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  1. Should have said as it such a nice looking Aircraft. Another De Havilland Amazing first flight September 1945. 3 months after Germany Surrendered WW11.
  2. Second got binned the first some time ago. Cannot remember why. The Dove to be added as part of my 1950/60 Diorama of Jersey Airport C.I. http://
  3. Well that is sad. Some in my life work have since disappeared but great to see those still around. To me that is life what else is there friendship.
  4. Well 50 years as an architect to the day. One or two rough days but loved the rest. Meeting people. Common thought that architects sit at a drawing board all day. Now off to see client. Meet planning Officers. Argument, loved them, with building inspectors. See plumber. Meet with electrician. Visit 2 or 3 building sites a day. Air con man consultation. Meeting Structural Engineer. Boring meet with Quantity Surveyor. The a bit of design work on the drawing board. Yes great working life. Always worked as a team & had great results with help from all of the team. Miss the comradeship.
  5. Like it. Did not think of retirement as an end to part of my life. Just change with more opportunities for other things. Also even now at approaching 84 |I like to keep the brain working at it's mamximum. Although not having an activity which earns money i have revelled in learning to cook. That has brought a great interest into my life. Not sure that goes for my wife !!!!!!! Laurie
  6. Very nice superb work Steve. As we expect from you every time. Great detail work & superb paint work. A really nice model Steve. Also a great set of photos. Laurie
  7. Thanks Des superb. Very grateful. Problem building the USA model in RAF style. Thanks Laurie
  8. Building the RAF Rescue Seaking used in the Falklands. Yellow was ditched & its colour is replace with a grey. Any help on the colour much appreciated. Built an RN Seaking & that is a slight green colour. But the RAF seems to be a silvery grey. Laurie
  9. Hi Steve missed your reply. Thanks very nice of you. Laurie
  10. Very nice work Steve. Great work on the effects. Love the wheels. Great attention to the small details which always makes a model. Nice photography as well. Laurie
  11. Wow great ideas Colin. Like the gloopy one. Thanks for your time much appreciated
  12. Some bad fit area on my Hasagawa. Filled with my Hobby fillers to part of filler Mr Hobby Mr Surfacer 500. Surfece sanded down with wet & dry 1200 so it is reasonable OK. Any tips for best way to do it with out cracking up the filler. Just to state that I have been using a Morton scalpel to score a line as a guide next to the panel line tape. To then scrape out the panel line Laurie
  13. Thank you very much cifenet very nice of you to comment. Yes the box art is great. However it will be grey camo as it is going to represent the SeaKing just after the Falklands Conflict. Plus not the RAF yellow. Laurie
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