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  1. Great job, its going to look so convincing you'll not tell it apart from a real zero
  2. Superb, love these seatbelts looking greatt
  3. Looks like it's going to be a good fix on the engines
  4. Thanks john , I'm on a masking marathon atm, canopy and the leading edges and radio covers ready for a covering in grey
  5. I've finally found time to get stuck into the su-35, as i mentioned before I've decided on a change of scheme to the su-35 standard camo, the begemot decal sheet arrived from russia, (just before the current brexit blockade which has curtailed a big order of accessories also from russia for future projects ) also the 12mm acrillic rod for poking up its tail pipes still hasn't arrived Still some details to add but i wanted to seal the paint up before too much masking, So far Cheers all
  6. Superb story enzo, and a top drawer kit to boot, i look forward to seeing this built up
  7. Col ,I'd got it 90% done ,the canopy on those old esci/italeri kits are flimsy at best, but the back part disintegrated upon fitting the canopy closed , combined with the sanding and work i did on the intakes I'm sorry to say i threw the toys right out of the pram , a combination of fat fingers and tamiya thin, an airfix one will be a much safer bet ,and less work , you may be pleased to hear the 72nd buccaneer lives, and is very close to completion, maybe one day the vision of a 72nd scale modern raf/ rn in flight collection will bear fruit if i can keep calm
  8. 32nd mustang, 48th corsair ,1/72 italeri tornado and harrier didn't do wips for the 72nd ones but they were on the shame shelf for too long, theres others on death row too
  9. Ha, we'll see, I've got room on the shame shelf, after i binned a few over christmas
  10. Yes about decals and me spending money ,Mrs hewy says she wants a word with you , The hip nightmare ?,Oh yes, sorry bud, I'll use yours as a reference for cutting , you cut correctly as per instructions and that was obviously wrong as we now know, dont want to put you on a complete downer, but my pavla engines part doesn't look as pinched as yours did looking back ,also my resin looks a different color, dark grey, if that makes a difference i dont know, so all I'll have to do is cut in the right place ,which will be complete guess work , "easy" ahhem,
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