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  1. At last the Russian Army Terminator has camouflage Net Photos (VK.com)
  2. It’s not you, Trumpeter have a history of getting things wrong. On the Maz tank transporter, the have just omitted parts and they did a similar thing on the Oshkosh Trucks.
  3. Testing a new Missile Net Photo
  4. Thank You for taking the time to share this information. Well done
  5. Yes please that would be helpful Thank You
  6. I found this, from facfa.com regarding weapons load for the Liberator Coastal Command. Machine guns and weapons depending on the Mark of Liberator. Nine machine guns: Without Leigh Light: 10 x 250 lb depth charges or 5 x 250 lb depth charges and 2 Mk. 24 mines or 5 x 250 lb depth charges and 2 600 lb A/S bombs With Leigh light: 8 x 250 lb depth charges With Leigh Light and Rocket Projectiles: 16 x 25 lb Rocket Projectiles and 5 250 lb depth charges, or 16 x 25 lb Rocket Projectiles and 1 Mk 24 mine and 3 250 lb depth charges
  7. Another photo of the retractable Rocket rails, under the rear bomb bay of a Coastal Command Liberator. (Net Photo)
  8. Operationally it’s down to the the user, as operating Russian equipment, has never been at it’s best by Middle East users. The best kit in my opinion is the Meng Models kit ,as you have the choice of different versions with Radar mast equipment. The other kits you only have one choice all will make an impressive Model.
  9. The later retractable Rocket configuration. I think this modification was only fitted to the MK.V , but if any one knows if it was fitted in the later versions Please share the Information. Eduard make this set in 1/72 Net Photos
  10. This is a Great photo from the IWM collection, showing weathering on the nose frame windows Net Photo (IWM)
  11. Thank You, EwenS for your help and information and for pointing me, in the right direction regarding the Liberator GR MK.5
  12. Were all the the 0.50 US machine guns, replaced with British.303 MGS on Costal Command Liberators?
  13. Su-57 cockpit Net Photo
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