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  1. Gorgeous nigel, love the shine, the very top of the drawer
  2. A lovely little kit, and a smashing job, well done on the rigging too
  3. It is indeed bosse, rich tha ayit looks smashing, I'm up for building my "m" version as an Israeli n, i shall use yours as a bit of a reference, although i only have resin cannons and exaust , not the full conversion bits as yours, but maybe passable with a squint , i love the paint schene
  4. Nice bit of colour variation on the fence panels, maybe a bit more weathering though, figures look good too!
  5. Smashing job very well done, I've got one of these stuck in limbo at the lms waiting for lockdown to end before i can collect, a big bugger in 72nd, nice little yak too
  6. I have a feeling you like the stug 3 bob, can't put me finger on how i know that ,just a measured guess Gulp, welcome back to wheel world
  7. Looking good Nice bit of weathering
  8. Hi stix i most certainly have. Its decalled up ,and the stowage details are 90% done I'm on the figure today, On a lighter note rosie and ruby the terrorists are now house trained, which means i should start to get more modelling time, I aim to update soon
  9. Fine job on the wheel extraction pete, definitely moving in the right direction
  10. Lol, no ,but i have a oap next door neighbour who has converted his garage into a split level train layout and he takes my "large" suspicious looking plain boxes in from the postie as long as i show him the finished article, but they go into such a long long waiting list he only gets to see the odd one
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