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  1. A lovely looking build, I always enjoy to see this built inits 487 squadron colours & you have done a super job with it. Steve.
  2. I think it is no problem if you have shown the real author, as you have, @JohnWS, can comment further perhaps. I like this thread, you do excellent work & I like your sense of humour, I have a lot of laughs along the way, you & Mr Google appear to get along well. I'll be watching from now on. Steve.
  3. Pretty much ready to close it up now, it really is a nice kit this, the fit & design is right up with with best to my mind. So far everything just fits. I'll likely pause on this one for a few days while I try to get my French Fancy effort over the line. Steve.
  4. I'd give my left wotsit to have my old tin of Humbrol #11 back, the new iterations just don't cut it these days. I settled on 27002 as an alternative but couldn't get the result I got with it in a previous build. This is where we're at just now. I've luckily found a bottle of Model Master 1781 Aluminum which appear to offer a better finish so I'll try that tomorrow. In the mean time, I've been working at some colour mixs to relicate the colours of the french national markings decals. maybe a touch more 47 in the blue mix & the same for the 18 in the red mix, but they're not too far off. Steve.
  5. Year after your Mom's one Bill, 68, a slightly swoopier body, https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07662-1968-chevy-chevelle-ss-396--1199481 the straighter wing line on the 67 has a certain elegance about it though. I don't need one....... Steve.
  6. Really nice Patrick. The early war scheme is my personal pick, mainly 'cause I like that scheme in those colours, they are all equally well done though. Steve.
  7. One point to make which might be considered a flaw is the the Battle of the Sloedam causeway was not the success for the Canadian forces as portrayed so perhaps it should be seen as based on the Battle for Walcheren. I still manged to enjoy it all the same. Steve.
  8. Watched it now. I would rate it an honest effort to tell the story. Rather than try to tell the whole story on a broad canvas, it focused on individuals put into a bigger structure & I thought that was quite deftly handled. Yes, there were questions that only the sort of pedant who hangs out on BM is likely to pick up on but generally I thought it was well done. I reckon to know enough of the story of the taking of Walcheren to say that largely it worked. The previous war movie I saw was Dunkirk which I thought was dire. This was many times better. IMHO Steve.
  9. Impressive, very much something to aspire to when I tackle mine, that looks super. Steve.
  10. Reckon you're right there Antii, thanks for the memory jog. Steve.
  11. Hi Bosse, I must confess that I too was puzzled by the standard F-16 colours on this machine, but a rereading of your GB thread put me right. It also reminded me how much I fancy spending a summer in Sweden . Steve.
  12. Hi Dave, welcome to BM, there're a lot of good folk here, quite a few of us from the antipodes. Noting you have already invested in an airbrush & accessories, might I counsel not rushing it too much, there can lie the way to frustration, baby steps, trying stuff out along the way until you build up confidence is a good way forward, imho anyway. Steve.
  13. Somewhere in the depths of my memory bank is a wartime memoir where the pilot mentions retracting the wheels the first time he flew a (I think) Hawker Typhoon, where the still rotating wheels set up a vicious shaking as they retracted, after which he made sure to hit the brake lever before retracting, so it definitely was a thing though what we're seeing on the P-51 is less sure in it's design effect as that I think. Steve.
  14. Nice one Steve, a typically antipodean relaxed stance & faraway look, probably wishing he was even further away. I like what you've done with this, it just works. Steve.
  15. Yeah, me too. That has come up beautifully Pete, both of them in fact. Steve.
  16. Viewing deferred till tonight, older son working last night, when he & I were in Belgium/Holland 7 years ago, were travelled to Vlissingen hoping to take the Breskens ferry again only to find it had been replaced by a pedestrian/cycle ferry, so he was keen to see the movie too. Hopefully report tomorrow. Steve.
  17. It looks good in that last update Beefy, catching the look of the Rs nicely. Coincidently, while ratting around for something else, I stumbled across my copy of British Warships of the Second World War, a Folio of scale plans, with Royal Oak in 1/384. I've had this for nearly 50 years now & I rather think it is from this that my interest in ship builds & the Rs in particular stems. Carry on. Steve.
  18. Hopefully its all onwards & upwards for you now Peter, with this & with yourself. Looking forward to seeing this progress but taking care of yourself trumps this. Steve.
  19. As you'd expect it to Martin. I missed the boat on these the first time around, not sure how much they cost now, but if they were still available I'd look at them favourably, I remember them as being pretty nice. Steve.
  20. I've had a wee catch up now, been browsing on the phone of late & the wee screen just doesn't cut it for the big jobs & this is a BIG job. Now seen on a decent sized monitor, it looks way impressive. I'm a bit worried that I might have missed the bit where you described your toxin of choice while doing the belly reshaping. I'd quite like to try some, it seems like fun. Steve.
  21. I'll tag along, this does look a rather interesting. Steve.
  22. $NZ80.00 for a small kit. Try not to sell them all too fast, I've got some saving up to do. Steve.
  23. Looks brilliant, not your run of the mill Spitfire at all. Steve.
  24. Looking to watch it today after one of my sons proposed doing so. A long weekend holiday Monday here in the Dominion. It reviews quite well & Walcheren was an area I traversed quite often during my OE back in the 80s, wished I'd paid more attention now. Steve.
  25. Gosh, me, starting late again, seems to be my modus operandi these days. I'm throwing my hat in the ring with this bird. Since taking this sprue shot I've cut the necessary cockpit parts off the sprues & glued the main cabin seat backs onto the bases. Tomorrow hopefully, some paint on the cabin walls & cockpit components & seat belts & it'll be ready to go together, I think. Coupla days. Steve.
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