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  1. Excellent work, I like the attention to detail particuarly the worn and chipped paintwork around the canopy frame... superb. gazza l
  2. That's mighty impressive and something completely different. gazza l
  3. Very nice work and a fitting tribute to your Dad. gazza l
  4. Excellent work and photography... 10 out 10 for the perfectly straight wings as well! gazza l
  5. Fantastic work, I thought the hanger shots were real at first. gazza l
  6. Stunning work, a lot of hard work put in there. gazza l
  7. Excellent work, particularly the camo work. gazza l
  8. Beautiful model of a fine looking aircraft. gazza l
  9. Excellent work, nicely weathered... looks like a well used Hunter. gazza l
  10. Really nice work. I like the subtle weathering which breaks up the otherwise bland grey scheme, along with the colourful anniversary tail it's a stunner! gazza l
  11. What a fantastic collection of Tornado's. gazza l
  12. Really neat work, nicely photographed. I've always liked the grey/white trainer schemes. gazza l
  13. Beautiful little Harrier, nicely done. gazza l
  14. Really nice job, I look forward to seeing your 100 and 200 in the future. gazza l
  15. Stunning work, very well done. Always impressed with the shear size of the Stirling particularly evident in the b&w photo of the ground crew next to the undercarriage. gazza l
  16. Excellent work, looks like a well used Herc with the faded paintwork. gazza l
  17. Interesting subject very nicely done. gazza l
  18. Really nice Chippie, excellent paint brush work, I find it hard enough to achieve a finish like that with a airbrush! gazza l
  19. Nice Chipmunk without droopy wings, cracking build, nicely photographed. gazza l
  20. What a fantastic looking Spitfire, very realistic weathering... looks like a well used aircraft. gazza l
  21. Excellent work, I like the subtle weathering gazza I
  22. Hi Gordon, the paints were from MRP and these were sprayed on over a black primer.
  23. Fantastic build, do like the early Lufthansa scheme. gazza l
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