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  1. Wow that really is attention to the tiniest of details,very nice indeed
  2. Mark ,marco thank you very much for reference to nuts and bolt detail , i do appreciate it in my impatience i have settled for 2 meng nuts and bolt sets and have nade a start on the engine casing ,its taken 4 baths of oven cleaner to strip the chrome from the plastic, it was pretty resilient , I'll update soon , thanks again for your help
  3. Awsome details youve added filippo,great job
  4. I agree whole heartedly , really nice job jeroen, I'm still only dipping my toes into 72nd armour and this is a very good model from an old classic, ibg do some really nice stuff too Glynn
  5. Smashing scene that john , the crew look very relaxed for being that deep in s#$t ,you ought to call the vignette "how did we end up here" , great job
  6. I doubt it very much dan.gotta love that radio and cable ,tiny details
  7. It might have a themal cut out craig ,glad shes up and running
  8. I hope this gb isn't jinxed, hope you can sort it
  9. Good case in point with your typhoon , looks great btw, Thanks @trickyrich ,thats a great collection of hinds , so varied ,I'm going to give it a shot with a flat coat,and those methods you mentioned, I'll redecal it this week ,nothing to lose i suppose
  10. Scalmates might shed some light on the alfa , it didn't with this kit though, Thank colin I've got the faux chrome in the caustic soda bath, and made a start on the engine , but i now need nut and bolt detail and am currently searching the www Also for bomber and fighter pin up decals
  11. Its the recently rereleased italeri 1/9 vespa primavera , i dont know how old the molds are but I'm guessing ancient, flash is prominent ,and some detail is very poor, worst of all rubber tyres uggh, But as i used to ride, and restore old scooters back in the day, i was drawn to this ,among many scooters i owned the primevera was not one of them, but i know the small frame variety fairly well, theres some work to do, while the body work looks quite good (a couple of sink marks apart) the engine is a little poor on the molding side for its scale ,this is where I'm up for suggestions for nut and bolt detail parts, the real primmy had 8mm 10mm and 12mm nuts and bolts in prominance on the engine casing, and wheel hubs, and ,rims ,do i go resin or pe , , where do i get them from ? , if any of the detail builders here can help it will be very much appreciated ,modifications to cars and bikes (scooters) is not my area, but im up for trying ..,paint finish? Its not going to be a stanard single colour, in the early 80s custom scooters were the order of the day ,the body work will be standard, but 20 or so years ago many custom paint jobs used to pay homage to all sorts of subjects, this one will be ww2 fighters ,bombers, pin up ladys ,and the painting will be appropriate to this, so the kit and sprues First the chrome sprue , this won't do at all, it must come off, out with the oven cleaner The main body work , speedo will need a bit of a fettle The molded on number plate holder is also for the chop, Here you can see the engine casing devoid of nut or bolt detail And thats about it , some number plate decals and a couple of wire springs for the shocks , I shall begin
  12. It does look gorgeous, Will you be replicating the oil canning effect?
  13. Even if its glossed with laquer? Can't wait to see the wheels rob , I've got a matchbox Mercedes-Benz sskl part done that I'd like to resurrect before christmas, i was thinking pe for the wheels i remember there was a slot car company that did pe spokes i was going to give them a bash
  14. Change of plan for the tarp ,im going to use pva and tissue over the existing part that represents the tarp ,I've glued on some strips of rod to make the sag more pronounced, if it don't work out I'll reattach the bare bars Also I've got the quite nice zvezda bofors gun built up,i found some spare pe that i used for the sights, And the rear with the rods glued on ready for the pva soaked tissue
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