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  1. what i did was to fill a tub with future clear and soak the model in. when i used an airbrush it kinda took the sheen away, but when its soaked and dripped dry, it was not too bad. but its crazy to work an 1/32 scale this way.
  2. how do you plan to seal the deals with clear coat? and flat coat after that? it will take some of the luster away from the aluminum foil?
  3. shan

    AH-1W Super Cobra 1/35 Academy

    wow, looking real good, i am building the exact same model,m but its the MRC version with 2 bobs decal sheet. hope it turns out as good as yours
  4. shan

    AV-8B Harrier II 1/32 Trumpeter

    wow, fabulous work, the Marines wanted to have their own flying display team?
  5. wow, what an amazing piece of work
  6. shan

    Tornado GR1

    Thats HOT!!
  7. thanks guys for your comments, will have a go at it this weekend, think i will cut off the struts and reattach with a metal rod and bend it to splay out.
  8. wow, stunning work, did the kit come with weapons for the pylons?
  9. Hi All, just finished the Revelle 1/32 scale ME 109 G10. I did this one OOB, and tried out the German Mottling Camouflage. this is a trial run for my Hasegawa Fw 190D with all the aftermarket goodies. i posted these images on my facebook ac, and the main comment was about the splaying of the landing gears, unfortunately it cant be splayed out in the revelle kit, my left landing strut snapped. so its best to cut a wedge and insert a piece of plastic as the neck of the gear strut before gluing it into the slot at the wheel wells. The Revelle build guide was also a bit confusing, the paint guide does not match up with the description and some parts are numbered wrongly. other than that, it was pretty easy and no real big issues. hope you enjoy these pics
  10. wow, that is stellar work right there!!! totally speechless
  11. wow, Maiden is my all time fav band too, wish i had you fabulous collection. well done mate