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  1. That all sounds about right to me, if you want to go ott ,foot brake (rear)cable to back wheel (right hand side) petrol pipe from tank to top of the carburettor the one to the left in your picture next to the throttle cable, speedo cable down to the front wheel, But Remember , all thats optional, make sure you enjoy it firstly , there's bound to be some reference online,if you want to do it
  2. its gone ! let the carpet monster enjoy his treat, stretched sprue should be a good place to make a start on the replacement, I've found airfix plastic isn't the best for stretching to a pre determined diameter(as near as) new kit revell sprue is tops ,and easier to work
  3. Wow, that looks superb, the sunshine sets it off a treat, they look great modelled "in flight" dont they?, Cheers nigel Glynn
  4. It looks to be a masterfull effort on the nacells, and it seems to be a success
  5. Hello stix, your building up a little stunner here, smashing job pal
  6. Nicley done dennis,the scheme looks good
  7. Thats Looking good nigel, you can't beat an in flight f-14
  8. Cool ,I do hope you decide to use the dragon decals,
  9. You did a great job of that sherman,this will be a good one too I've no doubt
  10. Very interesting that the parts aren't identical each side, are you sure your not digging a deep hole,there are a lot of styrene crumbs there
  11. Fine work john,the details are mounting up well
  12. Puuting that stuff is Still modelling ,and it looks mighty fine
  13. And we're off, , you watch, you'll just get into this and the van will rock up, enjoy
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