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  1. That's a new one on me. They always remind me of a tadpole. Thanks, Gary
  2. Thanks Mark Yes, they made a very recognisable sound, always loved the RN Shark display team... Astazou X 4 or even 6 if your very old. I've no idea about the quality of other kits transparencies but I suspect that they are all the same as the kit seems to be of a short run nature. I did try dipping them in Klear which didn't make much of an improvement. The exhaust staining was done using aluminium and then over sprayed with hotmetal sepia and blue. And yes I think £40 is a little overpriced for a kit of this size and quality... but what isn't these days! Cheers, Gary
  3. That's mighty impressive modelling, makes me want one now. gazza l
  4. Hi everyone. Just finished this kit after a bit of a modelling hiatus over the summer. I've always liked the Gazelle particularly in the RAF training colours so I was quite pleased when AMP announced the release of a new tool kit. Not a bad kit, some nice extra details including a few 3d printed parts and a sheet of 3d decal control panels (although due to the transparencies being a bit unclear they are difficult to appreciate), plus a set of vinyl masks but they missed out the rear passenger window masks for some reason. Also the small nose P code is missing from the decal sheet. Painted mainly with MRP and Alclad lacquers and finished with Alclad semi gloss cote. Thanks for looking. gazza l
  5. Very nice work, the mottling and weathering is very impressive. gazza l
  6. Very nice Chippie, really neat paintwork and well done getting those wings straight. gazza l
  7. That's really nicely done and photographed. Great surface detail on those Sword kits. gazza l
  8. That's brilliant, great work. gazza l
  9. A masterpiece, your painting is amazing. gazza l
  10. Very nice work, looks very smart in the raspberry ripple scheme. gazza l
  11. Excellent B17, that MRP metallic paint looks great. gazza l
  12. Looks like a great kit beautifully made. gazza l
  13. Stunning collection of Herks and nicely photographed. 14 more???? I've built one and that takes up a lot of shelf space. Such a shame they are coming to an end with the RAF, living next to Cambridge Airport for the last 50 years they've been part of my life. gazza l
  14. A superb collection of models from the days when the RAF had a diverse range of aircraft in attractive colour schemes. gazza l
  15. A USMC Herc over the garden this afternoon on finals into Cambridge airport (UK), for maintenance no doubt. Just managed to get the camera out and dusted down in time.
  16. Very nicely done. I prefer the Revell over the Airfix kit, when subtly weathered, like yours, those rivets just pop. gazza l
  17. Wow! What a beauty, very impressive especially in that large scale. gazza l
  18. Very nice work great result. I've made the FA2 and that took a bit of work to get the wings to fit nicely. gazza l
  19. Beautiful work, great story as well. The Stirling is also exceptional. gazza l
  20. Really nice neat build. gazza l
  21. Many thanks Auerswald. I painted the white after the camo using 2mm masking tape and a good reference photo taken from above of an aircraft in flight. I used MRP white primer followed by gloss white. It took me a couple of attempts if my memory serves me correctly. Cheers, Gary
  22. Many thanks Joachim, you corrected me a few years ago about the drooping elevators on Spits... I took it on board!
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