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  1. Hewy

    Razorback, silverlady

    Thankyou, i most certainly would Glynn
  2. Hewy

    Razorback, silverlady

    Me, me, hey, thanks craig we must come to some kind of recompense arrangement, nice one mate, pm inbound
  3. That horrible little basket as you called it looks superb, even more so painted, looks like you'll be building in the armour section before long, seems your good at this
  4. Hewy

    1/48 Republic F-105F USAFE

    Here i am wallowing in self pity and youve made real progress, the nose halves look sound to me, i wouldn't be looking forward to that seat though, looks like a group build in its self, good work craig
  5. Craig your a star, i owe you one, I've just posted up on the p-47 gb Glynn
  6. Hewy

    Razorback, silverlady

    I'm afraid, the silverlady is on temporary hold due to a decal meltdown (literally) i managed to get one wing decal on this only broke in one place not all the way down but others completely disintegrated, this was with just water, you can actually see on the few decals that are left they're already showing signs of breaking up before cutting out, I'm going to email techmod, and then we'll see if i have to change the scheme or not, I'm reluctant to just buy a replacement sheet incase it happens again, a minor repaint may be on the cards, but not the d day stripes, (as far as i can see though these were particular to the silverlady, they started further out from the wing root than others I've seen, i may have to live with this if i change the scheme, i don't own any other bmf razorback decals, possible replacements after a brief look on the net are, - "wild bette fearless dick" , minor tail colour change, but bombs not tanks, and" joan" again bombs not tanks, I've been looking for "zombie" "blonde angel"or the" kansas tornado" but no luck yet, we'll see if i get a reply from techmod first before i pull the trigger on a replacement sheet, As decaling was just getting underway, I'd got one wing decal on, this broke but i realigned it, after considerable stress, The remains of the side decal All that remains, the other H VZ, just disappeared before i could photograph it This was the order of the day, i didnt even touch these, Hopfully I'll be back, Disappointed, Glynn
  7. Cheers craig thats very kind of you, i don't have any other p-47 decals at all for the razor back, I'm going to email techmod and see if i get a reply. i didnt even get most of the ones i tried off the sheet they just disintegrated before my eyes, I'm not going to repaint the majority of it, the d day stripes are staying, although they're for that particular aircraft as they were further out from the wing root, thats maybe something I'll have to live with if i change the scheme, after a bit of research on available schemes, if i can't get replacements are, fearless dick-wild bette, and joan, both were bare metal jugs with full stripes, although they were both ground attack, not fighters i believe, - (change the tanks, for bombs) the other schemes i like but don't seem to be able to locate at the moment are kansas tornado, and blonde angel(this one would suit the tanks I've painted) i spent most of the morning trying to piece them back together on the model but testosterone got the better of me I'm afraid, i hope its not shelf bound, Cheers mate Glynn
  8. After consigning my other gb model a p-47 razorback to the temporary shelf of doom after a complete decal disaster, i thought for mojos sake I'd crack on here, I've applied the kit supplied photo etch for the airbrakes that I'd drilled through earlier, and the strips to the upper wings, I've also fitted the pylons, i reckon I'm ready for some painting, These are the paint I'll be using
  9. Hewy

    1/72 Modelcollect B-2A Spirit

    Top job ian, cracking effort on the masks, and a lesson on how not to make a single color boring, great variation of greys Glynn
  10. Certainly saves a lot of time sanding seams, i like it steve
  11. Hewy

    “4-F” a War weary T-bolt.

    Looks good to me dennis,
  12. It looks very much like water, smashing job
  13. Smashing start to the cockpit lex
  14. Hewy

    ICM He-111 1/48

    Great job ozzy, it's looking really nice
  15. Hewy

    Razorback, silverlady

    I've done a bit of variation on the silver, but its very subtle,some angles its quite pronounced, others not, also fat fingered old me knocked the front screen off, I'm sure it'll go back on without too much drama, while its off i took the opportunity to take some photos, now I've got my camera back, i may repaint the wing roots in a darker shade maybe, any thoughts, the cowling is nearly done, as i got the mandatory thumb print across two shades of aluminium paint, and thanks to tbolt ive changed the hexagonal dizzy, the tanks are done and they'll be fitted next with the uc, thanks for stopping by Glynn