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  1. I like that z, very nice job
  2. Glad there's some early b-c types in the gb look forward to it dave especially in raf livery
  3. Hewy

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    You dont see very many of these b's around now at all thom, nice kit, look forward to it
  4. Start it and succumb to temptation, there will be time for everything
  5. Hewy

    Grumman Hellcat F6F-F Eduard.

    Definitely interested, I was thinking of pulling the trigger on this kit steve, i haven't got a hellcat in the kit library, its was the old frog kit, many a moon since the last time i built one of these, Glynn
  6. Hewy

    Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat.

    Hi steve, craig and me were only commenting recently how these old tamiya kits are still top kits and great value, look forward to another great job Glynn
  7. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Thanks patrice, I'm going for one wing up, one down with it all hanging out, fully loaded with munitions, not realistic but it'll fit on the shelf well like this, I'm still researching the loadouts, I've found out early in the conflict, this aircraft searched for boats in the gulf, boring loadout, may have had to return without luck and because of weight , kept a light load for landing back on the roosevelt, later the missions were changed and there were bombs, lots of bombs, so I'm still looking for the final load, if anybody can shed light on this particular aircrafts loads please reply.
  8. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Cheers H, I'm looking forward to this, i was surprised just how big these A-6E's are , i was going to build it as a normal A-6E in a high viz scheme originally, but the kit includes the tram parts, and the tan and sand camo caught my eye,
  9. Cool looking jet. Looks like its built up well z.
  10. Hewy

    F6F-5 Hellcat, Jasmine models, 1/48

    Good lord.if i was to build this it would end up in 2019- 2020-and 2021 kuta gbs aswell Best of luck it'll be good to see built
  11. Hewy

    Academy 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B

    Smashing paint job roger
  12. Hewy

    1/48 F-14D, VF-213 Last Crusie

    Ohh reference material abound, i had an idea there would be a hatfull of big cats, gotta love em, i remember being taken to airshows in the late 70s and early 80s, Mildenhall was my favourite, and i ways looked forward to seeing tomcats tail sliding around in a circle, most impressive, even th noise Glynn
  13. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Lets hope i can do it justice stix
  14. I'm going to build the hobbyboss A-6E intruder, I'll be building it a a tram version that took part in operation desert storm with the tan and sand scheme, I've got 2 aires gruea-7 seats and eduard A-6E tram interior, and the A-6E tram exterior kit and masks the decals are by hi decal line, not sure how I'll have the wings as yet, Glynn
  15. Nice scheme rich, this will be worth a seat, i reckon on a few more f-14s will be built up in this gb,(folks shifting 14s ready for the new kid on the block) this will undoubtedly be a very nice build, you've got all the goodies i see, i was tempted to do my hb, B version in a tomato reapers scheme, but im going to stick with my original choice of an a6e tram intruder in the tan and sand gulf scheme, hope it goes smoothly Glynn