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  1. This is very impressive, you must be very happy with the overall build and finish, I like the fact that it has been created using 3D artwork, and this is no easy task without experience of the software involved, plus you have used all the other mediums such as vac forming and your own PE.
  2. Wow, I take my hat off to ship modellers as the amount of detail in this scale is incredible, it is a shame they never kept one of these larger war ships as a museum, I always liked H.M.S Warspite
  3. That is a fantastic model of the Vulcan Tom as always, all you need to do now is the Valiant and Victor
  4. Excellent build Rob, Tom told me you had built this kit
  5. Very nice indeed, I have one of these in my stash, it is a shame that Airfix did not add the same level of detail with the rivets as Revell's Shackleton as the Airfix kit is the more accurate but less detailed of the two
  6. WOW, those models are exceptionally made
  7. Looks very interesting, I need to buy my self a FDM printer, I see someone on Youtube use SLA resin liquid to paint over the FDM printed parts and then used a UV light to harden it, it worked extremely well although it still requires some sanding but gave a smooth result
  8. Inspiring stuff, good to see it progressing again
  9. Congratulations on winning the silver medal, always nice to win something when you put a model in a competition, but as they say it’s the taking part that counts
  10. They actually moved back to the original shop.
  11. Looking excellent, you certainly mastered the 3D side of things, when do you think the Hawks will be completed
  12. WOW, that is an epic build, and turned out to be an excellent looking model of the Mriya
  13. For a 1/72 kit it looks superb, it looks more like 1/48 scale
  14. WOW, that has turned out extremely well, hopefully see it in the flesh at the next model show
  15. You probably spoke to Charlie who works in the shop, as Tony has not been there for a while because of his health
  16. Looks excellent what you have done, don’t forget about the periscope above the cockpit, it will be only be a small dot I know in 1/144 https://www.airliners.net/photo/British-United-Airways-BUA/Vickers-VC10-Srs1103/1612066 standard VC10 but I imagine they were on the supers
  17. One thing I did not know is that the tail assembly was made in France by Sud-Aviation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKayqKmyGes
  18. When I was a teenager I converted the old Airfix Heron into a Devon, with quite good results for me at the time
  19. Sad news, that Tony who owned the AJ Aviation passed away, some might remember the shop as the Aviation Hobby shop in West Drayton, I used to frequent the shop when I was a youngster over 40 years ago, remembering the stacks of models piled high, I believe the shop will close for good in 2 months time
  20. WOW, each model you do is more impressive than the last, you seem to have a keen interest in Vickers aircraft, have you ever been to Brooklands museum in Weybridge home to Vickers aircraft, I know it is probably a bit of a distance especially living in Slovenia though
  21. H Andy How are you, another excellent build and finish, the Roden kit looks superb, and seems an accurate kit, although 1/144 is not my scale as you know
  22. WOW, you have done a great job on such a huge kit, I had this kit a couple of years ago that I had won in a competition, but thought that I would never build it because of the size, so sold it in the end
  23. Stunning build, I think if you photographed the model outside with natural light and a scenic background with blue sky, you would not tell that this was a model, but the actual aircraft
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