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  1. A Busy Carrier Deck. F-35B HMS Queen Elizabeth. Net Photo (MoD)
  2. Takom 1/35 CADS-N-l KASHTAN ClWS Russian Navy I know its a Maritime Thing, but some one might want to make a Mad Max style Truck. Lower is a Net Photo South Korean C-RAM Net Photos
  3. Takom 1/35 CADS-N-l KASHTAN ClWS Russian Navy Another one just in. Quietafew of these 1/35 ships defence systems, are available from various manufacturers now, and more are to follow. Lower is a Net Photo
  4. New ,Avart 1/35 Russian Naval Infantry. Very nice figures, injection moulded and good detail. ideal for accompanying, Russian veicals BTR-82, Gaz tiger and others From eBay Russia
  5. Trumpeter 1/35 96K6 Pantsir-S1AMDGS I just had to add, the Trumpeter 1/35 96K6 Pantsir-S1AMDGS to my Pantsir collection. The Trumpeter kit, looks good and the fire control unit has an Interior. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10609633
  6. RAF Poseidon MRA 1 ZP802 Net Photo (Boeing/RAF)
  7. This a good urban Pattern, you can use different colours, it's up to You. Net Photo
  8. It's Your Model, go for it and Enjoy.
  9. magman2

    Type 59 Tank crew

    Any 80's soviet tank crew, will pass for Chinese tank crew. they were almost the same. . Net Photo
  10. Turkish S-400 Missiles, are the BAZ-64022 Tractor with 5P85TE2 TEL S-400. Turkish S-400 on the TV. Trumpeter have this kit in 1/35, you can read a review here.
  11. RAF Poseidon MRA 1 ZP801 The Pride of Moray, made it's First flight on July 13, 2019 Net Photo (Boeing/RAF)
  12. Great job Gaz. flashlight, many of the Gaz Tigers have Grey interiors.
  13. The first Aircraft named ... Net Photo (Boeing)
  14. Russian Pantsir S2M. 2019 New view Net Photo
  15. ZP801 at Boeing. Net Photo (Boeing)
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