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  1. That would probably be appropriate pete, nice one thanks for that,
  2. Thanks fellas ,your too kind, me rushing usually ends up in a disaster of sorts, Not much done this evening , mainly test fitting and making sure its going to fit together after I've done the inside , I've trimmed the sliding door and cut the top off it to create a stable type door, and scratch built a gas cylinder for the beer barrel, (got to be honest it took me about 10 mins ,you'll probably be able to tell too, i haven't got round to the resin tyres today, hopfully tomorrow, thanks again
  3. A bit more progress,admittedly not top quality, but hopfully the overall effect when done will do the trick, The classy beige cab interior has took a battering, I've had to remove the engine cover because it doesn't even nearly fit when the cab front went on , there's even a recess to glue it to on the cab floor which i did but the gap around the top where it connects to the dash was about 3mm ,ah well I'll have to fit mats now to hide the gap when it get glued to the dash Painted the seats up a nice and used complimentary shade of chocolate brown , they say these colours were in vogue back in the day , just about ready for a coat of satin varnish As it stands currently, preliminary fit of the roof is good ,hopefully theres not going to be any horrible fit issues,as for the inside detailing this is going to have to be scratch built, I've had a look on the net, not found a lot but the bits i have found cost a lot for delivery , a beer barrel for instance comes in at around £10, the kit was only £20 , but i have around 5 or 6 weeks left so i won't panic yet Cheers for all the comments so far
  4. The engine painting and detailing is looking really well done jeroen
  5. Thanks s , I've got the cab parts and seats painted and fitted, I'll update later
  6. Smashing modelling that,i like it , after seeing this i must admit to being inspired to try a scribed wood look on the rear floor of the 1/24 beer van I'm building for the brother in law
  7. It is a good kit paul,and it does ,i agree look a better than the ebbro kit,after looking at the sprues on the net ..you do have to be aware of some fit issues though , mainly because you're building essentially a styrene box ,but ,nothing standard modelling skills can over come though, ( hopefully as I've deviated big time from the recommended building instructions) paul ,i won't be adhering to a standard year model I'm afraid ,a mix of early and late in this build I'm afraid, thanks for your interest though its most appreciated Thanks pete, i am trying to be quick on this , so I'm cutting some corners here and there, hopfully the finiished article will turn out ok on Christmas morning Btw i do have plans for those sink marks on the rear panel,
  8. Looking forward to seeing you build this up s, looks like it will be very detailed with all that metal work
  9. Hewy

    Tiran 4 1/35

    Arnold ,Those tracks are hanging nicley,i like em,
  10. Hello werner, looks like a lot of work your doing on this kit ,well built so far
  11. Looking good paul ,nice details ,very busy
  12. I've relented and given the engine a lick of paint,and installed it, I'll give it a bit of a wash at the end I've set the steering so the wheels are turned out, i hope those tyres turn out now Exhaust next Thanks mark , the vw panel van would be a good recipient for those other drinks based decals, i may come unstuck when it comes to detailing the interior,home printed decals maybe the order of the day And the emerald green interior has been touched up, must have a go at scratch building a beer barrel and gas cylinder
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