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  1. Thanks Tom much appreciated. Good luck with the quad. Laurie
  2. Very nice of you to say so Phil. Busy the whole lot on a shelf 2.4m (8feet) long. Wish I had more space. Laurie
  3. Thanks very much very kind of you. Actually spent 5 years start to finish. Well worth while. Now on a Falklands look a like. Laure
  4. Thanks Bazer very much appreciated. Laurie
  5. Thanks Vinnie much appreciated. Forgot to mention there is 5 years work there. Now cracking on with a Falklands type. More experienced so this will be about 2 years plus. Laurie
  6. Phew at last managed to get the pictures to show. My apologies. Laurie
  7. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Not quite! Where do you get them in 1/48 scale ? Thanks for the info. Laurie
  8. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Thanks all fantastic lot of information there and very interesting. The sad fact is that the options are just near nil. The only one found so far which is near is https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/NM48038. Thanks pdsvidioman. Apologies I rejected your suggestion thinking it was the old Maston WW11 system which it is not. It looks, although not the same it appears, close to the real thing. Laurie
  9. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Thanks Mart. Struggled with this on and gone through various possible solutions which I have ditched. The diorama is 8feet long and has a runway one end. I wanted the Maston type but upgraded to the 1980's. There will be about 15 models, Lynx, Wessex HU5 & Has3, Seaking, Chinook, Harrier Shar, 2 Landrovers, Scorpion, Scimitar, Captured Huey. : Argentinian : Dagger, Mirage, Entendard, Sky Hawk & Canbera.. On top of that 1/72 the larger aircraft used which to compensate for scale will be hung over the diorama. Thanks for your thoughts. Very much appreciated. Reasonably authentic or if not just the grassed area Laurie
  10. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Hi Thanks for your info and an introduction to Noy's miniatures. Unfortunatly, code is for Maston planks which were used in WW11. Those used in the Falklands were different type which is making it difficult to replicate. Many thanks again. Laurie
  11. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Thanks Chris. Found a number of outlets for the Marston matting. Unfortunately, it looks so much different to the one in San Carlos. R B Productions also produce Marston. I will have a go at the Evergreen. Thanks for your time very kind of you. Matter of interest I did some architectural work in Leaman St. in the late 50ties or early 60ties. It was for the company who supplied M & S clothing at that time. By coincidence came to Jersey and designed their outlet in the island. Laurie
  12. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Thanks Tim. Just what I needed. How I replicate in 1/48 will be interesting. Thanks for your time much appreciated. Laurie
  13. LaurieS

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Building a diorama of the Falklands. At San Carlos Bay they built a a runway HMS Shafbill. Can any body, please, point me to pictures of the planks they used and any details etc. Tried for 30 mins to find info. but came to a dead end. Found Masden planks used during the WW11. but that is all. Laurie