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  1. Hi, nice ,if an unfortunate touch of history, this was prillers e-3 from 1940 , i know he moved on to fw 190s but not the exact date of transition, decals are oob,
  2. Thanks matt but I have the amk weopons set for spares now ,you're offer is most kind though Glynn
  3. Exellent work , i can appreciate how difficult 1/700 scale + photo etch is to do as well as you've done it stuart, I'm currently ΒΎ through a 1/700 type 23 with the tetra etch set atm, and it's testing to say the least, you're going to have yourself a superb modern RN frigate and destroyer display, looks smashing so far
  4. Hewy

    Longshanks - Kev

    I'm sure the maritime section will surely miss his excellent modelling skills and some wonderful wit, and lighthearted comments,kev will be well remembered, such a sad loss Glynn
  5. Smartly researched stuart ,and the photo etch masts and radar look exellent, Top job sir
  6. Smashing side by side view, i never knew there was a difference in hull length, Good job so far stuart
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