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  1. Thats a great job on the props , it would have been so easy to do a basic black paint job and leave it
  2. It looks a lovely molded kit ,shame about the canopy clearness but the paint part looks to cover most of it , mmn maybe a lot of test fitting in your future i see ,yes ..( sorry been watching star wars)
  3. The old bda 1800 ford engine looks good john, nice job i remember the rs mk2 had a little over 110 bhp for its day which doesn't sound impressive but these little cars were Well under 900kg , most super cars today are around 1200-1500 kg , gordon Murray's T50 super car is only a little heavier than this little escort at around 980 or so but with over a 1000bhp ,and ground effects , how times have changed , i reckon Murray's car will slay the aston martin valkyrie due to its low overall weight .
  4. Thanks fellas ,I've just ca'd the wings on ,a hold the breath moment, but it went well ,also , ski's on ,engine and cowling on, it's just rigging and pics, and on to special hobbys 72nd fokker d.xxl 4.sarja ,which i am really looking forward too, More finnish fun ,thanks pat , thanks craig, not an easy kit to build , i appreciate it
  5. Last update before i put it together I've done a tad of oils ,not too much ,and I've given it a coat of windsor and newton Galleria matt ,which isn't totally matt but still gives a nice sheen , just enough so as not to make it blackboard flat, wing struts are secure, and just about all painted ,only some small details left ,like the wing airel struts and rigging and paint the rear ski assembly, a few pics Engine looks good ,but the headlights not so, they weren't a great fitting part, What i found out quite recently though was the only picture that i found of 119 has its headlights covered, or painted over in a darker colour, also 119 is a recce lizzy and hasn't got the winglets fitted, now i found this out very late, after the wing struts were fitted and aligned, and removing them would need some very gentle remedial work that this kit would not handle well (or the handler) so the winglets stay ,but no pe,and bombs on the winglets ,the headlights will be masked and painted over ,which is a good job because they look terrible The pe cowl cooling flaps, is not the best fitting bit, dora have you butt joint it ,after you've shaped it to the exact dimensions of the cowl with ca ,yeh right, my advise is to use little sections of foil tape , it sticks like the proverbial poop to a blanket and stick that around the inner cowling , don't use bits of plasticard, there isn't enough play, then once the pe part is rolled to give it a curve (don't have to be perfect) stick it to the tape sections , close to the cowl then with thin ca from the rear weep it in ,this part then fits over the fuselage to the correct position A view inside You can just make out the little pins i put in the wings here to attach the front strut, the rear one has no locating point identifiable on my kit so i left it to float and glue after, there is a bobble on the kit wing to locate the strut, but really this is a little less than useless ,do this and you can glue the struts in place by dry fitting the wing and resting it in the pin, once the struts are set you can handle the kit a bit more ,which is essential to fitting the wings after painting, it sounds more trouble but its not Cheers all
  6. Cool, looks like they're up for a bit of trouble
  7. 50 k is a good distance pat ,i like to see a face occasionally Yes one and the same, and he asked me if i wanted to order a certain 32nd scale lancaster, i respectfully declined but he still exracted £150 off me for other bits ,he's like dick turpin.... the build..still in parts, I'm preparing for the final assembly and , and I've done a bit of oils ,and flat coated it , Today I've glued the lysanders wing supports to the wheel struts , it was a success! I dare not touch it till they set ,the wings are only plugged in to the canopy and balancing on the strut for alignment , i drilled a brass pin in the wing and pinned to the front strut only, geometry looks good ,i can then remove the wings to demask the canopy , and start then final steps
  8. Yes pat,thats the yellow i have ,i reckon it was user error,too thin maybe
  9. Sometimes kits just don't come together craig do they, cheers pal the green is fully recoverable, mikes was a good visit,i already have a 48th hobbyboss F/A-18 and some superb aggressor splinter decals, but i couldn't resist the 1/48 kinetic gold F/A-18D atars boxing, the cartograph decals alone are awsome, for a little over £40 ,and i picked up a little (big) avro Vulcan,only when you get the sprues out of the bag do you remember how big it is, i had a go at one in the mid nineties that never got finished!,lets hope this one at least gets started,cheers mate and all the best with the hs-126
  10. Thanks craig, sorry to read about your hs126, I've still got my stuts to do ,so there may be 2 crash dioramas yet , painting in gloss with the yellow was a sure fire mistake, even on H's pink primer ,the gloss yellow in mr hobbys aqueous range is akin to tamiya smoke ,and clear red, i had to put it on heavy ,and you can see it has leached under the tape , also you've probably noticed the numbers on the side in green are a little lighter than the painted green, i hope to rectify that with oils after final assembly, btw had an hour in mikes today
  11. Decals on and some final assembly next, The pe cowl cooling flap strip was fitted by sticking foil adhesive pieces on the inside of the plastic cowling and sticking the pe part to that and then wicking ca in the gaps from the rear, I'll post a better pic before assembling
  12. I'd be crushed by a mountain of kits if what was behind me became unstable, i hope you settle in well john
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