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  1. I have some Israeli F35 photo's when you need them! I take it the Harrier is the Revell 1/32 kit? BFN Chris
  2. Hi Al Get on with it then, or the world will end or all the lunatics will be let out! Please fold the wings! Chris ( still working at the ATC school RAF Shawbury, so no time for modelling!)
  3. All done apart from the canopy and aerials. Seemed popular at Salisbury.
  4. My Gannet so far, scratch built undercarriage and trye balance lead weights to keep the nose down. Hopfully I will take it to Salisbury, but it will still need a canopy, on request with Alan Chris
  5. Sadly communications have stopped again and still no kit. I know they mean well but this is very frustrating. Chris
  6. Artie I ordered my Swift in September and until today (7 May 19) have held the line. However, they have not answered my messages or emails until today, they are now trying to sort it out Chris
  7. Wow thanks James, just what I was after.
  8. Yes Keith, but experience tells me never to trust Museum aircraft. In this case Julian's great photo's show grey or sky Oleo's with white or sky wheel bays. Chris
  9. Can anyone confirm the colours of the Gannet AEW's oleo legs and undercarriage bays please. thanks Chris
  10. Hi I was asked by Brigade Models to build this 1/48 resin conversion and leave it unpainted so everyone can see what I did. Here are the photo's of the finished model, minus canopy. The aircraft is as it was on the very first flight, so no rear seat or fittings. A nice straight forward conversion. Rear hook fairing to follow. Chris
  11. RAF Hawks never carried wing tanks, no pumping for them. Chris ex - RAF Chivenor
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