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1:48 SU33 Flanker D by Kinetic


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What a kit by Kinetic. Usually over engineered and far too complicated  this kit is sublime. With superb detail at every level and great decal options you cannot go wrong! The only let down with this kit are the instructions. They are poorly printed and leave you guessing on some stages! 




This is an out of the box build with the only addition being the eduard cockpit  set. The paints are Hakata blue line Russian ST set and Vallejo and MIG metal paints. The base is Coastal kits display bases Admiral Kustinovof's deck..







































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Great looking 'Flanker, lovely paint work and the tail pipes really are realistic .



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3 hours ago, SimonT said:

That is lovely, awesome job on that. Looks like the main landing gear needs reinforcing though.

Already rectified Simon..didn't notice until I had taken the photos!

1 hour ago, exdraken said:

Very nice model!

What happened to flaps and main landing gear though?

Hard landing or needs just more glue?

The flaps? They are fine, the landing gear has been subdued and put back in place

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Funny that you're mentioning the instructions as the only letdown of the kit. Actually they're the only part made by Kinetic. The whole kit development was made by 'Aviation Art', but due to some problems with their partners, Kinetic ended up producing the kit.


Your definitions of the kit looks splendid. Great paintwork, especially the heat stains on the burner cans. Also the fading of the camo looks just right. What a pity that this beautiful plane had such a short period of service.

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RMCS. You looked in on my Coyote, thanks, which led me here.


This is, for me, the way model making should show its face to the Public. The use of artistic imagination coupled with superb building techniques.

Both coupled into a very nice imaginative model. Superb.


Taking a chance no PE. who needs that with the result here. PS downing all PE just not needed here.





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