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  1. Lovely work! Love FAA corsairs! for info the perspex in the floor would have been opaque by JT422 and the same ‘sky’ as the underside
  2. Na they didn't get MkIVs till out in the Pacific. I have quite a few photos of the Corsairs aboard illustrious with the two pylons taken around 1944 when they were gearing up for the East Indies raids. There's quite a few photos on the Imperial War Museum site. If you use corsairs and HMS illustrious as a search term. Mostly of the Corsairs upside down.
  3. Hi chaps, sorry away from my references at the moment but I have an article from Flight magazine regarding Blackburn providing bomb carriers for corsairs and other mods to lend lease aircraft. I also have another article about testing the FAA corsairs which has a photo again with British bomb carriers fitted to them. TBH the Revell pylons look abit undersized to me.
  4. To echo what Troy said above, I believe I made a MkI. Built by Grumman hence the deep dull green cockpit and nothing to do with the cowl gun which mine doesn't have. JZ127 fits into the MkI serial range.
  5. Of interest I met the son of the observer that flew in JZ127. They went in to the barrier on Jan 4th 1945 on Illustrious which I have a photo of somewhere. He was very keen to talk about the aircraft and show me his fathers logbook and paraphanelia from his fathers service.
  6. Try this thread: and the kit I built: It's JZ127 btw
  7. Thanks Phil, very kind of you. Jonny this might be useful: but there aren't any drawings on here and I have found it difficult to find any solid gen on the observers cockpit of the Avenger. I went with rudder pedals, flying instruments, control column mounted on the cockpit wall. The observer used a 'bigsworth board' for plotting. I think the thread may help though. ATB Nick
  8. I'd put money on it being a British style 4 point harness (Sutton)
  9. I’m surprised so far that there aren’t more aftermarket accessories available yet of a FAA nature with this release due shortly. Eduard appear to be doing just US seatbelts so far and I haven't seen any FAA decals/ paint masks other than that with the box.
  10. All insides are Zinc yellow chrome for the MKVI aka FM-2 if thats the variant you want. The MkIV differs as Bob has said. heres a handy article; http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/wildcatfaaba_1.htm
  11. Other known items in there: control column stowed on the port cockpit wall, some flying instruments probably limited to the basic six, and rudder pedals.
  12. Ahh okay Seahawk. Be interesting to see, perhaps it was a basis for the FAA cockpit?
  13. I read the article, I was interested that it was the aircraft flown by Davies and Shirmer. The same team that went on to fly JZ127 that I modelled last year with the V-1 kill below the cockpit. It led me to look up FAA avengers again and apparently there is a photo or drawing. From this page: The really excellent booklet 'TBM/TBF Avenger in detail' by 'Wings and Wheels Publications' has some excellent diagrams and a photo of the British rear seat configuration. Unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner but I will try and take photographs latter and send them across. I will PM you if I have success. Regards Jim If anyone has a copy of this photo/drawing, I'd love to see it.
  14. In this scale folks, I really recommend something like Maketar Masks rather than large decals. You can pretty much order an FAA styles you’d need to mask and spray in 1/24th.
  15. You’ll have to build it yourself. I added a seat, control column, rudder pedals, some instruments and other bits and pieces for my Hobbyboss avenger: sorry I don’t think there’s much in the way of photos but there is a link in here to another very useful thread I started when I first came to building my FAA Avenger.
  16. Lovely collection here Tony I hadn't seen before.
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