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  1. Hi 

    as you list location as East Sussex,  I thought I'd post some info on local clubs if you are interested


    IPMS Mid Sussex, 

    they are every 4 weeks, and on a Thursday.

    This one I belong too, 

    There is also the South Downs Model Group

    which shares some members, I've not been as I don't drive, and live in
    Lewes, so depend on lifts,

    There is also a East Sussex IPMS,

    they have build nights, I've not been along, but a friend goes.
    Depends where you are live?


    Hope of interest.




  2. As others have said, black isn't easy to make interesting, you nailed it, lovely model.
  3. Cybermodeller are listing a 1/48 Phantom FGR2 for Jan Release and saying New, wonder if it is new or a Hasegawa re pop? Either way very welcome.
  4. Thanks for all the kind comments guys much appreciated.
  5. Hi All, second go! Takom 1/35 Chieftain, Painted with Hataka Red box paints, weathering courtesy of MIG Powders. Was a bit of a mojo restorer this one. C Chieftain by Mark Neal, on Flickr hieftain by Mark Neal, on Flickr
  6. Sorry having problems posting the pics
  7. Hi All. Bit of a mojo restorer this one, Takom Chieftain painted with Hataka red box paints weathered with Vallejo pigments
  8. Another stunner Tony, I wish I was disciplined enough to do a series like you have.
  9. Wow Russ, stunning build, I have built this kit and you must be a magician! Lol, really great scheme as well.
  10. Hi, personally I think its way overdone for this subject, but hey its your model, just my opinion.
  11. Hi Ian, you don't sell copies of your plans by any chance do you? I am looking to build some airfield buildings in 1/72 but don't really know where to start. Cheers Mark
  12. He is another vote for a new tool SU-25 series. Although the helo's would be nice, still holding out for an injection molded Hip!
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