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  1. Hi all Here is my first finished new tool 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer S.2. I've built it as XN974 as she is today at the Yorkshire Air Museum. its built straight out of the box with a couple of scratch built aerials, and decals came from a Kits World sheet. It built up fine with no real issues, I had to use a couple of spots of filler in a couple of areas but that's more down to my ham fisted modelling skills than the kit itself. Been an engineer at YAM I did have access to real thing as modelling inspiration, and although its not a spot on representation of the real thing it
  2. Not to be picky but AC-238 is the bomb door tank not the bomb bay fuel tank. The bomb bay fuel tank is a tank that is mounted to the bomb door and sits inside the bomb bay. ScottC
  3. That's a cracking build and a great finish the only thing I noticed is the wingtip missiles you have mounted on pylons then fitted to the wingtip rails, the missiles should go direct onto the wingtip rails, I know the instructions aren't brilliant and if you don't know the aircraft its an easy error, ScottC
  4. there's the special hobbies T.7.5 like this one I built. ScottC
  5. Nice build from a ropey kit ScottC
  6. Hi all Hot off the modelling table is my Airfix 48th Hunter F.6. Straight out of the box with decals from Xtradecal. Built as Hunter F.6 XG225 from 92 Squadrons display team The Blue Diamond's Having built the Academy Hunter in the standard camo scheme just had to do something a bit brighter with this one. Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Enjoy ScottC
  7. Hi all Here we have my Vampire T.11 in 72nd scale from Airfix. Built straight out of the box with decals from the kit and Xtradecal Been part of the engineering team at the Yorkshire air museum I've been planning for a while to build the aircraft I spend a lot of time around and this is the first of what may well end up been the whole aircraft collection. the last photo is the model sat on the wing of the real XH278 Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Cla
  8. Unless your going to do a hemp scheme the underside would still of been white. The K2 also has a shorter wing span than the B2 and you would need the underwing refuelling pods and the bulge under the rear of the fuselage where the centreline HDU is. ScottC
  9. Great work, having built the Classic Airframes Canberra T.17 I know how much of a challenge there Canberra kits are. ScottC
  10. For those of you that don't use Facebook, Tanmodel updated there cover photo with a nice Buccaneer picture, hopefully this means there cracking on with the project....fingers crossed. ScottC
  11. Hi Selwyn I used a photo of XW927 in the markings I used and it only has inboard pylons and tanks fitted so went with that. ScottC
  12. Hi Lord Riot No real problems with the build only thing I would say if your doing a camo version paint the wrap around of the camo in the intakes before assembly it would be a major headache to paint after. The upper surface grey is Xtracrillic Dark sea grey. ScottC
  13. Nice build of a horrible kit, top marks Ratch ScottC
  14. Here is my Airfix Victor B.2 that I finished over a year ago but never got round to posting When it came to which Victor to model there was only one choice for me and that's XL231. Been a member of the team who maintain XL231 at the Yorkshire Air Museum the choice was simple. I added Eduard's excellent pre painted etch to the cockpit and despite the fact that much of it can't be seen it did give the cockpit a very much real look to it. The model represents 231 as she was as a Blue Steel aircraft of the Wittering wing. Enjoy Victor B.
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