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  1. Not at all bad for a very old kit. Nice collection of Cranberras you have there. gazza l
  2. Looks very nice, the natural metal finish is very convincing. gazza l
  3. Excellent result , the extra work that you have done has really paid off... top quality. gazza l
  4. Many thanks matteo44. I used 70, 71, 65, for the main colours and 66, 02 for the interior... these are the best paints I've ever used! Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, gazza l
  5. Very nice, excellent work on the small detailing. gazza l
  6. Beautiful work, very realistic weathering, nice and grubby... looks like a very well used machine. gazza l
  7. Thanks Tony. Yes it is surprisingly big in 1/48th, I had to pack a couple of smaller models away to make room for this one. Cheers, gazza l
  8. Many thanks Sturmovik, the windows are one piece strips and are glued from the inside. Thanks Colin, the masking was made easy with Eduard's masking set... money well spent. Thanks toniosky. Yes, I wish I hadn't noticed it will now annoy me for ever more. Thank you tomthouaojam. Regarding the photography I don't do anything to technical. I just use a basic SLR on a tripod, small aperture, F29-32 typically. The model sits on a large sheet of white card which curves up to the vertical behind to create a seamless backdrop. Lighting is from the natural daylight in my garage, which has a clear roof. This is followed by a little post processing using Nikon NX-2 . Hope this helps.
  9. Hi everyone Here is my second completion this year, it's the ICM He 111. A very nice kit with no real fit issues requiring only a little filler here and there. I used the provided kit decals which although quite thick performed well with a little help from some Mico-set and a scalpel. It was only after I had applied the decals that I realized I had made a stupid mistake by getting the unit crest/emblem the wrong way round so they now face backwards rather than forwards. If any one has a couple spare decals they don't want please let me know, I'm more than happy to pay for them. I used a Eduard photo etch set for the interior along with there mask set, which is a must with all the glazing on the thing! Also used were some replacement Master MG-15 gun barrels. Paints were from MRP, oil wash and pastel chalks used for the weathering. Thanks for looking, gazza l
  10. Excellent result, the extra detailing look stunning. gazza l
  11. Very nice, great job with the masking. gazza l
  12. Very impressive work... are you sure it's not a real 109? gazza l
  13. Great result on a very old kit... lovely sharp paint work. gazza l
  14. Very impressive work, especially as you're new to the hobby. Welcome, gazza l
  15. Great looking Herc, the subtle weathering is spot on giving it a very realistic appearance... impressive work! gazza l
  16. Fantastic work, the small detail is excellent. gazza l
  17. Very nice, great weathering... a well used Spitfire you have there! I have to agree on Eduard Spitfire kits being the best out there. gazza l
  18. Very impressive work on both the model and the dio. gazza l
  19. Impressive work and photography... the first shot had me fooled for a minute. gazza l
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