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  1. As Wurger states, they were in use during the entire war. I'm sure a IJN expert can add more, but from what I know the Japanese were building A6M2's for a long time and were slow to switch production over to newer types. There would have been more -21 aircraft in the air in 1941/42 of course, but they remained in use to the end alongside the newer A6M5/7 models. I believe the old Tamiya boxing of the A6M2 has markings for a 1944 machine.
  2. No doubt Eduard will have a resin solution to upsell people.... But yes looks like a nice kit.
  3. As beautiful as this model is, I can't help but feel it's an expensive waste of plastic to all but a handful of people. Who has space to display a 1/32 Lancaster? I suspect 90% of the models sold will sit in stashes and then eventually get shifted around as collector's pieces. I mean if that's what you like...you do you I guess, but for me, this model doesn't make sense.
  4. Yep sorry for the constant delays guys, I am getting there. I have 3 left to post today on the way to work. Phils, Arnolds and Andy L's. I think that will then be eveyone. I am sorry some people ahve not got their preferred choice but Kagero had some items out of stock and I asked them to send a random selection of books that they had, so thats the reason for that. Sorry again guys.
  5. Hi guys, I have to say I apologise for the delays in getting the Kagero prizes send out and the other prizes I have to give out as well. The fault lies with me in not contacting Kagero as quickly as I should have. However, do not despair! I have been in contact with Maciej at Kagero this very morning and I think he will be sending the prizes out very soon, and I will then send them out to all of you as soon as they arrive. Again guys, very sorry for the delays with this
  6. Yes well done guys, Sorry I've been AWOL for pretty much the whole thing, but I have been impressed by the fantastic builds that have been produced I am ever grateful to Steve (Jacksdad64) for his tireless efforts in running this Group Build as it should be done
  7. Looks absolutely fabulous. I'd be seriously pleased with myself had I built it myself. As it is, I'm envious!
  8. looks really battered and worn i like the unusual markings as well
  9. it does look good Martin, keep up the good work
  10. I've fond memories of building this kit. It is indeed lovely as you say. camo is looking great on this one
  11. I must say the level of the work in this group build is astounding me, and your build Marcdb71 is no exception. I love the cockpit detail
  12. Brilliant end result on that daz, sorry I have been thin on the ground during your build. Congrats on a lovely Dora for the group build
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