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  1. wow, she's a real stunner!!!! well done sir
  2. thank you Nikolay, just checked out your Hind, looks impressive
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, i appreciate it very much, thank you and Happy Modelling
  4. they are actually painted masking tape thank you guys for your kind comments
  5. Hi, i just finished this kit by MRC which i bought 20 years ago. had some major issues, as the decals have deteriorated and somehow the canopy had warped and a slight crack. other than than, it was an interesting learning experience building this kit without a conventional build guide. the mrc kit's instruction were more of an instruction with words rather than the normal pictorial guide. after some reading, there is a black and white photograph of how the part should look like after assembly. sure was interesting to me. I used the 2 bobs decals "whiskey in the mix" and Eduards BIG ED pho
  6. what i did was to fill a tub with future clear and soak the model in. when i used an airbrush it kinda took the sheen away, but when its soaked and dripped dry, it was not too bad. but its crazy to work an 1/32 scale this way.
  7. how do you plan to seal the deals with clear coat? and flat coat after that? it will take some of the luster away from the aluminum foil?
  8. wow, looking real good, i am building the exact same model,m but its the MRC version with 2 bobs decal sheet. hope it turns out as good as yours
  9. wow, fabulous work, the Marines wanted to have their own flying display team?
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