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  1. magman2

    1/16 British

    The Challenger 2 is a good 1/16 Tank, A few pics of my HL Chally 2's, still working on them.
  2. magman2

    Rafale B rear cockpit photos wanted

    I hope this is some help. Net Photos
  3. magman2

    1/16 British

    https://www.forgebeartanks.com/store/c21/Sherman.html You will find them here, give Dave (Forgebear) a call he will help you out.
  4. magman2

    1/16 British

    British 1/16 ? Sometimes you have a go yourself. The Dark Art of 1/16 Conversions. My 1/16 Rc Sherman Vc Firefly Tank ( a work in progress) My 1/16 Rc Sherman Ic Firefly Tank ( a work in progress)
  5. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    Infantry fighting vehicle B-11 object 695, on medium tracked platform Kurganets-25, has been chosen for production. Net Photo I don't think the, Heavy infantry fighting vehicle T-15 object 149 made it. It was not in the 2018 Victory Day Parade.
  6. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    Yes a very Interesting discussion, stating delivery 3rd and 4th quarter of 2018. I still think the parade Bmpt are borrowed or appropriated from The Khazak order. I don't think, The Russian Army Really needs them. Русская армия
  7. magman2

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    French Jags Conformal dispenser. https://www.escadrilles.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Jaguar_7-HF_JFL.jpg
  8. magman2

    The Su-57 are arriving

    May be a Russian aircraft over Amarillo in Texas. Net Photo
  9. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    More than just a passing similarity...... The BMPT in Kazakh Service. Net Photos
  10. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    I think that they are For Kazakhstan, as they are Identical to their Bmpt’s. Russia has borrowed them for the Victory day parade? Kazakhstan have ordered additional bmpt.
  11. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    Russian Army, BMTT "Terminator" tank support vehicles. As Seen during Alabino rehearsal for the May, Victory Day Parade Net Photo (VLADIMIR VELENGURIN)
  12. magman2

    SA-4 Ganef Missile Colour

    This looks like Grey? Net Photo
  13. magman2

    Russian modern armour Images

    Russian Naval forces, are to receive fully refurbished T-80BV. recent drills showed the force lacked support, once they had landed. One of the New refurbished Tanks. Net Photo
  14. magman2

    The Su-57 are arriving

    Su-57 with service markings Net Photo
  15. I have been working on the SOL 1/16 female Russian tank crew. This is the new flame retarded uniform, with ballistic helmet. The Russians call it (Cowboy) ?