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  1. Very nice ,lovley paintwork too dan
  2. Thanks , Originally i was toying with the idea of die glocke on the back partially covered ( theory is it stood 4 meters high and 2 meters wide) so that wouldnt fit but it is something i want to do , maybe on the back of a us gmc 352 truck though Cheers john , those russian winters were harsh apparently
  3. I built this das werk (ex dragon) raupenshlepper rso over christmas with the intention of trying out a worn out winter effect paint job , i learnt a bit using it ,but it's turned out a bit dark with the washes, maybe next time I'll brighten it up more before hand, I made the tarp from sculpting resin, it had seen better days and was difficult to form, and the stowage from bits and bobs ,the magic tracks were a dream to assemble, a nice old kit, if a little on the small side, Cheers all Glynn
  4. The mantlet cover looks good fettled in, fine job
  5. A bit Like an ex hollywood starlet,drunk and high on barbiturates, I'm a bit late to the party, an undiscovered gem, and suitably rough and scruffy, (not me,or the starlet ) your build
  6. Looking Superb andy , it makes me really want to start mine
  7. upper camo looks a great job ,and ß your black (but not black) undersides are superb, a good look, interesting just how light you need to go to make black look interesting
  8. Hello stix, its building up nicely , i like those link and length tracks with built in sag, they look good, and stress free too
  9. Great! ,picked this up myself yesterday ,strangley 2 lots of identical instructions and decals in the box, one minor disappointment is the large curved window panel on the top had become detached from the sprue leaving a scar that will need polishing out, quite a large model too, i look forward to watching you build this up and work your painting magic
  10. Put me down paul too , I'll have a bash
  11. Love the look of the shot kal, this one has been giving me the come on at the local model shop for a couple of weeks now , you might tempt me into taking it home for christmas darryl
  12. I agree bob, if i was to build them again I'd attempt to cobble up a jig to set them up before hand
  13. You do a fine representation of a winter camo ill give you that, its a busy front end of the gb calender ,I'd like ,hope ,i could get all of those in as I'd like to do nearly all till august
  14. I'm with you on that one craig , but my last choice had the words sherman in it too!(tracks, running gear , and the word m3), ok, ok i know now, americanisms, but just checking , after all tricky rich refused me entry to the specialist gb ,with my 1/35 aerosan choice, and i thought that was pretty special ,machine gun sledge? Dont see em every winter do you?
  15. I like the look of this one H, it's well worth poaching for a future build , Capt, E,G Benedict is the pilot of this bird i believe
  16. you've got a superb 3d painted effect on those seats, very well done, the cockpit looks great too
  17. First off @PlaStix thats a top collection of bits ,and one to watch for sure @Retired Bob those bronco tracks still give me nightmares from the last sherman build , i did a calliope with duck bills, off the top of my head i think it was 5 parts per link , next my second choice , I'll sheepishly offer for your acceptance/ refusal the tamiya 1/35 m51 (thats the bit that worrys me) idf super sherman
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