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  1. Wow Steve that is a real beauty. Go well with your new Nucs. There is some work in that & a lot of patience to go with it. Very nice finishes & subtle effects. Masterclass stuff. That is top stuff. Plus Steve very nice photos. Laurie
  2. Waking up this morning & taking the patch off my left eye. Seeing with it a clear picture of the world. Cataract removed yesterday. Cataracts on both eyes removed now. Superb can see detail on my kit under construction with out magnifiers. Over the moon. Laurie
  3. Thanks Chris. Yes de Havilland had that way of producing aircraft perfect for their use but also attractive in looks Laurie
  4. Thanks Alex. Could not come sooner. With just one eye now working well I am hardly having to resort to magnifiers. Covid free test yesterday so second eye tomorrow, Hard luck though having to pay for it all. Two year wait otherwise. Laurie
  5. Super superb work Alex. Like that. Great work & improvisation. Great masterclass build topic & as per usual very nice photo presentation. My disappointment. Not allowing it for my Jersey Airport. I am so sad. Laurie
  6. Oh great Alex. i send you my address so you can send it over for the Jersey Airport Scene. On loan of course. Laurie Great work Alex. Looks superb. also a very nice interesting build topic.
  7. Yes John but I guarantee that all those with Aston Farrari motor machines are Plus Not married Do not have any children (that they know of). Negative. Youngest Daughter, Sarah, married to a finance expert Simon sired two children Transport small motorbike That's life in the raw. Laurie
  8. Always be happy unless being miserable suits you better. Laurie
  9. No they are as out of the packet. PJ Productions. Best I have found in 1/72 scale. Laurie
  10. Just one eye Alex the other next week To complicated with the chairs so ditched them. In reality you can only see the head in the window. To be honest 1/72 not my scale. Just had to build Jersey airport. 1/72 only way to get all the differnt aircraft. My favourite by far 1/48. Yes the cockpit is tight You had to be thin Laurie
  11. Well a little progress. But with both eyes in use in 2 weeks things are looking up. This is a nice little kit & joint & joins are very accurate. No major difficulties. Worst is the panel joints on the fuselage joint do not marry up with each other. But that can be rectified easily. Laurie http://
  12. One memory is for certain. My first model was a close as a whisker to being the last & it was the whisky that saved the day. Laurie
  13. Assume, Alex, it seems that way a no then. Mr Will Shakespeare has been in touch. He say who be Mark Twain ? Read, when young, Tom sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. One time I could not keep my nose out of a book. Before we moved into our flat 8 years ago I disposed of my book collection. Over 800 books mostly of WW11. Falklands. All non fiction except Nicholas Monserrat's Cruel Sea. Herman Wouk's Caine Mutiny. Both fiction but both based on actual experience. Some books I had had from the age of 14. Sad what. Laurie
  14. Hey you keep producing Alex. Super work again. Now Alex I know you are a very kind person. Do not deny it. Now 1/72 & 1/76 hardly noticeable & I am am willing to accept that no body will notice. So I thought as you are so willing (you are), that on completion, you will donate this Shell fueller to the cause. That is for it to sit on my Jersey Airport Apron. I would of course give notice that JammedKenny alias Alex produced it. This would be one of the greatest accolades that you could ever receive. I know that you will say that I could not possible receive such an offer. But I am humbled to receive it. Very nice of you. Laurie (oh heck my tongue is stuck in my cheek )
  15. Alex he is nutty as a fruit cake. Sure he actually has 5 on the go. He is not to bad though. apologies for the intrusion. Laurie
  16. Super Master Class stuff Alex. Spot on finishes. How you did those fine lines on the wing is super impressive. Very nice indeed. Plus very nice photos. Plus very nice build topic. Laurie
  17. Sent mine to a friend to build. As I am building the Viking no way would I build the Valletta. Told Si (Dyer) that he must follow your buildas a super model maker Still following tanker. What next ? Laurie
  18. Masterclass Alex. very nice work indeed. Looking forward to seeing those decals bring it all to life. Laurie
  19. Yes do go to Guernsey. Our first boating trip of the season Jersey to Guernsey.. Lovely Plus you have the Islands of Sark & Herm just 10 minutes by boat. The Channel Isles are just beautiful. Came in 1962 to Jersey for a year. Architectural experience on small projects after working in London. I have been chained to the place for near 60 years. The shackles will stay for as long as I live. Happiness. Laurie
  20. OK Steve spill the beans what is the schedule ? Laurie of Jersey
  21. Ha ha. Remember when they had Brown Ale. All the sprogs started on that easy to drink. The Witterings. bought a boat in Chichester harbour some years ago. While waiting for a few repairs went down to the West Wittering. Lovely places. One way you go in in no time come out the other side. From memory I believe there is a bird sanctuary there abouts. Nice memory Selwyn. Laurie
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