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Some of my work


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Hello All,

I am a Royal Air Force Photographer currently on Media Ops covering the whole of the Middle East for the Blue side.

I thought I would share with you some of my photography work that I have been up to on Ops, I am currently still here so I will update the images when I can. I obviously can't share all my work with you guys and gals but everything has been cleared for public viewing.























Self portrait

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Wow these are spectacular thanks for sharing and have a safe tour


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Those are all pretty darn neat, there is something about planes/helicopters over desert that does it for me but the sunset ones are my favs & the second last one, vehicles against city glow with stars above is superb, really out of this world. Thanks for sharing.


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Really nice work Zipper !! Keep your head down and stay safe, when will we see some pic's of all those kits you keep beating me to ?? ( LOL !! ) :analintruder:

:rofl: brilliant Jeff, just brilliant. I will let you have the pick of the field from now on as I have more than enough to be getting on with when I get back. Cant wait to get back in to it though but loving my time out here, see you at the Nats in November

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Some really nice stuff there Ashley, love the merlin pic really shows how the dust etc higlights everything.

Perfect pics for the modeller taken by a modeller.

I must say I like the stuff in Black & White, I dont know why but sometimes I feel B&W offers more soul to a pic than full colour.

I look foward to seeing more.

Keep safe and see you at Telford.


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Thank you all, I thought the same as I sat across from them, a great bunch of lads though. The chap on the left of the image with the four soldiers had never flown in a Helicopter before and he looked worried, especially when his mate asked the loadie to throw it about a bit.

We were at cruising altitude and almost at our destination, all of a sudden the Merlin went nose down hard, negative G hit us, we were all pushed up with our seat harness's holding us in the seat, all their bags were floating in front and to the side of me and then came crashing down after about 5-10 seconds and then we were hogging the ground and in to our destination, they had the biggest smile on their faces as you can see below, as they walked off, all I was thinking was have a safe tour and get home safely boys.


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Great shots Zipper! It's nice to see the Merlin in action 'over there'. I hope it will be only a matter of time before ours can join you! :)

Keep your head down!



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Nice pics. RAF you say? I take it the 'street scenes' were from the window of your 5* hotel then.

Cheeky, the street scenes are when I went out with the Royal Dragoon Guards with a reporter for a London newspaper (they borrowed me as only phot in theatre at the time) and the other patrol ones are out on the ground for three days and two nights with the RAF Regiment.

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Fantastic phots Zipper, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: I thought the air-to air pics that my son-in-law brought back were good, but he could use some tips I think! But there again, he does have his real job to do at the same time!

I really like your dusk/night time shots as well, they're tremendously atmospheric!

Hope to see more soon!


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