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  1. Very dynamic indeed, fine little display
  2. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    A Vf 55 aircraft still will its Libya kill markings, but Not the actual aircraft I'm building, but an idea of the weathering I'm trying for I've painted the walkways on the wings and spine, and this is as far as I'm taking the salt weathering, glossed it with future and given it a little wash, no photos off the underside yet as I only want to turn it up when I'm ready to assemble the uc, doors and ordnance, the paint is very delicate Being the first time I've used these mig paints I'm unaware of the limitations, and I've gone through to the plastic in a couple of places when rubbing off the wash, I'm sure I can rescue it, and a wing fence has pinged off, Here you can see that after the clay based wash, even though I'd futured it how it had darkened up the paint a shade,so I've given the top side of the main body a very thin and light coat of dark ghost grey to bring it back a little I'm yet to do the outer wing sections Underside of the wings, with these being raised this side need to be light ghost after the clay wash, so I'll need to give these a light going over too Looking forward to getting some decals on this but I've a small matter of 16 snakeyes and 4 resin mers to assemble, paint, decal, and weather first Cheers
  3. Hewy

    A6E Intruder

    Fine painting indeed on those seats Graham, getting interesting
  4. Hewy

    F-117A Trumpeter 1:32

    you've captured the look very well indeed ,good job
  5. Nice work bosse, there's some goodies going into this
  6. Hewy

    Essex Avenger

    Super job on the engine, I like the exhaust collector
  7. Hewy

    Eduard 1/72 F6f-3

    Looks an eye catching scheme Allan, good job up to yet, BTW I don't know how you manage to spray on that revell white, my airbrush, or me, can't do it, ends up like textured chalk
  8. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Cheers h, most kind pal, to be honest it's me that needs to learn how| to brushpaint
  9. Hewy

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Whats seems to be turning into a bit of daily intruder, A combination of salt and maskol, still quite a bit to do, got to mask and paint the darker grey anti slip on the spine, salt the sides and tail, and then the undersides, wings will be raised, this was done to try and get some balance, Glynn
  10. Hewy

    Hanoi Rock's! Grumman intruder.

    Tamiya fine white primer, great stuff, good luck, I'm using every grey in my arsenal on mine, a simple hi viz scheme is to dream about
  11. Hewy

    Hanoi Rock's! Grumman intruder.

    Nice progress on your bomb truck Steve, looking forward to the hi viz scheme
  12. Hewy

    Hasegawa F-8 Crusader 1/48

    I agree a Great job james
  13. Base looks delicious, quick and quality job on the paint and weathering stix, moving this rapidly people will start to think you've got another gb about to start soon ( which I'm joining in with too btw )