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  1. hovis

    More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    So that'll make them minibuses...? Thankyouverymuch! I'm available for kids parties and other social gatherings.
  2. hovis

    What kills a model for you?

    Two things for me: First has been mentioned, painting. I really enjoy the engineering side to building models, but when the artistic side appears, I'm struggling. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the painting bit, even the masking, but weathering really does my bap in, and then you finish everything, decals on etc, then you realise you really should've sprayed a shade lighter..... Second thing that would put me off is price. As much as I'd love to spend vast sums on a model, my ability is such that I feel I couldn't do it enough justice to get my money's worth. I don't mind cheap, rustic kits, I love the hands on work they require, the engineering side, and in all my years I've never deliberately trashed a model for being a tough build.
  3. hovis

    More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Worst of it is, it's not as if the Aussies needed to cheat!! They're a bloody good side as it is!
  4. hovis


    Just to give my tuppence worth, I've ordered stuff from new Alleycat on two separate occasions, both times the items arrive after a good few weeks, but they do arrive and they're good quality. If you're not in a rush and are willing to leave orders without chasing them up, I'd say Alex id doing great.
  5. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    Very true Duncan, lots of food for thought. As you mention, they're all fairly different, and not any technique I've tried up til now. Misting might be a good "quick fix", but isn't modelling all about trying to improve your technique for the next model? Both pastels and oils sound like good advice, I have used oils before, but only the two shades of brown I use for oil stains and grime like that. I might actually try the oil route on this one, the technique I have slightly more experience with. I'll post up how it went on here just in case there's any interest. Thanks everybody.
  6. hovis

    Fuel economy

    I'm another fan of using the cruise control when viable, I'm averaging low 60's in my 2006 307 1.6 HDI
  7. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    Yeah, think I might experiment on something else first just in case.... I'll let you know how I get on.
  8. hovis

    Hard drive woes....

    Ah I get you now Paul. Guess what I'll be doing tonight then...
  9. hovis

    Hard drive woes....

    Would using Ubuntu mean beggering up my installed windows?
  10. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    Now there's a thought......
  11. hovis

    Hard drive woes....

    Might give it a whirl Rob, thanks. I haven't exactly got many options!
  12. hovis

    More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Somebody on here a few pages ago mentioned S 6 instead of Essex and it reminded me... Why do police units in the US have K9 units? Can they not spell "dog"? And nevermind that, it's canine, K9 just sounds like it, but has no relevance at all towards it, unless the unit is made up of those things from Dr Who.... There's a lot of this "Tom Clancy speak" I detest, e.g. Chicoms and Norkors etc.... Do American military and civilian agencies all have to speak like robots??? Apologies to all Americans who don't speak this way
  13. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    OK it worked. Now, remember I'm haven't started a lot of the dirtying and weathering yet as I thought the paint was too dark, and the model is shiny after the Klear coat for the decals, I'mm be matting that down big time stylee. But compare with Alex's link above and you can see the difference. That green patch below the cockpit is meant to be the darker of the two greens in the camo scheme!!
  14. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    I have applied a bit of a browny grime wash to the panel lines as in the pic Alex above linked to, but again I think it needed to be a lighter shade.... I'll see if I can work out this photobucket thingy and show you what I'm dealing with.
  15. hovis

    Advice sought on paint finish

    Grey Beema, that's fantastic work, especially the wing with the original "clean" roundal area compared with the rest it. That's exactly what is needed! Cheers Alex, I have that pic and that's exactly the look I was trying to get, although as I say, I used the correct paints but didn't bother my ars head to lighten them a touch. As you can see though, it does get really sun bleached! In fact, that is the actual airframe I'm building...