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  1. Well, what seemed like a long time in the future is now next week, and I'm scratching my head wondering where I'm going to find the time to build this, but also really looking forward to it. Why? Because I have a soft spot for the 262, and have almost all the 1:48 Hobby Boss kits, and a couple more besides in a larger scale that we won't mention. I've been waiting for the glass-nosed one to come out for ages now, as I once saw one with a conversion in 1:32 (damn!), and that's where this all started. I have the kit, purchased with my own hands, with a set of Eduard wheels, and I'm hoping to get a set of those amazingly realistic HGW seatbelts to add a bit of sparkle to the cockpit, as there doesn't seem to be a specific Eduard PE set for it, and I can't be bothered hunting through the rest of my kits to see if I have any PE hidden there. So - apart from wheels and belts, this is going to be as close to OOB as I get these days, and rather than post up a blank place-holder thread I've taken a snap of the box contents that proves I haven't started it Actually, I have removed one part from the sprue, so I could check the fit of the bulkhead with the metal forward bay. It was not good, because the white metal was a little bit warped, so out came the pliers That's it til Monday, honest!
  2. As the other topic has tripped the 40 page rule for chat-based stuff (a bit late I know), here's the new topic for posting up details about the latest releases. You can find the old topic here.
  3. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    IPA is isopropyl Alcohol, but you can tell that by hovering your mouse over any dotted underlined words on the forum. It'll help you understand some of the more obscure acronyms
  4. Mike

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Yep - pretty impressive overall, and thanks for sharing it. Maybe it'll encourage me to get my Jagdpanther out soon
  5. Mike

    Hello from Brisbane

    To the fold from the other side of the planet
  6. Mike

    Antares 1/48th Me-262 V1 (Stage I) - new update

    Coming along nicely - I've just noticed that the inner wing panels aren't swept, which makes the prospect of a conversion just that bit trickier Nice scratching of the under-nose bit though
  7. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    I did a bit of detail painting today, after adding all the wiring I'd oiriginally intended to do, but subsequently forgot. It all turned out ok in the end, and now I just need to pick out some of the pilot's controls in the appropriate colours before I can finish it off. I've also got to fit the gunsight, even if it may not have been installed in an unarmed airframe :shrug: Here are the fuselage sides: A quick squint at the cockpit (I need to touch-in the top of the IP) and bomb-aimer's station: ...and finally the superb Eduard resin wheels. Why not?
  8. Mike

    “500 Server Extistensial Crisis”

    Is "silent mode" when they jettison the blades & rely on momentum to bring them to the target? Not silent for long
  9. Well, right on cue after an upgrade to the system software we are currently under attack from a group of IPs that are synonymous with various malicious attacks on servers. Funny that, isn't it? We're working with our Hosts, US cyber security and their British equivalent over here to collate evidence with a view to pressing charges both on the people perpetrating the attack, and those requesting and paying for it. These days you can commission this kind of attack quite cheaply if you know where to look, I believe. We're also speaking to our solicitors to orchestrate the defence of our server, and will be pursuing this further once we have all the evidence in hand. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for the delay in loading pages until they're locked off. They're also trying to Brute Force our email server, so that's being combatted too. By all means offer us a bit of sympathy for having to put up with this crap again, but don't launch into any rants about their mental state, parental status, or moral compass on here. Do it by PM by all means, and as before if you are aware of any evidence on these attacks that would help us stop them, it is your moral obligation to let us know, as this is motivated purely by malice, but the real victims are you the members.
  10. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    Still can if you get a clicky mechanical keyboard. I love mine, and even if you splash paint on the keys you can just buy new key caps. If you really make a mess (or have a faulty switch like I had), you can dismantle it and install a replacement key switch if you're not scared of soldering Wouldn't go back to membrane keyboards now :snob:
  11. You never take the easy way out, do ya Rich? keep up the good work
  12. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    Very true, but it's an expensive way of getting hold of the stuff. Goo remover is another version of IPA, and you could try nail varnish remover, but for gawd's sake test that first on an inconspicuous part, as no-one likes a melted laptop
  13. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    You can get it at chemists, just don't look too much like a drug addict, as I believe it can be used in the creation or reifining of same. You can also buy it in substantial quantities on eBay, which is probably cheaper long term if you have a need for it
  14. Mike

    laptop cleaning

    IPA? You're a very bad man. Always look after your tech If it's enamel or lacquer, I think you're stuck with it
  15. I reviewed this one and went straight on to building it, mainly because I fancied it (in a non-biblical way), so off I went. It's pretty much OOB apart from a few alterations I made to the wing-mounted landing light and due to a few of my own screw-ups, and of course you have to bear in mind that it's a short-ish run kit, which always needs more care and attention to fit and finish than a mainstream kit. It's my first try at an all-over natural metal/silver finish, and I'm reasonably pleased with how it has come out The exhaust staining is perhaps a bit over-done, but I think it adds a bit of drama to the scheme, and the red spinner also helps to lift it a bit too. I chose to paint the gear legs green as an accent, although many examples have silver legs, but green ones are seen. What else? Paints were Gunze, with Alclad white Aluminium as the main shade, which needed straining due to this weird degradation that seems to occur with their metallics, which renders then gritty in the bottle after a few years in stock. Anyway - on to the pics: I'm sure I've probably forgotten a few things, but I'm certain the world won't stop spinning as a result, and as I'm not competitionally inclined, I don't care now I've called time on it You can see the build thread here, and thanks for watching I'll be appearing in an Me.262 ST Group Build here next if you fancy heckling as I go along
  16. Mike

    Thefts from Shows

    Never a truer word spoken. The few spoil it for the many, and other truisms. Nuff said.
  17. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    While I'm in a bit of a limbo period with both elements of this build, I thought I might as well slap together a few bits of styrene to busy up the BA's position, so using @Mottlemaster's handy pics that he delivered to my thread on the first page Probably not to scale, or anything, but they look ok, and once I've got them painted they should just add just enough visual interest to the area
  18. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    They're pretty good OOB, and make the old Dragon/Trimaster ones look positively amateurish Squirted a bit of primer on the bodyshell after some basic filler work, which exposed a few seams that need filling, but overall not too bad looking. I think the transition to the roof might need softening a bit, but I've got an SBS conversion coming shortly to compare my handywork with, so I'll probably slow down for a few days on this effort. It's patterned on the Italeri kit, so I'm kind of trialling it for them in a way, but unless Italeri or Tamiya have seriously diverged on the length of the thing, I think we should be good to go. Here's the tank shell as it stood today: Who knows what happens next? Hopefully some seatbelts on Monday
  19. Mike

    East Midlands Model Show - Hinckley 20/5

    I wasn't there and still managed to get a few things!
  20. Mike

    Britmodeller banner

    Once summoned, I can't be unsummoned Gorby is correct - that little button is a toggle that switches on/off the picker. Make your choice and click it again to put them away. The red/blue/yellow/RAF blue "beer mats" as we call them with the different genres are just graphical elements with no functionality.
  21. Mike

    Andy Mullens website?

    Does anyone know his handle on BM? I should, but I can't remember it right now.
  22. Mike

    “500 Server Extistensial Crisis”

    It's VERY clever, and our DB is linked to the NSA's
  23. I'd like one in 1:48 looks like a Stuka and a 109 had an illicit relationship with something that has stupid long wings.
  24. Mike

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    Posting a few pictures of it in progress can make anything seem easy - I was winging it all the way. I had to exercise my braincell to figure out how to make up the three different shapes, but nothing too taxing as it's nothing more than three shapes that have a common top profile. That's the tricky bit. All the rest was just getting things square