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  1. All looking very good & handsome Alex. All the trimming takes time but certainly pays dividends. I use that technique on cockpit windows. Gives a nice clean edge. Plus any paint which has seeped under the masking is cut & easy to remove. Very tricky masking around those window frames. Think I will do Jersey's own Islander next with the Viking following. Laurie
  2. Thanks Rog. Member on SMF gave me an idea using Blue Tack. Used C'A on a little scaffold worked perfectly more accurate 10% of the time & all in tack compared to the first one. http://
  3. Slow hopefully sure. Some progress. Wings & engines. http://
  4. Looking good Alex. Not sure how many coats of Stynylerez. I put on a mist then full. Start sanding after about 2 hours & not had any problems with curing.. Had same dilemma on the Dakota. White on top silver under. And I had stripping of silver. I use Vallejo Metal Color which is a bit fragile. However, I did find though it stripped in a couple of places it wet 7 dried on the edge of the strip very well. Blowing it back it was invisible. I did a day or so after curing the Metal Color repair apply Vallejo metal color varnish to all the Silver to strengthen which seemed to work
  5. Thanks Chris much appreciated. Thanks Eamonn very nice of you Hi Si thank you very much for your very welcome comment. Thanks Alex. Hope all else goes well. Pity about rudders & flaps etc.
  6. Thanks Rog. Yes so far most accurate. Yes enjoy 2021 be careful. Laurie Thanks Admiral yes quickly noticed. I have scanned & dropped down in size on a publication software. Have some very nice photo paper so it should be OK. Thanks very much for your offer which is very kind & very much in the spirit of model makers. Laurie
  7. Thanks Steve. Just getting back into it. Plus Pauline & I have just had our first Covid Jab. Happy life & model making for 2021 to you & your family. Laurie (from rain lashed & windswept Jersey)
  8. Well after an un-scheduled interval here we go. Some progress. Laurie http://
  9. Happy New Year to you all! I'm expecting a better 2021, and hope I'm in good company in that regard. Gee so do I. Bright spot 14 days time get my first Covid Jab being vintage Nice work Alex been busy looks good. Look forwardd to seeing the paint job as it progresses. Laurie
  10. Yes before all this started going like a Brisol Freighter. Slow start tomorrow. Thanks much appreciated. Thanks both the Laurie
  11. Hi Rog & a great new year. Just spent the last 10 days in hospital, so I hope my new year is a good one. Great not a good fit kit but it certainly tests your filling finishing abilities. Unfortunately did not totally finish my build but most of the difficult stuff is there. I use the full range of of Mr White Putty. Putty, PuttyR. Mr Hobby 500 for final touches. After 20 years found these the best. They stick & do not flake at the adge they sand to a feather. About the same thickness as most plastics so sanding to a very fine adge is perfection. They also cure v
  12. Thanks Grant nice of you.Hope you & the dogs are fit & well. Laurie
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