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  1. Yup, wot Stew said. Very much a fan of Stocky Edwards, really enjoyed his biography, his is an awesome story, so I'll be hanging around a bit. Steve.
  2. You've sure got my attention with this Steve, especially when the V-S drives were mentioned. I'm fairly familiar with the principle & it's use in harbour tugs, I was gob snacked to see it used in these. Bring it on. Steve.
  3. Fwiw, I reckon they look pretty damn good. I've the D-15 kit winging it's way from MJW currently, figured I had enough garden D's of various makes but liked the idea of a DB powered one. I too will be referring to this thread again. I do think some if the decal woes bring discussed above could be mitigated by trying this. Super easy, gentle, forgiving, versatile & cheap. What can be lost in trying it. Steve.
  4. That is a lovely build Dave, sorry I missed it the 1st time around. I like the look of these aircraft, they have a certain elegance to my mind. The only time I saw them was flying over a friend's house in East Sheen in the mid 80s where I was staying for a time, they were right under the Heathrow flight path, no memory of smokey motors or chance to see the liveries. They did have some very attractive ones as yours has brought out so well. Steve.
  5. This was certainly one part that took a bit more effort, it was sliced off, reshaped & repositioned, all pretty much by eye but it looks the part in the end I think. I did have the rather nice drawings that came with the Aeroclub conversion & they were a big help. The prop blades are probably a bit too wide, being Seafire ones. next time. Steve.
  6. I'm very much in this camp too. I think it is the fact that it's production & use was so limited is what gives it a certain uniqueness factor & makes it attractive to so many, howlers excepted. Even though I have done one from a Ventura Seafire XV with A frame hook & have an Aeroclub conversion in stock, I'd buy another or two in a heart beat. Steve.
  7. stevehnz

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Sad indeed, same age as me which is a bit scary. I think I may be among the minority who enjoyed Escape From Absolom, which he starred in. The movie attracted poor reviews, though his performance was pretty strong. I enjoyed it anyway. RIP Ray. Steve
  8. Definitely so. I found mine a thoroughly enjoyable read. Currently reading "Gone Bush" by Paul Kilgour, a lifetime wanderer in the New Zealand outdoors & inveterate hut "bagger", ie, records all the huts he has visited if not stayed it, last score over 1200, I can manage a miserable 55 or so. Very cheerful kind of read, twas a gift for a recent birthday. Steve
  9. A Revell Faun Elefant/Leopard 2A combo out of Germany via ebay is on it way & an IBG Fw 190D-15 from MJW models also on its way. Both were last in stock, nothing like living dangerously. Steve.
  10. Worth the wait, that looks really good. Steve.
  11. Looking very spiffy there Bill. It really is a show stopper. Steve.
  12. That looks really good, especially for a rebuild. I can't help thinking that test pilots back then had big gonads & small imaginations to climb into such beasts. Steve.
  13. That has come up wonderfully well, I can but hope to achieve similar come the day I dig mine out. It is a really nice scheme to my mind & you've nailed it. Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Lysander In TSS

    Those are magic clips Jerry, some top info in them. Now where did I put that Lizzie. Steve.
  15. Hasegawa Jaguar Gr.1/A as an A of EC.4/11 'Jura' during the Gulf War Wip thread here. A build i enjoyed up to the end when I felt that some of the short comings, iffy fit & poor load out selection conspired to suck some of the fun out of the finishing stages, some life issues rounded that off some more but never the less, here it is & I'm reasonably happy with it, I like the over all effect much more the the detail bits. My fav shot, reminiscent of some of the reference photos I had, the weathering on the air brake is unintentional, only noticed after editing the shot. The rest. Thanks to @Col. for proposing & supporting this GB & everyone else who gave encouragement along the way. Thanks guys, it makes a difference. Steve.
  16. That has come up very well Stuart, we haven't had many of these built& it is good to know it can go together so nicely, having the other boxing as I do. Steve.
  17. Nice to see this thread return & wow, loved your last post, so much good stuff in there. Fwiw, I reckon the front on your build & last Mustang is pretty much the best one ever. Imho of course. Steve.
  18. That is fantastically well done in every way, just amazing. Steve.
  19. For some reason, I've never been a Audi fan as far as rallying was concerned. Maybe something to do with their sudden dominance over many of my favourite rally cars, blooming Teutonic spoilsports. For that reason as as much as any other, I skipped your WiP, but then yielded to curiosity & WOW, what a revelation, that looks superb, for a boxy angular Teutomobile that is. I'm liking the look of their 86 Monte Carlo kit, just a bit. Steve.
  20. Those both look pretty assured efforts to me, it'd be nice to see some more of them. Steve.
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