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  1. Hewy

    Revell, 1/72 ausf. H

    The mucky panzer build continues , mud and base still to do, I'm unsure where to go from here, mud apart, some of my planned bits worked, some haven't, I've concocted a frankenstien tank commander from the figures in the tank commanders and Stowage set, I'm not very good at 1/35 figures so lord knows how this little fellas going to look dashed in paint, better pictures soon, I know it looks like he's having a drink from a tin of lager, but they're binoculars, or supposed to be
  2. Hewy

    Panzer IV Ausf H, Ukraine 1943. Zvezda 1:72

    That is a smashing little model in the making and an obvious inspiration for mine, great job
  3. Hewy

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Is that out of the rear of the wardrobe in narnia
  4. Hewy

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    The chevy's are cool rich I agree, but I don't have one in my stash, (yet) black dog do some nice resin bits for them too, maybe when the GB arrives it may be both
  5. Hewy

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 35 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    @Corsairfoxfouruncle, thanks Dennis, great starting point, research underway
  6. Hewy

    The Specialist GB - 16Mar - 7Jul

    I'd like to join in here with a tamiya SAS lrdg jeep in 1/35, I reckon it should qualify in the recon bracket, I've been looking for a reason to move this little kit up the pile and this, maybe is it?
  7. Hewy

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 35 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    I'll be joining in with this GB, I'll be building an academy 1/35 idf m60 a1 blazer, the kit looks pretty decent as is, but I don't know much about the idf versions, and have been looking for resin Stowage and, or, photo etch detail parts, I can't seem to find much at all, any help, and links would be greatly appreciated, Cheers, Glynn
  8. Hewy

    Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel - decals on

    Very nicely done camo Robert,looks great that
  9. Battle scars apart, your going well
  10. Hewy

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    Very nice job on the 109 Craig, nice scheme, expertly applied
  11. It is very effective indeed, looks a nice place to have a picnic, Splendid job
  12. Hewy

    Revell, 1/72 ausf. H

    Cheers Steve, high praise coming from a small scale officianado such a yourself, Stowage, mud, and some more weathering to go, oh and I've got a little chap to drop in the hole on top,
  13. Suitably war weary, used and abused,most impressive, those tracks look so good too
  14. Very nice francis, very nice indeed, and It holds up superbly in the close up shots Glynn
  15. Good job stix, that zimmerit sticker looks the part, I have some for a tiger 1 mid, this may just tip the balance to use it, its gone on well, how easy is it to peel it up once on?