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  1. Nearly there , just got t to fit his arms into the sockets, may need a bit of push/pull trimming / filling and into the cockpit he can go. Will spray the cockpit side with brown to complete the camouflage this weekend, Green is already down and that will complete the whole project, so hopefully be finished this weekend/ early next week.
  2. Control column painted; its another piece of finely detailed sculpting and moulding,its a shame but wont be seen once installed into the cockpit; Boots painted and lightly weathered, just a bit of mud from running to his Spitfire.
  3. Yep, all painted with acrylics, using layers - Mr Colour Paints.
  4. Got some paint on Baders face whilst on Holiday last week in sunny Milford on sea;
  5. Got his leather gauntlets painted up last night, they need a very translucent coat of Tamiya smoke then a semi gloss coat to give them some shine.
  6. Got his sidcot suit painted, highlights and shadows added, ‘stitched’ his harness and attached his parachute pack. Flat varnished with AK ultra Matt;
  7. More superb sculpting and casting on the parachute. I spent far to long (again) on something that will never be seen once the cockpit is completed, but an enjoyable hour or so anyway.
  8. Last night I joined the upper and lower body parts and this only needed a 'smidge' of Mr liquid filler then got the brushes out and painted up his scarf and the fur collar, Not as shiny as it looks, but everything needs a good coat of AK's ultra matt varnish; Needs a bit of 'tidying' up where everything meets
  9. After some advice on th PF forum I decided to revisit the shadows and highlights, so this is where I got to; Then I noticed this piece of resin sticking out on the right side of the life jacket So a quick look on the internet and I found this image on Alamys website showing the correct colours, so will have to paint these details, even though the right arm will probably obsucre the detail.
  10. So got to work on the life jacket last night, in hindsight I should have coated the jacket in white first before adding the fist coat of yellow, but hey ho. Shaded and highlighted with various wash mixes to give it a faded/worn look , didnt want it to look like a 'toy' version, plus references i have found shows them to be faded than overtly bright This probably a more accurate rendition of the colour Palette used to paint the jacket, along with the paints.
  11. Calling the cockpit finished, all items painted from reference photos found on the web, main source was 'Anatomy of a spitfire' website. Next up the great man himself. Dry Fitted his lower torso, with parachute pack to make sure everything lines up - which it does so thats a testament to the model with all those pieces of resin.I think (after the photos were taken i knocked off the left rudder pedal stem) i will also remove the right pedal and set at a more vertical angle.
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