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  1. Getting so darned frustrated with a De Havilland Dove. Then And then Throwing Dove on the floor & stamping on it. Dead. Then dumping it in the refuse sack. A feeling of relaxation followed by a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, large Laurie
  2. Thanks Niall. Very kind of you. A thought great name Niall. Drop the Dr. stuff & use Niall. Great Scottish name Interesting. Joined the internet in the times of the Sinclair & Commodore computers. Always used Laurie Where ever I go the Doc. Dentist local shop it is always Laurie. With the strong Scottish ancestry we gave both our boys as a second name Ian. Laurence came from my Great Grandfather of Shetland heritage. Laurie
  3. Yep that was the idea CJP. The most intricate model yet. Hopefully the most interesting. Laurie
  4. Wow that is interesting Viper. Often wondered where & how difficulty it is to get info. Especially on new military aircraft. Hope you do not watch to closely you may give me the jitters. Sad at the moment as David Parkins has 4 SeaKing set available but there are just not any Seakings at 1/48. Laurie
  5. Yeah all right Doc. . Falkirk. Mmm just below Stirling & the famous Wallace. Wore my first kilt in Stirling some years ago. Family history. I am English, Surrey born. However maternal Grandfather, a Johnson, was a Shetlander. Paternal Great Grandfather born in Glasgow. My two boys have kilts in the cupd. Just to keep that history alive. I love Scotland it is God's own Country. Laurie PS I am a Stewart
  6. Thanks Martin. Extras yes worrying after looking at them together. Hope so Milord. Try to satisfy Colin. Well I knew you would be here Jungle. Hope you are well. Thanks for the offer much appreciated. Dusted off. Builders opposite have deposited more dust & grit. Suprised it has not reched you. Thanks Martin. I admire your commitment. I could get cold feet. Thanks all very much appreciated 7 for taking the time. Laurie
  7. Nutty third one of this kit in 20 years. But it is a kit of kits with all the extra add ons. http://
  8. In Jersey every one of the population got a card for a £100.. This was end of last year. Made difference to shops & businesses. & families. Laurie
  9. Wow Steve that is a real beauty. Go well with your new Nucs. There is some work in that & a lot of patience to go with it. Very nice finishes & subtle effects. Masterclass stuff. That is top stuff. Plus Steve very nice photos. Laurie
  10. Waking up this morning & taking the patch off my left eye. Seeing with it a clear picture of the world. Cataract removed yesterday. Cataracts on both eyes removed now. Superb can see detail on my kit under construction with out magnifiers. Over the moon. Laurie
  11. Thanks Chris. Yes de Havilland had that way of producing aircraft perfect for their use but also attractive in looks Laurie
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