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  1. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

  2. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Used to ride too til my health got the better of me
  3. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    it's Mike What was found was 1 x Franken-Victor kit, one Flightpath set with intakes and PE. Dunno where the rest of the two kits went, but I have one that's all manner of colours, made up of Matchbox wings & ancillaries, and Revell fuselage halves. Like I said in PMs, I'll weigh 'em up and get it booked shortlyish.
  4. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    I'm also now seriously upset, as I've got to move a ton of stuff from in front of the cupboard I keep the kit in!
  5. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

  6. Why thank ya kind sir! <twirls parasol>
  7. Well, what seemed like a long time in the future is now next week, and I'm scratching my head wondering where I'm going to find the time to build this, but also really looking forward to it. Why? Because I have a soft spot for the 262, and have almost all the 1:48 Hobby Boss kits, and a couple more besides in a larger scale that we won't mention. I've been waiting for the glass-nosed one to come out for ages now, as I once saw one with a conversion in 1:32 (damn!), and that's where this all started. I have the kit, purchased with my own hands, with a set of Eduard wheels, and I'm hoping to get a set of those amazingly realistic HGW seatbelts to add a bit of sparkle to the cockpit, as there doesn't seem to be a specific Eduard PE set for it, and I can't be bothered hunting through the rest of my kits to see if I have any PE hidden there. So - apart from wheels and belts, this is going to be as close to OOB as I get these days, and rather than post up a blank place-holder thread I've taken a snap of the box contents that proves I haven't started it Actually, I have removed one part from the sprue, so I could check the fit of the bulkhead with the metal forward bay. It was not good, because the white metal was a little bit warped, so out came the pliers That's it til Monday, honest!
  8. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Get it by her thusly. Tell her that a nice gentleman in Britmodeller is giving you a free Revel Victor with Flightpath set, and all you have to do is pay the postage. Drop me a PM and we'll sort it out
  9. Mike

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Can we all just calm down a bit? It's just an old model, and people can have different opinions from each other - that's inevitable, and also just fine. How they express them here however is important. Polite and respectful is key, or things get a little difficult for those with poor manners.
  10. The old thread that has been running for ages seems to have done a runner, so I'm starting a new one for people to post up pics of their delightful faces so that we can laugh at welcome them properly to the forum, or go "Oh my goodness, the poor chap!" to existing members. If anyone finds the original thread, do please let us know. Thanks to @Parabat for drawing this to our attention. maybe he broke it? :shrug: I should really start the thread with a mugshot of me, but as I've never been one to enjoy being photographed I don't have many shots of me in the last 10 years that I don't wince at, so I'll spare you from having to look at me. Who's going to be first?
  11. Mike

    How do I post Pictures?

    Posting pictures on the new forum version couldn't be easier, and you don't even need the old Image button that looked like a Polaroid of a tree any more. It is so simple that you'll wonder why you even needed to ask Firstly though, if you're a long-time user of the forum you'll know that we don't allow images to be uploaded to the forum as attachments. It's just not secure, and it would overload our server's storage capability and burn through our data quicker than you can imagine. Once you need more storage and more data allowance, that increases costs. A good enough reason not to do that on its own! Ok - assuming you already have your photos hosted online somewhere, you just copy the DIRECT link from wherever it is (Photobucket, Flickr, you name it), and you paste it into your posting window. Press either enter, or space, and SPANG! The forum software will automatically convert it to a photo. If for some reason you didn't want it as a photo, a little notification bar appears at the bottom of your posting window to give you the opportunity to undo the action. Look smug. You've learned how to post a photo. Told you it was simple, didn't I? If you've got a lot of photos to post that are numbered sequentially or with slight changes to the filename, you can post those easily too. Paste your image as above, but before you press space or return, just edit the filename to the next in the sequence. Rinse & repeat as necessary until you run out of pictures. Pretty simple, eh? If for some reason you have SPACES in your URL (why would you do that????), or it doesn't seem to be working with the automatic system, don't panic. Down at the bottom right of your posting window, there is a button called Insert Other Media. Click that and choose Insert Image from URL and enter your URL in the box that pops up. Save that and you should have a pic when the screen finishes loading it. "What's a URL" you might be wondering? It stands for Universal Resource Locator, and is a short form of "web address". You know - the thingy that begins with http:// and has lots of fun characters after it. You'll find the URL for this page at the top of your browser in a long box that is called your Address Bar
  12. I'd have a look at the instructions of your first one and get what you definitely need, and then add white and black to that if they're not included. Build your selection as you move onto the next model using that method, and you should end up with a decent range by the time you're half a dozen models in. The only difference would be if you're buying them online, in which case you should factor in postage, and then maybe buy a couple of model's worth of colours.
  13. As the other topic has tripped the 40 page rule for chat-based stuff (a bit late I know), here's the new topic for posting up details about the latest releases. You can find the old topic here.
  14. I've had a small scale Rocinante for a while, and after stumbling across printedplanes website from a thread on the forum, I found that they also do quite a few Sci-Fi models, amongst which is the Canterbury, that unlucky ship that kicked off the Expanse series by getting nuked. There were 2 options of sizes, one at 100mm the other at 150mm, and on the basis of go big or go home, I selected the larger of the two. The lead time was quite substantial after order, but with 3D printing that's fairly likely, as anything 3D printed takes an age to get done. This process is the stereoscopic laser in a bit vat of resin goop, the name for which I really can't remember right now, but it seems to give a pretty good result. When it arrived it was in 3 pieces, main ice storage area, fuel tanks, and engine pods. It was also goppin'! What do I mean? It was slimy and sticky, with white goop oozing out of it in places. I was bit concerned until I read their FAQ and found that this is pretty normal, as the models are hollow printed, and some of the resin gets trapped inside the voids. There are some vent holes in the model, but it's difficult to get it all out, so I left the parts tipped up to allow the stuff to pool in the bottom, then blew as much of it out as I could using canned air (butane). Then I cleaned all the parts in a bath of IPA in my ultrasonic cleaner, which got things nice & clean, although the occasional little blob of goo would still find its way out. I ended up leaving them to drain naturally by propping them up again, with the occasional squirt of air evacuating the accumulated goop from time to time. A couple of weeks later and the parts are nice & clean, and the resin has hardened up too, being much more rigid, as I found out when I dropped the engine pods by mistake. I glued the broken pod and its supports back on and have now finally gotten round to priming it along with the Roci. I wish the ice storage area had been printed in top & bottom halves really, as painting inside that area is going to be difficult, and I still haven't ruled out making a few cuts somewhere to facilitate this, but I'm pondering it long and hard before I make any final decision. The surface is well detailed, and there's very little evidence of the layers to be seen, but there are some attachment points for the support structure that need sanding back flush. This is what the first primer layer is all about really, to check for imperfections. The most obvious layer pattern is visible on the outsides of the baffles on the engines, but as these are flat surfaces, they shouldn't be too hard to clean up. I'll be working on getting things ship-shape in short sessions, and once I've got it suitable for painting, I'll give it a coat of grey and then start trying to replicate the surface colouring to match the few pics of the Cant that I can find online. I'm trying to resist the urge to get the printedplanes Roci in 300mm, as the wee one I have from Shapeways is a bit small, although it looks like it scales out somewhere near the same scale as the Cant, although they're never seen together on screen. Can't wait for season 4 next year
  15. Mike

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hi Jon, and aboard - sorry to hear about your health concerns, but it sounds like you're developing the right attitude
  16. Get two and solve yourself the dilemma!
  17. Mike

    Validating Queue Delays

    Blinked again! Another page (and a bit) of new members that should be able to post now
  18. We've had a number of factors conspiring against us this last few days that has resulted in a long queue of new members waiting to be able to post. I've just spent the last hour clearing down two pages, so if you were waiting to post, you should be able to now. If not, drop me a line and we'll get you sorted Thanks for your patience
  19. Mike

    Membership numbers

    Howdo all, As I write this, our membership stands at 1,234. Didn't seem so long ago that we breached 1,000, and we're almost 1/4 of the way to the next 1,000! I'm still amazed how things are going, and thanks to everyone for all their input - almost 135,000 posts worth!!! There's still a lot of lurkers out there, and I'd urge you all to come forward and introduce yourselves if you've joined already, or register & say hello if you've not. The majority of us don't bite, but the ones that do are wearing muzzles
  20. Not sure. I'll play it by ear, as it's a different size than the other one, and it's a lot less wet with uncured resin than the Cant. I'll probably get busy with reviews and finishing off my Me. 262 as well, so the days will fly by
  21. This little beauty from http://www.printedplanes.co.uk in 300mm variant. Oh my, I'm so excited! There's another pic and a bit of jibber-jabber from me in the Cant thread.
  22. That's just plain funny. plane funny? There's got to be a better acronym surely? It might be best to PM me with any rude ones TBH it's a bit of a specious argument, as those that want it will say "yes" and those that have got their noses bent royally out of shape by it to the stage that they're actually offended by its very existence will say "no", as will those with no horse in the race if they can be bothered to tap on the correct keys and press Submit. No minds will be changed, so we might as well all go
  23. Mike

    How do I post Pictures?

    It's VERY off topic. So much so that I'm going to be forced to use the emoji that has a disapproving and reproachful face. Stick 'em in shows, but check to see if there's a thread on the subject first
  24. I'm waiting til the whole lot is available in UHD, as I know it's out there somewhere. Meantime, my 300mm Roci has arrived! thanks to @3DPrinting and their newly improved pipeline I've gotta say - most impressed. It's a four part "kit", with the front and rear, plus the two antenna "whiskers" separate to the nose. It's still "green" insofar as it feels slightly soft in terms of touch, but tough and doesn't bend or break easily. There are a few tiny areas of stickiness where the uncured resin hasn't quite drained away, but it's incredibly slow moving, so it's hardly surprising. I've taken the pics on a doubled-up sheet of kitchen roll so I don't get any goop on my cloth, but I think I've managed to bring out enough detail from the cream-white resin to show you just how good it is. If you're hanging on the brink of getting one, my recommendation would be to pull the trigger, and you won't be disappointed. All you need is some patience, a bit of IPA to clean up and dribbles that surface, and some sanding sticks to minimise any tiny blemishes. I've been over mine quickly and there's not much to do TBH, which is always nice I've pulled out all the "scaffolding" from insider the two hollow halves (lighting possibilities, anyone?), although I didn't really need to, and if you look very closely you'll see some tiny "pimples" here and there that are where the external scaffolding was removed. Did I mention that detail is excellent? I've got some graphics for the logos, and will have to dig out my ALPS printer to run on a Windows XP VM and see if I can create a set for myself. Deep joy... more learning how to do things! Enough blather, here's the pics: How cool is that, eh?