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  1. Thanks paul, I'm getting some practise in for your proposed weathered gb
  2. Thanks pat, dennis, glad you like it, the gb was a pleasureto have participated in
  3. I've finally got round to finishing off the mossie after a gentle couple of nuges by @Jasper dog, cheers darryl, decals were very slightly better than useless ,the starboard side letters breaking into about 5 pieces, thanks to all who've liked and commented Cheers all Glynn
  4. Thanks ,I appreciate that charlie, it was a bit of a head scratcher to plan but mrs hewys Geometry know how pulled it through And craigs generous donation of the starboard wing decal of coarse
  5. Croatian chequerboard mig 21-um trumpeter 1/48 its a kit of few parts and a real easy build with no stress,rubber tyres are a bit of a let down, definitely be getting another one of these Great gb @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @modelling minion Cheers all
  6. Just managed to get some pictures taken of the mig now its all finished, I want to thank everyone who's commented and liked along the way ,the scheme was the most challenging I've done, I'm reasonably happy with how it's turned out,the white was a pig ,taking so many coats to get decent opacity , Well done to dennis and craig for the gb ,i enjoyed this one Cheers all I'll put some more in the gallery Glynn
  7. , i know i know, its all finished ,going to take some photos in a bit honest, it was looking for the wheel that made me pull my finger out
  8. It was the double roller ,Apologies for the delay, fortunately the little wheel has turned up after a forensic search, it was hiding in a 1/48 mosquito box of all places, but many thanks for the offer
  9. I agree ed, a great start to the colouring in
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