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  1. Gecko Scimitar II Correction Net Photo
  2. Algeria has purchased the Terminator
  3. The Trumpeter kit is the only one to give you the operator’s cab interior.
  4. I thought you may like to see the wheel suspension.
  5. I have made a start on the Coyote from HobbyBoss. The whee suspension is complete a tad time consuming but worth it. This now sat on the Def Model resin wheels but not glued more later ….
  6. The HB 1/35 Coyote is out. I have waited a longtime for this one
  7. New 1/35 Comet Tank from Tamiya Net Photo
  8. A Musket ball will kill you, the age off a killing machine dose not matter it still kills. Sadly the Ukraine has become a Charnel house for both sides. I hope Peace will come Soon. R. I.P to the fallen.
  9. New Owners Wolfhounds now in service Net Photos
  10. Accurate Armour also sell a few items for the Cent AVRE https://accurate-armour.com/search?terms=centurion+avre https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/135th-accessories/a205 https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/135th-accessories/a206
  11. 1/35 Jackal 2 (1) Hobbyboss Jackal 1 really they messed up on the designations. The Coyote is Finally being released this month
  12. English stencils but don’t have many one the aircraft Su-25 note the blue stencils
  13. They stated When The War is Over. Net Photo Lem Kit
  14. Lemkits 1:35 RK-360 "Neptune" - Ukrainian Anti-ship missile system
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