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  1. Wow been busy Steve. Very nice model indeed. Plus a a hell of a lot of work in the camouflage. Very nice bees knees stuff. Also as usual stve very nice photography work. Laurie
  2. Loveley job Steve. Masterclass. Great finishes. Just love the understated effects. Superb work. Very nice photos. Laurie
  3. Hi Grant. PMed you. Thanks for your comments. Bit of a change civilian 7 1/72. Most history from when we came to live in Jersey. Laurie
  4. Oh my God does that make me happy some body older than me, now 82.5 on this forum. Sprightly lot huh. From flat 59 steps down to reception. Dead easy at the gallop. Up still 59 steps. I do 30 steps up. Then barge into the lift lobby & take the lift the rest of the way. I do not put this down to cheating it is a way of preserving my bdy for getting to 83 Laurie
  5. You are welcome Si & look forward to your build. Very nice start. Looks very much in the class of the Airfix Afghanistan Helmand series stuff. Going like the devil Si you can now go to bed. Laurie
  6. Apologies I though camera & you arre thinking les. But all still applies. Laurie
  7. Lazer I bought both my Olympus second hand on Ebay. They are I suppose 15 20 years old but they are beauties. Age in an SLR does not mean much. They just add new things on new cameras which nobody uses but looks good. There are anumber of camera shops who put trade ins on Ebay. Good qaulity to preserve their reputation. Laurie
  8. Going to call you Benty. Suggest just let you hair grow long no need for washing then.. Bit of Brillcream will clot the hair & make things invisible. Got that tip from Dennis Compton. Laurie
  9. Yes I had a haircut about 4 weeks ago. Jersey as normal ahead of UK. Only 4 cases in 110,000 & one was a UK sabotage case bringing Covid in through air travel. But we caught the criminal. All travelers isolate & tested. Problem 6 months of growth. But after cutting found that some of my 82 year old silvered hair had emigrated. Head now cold so will grow hair longer to compensate for emigrated types. Laurie
  10. The LDRG ran up & down the length of the desert on the desert side the towns on the seaside. Typically at each town where the Italians later Germans occupied they would drop off a couple of men then proceed onwards. Returning picking up theiri men with information gleaned. The SAS did similar. Before a raid they dropped off one or two men. They would contact the British friendly arabs. Remember the part I read where they would make tea. This seemed to be boiled, cooled then boiled again the ritual continued. They then drank the tea with sugar no milk. Th e SAS apparently got to
  11. Vanguard wow that was quite an aircraft Balckjet. They came into Jersey. fascinating to see the Vanguard & Viscount standing side by side. Laurie
  12. That is very nice of you TT. Yes the figures very good. At 1/72 quite realistic. Good mixture. Hi jungly. Thanks for the acolade. Are you sure Portsmouth ? That is a long way for these kiddies. I think that is was the Trilander but suspect that Hurn or Southmampton. Hurn was a very popular spot for Channel Islands flights. Beverley used to land there. Dart Herald my next for Jersey Airport. this one a transporter although may make it a passenger. Who knows. Herald was an innovation for Jersey. The airport is on one of the highest points i
  13. Yep Si is a top notch super Master Model Maker. I know that as he recently told me. Laurie
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