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  1. thanks guys for your comments, will have a go at it this weekend, think i will cut off the struts and reattach with a metal rod and bend it to splay out.
  2. wow, stunning work, did the kit come with weapons for the pylons?
  3. Hi All, just finished the Revelle 1/32 scale ME 109 G10. I did this one OOB, and tried out the German Mottling Camouflage. this is a trial run for my Hasegawa Fw 190D with all the aftermarket goodies. i posted these images on my facebook ac, and the main comment was about the splaying of the landing gears, unfortunately it cant be splayed out in the revelle kit, my left landing strut snapped. so its best to cut a wedge and insert a piece of plastic as the neck of the gear strut before gluing it into the slot at the wheel wells. The Revelle build guide was also a bit confusing, the paint guide does not match up with the description and some parts are numbered wrongly. other than that, it was pretty easy and no real big issues. hope you enjoy these pics
  4. wow, that is stellar work right there!!! totally speechless
  5. wow, Maiden is my all time fav band too, wish i had you fabulous collection. well done mate
  7. wow amazing work, how did you have the decals done? was there a layer of clear, before the decals went on and another layer of clear after the decal?
  8. shan

    Isralie Mirage 3c

    thanks for the advice, will get it done
  9. shan

    Isralie Mirage 3c

    Thanks for the compliments guys, i used the following tutorial by FSM - ://www.finescale.com/.../pdf/6/7/d/foiledlightning1.pdf
  10. Hi all, built this one out of the box, except for the Eduard cockpit instruments. i came across an article on using aluminum foil instead of painting and i was quite intrigued by it , so i decided to give it a go at it. hope you like it.
  11. shan

    1/48 RAF FGR 2

    those decals look to be yellowing a little. you've got to get a zip lock bag and place the decals inside and stick it on a window facing the sun. it works wonders. i had that issue when i was building my tornado which i bought 8 years back. the decals clear up pretty good. it took me about 1 week before the decals improved.
  12. shan

    1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Great tutorial to follow
  13. if the kit is a German tornado and you want to build it as GR1, then the Ferranti system below the nose will have to be replaced, unless the kit has both? i had the same issue years back, when i bought a german tornado thinking i can build it as a Brit one, but finally decided to get a proper GR1 kit . i had lots of fun building that GR1 Tornado - Desert Storm