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  1. Sorry, yes they are for the rest of the head decoration(s); Other bits to add; Shoulder covers; Cross; Staff;
  2. RP Models 1/12th Bust of the Egyptian god of death and embalming - Anubis. Superb piece of sculpting and casting in light grey resin; All the main Colours Blocked in; Have now added highlights to the Jackals main body and some subtle shading on the leather belt, working on the fact that its a god so wouldn't be wearing rough clothing. Colours are Vallejo, except for the various shades of gold already applied and more to come, which are from Darkstar Miniatures range; Thanks for looking in
  3. Got the groundwork painted last night, and attached the viking and some foliage and 'her er' - Finished. Really enjoyed painting this little chap, he is so full of character and nothing tricky to paint at all. Pretty much 1:1 scale view; Larger views; Thanks for looking in.
  4. After seeing a completed build of the Company's 'Pulp Fiction' figures ( Here ) I just had to check the company out. And so this one and Leon, were soon winging their way to me. The warrior is a superbly cast piece of resin, with just a few separate cast items - face guard, shield, sword and base. Spent a couple of hours last night getting his face painted, colours from the Mr Paint range - Basic Flesh, Dark Shadow, Light Skin. - Basic flesh first in a couple of layers then a wash of dark shadow over the whole face, to find the shadow areas. then the shadow areas and highlights were painted in with various darker and lighter shades. to give him a bellowing and cold look some red was added into the highlight mix, then to tie it all up a wash coat of basic flesh was applied. The lips were painted in various shades of red from AK, from reddish black/brown through to crimson red and a few taps of pink and dark red tapped onto the lips. Helmet is base coated along with the beard, which will now have progressively lighter shades of yellow added in layers. Thanks for looking p.s. Think this is the first time the carpet monster has devoured a whole resin figure , need to send out the special forces team to find him.
  5. Well chuffed. Walked around the competition area, collecting my entries and looked over towards the table where this model was and spotted a little plastic card, so tried to act all nonchelant and wondered round. Only gone and got a Bronze!, Maybe if i had glued the rider to the camel, so it could be picked up might have been higher lol !! Sitting proud in my display cabinet; Thanks for looking.
  6. Finally finished this stunning resin kit from RP Models, no build issues at all, hands on the lance were tricky though as i could have done with a 3rd arm (!) to hold it all in place, in the end I used some slow setting super glue to get things lined up, but then the problem was it took 30 seconds to set, which seemed like a lifetime! The whole model has been painted in various acrylics with paints from the usual suspects - Vallejo, Tamiya & Ammo. Thoroughly enjoyed building and painting this one. And just in time for Scale Model World in Telford this weekend (9th & 10th Nov); Thanks for looking.
  7. 95% Complete. Just need to add her tail back on, tassles on her neck armour, touch up the base of her head piece, and add a couple of bits to the warrior then its complete. Oo and add some dust clouds around the running feet. Thanks for looking.
  8. A little progress update. Rider is complete, waiting for some slow set superglue to get his hands and lance/spear attached to the arms. All painting work on him is complete; Added the rider (blue tack for now) to the camel and its quite a sight !; Cleaned up all the tassles, reins and arrows last night, so need to to get them painted very soon as not long left now to Scale Model World on the 9th Nov.
  9. Finished this one some time ago. Mookies Miniatures 1/10th Bust of 3SBS Falklands (Fanning Head raid), 1st time painting DPM at this scale, was fun though; Thanks for looking.
  10. Finished this one some time ago. Nuts Planet figure of a female robot / Android hunter. Was great fun to paint; Thanks for looking.
  11. Good 1st try, If i was to be critical his right iris needs better definition. To be fair yes are a right royal pain in the bottom to paint, It just looks from some angles that the iris has bled into the lacrimal gland.
  12. those decals look excellent, do they do them in larger sizes do you know
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