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  1. In it's lifetime, or an evening?
  2. One neighbour calling to another: Your son is playing in my garden again Oh boy, not this again.. He's not wearing pants and he's chasing my dog So what, boys will be boys , They sure will, but your's is 24 and drunk...
  3. I can agree, do have this one also from dragon in 1/35 as a premium edition... Back in the days I could by a bunch of these premium kits at 20€ a piece... That version in 1/16 must be huge... Thinking about putting this one in line with his huge brother, the Sturer Emil... An maybe if I can score it a dicker Max, but that last one doesn't appeal me that much...
  4. thx Steve added some minor detail like the FUG-5 receiver/transmitter and to add some color to the inside some gasmask cannisters and now everything has taken his bath in Formula MC (degreaser for painters) ready for primer With regards to the camo, first I encountered this one: but I think this is a museum camo, and not a real one, though interesting, it seems a bit dark,but maybe the black areas changed to german green... and then I stumbled upon this beauty (Top one): or this one, the lower one: on to the next...
  5. Splendid work, just in time to catch up with this one, camo looks very good, construction too...
  6. Been a while since I visited this one. Splendid painting on the camo and start of the weathering process
  7. True... Almost extinct...ordered mine in New Zealand...
  8. A man is caught in a traffic jam, when suddenly someone knocks on his window. He turn the window down, and the man tells him the complete gouvernement has been taken hostage, and the ransom is 1M£ or they will burn them alive. Ok says the guy, what do most people give? 5 gallons...
  9. Luckily for you all I bought the resin upgrade for the Revell ka-50. That seemed the only way to get this one in plastic on the market. But it looks we are getting spoiled as a mi-28 is also in the making... And by the same company no less
  10. Yup, pics are taking some time off...
  11. Me too, not only at the start, but also while adding pictures to a post...
  12. Started this one last week to finally being able to finish something... When germany invaded Russia, they encoutered some nasty surprices like the KV-series of tanks and in a lesser way the T-34 (The T-34 in the beginning was a surprise, but such a nasty one as being told. It's reputation is a bit mixed, but benefitted mostly from generalising like the allies did with the flak 88. Every tank they encountered was believed to be a T-34, but the hardest opponents were the KV heavy tanks, with their additional armor between the tracks) So the Germans were looking for a stop gap measure that could be more mobile then the PAK 75 and flak 88. To be able to work faster they worked on existing chassis from panzer III and IV, and put a 88mm gun on top, some side armor and a fearsome tankhunter was born. It's best way to use it was from the flanks of the battlefield in hidden positions., in the second line from the battlefield. on to the build so far: The tracks provided are link and length and straight sections, so I bended them a bit to replicate some sagging. Here the first side. the start from the gun. I thinned the basket at the sides a bit to make it less heavy and mounted: Some pieces ready for mounting and the gun fully assembled and mounted, barrel is from RB-models and a front view, all is dryfit, so tracks and so are just a loose fit
  13. Splendid work on this little bugger...
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