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  1. hovis

    Which paint colour

    Humbrol 250 Desert Pink
  2. Is there not a time limit on what can be termed as "retro"? The 747 in Landor is beautiful, but seriously, Landor "retro"? Is last season's football shirt retro?
  3. hovis

    737 Max

    It's the replacement for Nimrod the RAF are getting.
  4. hovis

    737 Max

    This won't have any bearing on the Poseidon will it?
  5. Without wanting to add any more spanners to your marvellous work, Sir, but are you going to tackle the badly misshapen tailplanes the kit provides us with? Apparently they're too long and too rounded at the tips.
  6. Does this indicate that the 1/24th scale has, and will for the foreseeable future, become the "WWII Fighter only" Scale? (old Harriers aside).
  7. Can you imagine the size of the interior photo-etch for the TARDIS?
  8. They've done the Harrier GR1 & 3, as well as the FRS1 Sea Harrier in 1/24, so why not one of the plastic wing versions? OR Why not bring out a helicopter in 1/24? I'm thinking a nice Scout or Wasp... OR 1/48 F-35B Lightning?? Eh? Eh? OR The Puma has been crying out to be released in 1/48. They've done most of the rest, well, Merlin and Lynx anyway.... In fact, they haven't done most of the rest... We'll end up with a Spitfire, wait and see.
  9. True. Although I'd have played it safe for the first go and given it all the run up she needed, but then, I'm just the careful sort
  10. Did anyone notice when it was landing that it seemed to have the weapons door open? Could it be for airflow purposes when in the hover, or just showing off her bays? Also, on take off, why not have a longer run up? The roll seems very short, and the whole deck was available....
  11. I'm in. Concerning AlleyCat, experience shows that you have to be patient, but the wait is worth it.
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