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  1. Work continues on this fantastic little piece. All shading and highlighting has been completed on his armour. Head has now been attached along with his left hand/paw. Banner has been painted and highlights and shadows applied, need to paint in a suitable Japanese motif. Sword blade needs painting, and his side skirts added. Then work on the base can begin.
  2. Managed to get some time on this one last Saturday night, Braiding finished, and weathered the red leather body armour and the gold breastplate, toes painted in and started work (not pictured) on his sword and banner.
  3. Ive had no time at all with the brushes over the last week and a half. Daughter's had interviews at a few unis - hoping to study Paramedic science, Weekends taken up with Ice Hockey and this weeks been a washout so far with a trip to Sheffield Uni, got home to then receive a call and had to work till 3am the next day, so knackered for two nights. Anyway enough moaning; I did get to a point where i had added shadows and highlights to his fur, reds painted in neatly gold added and started work on the braiding.
  4. Ahhhh, see what you mean now - fair point.
  5. I have been working on Scalebro's 40mm samurai Mammoth warrior. Detail and casting is superb - Head eyes and Tusks painted. Tusks are just dry fitted in place at the moment;
  6. Thank you for the comments, boots would have been made from animal hide ?, so would that not be a matt finish ?, will add some dry brushing to his metal chain mail, i had envisaged him as shouting from a mountain top that the 'Vikings are HERE, run while you can' lol , but may add some 'dried' blood to his axe from his last battle. Many thanks.
  7. Finished this guy some time ago- Scalebro 40mm Viking Warrior - painted in acrylics from Vallejo, Golds from Darkstar Thanks for looking.
  8. So it is. Thanks for the heads up, forgot to repaint it
  9. Revell's reboxing of ICM's 1/16th SWAT Officer. I had to get one and have a go, and for £14.99 it seemed good value. Built up with just a few seams that needed a swipe with some Vallejo putty and wiped off with a damp finger, or cotton bud. Only disappointing thing i found was the Crye Airframe helmet(s), which are on the one devoid of all detail and the other the Rails are very soft. so I ordered in a pair of Live Resin replacements, so the good value of £14.99 has now doubled in price. Mind with the CHOPS installed it will give him a different look, even without the CHOPS he will still look
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