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  1. Count me in as well! As I am from the Arnhem region. I have got some models in my stash
  2. I am in! Got loads of German stuff that fits the bill Cheers,
  3. Hi Pat, I have done some work on it, but made no pictures yet. When I do, I will place them here. Cheers,
  4. I am interested in this one. I have got a few models in the stash that will fit the bill. Cheers,
  5. I am interested in this GB. Got loads of Harriers in my stash. From 1/72 to 1/24. Cheers,
  6. I am interested in this GB. There are a few models that comes to my mind in my stash Cheers,
  7. I am in. I still have some Mirage's in my stash. Cheers,
  8. I am interested in this GB. I will build something from Netherstan. Or Holland Cheers,
  9. I am interested in this GB. I still have some kits in my stash. Cheers,
  10. Luckely I still have a few in my stash o and also some F-8's and a A-7. Cheers,
  11. As I am a Matchbox guy, I have placed it also in the groups build there Cheers,
  12. Hi Guys, I will start this build soon for the bomber/strike/ground attack GB. As it is a Matchbox kit I will also place here a update. It will be straight from the box with the weapons replaced by others from a Hasegawa weapons set and a old decal sheet. Here is the box and the content And the extra weapon set from Hasegawa I hope to start it soon. Cheers,
  13. Hi guys, Here is the box and content of my build here. It is the 1/72 Matchbox A-7D Corsair II . It will be build almost straight out of the box. The only extra's I will use is a different decal sheet and a bomb set from Hasegawa. Here is the Box and the content. And the weapon set from Hasegawa. I will start this build soon. That is it for now Cheers,
  14. So, Here are some pictures of what has been done sofar. The pilot painted. The fuselage closed and rescribed Then it was time for the wing. It was clampedfor drying. As you can see I did also some rescribing here. And here the model is put together That is it sofar. Cheers,
  15. I have started the kit and I hope that I will be able to put up some pictures next week. At the moment the fuselage is closed with the seat and pilot inside. I noticed that there are some engraved panellines and some not. So I have decided to engrave it. It will just be on the lines that are already there. Cheers,
  16. Ok guys, Here are the pictures of the box and content. The box The content As you can see I have got some extra decals from Revell. Cheers,
  17. Hi guys, I will try to build the Messerschmitt Me-262. It will be straight from the box. I will only use some different decals from a Revell kit. I think it will be the fighter-bomber version. Images of the box will follow later. Cheers,
  18. I am interested as well. I thought I had two in the stash, but then I thought about the Matchbox version as well. So I have two in 1/72 and one in 1/48. Cheers,
  19. I would be interested. Although my finishing state in a gb is terrible. But I still have two in my stash. Both the G version. One in 1/72 and the other in 1/48. Cheers,
  20. I am interested in this one. Cheers,
  21. I am interested in finding GB. With what? I don't know yet. Cheers,
  22. As a big Matchbox fan count me in. Still got more than a 100 + in my stash. Cheers,
  23. I am very interested in this GB. I have got a few in the stash. I am terrible at the moment with GB's, but hope to be able to start the gb when it is there. Cheers,
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