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  1. Go on Mark !! I'll start almost that same lunacy soon with Hobbycraft Seafire XV Nice job !! Keep going on !! Sincerely. CC
  2. Splendid job on the Swordfish Mark.... Such a beauty !! Super detailled and I can smell the hot oil from here !! Congratulations !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Well done Mister G !! The canopy is amazing !! Great surgery indeed !! Sincerely. CC
  4. Well Gents !! I use to build ICM kits, so far, Spitfires, Mustangs and MiG 3.... But here, it is clearly another breed of ICM kit..... I'm amazed !! See, 9 parts for the reductor case of the best 1/48 PW-2800 in injected plastic that I'm given to build.... No longer sink mark and just a tiny injector pin..... Wing tip tank, the plastic is soft, so there will be no need for filler..... Well done ICM, well done.... Sincerely. CC
  5. Thanks Sir !! Semi matt varnish yesterday, I'll let it cure one more day And on with Flory !! See !! We are not usual suspects whithout a solid reason..... Thanks Mark ! Aaaaah the delicate sound of the Centaurus...... I really love it, at first, one can think that the engine is going to broke in parts.... But !!! Tremendous sound for sure !!! More to come soon... Sincerely. CC
  6. Well, well, I say something different.... This ICM kit is another world.... An instruction booklet for the armament only... And look at all these unused parts..... Kitbashing ahead !!! Believe me !!! Well detailled and very soft plastic..... I'll not use resin engines on this one... See !! The locating holes have to be enlarged a bit ! Two types of reductors, really detailled.... Now, we'll see all that stuff will be assembled... Stay safe Gents !! Sincerely. Enthusiastic CC
  7. Hello Dears, These are the kind of thing that has got me angered with that kit..... So precise for the wheel wells doors.... Especially the tiny one on the rear..... Then some part numbers are inverted.... One need some references to build this one.... And a lot patience.....A bit more than that !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Thanks my Dear Baron !! I feel honoured !! It hurt a lot, I hope that is fixed for good... Now the problem is that I got an abcess at a place where I no longer have teeth... Why so easy.... But Mrs CC has a lot of tricks and I no longer feel any pain.... Green clay get all the inflamation out... Thanks Mr G I'll try painting it one day... I promise !! Decalling are done on the beast.... Weathering is about to start.... See you later.... Sincerely. CC
  9. Really well done Selwyn !! Thanks for sharing the story behind the kit !! Neat Phantom !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Congratulations Bill !! Really fine Demon !! Time to restart mines.... That's a lot of work on this kit !! Sincerely. CC
  11. Hohoooo !! Well, I can't wait to put my mitts on one !! Impressive models for sure !! Congratulations RMCS !!! Sincerely. CC
  12. Congratulations Stuart, Have a Rochefort on my behalf !! Really nice racer !! I really love it !! Nice pair too !! I mean nice pair of racers..... Then, a fine stash of waiting models !! Sincerely !! CC
  13. Waooow !! Well done Sir !! Unusual camo, superb weathering !! Congratulations Roger !! Sincerely. CC
  14. Indeed, we did !! As a pure BMer, everytime I had a good time like that one, I send you both a bunch of good energy !! Hello dears !! Well, I found a valid donor? Old Hobbycraft Hurricane decal sheet..... I first gave a coat of decal film on it.... Given the poor shape of that sheet..... Colors stayed good in water, the blue is a bit darker than the Eduard one, I'll live with that..... Now, the eagle eyed among you have noticed that the upper right corner of the decal is a bit curly..... I waited a bit, nerve raking indeed, but it stayed that way, So, I gave a thin coat of decal film once again and GOTCHA !! This morning, the decals is still well placed.... More to come this evening... I'll work on something different..... Mood is changing....And I have plenty of started kits.... Thanks @The Spadgent for the offer, Uncle CC is resourceful.... (say it quickly, you goofy CC) Sincerely. CC
  15. Hello Dears... After 2 days off with my missus, I'm back at the bench.... Did anyone recognise this architecture ??? Really cared for and still standing..... Sanding is on its way.... There are not too much to do... Except to correct my over enthusiastic gluing.... More to come soon Gents.... It's now time to think about a Corsair to be finished for 2022..... Sincerely. CC
  16. That could be a cunning plan.... Thanks Mr G!! Thanks John !! Size is almost a square of 12,5mm height is around 12,7mmm But I'll have a look in my decals reserve... I spent 2 days off with my missus, a bit more further in the Ardennes.... I love this place.... Around 30°C, the song of the stream.... The bird's songs....And a good Trappiste.... Send Georges back to his coffee machine
  17. Thanks Mr G, With the decals around it, masking will be Errrr Acrobatic... However, I seriously think about it.... Sincerely. CC PS: I still need a lot of lessons from our master painter.... I mean ... You !!
  18. Hello Dears !! Come on.... One last pic before more weathering..... And RFI..... Take care and happy modelling !! Sincerely. CC
  19. Now Gents..... While I was searching... I found back this pic.... Ooooh my.... Why did I saw it again ???? Hey Chris @bigbadbadge.... You can call it teasing..... I start collecting parts..... Nutty CC
  20. Hello Dears, Even with pain hammering my jaws, I spent a bit of time on the bench.... At least my mind is buzy.... But highly failible..... I knew that the destructions were wrong..... When I took this shot, I felt that something was wrong..... And when the penny dropped.... It was too late.... Sooooo..... Now finding another fin flash.... Of the right size.... I already picked the wing roundels from another kit.... The Royal box Eduard gave the decals for ONE post war Tempest only..... I hope that the big yellow H restocked the post war roundel decal sheet.... Fingers crossed.... See you on friday Gents !! Stay safe !! CC
  21. Given the general state of my internal plumbing my Dear Alien.... It will be clever to wear not only rubber glove..... Especially if I drank some Chimay , moult included obviously..... Well Gents, The SHar is almost done.... A bit of weathering but she stand on her wheels.... Now what about the chipping ??? Due to the extreme climate conditions, the paint was heavily weathered.... I tried to have something that look like the pic received from Tony O'T Tony is clearly missed on here.... More to come soon !! Wednesday, I'll get out with Miss CC But on my first day of vacation, I got 2 (one would have been too common is'nt it ???) tooth abcesses.... I look like a boxer.... Not the dog.... See you later. Sincerely. CC
  22. That fast ?? I find the thread and the plane is almost finished !! Well done Adrian... These X shaped struts look like a nightmare to me.... Sincerely. CC
  23. Wonderfull Vixen too !! Thanks for sharing your build step by step !! Congratulations Tony !! Sincerely. CC
  24. Such a great achievement Yony !! Amazing work !! Congratulations !! I saw an add on FB with a link to this page, truly amazing !! But your work on the Vixen is well worth it !! Are we on for an Avro Bison now ?? Sincerely. CC
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