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  1. I was planning to build a Lancaster nose section, but my first build will be from my Xmas present stash the nex mould Airfix Mossie.
  2. Hope you don’t mind the little thread hijack, @MarkSH “Everything looks cool in a Snow camo wrap!”
  3. A little work on this yesterday Ready for some primer
  4. There’s plenty of it in the stash, don’t worry about that
  5. A little update Seat painted, a “touch” of lead added to the front, lets close her up. A quick tracing of the decal to make a mask, ready to spray the mighty Primer of Pink. Some tape seat belts Having made sure @nimrod54 is sat down, it’s time to call all the Brothers of Pink, PINK IS THE WORD BROTHER
  6. With the clear parts safely arriving from @bootneck, work has commenced Some white in the wheel bays, and the cockpit glued in ready for decals. And yes @modelling minion, a definite need for some primer of pink after a closer inspection of the decals, some orange paint is needed. We better put @nimrod54 on standby
  7. I hope you post some pictures here.
  8. Does anyone know some good enamel matches for Boba’s armour from “The book of Boba Fett”
  9. Is anybody planning on putting some LEDs in their kits?
  10. I thought I would start the year building some colourful models. The eagle eyed among you will notice the canopy is missing, but fear not @bootneck has kindly sorted that out for me.
  11. Another cracker from the King of 144. Great work good buddy.
  12. Not sure if you have seen this before, it’s probably best watched behind a cushion
  13. Freedom Models “Compact Tomcat” A surprisingly detailed model, slightly less egg shaped, more compact Brush painted with Humbrol enamels and Flory models wash
  14. That’s made me giggle Thanks dude. There has been a scramble on this one, a few corners cut in order to finish her and lessons learned for the next one.
  15. Calling this one finished baby Compact F14 versus Egg-14
  16. I only vacuum the rug by the front door, not the one under the table where the carpet monster lives. I need to adopt @nimrod54‘s method of emptying the vacuum before using it over the carpet monster.
  17. “Don’t Panic” @Col., @Dansk, @Hewy Progress continues now Xmas and the BlitzenBuilds are out the way While Little H does some art homework, time for me to do a few jobs. Decals complete, drying under some Matt varnish. Undercarriage and some missiles to work on along with crew and missiles. All while Scooter bangs out from the CD player.
  18. Thanks good buddy, the baton has been passed, the eggspectation is building
  19. Not on the list, but knocking down the door with the downdraft of this beauty
  20. Another BlitzenBuild another Little H build. Santa provided the perfect kit and Aunty H provided some new paint pens which she has used to decorate her build.
  21. Firstly let me thank my Great Modelling Buddy and all around Grand Chap @nimrod54 for buying the kit for me all due to a love for a certain primer of Pink. Not only is he now in the Brotherhood of primer of pink, but the postman has delivered him an egggsciting challenge for next year. Secondly all Hail @Enzo Matrix & @JOCKNEY for our yearly festive build. Finally thanks to the Britmodeller BlitzBuild Massive for all your comments along the way. Enough waffle, it’s mince pie time And with Little H’s build
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