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  1. Russian Army's New equipment starts to enter Service Net Photos
  2. I purchased these directly from the Them
  3. magman2

    New Scimitar CVRT

    The Scimitar 2 will arrive this year in 1/35 injection moulded. can’t say who that is at the moment
  4. Sorry no, I have Parkinson’s which make modelling a slow process for me. plus I am working on a 1/16 RC Chieftain Tank, that I want to Finish.0
  5. my RF Chally 2 TES has arrived, and WoW what a kit. It looks fantastic, lots of parts and maybe a tad over engineered ?. The New Miniature Modern British AFV Crew, is a must for this tank if you like adding crew.
  6. Yes and yes to both post if was black program it would not be on display
  7. I have no doubt that RHA -66 is in a museum an attack helicopter akin to that hello is flying but. Hay whatever you all have a nice day now
  8. Yes still flying, and other Black Projects. The Americans have never stopped developing Black Offensive and defensive weapons. President Trump, alluded to the fact that the U.S Had and would unleash unimaginable Weapons on Iran.
  9. He tail part that wasn’t destroyed is almost Identical to the cancelled Comanche attack helicopter that is still flying
  10. New I phone 15CN
  11. A refuelling probe, will be fitted at some point. The RAF doesn’t have the the capability, to refuel them at the moment.
  12. Poseidon 801, will arrive in the @ RAF Lossiemouth on The 4th of February 2020.
  13. A Busy Carrier Deck. F-35B HMS Queen Elizabeth. Net Photo (MoD)
  14. Takom 1/35 CADS-N-l KASHTAN ClWS Russian Navy I know its a Maritime Thing, but some one might want to make a Mad Max style Truck. Lower is a Net Photo South Korean C-RAM Net Photos
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