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  1. Thanks mark also got some plastic rod. nice idea Love to here from you on the more sophisticated solution Mark. Or you hiding something for me Laurie Thanks for replying much appreciated.
  2. Have two sponsons (1/48) in resin which has to attach to a coupling to the airframe on a Seaking. As all weight of models going on these wanted to ensure best positive attachment. Having just washed 50 models ensuring I do not have as many "crashes" in future. Great ideas received with pleasure. http://
  3. Oh tut tut going to report that man to Root Admin Thanks Ray great explanation. Thanks for your time. I use beading line. Crysta Line. get in about 6 sizes. Not had a problem until recently. Just think the Rocket has gone off. Got some Bob Smiths, thanks Ade, coming. Got some Locktite coming thanks Ray. Also not helping doing a depp clean of model(& bedroom) room. So when cleaning models come across a number of old models where the rigging has lost some of it's spring. The do not seem to want to be re connected . So new line when my new C/A arrives. Thanks all including Root Admin. Laurie
  4. Thanks Ray. Very informative. Been using a thicker one for rigging. Must experiment. My problem is with the end of a mast trying to stick a plastic line to the top of the mast. I use a locktite primer. Used to use Cyberbond primer pen. But they only sell them in 50s. Pity superb. Cyberbond produce for the space industry Laurie
  5. Thanks Ade. Perhaps the Roket that I have is out of date & not working well. Also thought it strange that Amazon used to have it splashed about but not one mention. Just wondered why. Plus Ebay only have one advert seems strange. Thanks for your input will look up Bob Smith looks good. Laurie
  6. Being using Rocket. 20sec 10sec & 5 sec types. Any used these changed to others & found better. Locktite seem to do a number of types. Any recommendations of other type welcomed. I use Locktite primer. Also advice on accelerator not aerosol the pressurized little bottle you press the top button to release accelerator liquid.. Also have trouble with rigging what glues have you found success with. Laurie
  7. Thanks to TT John & Alex. Very nice of you to comment much appreciated.
  8. Any tips appreciated. Got 4 8foot diormamas with about 50 models. Builder has been chucking up flats not 40 feet away. Rather than keep his own dust he has been sharing it. Very thickly over 2 years. So I now am going to clean. Most are 1/48. Got a small vac which also can accommodate wetness. Tried a small area. Top dust comes of but the remainder needs water or liquid to release it. It is not sticky but is still a little squidgy. Any great ideas greatly awarded with a big thank you. Laurie
  9. Thanks Steve for that info never heard of it. Ordered they transporting this stuff it in the nose of the aircraft I understand. Better than ball bearings & bits of cut up lead. Laurie
  10. Thanks Steve very imaginative. Will have a look at that see what I can do. Laurie
  11. Thanks for the indepth answer dnl. Love the GSD we had one once super dogs. Laurie
  12. Building a SeaKing with FlightPath resin sponsons to convert to RAF. The sponsons are connected to a kit connecting effort which fits on the fuselage.. Thought of C/A but danger of cracking. Have Evostick Resin & Milliput superfine & silver grey. Advice would be very welcome. These are the parts. http://
  13. Very nice work Steve. Pleasure to view. Wow there is certainly a lot of paint work to this & very nicely executed. Think you are putting me off building mine. Very nice masterclass stuff. Laurie
  14. Merry Christmas to you Vince. As they say "hands across the sea" Laurie
  15. Wot Mike are you serious. Guernsey is full of Guernsey people. a danger area. Thanks & a merry Christmas to you & all. And, phew, to Guernsey people . They are very nice people indeed Laurie
  16. Calm down now please. Look forward to your interest. Many thanks. Laurie
  17. Yes there is a lot of it. It is a very nice model to build. Thanks for your insterest John. Gunn. Maternal Grandfather was a Shetlander. I know there is a connection with the Gunn Clan in the Shetlands.
  18. Apologies Colin it did at the start then change from HC to HAR. Had forgotten. Laurie
  19. Not sure where you got your info Colin. It has always been a Har 3. I have already built two of the HC types. To please you & give evidence. http://
  20. Progress with a slight set back but not disaster "darling". Laurie http://
  21. Thanks Steve very much appreciated. Yes I hope you & your family have a great time. Nor a pleasant period we are going thro. But all 14 in the family are boosted ie 3 jabs each. But all of this is not going to get in the way of a very nice time. Laurie Cheers Tom very much appreciated. Have a great Christmas. Laurie Cheers Tom very much appreciated. Have a great Christmas. Laurie
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