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  1. Near there. Another week, hope. Never know so many problems. Just in time. 9 days to go to cataract removal from near blind eye. Followed by the other in 3 weeks. But the greatest NO MARQUETTE. Laurie http://
  2. My Bank Manager has forbidden me to visits Hannants (ie Her in Doors. As you said Bertie it involves the female of the species) LAurie
  3. Ouch with brain deterioration your may have to remind me Alex. Love to start it as the next kit. But a little Dove just to clear the tubes. Laurie
  4. Very nice work Alex. Superb DIY. Could have done with you on a certain Dart Herald a la Marquette. Goodness me you are very busy. Weather for a vintage type it is hot 30 degrees. and it has slowed me down. Laurie
  5. Well as per all your work Alex I admire your precision work excellent. Looks as though it will soon be ready fro apron practice. Laurie
  6. Hi Tiger Under construction at the moment. This may be of use. Jersey Airport 1950/60 ERA The diorama is about 2.4m *500mm (8'*18"). The apron is thin card simulating concrete. The airport building taken from photos & blown up to size in sections. Laurie http://
  7. Thanks Steve. Wings on decals to day. 4th Aug. first (virtually blind) eye cataract cannot come to soon. Hope increas here in covid does not affect operations. So far not younger people who are not be hospitalized. Hope all is well there. Laurie
  8. Thanks Alex. The end is within site. Wings are on Decals next. Think next time with a white I will go for an off white. Pure white is very stark. See if a wash will cool matters. Laurie
  9. Well a little, it is little, bit more. Struggling cataract one eye virtually blind. The there on the way & using very strong magnifiers is not pleasant. 4th Aug please come soon blind eye gets the treatment. Laurie http://
  10. This by Winston Spencer Churchill. Not just for Britain & the Islands & Commonwealth but for the whole world.
  11. Actually I only wear the wellies on a Spring Tide. Pauline will not let me into bed with wellies on has to be slippers. Lauire
  12. Definitely solved that problem. Do not wear socks March to November. Then I wear bed socks & wellington boots November to March Laurie
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