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  1. Hiding kits in your car now... just put it in one of those hoover boxes and sneak it in that way.
  2. Excellent stuff, the more Jagdpanthers the better!
  3. Would cling film over the hull work do think?
  4. Two words for you Steve, hull down.
  5. Excellent paint job, come on, hurry up and get the turret on too!
  6. That pitted surface looks good to my eye!
  7. I was looking at one of those Panthers on eBay today...
  8. Great work, lots being done as you, it will look like a different kit.
  9. I’ll have a dig through the references tonight.
  10. Excellent camo work. I especially like what you achieved with the wheels and hubs, lots of depth.
  11. Nice, even in the small scale it looks imposing.
  12. “Zimmerit Anti-Magnetic Coating - On 7 September 1944, the Generalinspekteur Dee Panzertruppen decided to end the application of Zimmerit anti-magnetic coating, based on rumours that hits on the Zimmerit had caused vehicle fires. On 9 September 1944, MNH received a message from Wa Pruef 6 that the assembly firms were to immediately stop applying Zimmerit. MNH complied with the directive on all Ausf.G completed after 14 September.” Panzer Tracts 5-3 Panther Ausf.G There are some specific hull numbers mentioned in the text (completed without Zim after 9 September but before 14 S
  13. Hi José, Thats going to be huge! Will be fun watching your progress.
  14. Another good one. Looking forward to your progress.
  15. That is looking good, really good. lol
  16. Looking good, I’ll have to look up what that huge lump in front of the antenna base is.
  17. You wouldn’t know it’s a 1000 year old kit would you. How did you get the tracks to stick?
  18. I thought @Enzo Matrix mandated you have to build all of them?!
  19. Far from it mate, you‘re making top quality stuff.
  20. They’re a bit of alright. Great modelling, great weathering and great photography. Top stuff.
  21. Yep, thanks, I subscribe to uncle already, but appreciate the heads-up. I like the way he approaches things and does a great job with his commentary too. I’ve practiced more and I think I can do a nice understated version of my previous attempts. Hopefully under some paint and weathering it should look ok (better than a completely flat plate as it is now anyway). If it doesn’t look right, then I’ll just have to buy another to have another go
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