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  1. 1/32 Revell Hawk Tamiya F-14 Tamiya F-4 Phantom II 1/48 (Any brand) T-45 Goshawk YF-23 Blackwidow Su-37 Terminator Mil ?- Hind Ac130 spectre Kiowa warrior (Brands) Hasegawa - Blue Impulse 3 jet set Hasegawa - Sea king
  2. Great work would have gone lovely in the Tv /Movie gb shame its not while 2012 Russ
  3. RussTnailZ


    whats with all the dutch haters you should have "a smoke and a pancake" Russ
  4. Yep i agree Can we keep it to the Su-37 guys and try not to get into the whats and whens im all for debate but it can get out of hand and off topic Russ
  5. A quite good video of them in action they obviously dont believe in wearing there oxygen masks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObSLydWFS7E another good one
  6. great progress i would definately say your heading in the right direction love the base i can see why there so expensive the detail is fabulous on them they look as good if not better than the forgeworld stuff which is vastly more expensive Russ
  7. minni hobby do a 1/48 one http://www.westwalesmodels.co.uk/Mini-Hobb...nker-1/48-Scale
  8. RussTnailZ

    team USA

    wow that looks fantastic great work Russ
  9. Looking very good cant wait to see more
  10. I was lucky enough to see a CF-18 demonstrating high alpha manouvres last year at Yarmouth Airshow in Canada and it actually made me start to like the bug was never a fan until seeing one in action. Russ
  11. the revell rendition is my nemesis i must complete it got half way threw and lost intrest Russ
  12. i will check mine havnt got to the gear doors yet i hope mines there Russ
  13. Does look great just my personal prefrence i think it needs dirtying up looks a bit clean Russ
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