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  1. F4u

    Danish Lynx Tail

    HAS 3 and MK8 do have folding tails as does the Dutch version. Can't see it does no hinges or locking pins as you say , I did look on Google but just wanted to check. Was going to fold it all up to save on space on the shelf so it looks like just the blades will be folded. Thanks Harry.
  2. F4u

    Danish Lynx.

    Yes I did !! Doing it on the phone and it's not the biggest!! Sorry ..
  3. F4u

    Danish Lynx Tail

    Dose anyone know if the Danish Lynx tail folds? Many thanks.
  4. F4u

    Danish Lynx.

    Does anyone know if the tail on the Danish Lynx folds?
  5. F4u

    Danish Lynx

    I am looking for some photos of the rear cabin and seat and what is in front of the rear seat (standard MK90), main cockpit instrument panel ( standard MK90 Lynx ), and the cabinet behind the winch. Many thanks.
  6. F4u

    Danish Lynx

    I can get all the instruments apart from the screen that is on the left hand side (courtesy of Airscale thanks Peter). I should be able to scratch the screen. Thanks for your photos Jen's I still have them for reference. Stay safe.
  7. F4u

    Danish Lynx

    Thanks Martain.
  8. F4u

    Danish Lynx

    Hi Jen's, That's what I thought. Might have to go with the MK88 , nothing for MK90? Thanks Rob.
  9. F4u

    Danish Lynx

    I'm doing a Revell 1/32 Lynx as a Danish version , would the Eduard 1/32 Lynx MK88 interior set be ok to use? Thanks.
  10. Hi Colin, I tried to PM you but I can't it says you can not receive messages. I have a Revell 1/48 Wessex Queens Flight which would be a candidate for the HU.5 and the Revell 1/48 Wessex HAS.3 . I could do with parts for both but I will take what ever you have. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know if Heritage are still doing their 1/48 Wessex detail set please?
  12. F4u

    Custom Decals.

    Can anyone recommend someone who can do custom decals ?
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