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  1. Looking nice, Beefy! I can see the pup from ere! Von B
  2. Beefy, Quick question. Does the tacky wax leave any residue? It could be just what I need for dry fitting struts on string bags. Keep up the Sprue Work! Bob
  3. Stunning work, Rob. I'm looking forward to 90% becoming 100%. Cheers, Bob
  4. Bobs_Buckles

    Bob's Buckles

    100% correct. If you can make your own, then please do. I'm here for those who can't be bothered and luckily for me, there have been many of those over the past 14 years. All of which I am greatly thankful. Each to their own and all that. Cheers. Bob
  5. Hi Chewbacca, I do make a larger sized 'eye' eyelet. Goes by the name E.zee Eye. Made specifically for elastic rigging. Hope this helps. Cheers, Bob
  6. Mr Beefy, Run the wire through a candle flame. That will strip the enamel coating off the wire and will make the wire easier to work with. I do likewise before twisting eyelets. Talking of eyelets. I want to thank all the blokes on here that have shown their support. I truly appreciate it...CHEERS! Keep up the great work! Von Buckle KFC and Bar
  7. Not a problem, Rob. 6 inch lengths sound OK? Can go longer if needed. Cheers, Bob
  8. Far from chain, but could be used for steel cable. Two lengths copper wire twisted. 0.26 diameter. I may be able to go finer than this. Keep on keeping on! Bob
  9. Got me a MengNut Wings Tripe. Thankfully the forward combing was in one piece. Looks like a tidy wee kit. The instructions are ok, but obviously nowhere near as polished as the WNW standard. Happy Sprues! Von B
  10. Hi Rob, Jamie, mentioned your build thread to me. I'm so glad he did! Now I know why I've gone from beans on toast to steak 'n chips over the course of the summer! Thanks for the mention and for putting the weeee eyelets to good use. Cracking job! Some lovely work all round, Rob! Well done!! Keep on keeping on. Von Buckle
  11. Chris, Please accept my apology for only just discovering your completed Felix! My word, what is there to say that hasn't already been said? She is magnificent! A true museum piece if ever there was one. Marvellous! Cheers, Von Buckle
  12. Believe me, If I can do it YOU can do it! Thanks for your kind comment. Von B
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