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  1. Thats a nice contrast between the black and the upper squiggles ..Its noteasy to get it to scale in 1/72 but yours looks spot on Cheers Alistair
  2. The instrument panel difficulties happened in my build and I forgot to flag them up . I actually remember thinking at the time to mention it to you but after struggling for half an hour with twezers and glue probably slumped on to the sofa to recover. I didn't have photo etch to add a further degree of difficulty. Another area to keep an eye on is the upper fuselage/wing joint as a step can be avoided. If anything else comes to mind I'll let you know. Cheers Alistair
  3. My forum name was purely tongue in cheek and bares absolutely no relevance to my ability to apply mottle . In fact my ability at mottling is patchy I have been plugging away at a steady pace and have neglected the postings on my thread . So without any further delay here are some pictures that capture the painting process so far . This book cover inspired this build and the purchase of the book . Still in the to read pile . Marked out the splinter patten Official RLM 74/75 splinter pattern A heavy dose of worms almost blotting out the splinter and national insignia painted with masks The black oil streaks really do look this dark in the photo of this aircraft Next will tackle nose guns and finish weathering . Got to add some white propeller tips as they are visible in photograph .
  4. You have done some lovely weathering there 81-er . looks like the radio is tuned into Radio 2 Cheers Alistair
  5. Fascinating metamorphoses of the striped down parts to the new creation . Its what modeling is all about . cheers Alistair
  6. Eduard will be very pleased to see your build comming up on the serch for the 17 . This will certainly help them sell more on the strength of some superb photos and your build thred Cheers Alistair
  7. Done a bit more . Spent a few hours looking for the Aims decals which i have very carefully put aside in a extremely safe and secure place only to loose them . I have just ordered a replacement set from the Big H . After a coat of Halfords grey primer i went over with some filler to fix some rough spots followed by a light sanding buffing of the primer . I did the panel shading in RlM 66 as i had a mix on the go for the painting of the cockpit glazing This is the scheme i hope to do . It is a N-2/R-22 which operated with 7/NJG4 during 1943/44 . It has a standard RLM 74/75 splinter Patten over painted in an extremely tight Arabesken . This almost blots out the splinter . On top of this it is very grubby and oily with even the paint along the fuselage spine starting to wear off . I think painting is going to be loads of fun so will probably progress at a pace . I am going to use masks for the fuselage and wing crosses etc . Some of the smaller parts and sub assemblies waiting for some more detail painting . Now im going to start a new bottle of RLM76 .
  8. Good save there AW looks like a perfect fit now . Out of interest is the side window in place ? Cheers Alistair
  9. I can almost smell the oil and fuel from here . This is going well . Cheers Alistair
  10. Fantastic work Craig . Your doing this kit proud . Cheers Alistair
  11. Whent last night with my family. They all loved it from the beginning to the end. Good story, good character development excellent flying and NO super heroes or anyone out for revenge . Going to give it another viewing soon .
  12. My vote goes with the temporary Winter scheme but only if while you are doing it you are wearing a wacky costume and singing the Wolf ate my banana ( Norway eurovision entry )
  13. Thats probably the way to go Ian . I will try a month and see how it goes Cheers Alistair
  14. While Britmodeller is and will remain my primary site for modelling news ,gosip ,and community i have been looking at the adverts in Airfix model World for Hornbys online site www.keymodelworld.com as a subscription site to have for refrance etc . Before i spend the £44.00 per year i thought i would ask members here for their views on KMW . Any opinions are much appreciated Cheers Alistair
  15. Such sad news. I have enjoyed using AIMS products over the years and am building a Do217 with theAIMS conversion in the G/b now . Hope you find relief for your pain ALISTAIR
  16. I managed to make a set of masks to do the inside of the canopy . After masking the outside using a set of Eduard masks i ran round the edge of the spaces with a fine permanent marker . The edge of the tape wicked up the ink so i could see the edges clearly once Tamiya tape was covering the spaces . I had to make a few adjustments as the cockpit glazing isn't symmetrical Before cutting the tape with a brand new blade i burnished the sides down with a cocktail stick . positioned the new masks opposite the external ones very carefully as their are no glazing bars to follow inside the canopy . After two coats of RLM66 I managed to attach the Humphrey Lyttelton in position ! The barrels are not yet glued in as i don't want to damage them as still lots of sanding and scribing to do
  17. Never come across useing a tooth polish to buff up paint . Soft ,hard , as used by professionals, please tell me more as i hate getting finger prints on my work . Cheers Alistair
  18. Nice work on the engines Craig . i think that radial engines come out looking more realistic than do inline ones . didn't realize that their were two different exhaust setups for the 17z as the Classic Airframes doesn't include the fishtails . Have fun with your glazing and MG,s . going to be a tricky beast to hold when they are all attached Cheers Alistair
  19. Cutting the glazing was a stage of construction I had put off for ages. Cleared the bench, held off drinking too many strong coffees, waited till the sun was shining and did the Cutting in mid morning (my best time for concentration) . Thanks V-P ,I'm addicted to chopping my kits up (auto correct changed that to kids) Thanks Markus, the canopy is made of very brittle plastic and most concentration whent on holding it gently.
  20. Nice work V-P . No dust storms in the forecast so you should be OK . Cheers Alistair
  21. It must be RLM 66 for any cockpit area . Wheel wells etc 02 .
  22. Some pics of some radio equipment found in most Luftwaffe bombers and twins . Fug 16 These sets were airborne VHF transceivers used in single-seat fighter aircraft . The ICM 217 kit seems to have this as well as a FUG 10 set up . I'm going to stick my neck out and say its doubtful it had the FUG 16 and almost certainly wouldn't have both ! The FuG 10 rack, contained two transmitters and two receivers: One transmitter and its companion receiver operated in the MF or Longwave; 300 to 600 kHz (1,000 to 500 m) range and the other transmitter and its companion receiver operated in the HF or Shortwave range; 3 to 6 MHz (100 to 50 m). Most of the FuG 10 series used a fixed wire aerial between the fuselage and tailfin or a retractable trailing aerial wire The piece of equipment on the right with the blue and red switch is used to control the aerial wire . This is as colorful as Luftwaffe equipment comes All cases are RLM 66 and bakalite switches /knobs are black
  23. Well it didn't end up as a difficult fix . Just enough surface area on end to allow the drilling of a hole and gluing of some brass tube . Put some suitable music ,Go by Public Service Broadcasting and made the canopy cut to remove the rear section that housed the turret . The plastic is very thin and brittle and with the sanding took around two hours to Finnish . As a warm up for the big cut i sanded the resin molding blocks down so they would slide into the front of the engines . this gives a nice secure mounting platform for the spinners and as a bonus is easier than cutting the waste off . I still have loads of sanding and re scribbling to do but its starting to look like one big fat OTT Dornier 217
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