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  1. Out of interest, what's the issue with soft plastic? It does build into a lovely model. There are some inaccuracies along the way that can be resolved without too much bother.
  2. Nice one Troy. Yes I agree they are just 'Furies'. This particular one was built as a Sea Fury but diverted to PAF stocks. Before it left it was de-navalised making them FB60's. The FAA serial is mentioned on the decal sheet, I'll have to dig it out.
  3. They should be up now, wierdly wern't displaying initially unless I post as plain text! Cheers @Troy Smith
  4. Hi Everyone, thia is my latest build. The Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury built as a Pakistan Air Force, Fury FB.60. Apparently the aircraft was originally delivered by Johnnie Johnson. It was built with Eduard belts, Aeroclub cowling and it suffered from the short shot tail. I riveted the aircraft and it was sprayed with Colourcoats enamels. I really enjoyed the build and despite being a massive FAA fan, decided the desert scheme was the one to go for on this aircraft. Decals are by Barracuda. Slightly annoying that Airfix didn't include a P-type compass and a gunsight but oh we
  5. If your interested in a share in a Chipmunk, make sure you do your research. They can get VERY expensive. Ask me how I know...
  6. All absolutely wonderful Tony. Did the target tug version feature in a magazine about ten years ago??
  7. I do apologise. Rodens kit whilst it may be a little more accurate is about as much fun as watching paint dry.
  8. As said above this the newer 'Merit' kit and unrelated to the Lindberg one. I believe the new Merit name is now trading under a different name. Its all related to Trumpeter though. Thank you for the comments everyone.
  9. I've found it sprays beautifully, absolutely no trouble with laying it on with the airbrush. Lovely smooth finish, I'm just not sure about the accuracy of the colour.
  10. Just to provide some form of evidence here is Xtracolor on the left and Xtracrylix on the right: https://flic.kr/p/2ktYYGy
  11. Thanks guys! All very much appreciated.
  12. I'm using grey but I've used it over other lighter colours before and black. A good base for yellow is pink which I've used for a stearman but with this Xtracolor even the tin lid colour looks mustardy. I know the depth will build with more coats but I'm not sold on it.
  13. Hi folks, I'm just spraying a Tiger Moth with this. To me it looks too mustardy, has anyone got any thoughts or observations about this particular paint? Is it accurate?
  14. Thank you everyone for the comments. It was a really enjoyable build.
  15. Yes, the Valley of Fairies or the Valley of Legends. The river that runs through it was known as the 'Styx' which supposedly was where you paid the boatman to cross the river and take you to Hades.... It's known as the Acheron River now. There was a load of propaganda around at the time referencing the RAF operating from the Valley of Legends at one point.
  16. Hiya, I can't see the photos. However, if you get some Tamiya polishing compound you may be able to whip off the canopy and give it a polish. All the best Nick
  17. Here's some slightly closer shots:
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