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  1. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    There were four great moments of my life. Just unforgettable. To hold Pauline and my babies. I did it four times. In those days you were told to go home. No viewing of the birth. Wait for the phone call. No respect always the middle of the night. I got there, the maternity home, to be greeted by a nurse holding a white shawl within which was our baby. Either one of our sons or daughters. To hold a baby you had not seen before but waited for 9months, and there it was. A little thing with a screwed up face and those tiny fingers. There holding this minute being, part of me laying there, content, the first minutes of life. That is unbeatable. And now years later a 56, a 54,47 and a 40-year-old. It was a long time ago but the memory is always there. Laurie
  2. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    So right Wez. We had at one time a boat and used to go over to France at the weekend. 13 miles. Moor in a little bay near Portbail. Just the noise of the sea. No cars. Asleep in the morning you would hear the little lap lap lap as the tide came in and caressed the hull. This would continue until the boat started to lift on a small wave then settle then again and again. The boat would then float with a slight rocking motion. And then it was 10:30 as the motion had sent all 5 of us to sleep. We then had a shower got dressed and wandered into the sleepy village of Portbail. Buy some croissants or a baguette. By that time 12:00 o.clock Wander back to the boat and have breakfast (or was it lunch). Perhaps bacon and eggs or just butter and marmalade on a delicious slice of French bread. Next morning a repeat. Such absolute heaven. Just the little things of life. No television no news. Just the the family five Laurie
  3. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Ahhh yes yes. The silence of peace. Yes we regularly encounter it in our flat while I am model making with the window wide open to let in air from that 3000 mile ocean fetch. Clean air filtered over that distance. Accompanied by. Cars whizzing by. 50cc mopeds with converted silences, noise from the nursery below, 10:00am Monday test of the siren. The air conditioning unit from Cineworld. The beat of the music from the Bar & Canteen. Boys on skateboards. The rumble of suitcase wheels as passengers make their hurried way to the ferry terminal. Hurry folks as ferry's horn blasts away preparing to leave for Poole. Then when all of that is not about early in the morning. The sound of seagulls, the chirping of a flutter of sparrows. The almost, as if noise, slight chill of the air gently flowing into the bedroom. And as I look out of the window in the morning a couple of healthy rabbits, contented, sitting there munching their way through the juicy tender tops of nature's gift of green growth. Laurie
  4. LaurieS

    Biggles Flies Undone

    Some experience. I was offered one in a Lancaster. They come every year to Jersey for the Battle of Britain week here. Got into video filming after retiring( or at least my lifetime occupation). Weddings adverts and a few other general things (not burials). Contacted by the B of B organisation in Jersey. Would I be able to fly in the Lancaster "in the cockpit" and film it. Damn fool replied sorry I am to busy at the moment. Quite right I was busy but ?????????? stupid nincompoop. Laurie
  5. LaurieS

    Old car security..

    Some years ago I stayed in a hotel close to Gatwick airport. Settled in the room and then went out. Came back strolled along the corridor and stopped at no33. Key in opened the door and there were cases. Mmmm. I thought they are not mine. Hastily beat a retreat. My room was 34. Laurie
  6. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    On food I like doughnuts. Nice and doughy, large (very), filled with squirty jam which oooooooooooozes out with each bite. Take a bite and I am transported into Shangrila as if on cloud 9 or is it ten. Problem is the sugar gets under my dentures uggghh. Laurie
  7. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Actually being alive although I have to admit that I do not know what it is like being dead. Not in a hurry to find out. 80 this year. So decided to live to 100. When I get there I will then reconsider and may extend the period. In the meantime just enjoying life. Never understand why people retire and then charge off around the world. I never retired I stopped one thing, lifetime career started another small business then another. Always getting involved in something. They are starting to build flats in front of ours. Just started a group in our flats to counter noise and aggro from the building works. I was not put on this earth to sit in a chair and watch television all day. To much to do and enjoy life. Not enough hours, that is the problem. Laurie
  8. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Is this an edible fish Darby ?
  9. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Yes when one Grandson sits one side re-modelling your ear. Another the other side giving you a weird hairdo with another trying to pull your shoes off. Another banging away on his dratted drums. Then you think a bit of me in all of them. Then you think poor little fellows. No, the little devils. I love it. Laurie
  10. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Well done Gorby that is a picture and a half.
  11. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Just had a very happy moment. A large cod and chips. The real thing fat chips and crispy batter. A load of Malt vinegar and plenty of salt (darn the health for a night). Plus 2 cans of Boddingtons draught beer. (darn the health for a night) Gee, I live at the top. Laurie
  12. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Nothing wrong with expressing yourself and how you feel. In my book it helps. My younger son had problems and talk we did. Happily, all is well now. I do hope yours goes the same way. Laurie
  13. LaurieS

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    We had a German Sheperd the most beautiful dog a real darling. At the age of 8 she developed a tumour on the brain and died. A bit of me died with her. But I still laugh at her naughtiness. Used to take her onto the dunes beside the sea with our labrador. On the dunes there is a gold course all open to the public to wander That day we wandered. I watched a golfer place his tee and ball carefully and take out his club. He started the usual practice shots. Drew back his club as Pippa took off. His club was on the way down. Pippa like a flash whizzed to the tee and in one flash picked the gold ball from the tee and kept running. Consternation. No. The golfer and I just fell about laughing. Laurie
  14. LaurieS

    Wasp & Scout Falklands Livery

    Thanks to you both. That is great inf. much appreciated. Laurie
  15. LaurieS

    Wasp & Scout Falklands Livery

    Thanks Mike great info. Thanks for your info very much appreciated. Thanks Selwyn. Just read a book by Special Forces Pilot Richard Hutchings. Apparently, there was some annoyance that the Wessex had all under control then Barker on Endurance without orders from the Commander in charge launched the Wasp. Seems that Barker got a flea (or was it a Wasp) in his ear after. Thanks, Mike for the information. All great stuff. Laurie