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  1. 85sqn

    0peration Tungsten

    The code letters in the photos above from the IWM show a mix of: White Medium sea grey Red with white outlines
  2. 85sqn

    FAA Corsairs EIF

    In the second film with 1830 and 1833 Sqn, there is a mix of cowls up and down when they are warming up engines. Its hard to say with certainty in that scene if they are pre or post-mod. Of interest is the gas patches on port wing I think I have mentioned before at some point...
  3. Normally on FAA aircraft and certainly those that operated in the Pacific and Eastern Fleet have the IFF whip on the underside below the cockpit.
  4. Hi Andy, I’d be interested in a 1/48 sheet. Did you ever find any 85 Sqn Defiant photos? best regards Nick
  5. Best of luck with it. Avengers are great fun. I have an AM kit to get involved with at some point.
  6. 85sqn

    Fleet Air Arm

    Yep agree with the above. Certainly the MkI's were the usual British Grey-Green cockpits.
  7. Hi folks, as Phil said I did an Avenger a while ago. Tony o' Tooles work is good too for some inspiration. Here's mine: An here a thread I started you may find useful: Best regards Nick
  8. Well done Phil. Lovely!
  9. There is so much great stuff in this video: uniforms, shoes, wristwatches. The Army pilot has a Bonklip style strap. All really good to see in colour.
  10. Awesome. A sqn local to me too at RAF Westhampnett(Goodwood).
  11. Really looking forward to this. As said above though, let's hope for a single piece cowling. Having just done a IX I was astonished at how such a sublime kit could be marred by that cowling.
  12. My dear chap, that is absolutely glorious. Well done!
  13. Really lovely, I fancy a Greek one too
  14. Looks like British Commonwealth Training Plan markings straight out of the box!
  15. What a divine piece of modelling. Well done!
  16. Vought have made 3 different aircraft called the 'Corsair'
  17. Great stuff. I was at Maleme earlier this year and have a hankering for one of these! Nick
  18. The Corsair MKIVs of 1846 had a black and white ringed tailhook. On another note, there is a colour photo showing Seafires with green doped gun ports on a carrier deck. I can't find it at the moment but I know it is on the back of JD Browns book on the Seafire. Just saying......
  19. I made that aircraft once. I have never seen a photo but found somewhere saying it might have been speculative or from anecdotal evidence.
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