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  1. Hello Gents !! We are on the path to RFI for Salee.... And on my way to finish that one too... More to come soon !! Stay tuned on CC's lunacy.... sincerely. CC
  2. Thanks Sir I will try and make my best Master.... Thanks Spad !! I forgot the location of the brake lever on this locomotive..... Nice quote with the cats Have a great modelling day Mates !!! Sincerely CC
  3. Hello Gents Very busy days now.... The shoulder is worsening and I have to finish my little peanut....(aka my toyota) Cylinder head will be back tomorrow.... On the Mustang front, SWMBO was at work and I've had a bottle of Alclad almost empty.... It was too tempting..... Look good to me..... I still have a bit of AK for the control surfaces..... We will perhaps have a Mustang finished this year..... More to come soon.... I also worked on the Devastators and Walruses but nothing worth a pic..... Stay safe my friends !! Sincerely. CC
  4. Aouch.... The flat four.... Not the easiest one The Toyota was running normaly, but water consumption no more heating in the car.... Soooo, Radiators have been changed, Thermostatic valve too.... There was only cause possible..... CC
  5. Hello Chris, Yup, there are a level issue, now with 25 years and 300.00kms on the clock... Even a Toyota.... Skimmed is the usual term used in english ? Thanks fot rhgat !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Oh yes, there are one.... The way it will be.... When I showed the firsts ones done, it has been said so Huh, there's still a Mustang Mk I almost done.... And then the B and C models still in the stash.... Well Gents.... Almost last action masking..... I'll mask the control surfaces after the main body painting.... Fingers crossed now..... The next Ponies will be more colourful.... See you later Gents !! Stay safe and happy modelling to you all..... Sincerely. CC
  7. Thanks Chris, Cylinder head must go on rectification.... So tomorrow, it will be cleaning up.... Ready for primer... And stripes.... I'll adress the gunsight problem later... It let me a bit of time to find a valid pic of the first HMS Glory Korean war cruise..... Then, I still have 4 more Sea Furiesto build.... No worries mate, I'll not be bored..... Sincerely. CC
  8. hello Dears.... Another setback... I was looking for the right paint scheme Since I want to do an aircraft from the first war cruise of HMS Glory.... Airfix boxing gave one but it does'nt look right to me.... Tail short shot is fixed.... But I must confess that this 1/1 model take a lot of my time and energy.... I also created a bracket to install the gunsight... But working on my Tempest I noticed this..... Another Airfix glitch that will be fixed by Eduard.... Have a great modelling time Gents !! And stay safe.... Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello Gents, I have some Devastators itching these days... So I restarted to clan up my messing up.... It is about time to finish one or two of these.... Or maybe starting a 4th one More to come soon !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Well done Zack, and a serious challenge !! I like that ii Mmmmh Westmalle trappist great choice !! I'll follow your adventures on the barrel!! Sincerely. CC
  11. Back to Mustangland you said ??? Oh sooooo, Seemingly, Mustangland grew up again..... Now, I have something helpfull to make this one.... Yup Korea again.... The second one will be a PTO one..... I'm helpless..... Salee received some varnish on her stripes..... Let's try to finish one more kit this year..... A well worn ETO Mustang.... Or a well worn Korea Sea Fury ?? Who knows ??? Have a great modelling time Gents !! See you soon !! Sincerely. CC
  12. Hello, hello Ladies and Gentlemen... Yesterday, I had a bit of bench time.... But I must say that this model is more urgent.... My good old peanut is playing with my nerves.... On we are for a cylinder head gasket..... On the other front, I'm including the Flightpath kit in the Hobbycraft Sea Fury.... And I'll search a bit more for the paint scheme..... The plan is to build the hobbycraft and Trumpy ones in between the Airfix ones.... That's a way to avoid being bored .... At least, trying to..... See you later Gents for more Furies..... Sincerely. CC
  13. Great P-40 Edward !! Really impressive one, Congrats my friend !! Sincerely. CC
  14. Thanks Civic !! Quite right !! The way I wanted it, given the fuel consumption, They still have to carry fuel tanks... But when I saw Robert Scott's cab, the deal was sealed.... Thanks John !! That was an era for aviation, far more interesting than today's gray on gray with some gray on it.... How many ?? Well... Huh.... Errrr..... Let's say around 55.... Thats not serious ?? Is'nt it ??? But !! but, I grew better since I started just 4 this year.... And finished 8 ro 9 to date.... Many thanks Russ !! I'll be back in your backyard soon.... South East asia will be back.... Well, I feel honoured and thank you warmly !! I hope that you've had a great SMW, looking at the pics a detail was missing..... No one with Rocket fuel bottle in hands.... See you soon Gents, I finished my evening work week today.... Back at the bench now !! Have a great modelling sunday !! Sincerely. CC
  15. thanks Pete !! Glad you enjoyed it !! Thanks for the kind words F-32 !! Oh Bill, not a funny thing My knees are in bad shape too, but the surgeon told me that they did'nt have a reliable prothesis for the time being... So, I have to carry on with what left.... I no longer jump and when I stand up or crank up there are some noise... and pain... F-104 flap.... In my case it is .50 breech working Thanks Alain !! It's a pleasure to share with you Many thanks Tony !! I feel honoured !! Sabres look like a good idea for the next one.... Korea of course.... Thank you all for the kind words and support !! Enjoy modelling and have fun !! Sincerely. CC
  16. No, il must be my bad... And it is @mark.au who's toying with an ICM one.... Shhhht, keep it secret... The guys with the white apron are busy somewhere else..... Sincerely. CC
  17. Aouch !! Painkillers are never a good new in a man's live... What's up Sir, I hope that it is not too painful.... I ate these chemicals for years, now, I use it far less, since my entering in cyborg's world My new hip has changed my life... and my back too.... Thank you Sat... I don't know which will be the next but I like these NMF birds... Thanks Chris, It was not an easy one, mainly on account of the modifications.... I'm tempted by a F-86 now.... or 2 of them.... if not 3.... I'm also glad, 9 done for this year.... Thank yo Mr G !! We're now on to make this collection growing up.... F-86 ?? F-86D or F-89 ??? Decision??? Decision ?? I've started some F-80 years ago... With a load of corrections.... Thanks for the kind words Gents !! It's a pleasure to share with you all !!! Stay safe !! And happy modelling !! Sincerely. CC
  18. Hello Derek, Here we are, See.... Heresy corrected.... Not necessary to call on these gentle guys.... Well, when I saw @AliGauld's build, I expected a super clean ICM Spitfire.... But.... Usual sink marks on the tail.... We'll see for the wings..... More to come soon Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  19. Hello Gents !! Good new, the seat that went AWOL is back, he was chatting with an Hurricane seat in the Hurricanessss box.... Aaaaand !! Saved by an Eduard Spit Mk IX, the beast is back in the game.... Will get in the paint booth soon... For stripes See you later Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  20. Damn it.... Airfix did'nt gave a compass, which is a prominent item in a british fighter.... But they did worst..... No gunsight either..... Smell of Silicone Gents..... And I surely store one of the Sea Fury seat in another box..... But which one.... Have a great modelling sunday !! Sincerely. CC
  21. Thanks Roger !! If you have to go in old Blightley in November.... Telford is a worthy place for a modeller on this Week end ..... But that might put one's wallet to exhaustion.... Thanks Aerotechi ! Glad that you've enjoyed it !! Sincerely. CC
  22. Thanks Cousin ! I must have a pic of him in this F-84E. I knew that he stayed in service but ignored that he has been based in Europe... Thanks shalako !! The G will follow, but I'll finish some other before... And the G will be for my Korean war serie... That's not a surprise indeed !! Thanks FF, Glad that you appreciate !! Thanks Joachim !! Sabre now ?? Wondering about .... Thank you Gents !! Have a great modelling week end !! Sincerely. CC
  23. Hello gents !! The RFI is here, I'll now let this thread sinking in BM abysses.... Sincerely. CC
  24. Hello Dears, On we go for another Tempest.... I said WWII, I know I know but..... Here too, more to come soon !! Sincerely. CC
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