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  1. I'm still keen to do a Mistral but it's looking as though it will be Armee de l'Air, I've been unable to find any references for Aeronavale operated Mistrals, the kit scheme is actually correct for a Mk 5 Vampire not a Mistral as far as I can see, searching has shown up nothing of Mistrals in Aeronavale schemes so unless someone has a reference source that confirms the dark blue scheme for a Mistral it looks like the kit scheme for a Armee de l'Air one in Algeria in the late 50s will have to do the job. Steve.
  2. Not quite kitten is as much as yours are, Jonesy, our younger Burmese, is a bit over 5 months old now, we got him at 3 months. I draw your attention to this post on the "Cats taking over thread", the darker one is Jonesy, the paler one is Marty, the first one we got, he is about 18 months old now, though even so, the younger one has established his place at the top of the pecking order, stroppy little git. Steve.
  3. You've got a lovely job there on your Beau, one to be proud of. I'll look forward to see more up to this standard. Steve.
  4. Aaah, the old fickle won't power. Never there when you need it. Steve
  5. Thanks Troy. I have managed to glean a reasonable amount of info on line but can't recall if that colour info was among it, at work just now. A download of a later boxing's instruction has given some Humbrol equivalents, I know the brown was given as 170, the old brown Bess colour I think, so I'll need a mix or equivalent for that but as long as it looks about right, I'm trying hard not to over think such things, more than I need to anyhow. I'll be sure to sing out if I need more/better info than I have. Steve.
  6. That looks excellent Ali, nice to see one of these done, some flesh out on my ambitions as it were. Steve
  7. Blooming heck, you're not hanging around much are you?! That looks good Adrian, I think you'll find the ICM one not too bad but not as good as these. I recall some of the fit being tightish but was pleased with how it went together. Steve.
  8. That looks fantastic Cookie, & I haven't even started mine yet. No matter, it won't be nearly as ambitious as this one, nor look as good finished. Steve.
  9. I like that. The detail on this is impressive, you've obviously made the best & more of what there was to work with. Steve.
  10. A last post war development by Czechoslovakia, which was overtaken by the German occupation. RSmodel did these as well as KP. they also did the production B.135 version (all dozen or so of them) which served with the Bulgarian Air Force, one of the latter is supposed to have shot down a B-24, their only claim to fame/infamy afaik. @AntoineG did the RS kit very nicely, wish I'd seen it before this, some of the detail he has put in would have been useful. Steve.
  11. I agree, if I could resist over thinking it & just build it, it is not to bad. Certainly kits have moved on a bit but I've contended with worse than this. Steve.
  12. Damn, I didn't realize I bought the last one. This article has some info about the various sprues in the Roden kit which may be useful. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2000/september/first-looks/roden_dvi.htm Thinking about it, I think I bought mine off the local auction site so older than I thought. Steve
  13. Nice to watch this, I have a different boxing but same plastic I think. It will be a Belgian one too. Don't mind me looking over your shoulder. Steve.
  14. stevehnz

    Covid Jab

    I'm also now fully vaccinated, 1st one end of May, a delay with the second, I think they were running out of the stuff, Pfizer, but the 2nd one last Wednesday. So far nothing I can attribute to the jab by way of side effects.
  15. I am a bit in awe if what you're doing with this, looking forward to the next reveal. Steve.
  16. That has gone together very nicely. Steve
  17. I had a similar experience, though it was my fault I bust the windscreen. Building an ICM kit as a E-1, I was able to use the E-4 windscreen from it on the Airfix kit being built as an such. A perfect fit from memory. They are a nice build. Steve
  18. Very nice Patrice, the weathering especially looks very convincing. Well done. Steve.
  19. There is always one of these if you don't feel like scratching one. I bought one fairly recently. Steve.
  20. A bit more progress, the fuselage all buttoned up, I ended up extending the "radiator" to the top of the nose cavity & painting black. The engine cowl top was too wide so I sawed it down the middle, stuck it back together & glued it down. It seems to have worked quite well. Peeking through the gaping intake, there is a silver u-shape visible & nothing else much, Ok by me. The fuselage fit into the wings is exemplary, there'll be very little filler needed, the cockpit needs the turn over pylon installed & another couple of braces putting onto that from behind the seat then I can stick the canopy down & sand it to march the fuselage contour. There is a small crack at the rear of this but it will mostly be covered by paint. I can live with it, as long as it doesn't get worse. It really is quite an elegant shape, I like the prototype better than the production version, which had straighter wing leading edges & looks a bit more angular. Steve.
  21. I pulled into a local Repco branch today to pick up an oil filter & alongside the main entrance was a 1976 Datsun 180B, exceptionally tidy, alloy wheels with matching Orange centres, very 70s, I think it may belong to one of the young guys who works in there. Years since I've seen one. Steve.
  22. Best scheme an F-15 ever wore perhaps & shown to advantage with some magical modelling. Nicely done Tom. Steve.
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