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  1. You can have as much rain as you want Admiral. But you will have to collect it. Last night. Force 9 gusting more horizontal rain sheeting across. Desperate noises during the night things loose & what a racket made by the wind. Heavy showers to day windy. A handkerchief ( such a small item with a large name ?) of sun. Tomorrow wind & rain all day. I will put out a bucket to collect the rain & you can collect later Laurie
  2. Q What makes me happy ? A. No rain on at least one day. For 30 days recently we had rain on every day. To day Jersey has 50% blue sky. That is a new recent phenomenon. But it is darned cold about 8degrees with a force 6 blowing was 8 overnight. Just had a look Hairystick & you have about 15 to 20 degrees you lucky thing. Laurie
  3. "This one's going to be a good'un!". Yes & hit my darned wicket. Out. Laurie
  4. That is cruel Brad. I tried that many times but always missed. Put another way % wise I lost my wicket more times than I performed the lofted drive. Laurie
  5. 1/48 scale. This is about a 30% of a diorama of all the aircraft & vehicles military & civilian used in the 1982 conflict. Al the barn fencing & generator are scratch built. The two Landrovers series 2 & 3 are converts from the Airfix Landrover Military Snatch. The two tractors are ( no body does a scale model) dies cast then ruined by me into looking I hope working models. The final diorama will include approx 15 vehicles & aircraft. Then another diorama will include all the Argentinian stuff. Apologies on the Jersey Trading Post could not avoid a bit of fun from the Island I live in & dearly like. All that is depicted is Jersey produce. Laurie http://
  6. That is a very human story. My eldest daughter trained at the St Thomas's Nightingale School to be come a nurse. We live in Jersey so she was all on her own. Always remember saying that if she had been out in the evening, we back at home worried but no need, London cabbies would picked up any nurse & deliver them safe back to St Thomase's Free of Charge !!!! How about that. Laurie
  7. Thanks Tim for the info. All book marked. That will on come in useful Laurie
  8. Very pleased to hear that. Just hate all this "hating" we are all the same human beings what ever creed what ever colour. I meet well all who are good human beings & I enjoy their company. Laurie
  9. Like to thank you very much for all the info & taking the time. Laurie Like to thank you very much for all the info & taking the time. Laurie Like to thank you very much for all the info & taking the time. Laurie
  10. That is the one I am building actually made by Empress. Agree on the Landrovers. For the Falklands diorama I used tw Airfix Army Snatch & convereted to a Series 2 & 3. http://
  11. Indebted to you thank you very much. Yes i guessed they would be very muddied up on the Falklands. I put together a 15min film using all the pictures I could collect. Some great picture but despite all the research no Skimitars & Scorpions. Sad as the only 1/48 I could get were wargaming models. Qutie nice but not quite what I really desired. Thanks again Laurie
  12. Thanks Das. Could you point me in the direction of these photos. Spent a time looking but found very difficult to get except black & white. Laurie
  13. Thanks again great info. I am actually on a mission. About 22 models on two dioramas of the Falklands. 40% Argentinian. 60% British.. Finished near half of the British & two Argentinian aircraft. The dreaded Etendard the deliverer of the dreaded Exocet. Cheerss Laurie
  14. Thanks very much for that info. Very kind of you. Think perhaps I produce one green the other camouflaged. Think also that as they were household division & spent weeks getting to the Falklands they would be in immacualte paint condition. Would that be you guess. Thanks again Laurie
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