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  1. Sorry for never replying! Yes, it is. Enjoyable build, went together very well with only a little filling required. This was a bit of a mojo builder for me and it certainly fulfilled that! In that awkward stage now where I've been fiddling about with an airbrush and not quite getting as good a finish as I was with my hairy stick :/ Oh well, practice makes perfect.
  2. Ugh I was looking forward to this being my Christmas build, holiday period was going to be my first chance to build anything for months *sigh*
  3. Thanks! Yeah, there's a couple of places where I put ease ahead of accuracy. Didn't know that about the door, I just placed it where I could get it to stick! It was a great fun kit to build, so I think I would like to do another build and go for full accuracy.
  4. Erm, not really to be honest. I used to ask the same question of some of the other excellent brush painters here on BM. Basically, I prime with Tamiya grey primer and then build up my layers. The first coat looks pretty awful, as does the second. After the second coat things begin to look a little more normal, so I give it a light buff with a buffing pad (I use a Flory one) or just a paper kitchen tool. Then I apply the third coat. Depending on the colour that's usually enough. It comes out pretty smooth and, in this example, I applied the decals straight onto the finish. Other col
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys! I've found them to be excellent for brush painting. I've never tried using the Blue Line (specifically for brushes) because the Red Line being pre-thinned for airbrushing paints on very nicely with a brush. I build it up in three coats over a grey primer. First couple of coats usually look pretty poor, but the third coat bring its it all together. I've been very impressed with the colour density and the finish it gives. Depending on the colour I usually thin the paint just a little with the Hataka thinner, I've found some colours require little if any th
  6. Here's my 1/32 Revell Spitfire. I finished off the build late last week. It was a great kit which went together nicely. Really pleased with how it came out and especially the paint. Brushed with @HATAKA OFFICIALRed Line paints. Weathered lightly with Flory Wash and Tamiya Weathering Sets. Plenty of little errors across the model, but I'm pretty chuffed with how it came out in the end. Enjoy
  7. Stunning, and a really great finish too. The detail pops out really well too.
  8. Stunning build! I particularly like the detail inside the canopy.
  9. Great build, the underside really catches my eye. Impressive stuff!
  10. She's a wee stunner Muzz, really nice crisp finish. I'm not overly keen on the extent of the pre-shading (maybe it's a consequence of the camera?), it seems like there is a little too much contrast. I think it probably is something to do with the camera/photo/lighting as I think the paint work is superb when viewed side on. Either way, it's a cracking model, bet it looks good on the shelf! Itching to start my Fitter now.
  11. Really coming alive now, looking forward to seeing this finished up
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