the wintercamo Next : And after unpacking: I'm rather happy, despite that I keep thinking the dark sea grey is way to dark...
  4. A merry christmas and a wonderful 2022 for you and your family.
  5. Hello, thx for the intrusion The canopy can be glued in the open position. The backpart with the cut-outs is a bit wide, true, but I think I will leave it as it is at the moment. Armament has been cleared for a Gr.7... not a lot... a Gr.9 gives more posibilities.. Maybe with the Rise144 kit as an example for the next one (https://www.rise144models.com/1-144-Harrier-GR7-9-armament-kit-d22.htm)
  6. and some progress in this monologue here... First two colors are on, medium sea grey and dark sea grey... but these seemed way to dark straight from the paintjar... so some mixing later First coat: Mix OF Barley grey, medium sea grey and white: Next up a few hours of taping And the second color Dark sea greay, medium sea gray and white Unpacking, which luckilily went a lot smoother: Two more colors to go...
  7. slowing down a bit he says... I'd be glad with such a pace.... Nice work to on the sanding...
  8. Splendid result... arg... pitots and the like... the nails to every coffin...
  9. True, when I was playing chess in school, I learned more from loosing to better players then by winning against weaker players...
  10. Thx, but I meant the wings as they are at the moment. do you reinforce the leading edge, or do you just glue the sanded parts.
  11. only sunken rivets? at least we have a position to glue small carbon filter sphere's to make the rivetting
  12. That's a bummer... good luck with the new canopies...
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