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  1. Wow that looks awesome. what colours did you use for the camo?
  2. Yeah I found these pictures on google. Its a cool colour scheme and I plan on building a Tornado in this scheme.
  3. I managed to find a source for Twin Store Carriers in 1/48. If anyone is interested message xvtonker. He can make some resin ones for you.
  4. Thanks for that. I probably will scratch build to reproduce that.
  5. Hello everyone, does anyone happen to know what type of bombs are equipped to this RSAF tornado and where I can get them for 1/48 scale? If I cant get them does anyone know what other types of bombs the RSAF use? Cheers.
  6. Wow! That looks very nice. I like the finish
  7. I think I'll probably start doing some Russian cold war aircraft next. Love Russian aircraft.
  8. This is actually the first kit and jet I've made in quite a while. I also used to just make WW2 aircraft.
  9. Thanks mate. I do need to get some washes I would like to start using them more.
  10. RSAF F-15SAs, Eurofighters and Tornadoes flying in and out of King Khalid Air Base here
  11. Hi everyone, just recently finished building an academy F-22A. Here's what she looks like- Tell me what you think. Cheers
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