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  1. Superb. Highly detailed. I completed Tamiya in 1/100 scale, USS Kittyhawk Ver. I have one question. Does the centre fuel tank looks like nose dive? My build does. Is it correct? cheers, Rishi
  2. I would love to see the RA273 though RA272 was the car where Honda came first in Mexican GP. https://global.honda/heritage/episodes.html
  3. Excellent clean build. You have done a great job on the trim lines. Tamiya wipers look detailed. I will be posting soon my completed Fujimi Honda S800. I wish i could help you with decals. I have ruined nearly 2 decals from the set. Happy Modelling, Rishi.
  4. Superb work. Please tell more about your scratch building process like drawings, pattern, casting. How did you cast these tires resin or rubber??? Master for the tires? Happy modelling, Rishikesh
  5. Hi, Beautifully done. The decals, radio antennas, Hazard warning signs all add lot of details. Very well done. The front wide tires look right on heavy tanker. Happy modelling, Rishikesh
  6. Stunning finish and build. The build is superb what you have achieved from AMT kit. The suspension height is correct, eng hood fits flush, rear bump fitting, taillight painting and replacement headlights. Eleanor. Cheers, Rishikesh
  7. Hi, Very well done. I love those fat tires and deep dish wheels. Cheers Rishikesh
  8. Very nice build. The snow plow is excellent, happy to see this finished. I am still in making one for my 1/87 scale trucks. Cheers, Rishikesh
  9. Brillant finish. The body its white metal or resin??? Cheers, Rishi
  10. Stunning work. Weathering is perfect. I like those off road tires and wheel hubs. Cheers, Rishikesh.
  11. All the bugs are fantastic, but i like the staff car. Cheers, Rishikesh
  12. Very well done paint finish is fantastic. The black marker is a nice idea. Otherwise there is lot of masking for this kit. Cheers, Rishikesh
  13. The red colour is . Another fantastic build. Cheers, Rishikesh
  14. This is just fantastic. This kit was on my list to buy as it has engine and stand display. I brought a Tamiya 911 but unforunately the paint job was a disaster. Even the headlight rings are hard to mask. How will you replace the spark plugs on a real one?? remove out the engine?? The wheels are superb, are they machined parts?? Cheers, Rishi
  15. Fantastic build. The decals look great. Cheers, Rishikesh
  16. Beautifully done. very well detailed. Cheers, Rishikesh
  17. Stunning build. The diorama looks like post apocalyptic fiction movie. Cheers, Rishi
  18. The engine is just fantastic, they include a PE cylinder head gasket too. Great work on those wire wheels. Cheers, Rishikesh
  19. The interior looks superb, all the details are raised. Do you need to hollow out the plastic grills then place the PE parts? Then the whole assy goes on to the front bumper? Cheers, Rishi
  20. The car looks Fantastic. I dont see any defects.
  21. The name Porco Rosso brought me here. I am a fan of Hayao Miyazaki films and studio Ghibli movies. i have collected many of his films. I animation and story is just fantastic takes you into animation world. Laputa in the sky, Howls Moving castle, Princess Mononoke. watching with interset. Cheers, Rishi
  22. Very nice build. The metal frame will make the model feel heavy. What about the body painting and the "Mar.....lo" decals? I have this bike kit in 1:12 scale with studio 27 decals. There is very nice photograph of finished model in Tamiya catalouge (year ). Rishi
  23. Thank you. I brought this kit after the road test of NSX plus reading an article about Senna's NSX. Two out the three cars owned by Senna were brought by one man. The price when he made unsuccessful offer was pounds 80K. I was not impressed by the price he brought the car, but the magazine featured some very nice photographs of the RED NSX with plate SX-25-59. The all new next gen NSX. http://world.honda.com/news/2015/c150112Next-Generation-Acura-NSX/video01/index.html
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