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  1. So after the friendly reminder this one got on the workbench yesterday.. Started with the nosejob: the easy part, removing the original part along the panelline: and fitting the new part: So far so good, but the upper angle is completely different on the replacement part... so a check with the glass part is necessary: What I feared... Need to think a bit how to cope with this. But thinking about making a recess in the outside border to make the canopy fit. In the mean time I've glued the engine parts and then started the sanding process... To aid with that I've removed some details to reglue them afterwards. The pictures will aid in the positioning. so al lot of rescribing is coming up... Hope to get the material soon...
  2. Not really, I've started working again in a new company after almost 6 months at home due to Corona... was also waiting for some scribing templates, but these seem to take forever to get delivered... Time to put this one on the bench to make some progress again... The rest will arrive some day...
  3. Decals on, worked perfect on one side(according to me at last...) on the other side, they slightly moved while using decalsetting... darn .... but I will leave it as it is... and so the rigging... for the first time, must admit it gave me some fear. First attempt with streched sprue. Made these as thin as I could, then cut some sections at length and glued these... Then checked with some friends for their opinion, which was unanimous... nope, not good... Next up, I've checked what I had at hand and found some rigging wire from Ushi I once bought and forgot about it... and so small dabbs of CA and on with it (easier said then done...) with the last sections, the CA stuck to everything, except the wires... so some small touch-ups will be needed to the hull from removing the excess glue.. PFFFFFF..... My hat of to the guys that rigg complete ships in this scale... will take more practice than this I suppose
  4. Also in for the ride... Seen some building reports and always baffled at what van be achieved with paper ..
  5. You are going all the way with these... Following with interest. Will you also add some canning to the surfaces while you are at it?
  6. Yesterday was a rainy day, and little on my hands, so a lot of modelling time...: An oversized picture of the Palash CIWS. In reality it looks more like this: the 100mm gun: The rest of the ship, just in need of a few touch-ups and an attempt to add some rigging and for size:
  7. splendid modeling, and learned something new about naval warfare
  8. Meanwhile the first one is in it's basecolor. These modern ships have beautiful lines, but on the other hand, are mostly pretty dull in colors... Dependent of where these are stationed, they have a darker or paler grey shade. On the other hand.. (maybe for the second kit included...) So I've choosen the darker shade for this one Looks pretty rough enlarged like this... On to paint the few details...
  9. That is some nice progress...
  10. I know someoneone in our modelling club who also loves this missile... Think he has almost the complete Hasegawa collection. This aircraft is of no particular interest to me, but we used to fly them, so I have a few to wrap in Belgian colors... So for a bit of laughter: And silence again..
  11. Thx, don't think I'm up to rigging etc yet, but these are "easy" ones to learn a few tricks. And I do love the clean lines of these modern ships... Elsewhere I was asked for the size: 96mm long and 16mm wide... Some progress: Most has been fitted, with exception for the parts I think I won't be able to reach for painting: The main mast was nerve wrecking: 8 pieces on a few mm's All attached with the tiniest amounts of PVA The result so far: Most railings weren't etched that wel (some burrs were visible) so I had to scrape most of them with the tip of a scalpel blade...
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