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  1. Very nice work... the figure in the last photo looks very realistic. Would love to see your other Lightnings. gazza l
  2. Amazingly good, I had to look twice to check the photos weren't real. gazza l
  3. Excellent work, very neat painting. gazza l
  4. Another beauty completed Mr Riot... very nice job. gazza l
  5. Great looking hunter, I do like the camo work, you've achieved some nice feathered edges. Gazza l
  6. Stunning work there, both the modelling and photography. gazza l
  7. Nice work, not the easiest kit to build is it? gazza l
  8. Another beauty to add to your V bomber collection. gazza l
  9. Superb collection nicely presented. gazza l
  10. What a fantastic collection of models and some interesting, seldom seen subjects. Happy New year. gazza l
  11. Great work, I especially like the German Tornado. Happy new year. gazza l
  12. Thanks M. I've been very impressed with MRP paints, they spray straight out of the bottle, are touch dry within minutes and give a smooth satin finish. On the negative side they do smell, fume extraction or a decent gas mask is a must and I do find the tall bottles are rather prone to being knocked over... ask me how I know that!!! Cheers, gazza l
  13. All very nicely done, I particularly like the Harriers. Happy new year. gazza l
  14. Impressive output of some very interesting subjects, all of which are stunning. Happy New year gazza l
  15. Really nice work on all of them. Great to see the Lakenheath jet collection, brought back some memories watching the F -111's in the 80's Happy new year. gazza l
  16. Wow! what an impressive output of quality models. I do like the collection of Mosquitoes. All the best for 2022 gazza l
  17. All utterly brilliant but I do like the Indian Tempest with the engine exposed. gazza l
  18. Hi all, I don't know how I've done it but my output this year has nearly doubled from my average 5-6 models. I must slow down as I'm rapidly running out of space! Happy new year to everyone. gazza l Starting off in January the Eduard 1/48th Tempest V Another Eduard 1/48th Mig 21 Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Airfix 1/48th Sepecat Jaguar Eastern Express 1/144 Vickers Viscount 700 Zvezda 1/72 Lockheed Hercules Airfix 1/48th DH Chipmunk 5 AEF Cambridge Kinetic 1/48th Sea Harrier FA.2 And finally another Eastern Express Viscount 700
  19. Here is my final completion of 2021 and it joins my Guernsey Airlines Viscount I made earlier this year. Intra Viscount's flew regularly to Jersey from here in Cambridge during the late 70's. I used decals from 26 Decals, the paints are Halfords appliance white and the blue was a mix of Mr Color GX and MRP with Alclad for the metallics. Thanks for looking. gazza l
  20. Thanks Muzz. No real problems with the kit parts going together, the only filler I used was on the wing to fuselage joint followed by a little rescribing... the Aires cockpit on the other hand was a real pain to fit. Thanks very much. I think I took a little too much of the main wheels in an attempt to get the outriggers to touch on the ground!
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