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  1. The FRS1 is great looking. Every model is unique, the flaws make them unique. Carpet monster is the most dreaded creature in modelling room. Often the tiny parts are just there but we don't find them. You could try very fine shading with clear smoke over the silvering on decals. Very very light airbrushing 0.2 needle. I am currently finishing one Hasegawa Indian Navy early version. Ever since I did a GR7 for my friend, I have ended up buying 6 Sea Harrier kits. Plan to build all variants of Indian Navy.
  2. The whole build is very detailed. Really extensive and hard work on weathering and the tarpaulins . Oshkosh HET is one on my list but at smaller scale. Cheers, Rishi
  3. Nicely done. Weathering is on spot. These 1/144 scale kits are just awesome and pretty small boxes. The level of detail on moulds is amazing and crisp. I am in process on making x wing fighter. Cheers Rishi
  4. Very nice to see 1/43 Gems. Nice build, the scale and detail makes 1/43`s like jewels . Just need to keep looking on e bay for Rare finds. I will start one soon Honda RA273. Cheers, Rishi
  5. Superb. Highly detailed. I completed Tamiya in 1/100 scale, USS Kittyhawk Ver. I have one question. Does the centre fuel tank looks like nose dive? My build does. Is it correct? cheers, Rishi
  6. I would love to see the RA273 though RA272 was the car where Honda came first in Mexican GP. https://global.honda/heritage/episodes.html
  7. Excellent clean build. You have done a great job on the trim lines. Tamiya wipers look detailed. I will be posting soon my completed Fujimi Honda S800. I wish i could help you with decals. I have ruined nearly 2 decals from the set. Happy Modelling, Rishi.
  8. Superb work. Please tell more about your scratch building process like drawings, pattern, casting. How did you cast these tires resin or rubber??? Master for the tires? Happy modelling, Rishikesh
  9. Hi, Beautifully done. The decals, radio antennas, Hazard warning signs all add lot of details. Very well done. The front wide tires look right on heavy tanker. Happy modelling, Rishikesh
  10. Stunning finish and build. The build is superb what you have achieved from AMT kit. The suspension height is correct, eng hood fits flush, rear bump fitting, taillight painting and replacement headlights. Eleanor. Cheers, Rishikesh
  11. Hi, Very well done. I love those fat tires and deep dish wheels. Cheers Rishikesh
  12. Very nice build. The snow plow is excellent, happy to see this finished. I am still in making one for my 1/87 scale trucks. Cheers, Rishikesh
  13. Brillant finish. The body its white metal or resin??? Cheers, Rishi
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