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  1. Very nice work. I am looking forward to building this kit myself... you've set a high bar to reach! gazza l
  2. Some lovely shots, I particularly like the misty ones... very atmospheric. gazza l
  3. That does look very nice, I admire your perseverance. This was one kit that beat me! gazza l
  4. Very nicely done, I like the subtle weathering... looks like a well used Shack. gazza l
  5. Stunning work, very impressive especially for 1/72. gazza l
  6. Stunning work, excellent photography as well. I do like the subtle rivet detail. gazza l
  7. Very nicely done, the weathering look spot on. gazza l
  8. Beautiful work, weathered to perfection. gazza l
  9. Absolutely stunning, the first photo looks so realistic. gazza l
  10. Really nice work, looks particularly good in that scheme. gazza l
  11. Very nice work, really neat painting. gazza l
  12. Really nice work and something a bit different with the marking. gazza l
  13. Very impressive work particularly the camo. gazza l
  14. That is pretty amazing work, both the models and photography. Could be easily be northern France 1940! gazza l
  15. Great looking model and the photography amazingly realistic. gazza l
  16. Lovely work, those dropped flaps look excellent. gazza l
  17. Really nice work, weathering is spot on. gazza l
  18. Another beauty, very nice work. gazza l
  19. Beautiful work, very convincing natural metal finish. gazza
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