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  1. That is benchmark stuff. The tonal variation brings it on a new level. Outstanding!
  2. Very well executed and the first finished one I've seen so far.
  3. Very well done. The weathering is top notch. I'm glad that Revell reissued the kit in the EU because the first Japanese run sold out quickly.
  4. That's a real tasty Tomcat. I also like the display.
  5. That's the finest new tool 190 I've seen so far. Also thanks for the hint on the canopy issue. Pretty disappointing that they reused the old clear sprue. Read plenty of reviews but nobody mentioned it. So in the end Eduard got away with it.
  6. Outstanding work. The shape of that thing is very pleasing to the eye. Also the weathering is top notch!
  7. Now that's a rocked down vehicle! The weathering is top, although some of the splotches seem to be a bit out of scale to my eyes. The painting of the wood is exceptional!
  8. A tablet camera? Now that surprises me. I'd had bet on a SLR. The only thing that reveals the short focal length is the slight lack of depth of field. But that is easily manageable with a cheap compact camera and a tripod. Non the less well done!
  9. Great modelling, weathering, and outstanding photography. What's there not to like?
  10. Now that's a very rare subject. Well done!
  11. A great looking scheme on a neat plane, wonderfully executed by you. What's there not to like?
  12. That is simply beautiful. One of the best Su-27 I've seen build. And I've seen a lot.
  13. Fantastic work! I'm sure it was your work that inspired Trumpeter to announce their own Longrack version. It's on my wishlist and I hope it'll come out nearly as good as yours.
  14. Nice start of a tempting kit. Are those all commission builds or do you keep some of them for yourself?
  15. Those weapons are as mad as you are a great modeller. I love that last picture - utter crazyness!
  16. Ok, if someone's ever going to say again that a great airplane model can't pulled off without an airbrush, I will show him these pictures. Stellar work!
  17. Following your projects on your home page and I have to say that this one is simply beautiful. I personally don't feel ready for a multi media kit yet, but maybe one day...
  18. Not really forgotten anything in those 18 years, do you? That's a nicely executed Spit!
  19. What a beautiful livrery! Is it all decals or did you have to match the paint on the fuselage? If it's all decals, you did a hell of a job by applying them, especially in the tailplane area! Good to hear about the fitting, because this kit is waiting for me along with some Finair decals in my stash. Congrats to this great model!
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