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  1. Sounds like a good plan VP Enjoy your day off . Cheers Alistair
  2. Nice one Pete and a great build thred . I have taken on board the thoughts on the bomb load for my 188 . cheers Alistair
  3. Thats a nice project youv put together Mike . The Aims parts iv used in the past were excellent. Cheers Alistair
  4. Fantastic fix Volker . That is a great place to hide a spacer . I will be following your method . Love your 188 pics . Do you have a build thred ? Thanks again for your reply ,much appreciated . Cheers Alistair
  5. im voting for option 3 ,although option 4 lookks intresting with its rocket launchers Cheers Alistair
  6. Hi Pete,I don't know if you have decided what colour the undercarriage should be but I would suggest rlm 02 including bays . Cheers Alistair
  7. I have just cleared the work bench to make way for this project . I think its been sitting in the stash for over twenty years and if i dont build it now , i never will . I have an Aims decal sheet and will look out for some extras to add to it such as a bomb load ,seatbelts and may be an interior etch set as there will be a large glass house to peak into . In the previous Ju66 stgb i built the Dragon G6 which was loads of fun so hope this goes together as well . I am forwarned about the over wide glassing parts so hope to find a fix for that . Looking forward to following all the JU88's in the GB Cheers Alistair
  8. I agree with Ian. If modellers want to build a large subject in 1/48 etc then they should be in another group build. I think a different level of detail is what sets larger scale builds apart from the normal. A 1/48 Lancaster would (by me ) approached in the same way as a 1/48 Junkers ju88 .A 1/32 Spitfire being no larger in size would be approached with a finer degree to detail, Cheers Alistair
  9. i am looking forward to your build come together Craig, afer seeing your wonderful build in the recent Dornier 17 STGB . Cheers Alistair
  10. Thanks JRK for your efforts intrying to get this over the line . Cheers Alistair
  11. Hi Pete I'm thinking of joining in with the G/B with a Dragon 1/48 ju 188 . It would be good to see another being constructed too . I did a Dragon ju 88g6 in the last ju88 stgb and finished in plenty of time ,but I do appreciate time pressures are different for everyone. Cheers Alistair
  12. Your vegetarian looks spot on . Nice diorama story Cheers Alistair
  13. Please add my name to the list . My entry will be Something from Eduard in 1/48th and probably a D Cheers Alistair
  14. Hi Ken Be assured i will be comeing to pay and colect the Model / models tomorrow (Monday 26th ) I shall bring enough cash for all 3


    Best RRegards



  15. The Colourcoats RAF tropical paints have arrived . I must say Sovereign hobbies provide a very good service . Once again ,a thank you to Dennis for his recommendation . Little did i realize how much work was still needed to the wings before i could feel them ready to attach to the fuselage , Landing lights were a poor fit as were the wing tip lights . I replaced these with some scrap plastic . Any way wings are now secured . The fit was excellent so damage to raised rivet detail is minimal . I also replaced the light for some clear plastic behind the cockpit . 20mm cannons replaced with some resin ones . The only filler needed is tucked away where dead rivets will hide in shame Just some final preparation before the external painting commences. Thanks for looking Cheers Alistair
  16. What ever the reasons its very sad . One of Cornwalls best museums
  17. Sorry to see you go Greg . Enjoyed the banter over some Luftwaffe aircraft All the best with your new interests Cheers Alistair
  18. Hi Dennis Hi Dennis . I couldn't understand the shipping options as i could get shipping for Deepest Mongolia but not UK . Jamie must have disabled UK option as a way of stopping orders while on holiday . He may well be flooded with orders from Mongolia I will place my order now . Cheers Alistair
  19. well that's a nice surprise . Thanks to those who voted for my entry and thanks to V-P for organizing the GB . Cheers Alistair
  20. Thanks Jinxman . I'm certainly getting loads of fun from this kit . Thank you Dennis for your info and links . I am more than happy to use enamels , and think that in this very hot and humid weather , enamels may be more forgiving . Looking at the Colourcoats web shop ,the RAF tropical set seems an easy option to go for . Problem is they seem to have no option on the address drop down menu to enter a UK address . I will phone on Monday . I have used White Ensign enamels in the past and cant help thinking .is there a connection ? Cheers Alistair
  21. Just a small update to cover the point where the wings are ready to be attached to fuselage . I have done over a dozen dry fits and after a wee bit of sanding im satisfied that the fit is good . Just hope that when glue is applied i can repeat the fit . I only just remembered to paint the wing center section as it hadn't occurred to me that this area would be seen through cockpit and engine bay Got to get the RAF tropical paints as never done a tropical RAF aircraft . Has anyone any good recommendations please Cheers Alistair
  22. I Agree John, without an extended timescale choices of kits to enter ,for most people with other obligations , will be limited . All those special kits that we wish to savour , super detail and generally take our time over to extract maximum enjoyment (for me something like a Aims 1/32 Mistel conversion) can almost never be entered in a regular group build. I think that a ONE year time frame should provide the space for the completion of lots of great large scale builds. Cheers Alistair
  23. Neil Young should use your group build entry for his record cover of Like a Hurricane. Music and modeling , all as one Cheers Alistair
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