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  1. Ah some body has done it already. Are those handbags being used fro chocks
  2. Yes Rob the door is going to be open & it is annoying. Got some seats left over from a Merlin. However just one door open which is smallish plus I have a hostess figure. Also on some of that time they actually had a curtain. Plus have a boarding staircase which I can put passengers on entering the door way which will hide the interior.. So have a few alternatives. But Airfix you are naughty.
  3. Looks good Rob. Fractionally disappointed. I am building the civilian passenger yet the seats are all for the military type. never mind you would never see them.
  4. Yes i have a few lumps. Thumb on left looks a likely contender. My father had all the lumps but no curling fingers.
  5. Thanks for the optimism Adrian . Bandages off tomorrow. Just think I will nip & get a bottle of wine. Bright red Yes I think that the scene is Welsh from memory. I have admitted somewhere that Jersey does not have any mountains. Cliffs & hills. Actually the airport is one of the highest places on the island. So I am a complete cheat. Hope no one sees this & visits Jersey with expectancy. Actually they will not be disappointed as the Island is crossed by so many steep valleys with trees on both sides. It is a beautiful place I say that as a Surrey man who came here for a year now 58 years later still in love with the place. We even have a KFC.
  6. Yes Rapide sad but it was not right & would have bugged me fro the rest of my life. Thanks for your wishes Steve. Problem is the bandage keeps getting filthy. Thought of spraying it with Styneylerez & a coat of varnish. Thanks fro all those who have left likes much appreciated. Laurie
  7. Thanks. Showing off a bit Nikolay bandages & stitches off to morrow. Probably a smaller bandage hope. Laurie
  8. Well Chris stitches out Wednesday probably a bandage but smaller.Left handed so that helps as the problem is on the right. But looking around the world I cannot complain as my needs have been looked after. More than can be said for it seems the majority of the world.
  9. Yes it is Woody although i prefer to call it a ------ bent finger. Amazing right hand . Try to use the left , I am left handed, to use the mouse. The right hand is totally brain washed all auto. You have to learn all the controls with the left. The beain is a very cunning blighter.
  10. A Maquette only 1/72 around. Struck lucky Alex.They have been going for £60 £70. Got this for £35 really pleased as I have been waiting & watching for few months. Bought one in auction 3 months ago. Arrived one side of the fuselage had been butchered & some parts missing & some had been built. Returned got all my money including return post. Quite amazing. Get anything on an auction ask if all pieces are there & not built. Check every bit on rreceipt. A Dart Herald missing landing gear one side. I knew i could replicate so got it half price. Yet they told me it was complete. Laurie
  11. Thanks Nikolay. Will try. This is not helping Little finger curled around into the palm. http://
  12. Never minded any one chatting about anything on my topics. Infact love it Chris.
  13. Thanks. Dan Air yes served jersey Well but not international. Lucky otherwise I would have been scrapping around for decals.
  14. See what i can do. Love the Series 3 Took two Airfix Snatch & converted them to a Series 2 & 3. Some work but worth it.
  15. Thanks Chris hope all goes well. Dumped my Rapide in the bin. The front just was unreal. Got another which I will have to do a bit of remodel work. Laurie
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