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  1. Yes fantastic scene. Actually pity it was not St Ouens beach in Jersey that would have been perfect. One year they came to Jersey & performed at the Howard Davis Festival. With their horses canons etc what a sight. They performed in the arean twice that day. My god did they fly around in one of their criss cross routines. Thier horse looked splendid as did the Cannon plus the Men of the Troop. Laurie
  2. LaurieS

    Swann Morton

    Agreed David I have both the smaller & larger rounded blades. The large one is great to get a starter line on a sanded out panel line on a fuselage join etc. Probably use the rounded types more than the straight. Laurie
  3. Interesting piece. Of interest i live in Jersey Channel Iles. We have a Uniformed traditional Police Force for the whole Island. What has been noticeable is that we have had in charge of that Police Force a dedicated man from one of the UK's Forces. He has had a remarkable impact & virtually crime in all aspects has diminished in some cases dramatically. But even more is done by the Honorary Police Force who have priority over the paid police. We have 12 Parishes populated by about 110,000 people. Each Parish has a Constable & depending on the size of the Parish a number of Centeniers. Constable & Centeniers (honorary police officers ie no pay). also have a higher authority than the paid police, that is in modaration, both get on well as they are after the same goal. Centeniers will at the Parish Hall interview those who have mis-demeaned & charge & present their case before the magistrate. However their greatest achievement with youth who have been naughty is to call them to the Parish Hall with mother & father & give them an almighty telling off. Including if necessary calling in the Constable to give weight to the matter. This is very successful as word in the community soon travels at the speed of sound. Our crime is still there but it is very low. Plus a great prison has reduced re-offending dramatically. This is similar to the Isle of Man which has been televised. Laurie
  4. I have to agree in some ways. Often watch these police programmes. Amazed as most thieving & other things are suspended sentence. Not even community service. At least that should be first option. They will not like that & the community gets some recompense. ie give them another chance to enhance their habits. To me it is just stupid. Laurie
  5. My understanding that wealth status is taken into account when making these judgments. What we do not know is if the parents were at fault in the way these boys were being brought up in this world. Any of our 4 children knew what punishment they got for misdemeanours. Restricted to bedroom from school for a week or fortnight depending on the severity. Severity was nothing compared to these boys. It was rare to have even a weeks restriction after a taste of the punishment. The destruction at the Model Show was just crazy boys totally out of hand. Laurie
  6. Ha ha very kind of you. Talking about some of the idiotic things the story line gets up to. Stupid at times. You probably say why watch. Well just had dinner sitting in my armchair with wife. In her own armchair of course not her in mine. So comfortable no desire to move so just watch this stupid story line. My desire is to see someone land one on Caine. Laurie
  7. Getting out of hospital after two days incarceration. Interesting 6 on the ward mixed. 50% you could chat to. 50% miserable blighters. They were not in pain or suffering from anything other than a infection. Shower available. Some could not as they were wired up to a drip contraption I was the only candidate could not get there fast enough. shower dry yet there were 4 wards sharing. Toilet & basin in a room in our ward. Did not see any toothbrushes going in. You could wheel the drip contraption so there was no excuse. Amazing. Laurie
  8. Yes saw that tonight Vince now with a full beard. Emmerdale the only soap I watch. Daft stories but I sit there after my dinner comfortable. Laurie
  9. Found this yesterday & I have pasted it on Flory Forum. So many members there have commented awesome brilliant out of this world. That is just incredible. Just brilliant. I cannot find enough words. Fantastic Andrew. The best project I have seen. Matter of interest & all connected. I am putting together 1/48 scale all the British aircraft & vehicles in a diorama. Also include will be a good number of Argentinian stuff. About 20 modles approx. If i approach just a bit close to yours i will be happy. Great stuff Andrew I am all agog. Laurie
  10. I was into architecture in Jersey. Does this count to join the club ? I once help push a clients twin engined aircraft out of the hanger so I do have vast experience. I also wore a helmet in flight that should clinch it. Laurie
  11. Thanks Paul. Found a couple of RAF pilots on other aircraft & came to the conclusion they may be the same. Can imagine on the cold thing. Dopey dicks on the Hermes had the pilots on call in their Harriers on deck. Ct.Black & Sharkey Ward in Invincible refused & had them waiting in the warm. Thanks again Paul. Thanks for that Chally. Problems with all the pictures different ears & impossible to gauge if USA or UK. Laurie
  12. Thanks bnz20 for that info. Wasted money !!! Not heard of that before. Laurie
  13. Thanks Mike & Jabba that gives me all I need to know at 1/48. Very nice of you both to take the time to give me information. Very much appreciated. Laurie
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