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  1. OK Wes I will forgo flapjacks I will just concentrate on the rhubarb gin. Will bring own glass. See you soon. Laurie PS will bring some Jersey Royal Spuds.
  2. Mmmmm. when can I come around Wez ? Bank Holiday Monday ? I will bring the tea bags. Laurie
  3. Thanks Lomcevak very nice of you to say so. I only uncovered the story when I decided to build a diorama of the Falklands. Delved into as many models as possible on both sides of the conflict. This came in the middle but though it would make a better impact as a captured item Laurie
  4. Interesting. Slapping that is. Lyons give their offspring a sharp paw clout. Dogs will take charge & snap at their off spring. In the monkey apes kingdom a big wallop is given. But they are not destructive. A slap not hard is a reminder. Some children react to nothing else. My father only ever gave me a wallop, twice, but it was not the physical hurt it was the fact that I had let down myself to the father who I loved. Who was always there. Both occasions I slunk away & cried my pride had been shattered. In the case of these 4 boys we do not know their background or their families. I have learnt in life not to pre-judge with out the facts. Also punishment is not retaliation it breeds & ensures that matters get worse. I suspect those boys & families are going through the worst experience of their lives. Includes the brothers & sisters grandma & grandfathers. The worst is the saying "the punishment must fit the crime". Laurie
  5. Punishment in itself think four families are going to suffer. Hope they learn. Laurie
  6. Agreed Paul. Community service & lots of it so they do not ever forget & ensure they pass this on to their children. Community serivice during football time etc. Restriction restricted for a good time beyond 6:00pm to their own home. Suspect that would be to harsh though against theri human rights. Sad. Laurei
  7. It is really kind of people to donate the large sum of money. The real problem is you cannot repair heart ache. Seems that 4 were arrested at a school & released. In the end it will depend on what sort of parents they have if any difference is made. Laurie
  8. Thanks Jonners much appreciated. This one perhaps. How it got to this state no idea as it was in one of the museums. http://
  9. Thanks RMCS niiiice of you to say so. Laurie Thanks James your comments are much appreciated Laurie
  10. Thanks people for your nice comments. Tony just pretend ---- please Laurie
  11. Thanks Selwyn for you nice comments. Yes I know I cheated did I not. It was AE413 in the Falklands. Plus the AE413 was hand painted on so I cheated again. There you go I am a rogue awful ! Laurie
  12. Many thanks for your comments Gentlemen. Very much appreciated. Laurie in Jersey.
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