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  1. Great job pierpaolo on your previous f-14s,it looks like this one is heading the same way
  2. I know what you mean ,wings forward in 72nd scale needs some real estate , , I did intentionally buy both my hb and amk 48th kits forr the forward wing configuration, i agree it is a space hog and even though most of my other stash kits are 48th ,i find I'm building more 72nd scaled kits for final display purposes, some of the more modern ones put many of my 48th scale stash to shame detail wise anyway ,but a 48th scale f-14 in a take off, landing pose would be awsome, Whatever you choose it'll be a beast Ps lovley vf 84 bird
  3. So i understand ,its a decent kit if you dont try to do battle with the flaps and slats and just accept that hb designed them to be open,out,the rivets are a personal thing ,i dont mind them, i would have built either my amk d, or the hb b, if this gb didn't clash with ragnars return,and was a bit longer, I'm gonna pay close attention to this build for pointers ,crack on!
  4. Sorry to hear that allan, this the second modern academy kit I've built recently and they're both so nice fitting, now is the time I've got to decide if I'm going to put standard kit seats ,resin pilots , or resin seats and belts in the cockpit ,and gear up or down, @Col. pointed out there isnt a gear up option oob, but it looks easy enough to do, thanks for looking in
  5. I've made a start, first off the cockpit just the kit decals which go down well over the panel moldings that imitate poor mans pe , it'll be fine because the canopy is a closed option only A test fit with the front nose piece and the canopy , Exellent fit I built up the intakes, again a really nice fit ,if you follow the instructions when the top parts go on for them they sqaure up and its such a breeze to glue them without holding and pressing the flimsy intake sides And with the nose piece just plugged in for a look see the upper and lower fuselage halves ,wing stubs and nose section are unglued here just pressed together, there will be no dramas,everything will fit very well, I'm gonna glue it up tomorrow
  6. I do ray , its something that i find myself doing more and more lately,test fitting and thinking a couple of steps in front ,i reckon like garry kasparov, but mrs hewy says " absolutely not".... whatever I hope it isn't the dora wings lysander , I've destroyed the resin exaust collector on my kit in another gb , I'm not enjoying my build so far
  7. I think we're spoilt for choice with top quality 72nd f-14 kits bill, with this one, the gwh, and the axademy offering, even the hasegawa one holds its own, and has the flaps option too
  8. Smashing job dave, you're moving along well with this
  9. These do look like smashing kits, really well detailed,
  10. Hewy

    B-52 H

    ,cheers, i wouldn't know how to do rain stains in 1/144 anyway Thanks michael, luckily the skeletons on this one are well concealed in the closet
  11. Nice , and You do a fine looking winter white wash, so I'm looking forward to that bit shortly ,
  12. Lovely paint work ,the markings are smart too ,its looking good ray
  13. The bone yard buff, this is my attempt at the b-52h ghost rider , that was sent to the bone yard, years later it was one of two examples that was recommissioned to the fleet and prepared to re-enter service , really enjoyed building this its the academy 1/144 scale kit and caracals decal sheet originally for the minicraft version , i must say though the academy decals are pretty good any way,i used a mixture of both ,and thanks to all that have looked in and commented or liked, a thoroughly enjoyable gb
  14. I have had a read up of the gwh kit steve, at nearly twice the price of these kits too, and the academy offering holds its own very well.and the academy kit has cartograph decals too
  15. , maybe a photo bomb at the end alongside a zero
  16. a popular scheme done to death col ,but still a favourite of mine ,it Looks like it is the first vf-84 subject, gear up or down ,i dont mind ,i haven't had the the pleasure though of the best in class gwh 72nd kit in person, but I'm hoping this one is just as much an enjoyable kit to build as my recently finished academy b-52 which was a superb model kit to build
  17. I love the colour schemes of the jolly rogers vf84 f-14a's of the 70s and 80s I'm building the academy 72nd kit ,i have a hobbyboss B , and the amk D, both in the stash in 48th but i can't be sure I'd get either finished in the allotted time scale of the gb,but the academy 72nd has a bit more of a chance at crossing the line though, it looks a great little kit ,very detailed, also if anyones interested it looks as though you can build at least a B and maybe a D from the box , there looks to be all the parts there. (to me at least) inc a litening pod, amongst other bits Although the kit decals are by cartograph and look superb, I'm still drawn to a vf 84 Hi-vis "A" aftermarket set, i also have quickboost resin seats, and mask set , but in the stash there's a pair of 72nd f-14 resin pilots too and I'm tempted to do an inflight model, I'll decide when the time comes
  18. Thats turned out a Nice looking model adrian
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