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  1. Yes but this was heralded, as the Airfix big new entry into 1/35. It should have been checked over!!!! And to say xyz models got this and that wrong, is not up for discussion here the subject is New Airfix 1/35 Cromwell Kit.
  2. I think you are right, and probably accounts for the wheel problem.
  3. Airfix what a waste of time!!! In this day and age they can’t get the wheels right, it’s just wrong to release this kit. Just don’t buy it, unless they correct this problem.
  4. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    The HobbyBoss kit has the correct 3 pedals for the Jackal, and match the Photos in the Tankograd book. The stowage racks for personal weapons on the doors are provided. The kit does provide some really good details and you will not be disappointed with this kit. Shop around for the kit, a good price is out there if you look.
  5. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    The HobbyBoss price is high, but not as high the latest HobbyBoss 1/48 Aircraft £99. I think it’s another good sep forward for modern 1/35 British forces models. and no doubt, it will spring a load of after market sets for this kit.
  6. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    On eBay £56 inc P+P
  7. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    Yes it’s a Supercat HMT 400, 4x4 code name Menacity entering service in 2003-2004 with the UK Special forces. They later received, additional armour and other Modifications like the Jackal. The HMT 600 is the 6x6 version.
  8. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    Tankogard British Special N09019 states after the Jackal 1,the next Jackal is the 2 And This is the HobbyBoss kit A UK special forces Jackal 2A Net Photo
  9. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    That has the High roll bar, but a added stronger frame throughout.
  10. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    Thanks for the info, I have not gone into this in detail. I will now look a little deeper at the Jackal.
  11. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    This is what the kit will build, and very nice indeed. Net Photo
  12. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    The kit only has the original front Roll-bar, not the taller one.but it’s an easy scratch replacement
  13. magman2

    1/35 Jackal 1

    HobbyBoss 1/35 Jackal 1 is out, and it looks like a good kit lot of nice details.
  14. Thank You I thought it was but I wanted to make sure
  15. Is this the 0.30 cal Machine gun as supplied in the kit or is it a 0.50 cal machine gun?? Net Photo
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