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  1. She's definitely a bonza looking sheila Andrew, nicely done with this old kit. Steve.
  2. A nice one too. Not sure if I like the later or earlier Delta liveries, they are both distinctive, this later one is especially striking though, it might just get my vote. Steve.
  3. A pretty neat line up there Steve, the TWA aircraft is a nostalgic insight into another great name vanished from the skies, I do like the 1st Delta one too, the clouds give it a nicely atmospheric look. My ex bro in law is/was flying 767s for DHL, it'd be a hoot if that was one he'd flown, that DHL scheme is a stunna. Did we miss a photo between the second Delta & the DHL bird. Thanks again, Steve.
  4. That would have been a better idea 'cept that I didn't have any brass tube so this will hopefully suffice. Steve.
  5. Hang in there, it doesn't last forever, it only seems like it does. Steve.
  6. Hooo Boy, been a while, hasn't it, lost my mojo for a while, retirement came & is needing a bit more adjustment than I'd realised, a recurring cough that has last close to two months now has not been conducive to doing anything much, but at least after the 4th visit to the sawbones, I've been referred for a chest x-ray & had bloods taken. He did muse out loud about emphysema which didn't cheer me a heap. I've had plans for this retirement. Anyway, the last couple of days I suddenly found myself modelling again, cough still here but what the heck. This was lastnight, as of tonight I've got the fuselage together, rear bit on tomorrow I hope & I'm still hopeful of getting it done. The bits behind the intakes are the left over from some new intake centre bodies, I thought the kit ones were too short. The white tubes are recyclable straw bits just to give the tail pipes some depth, again the kit bits didn't thrill me, too skinny by half & looking at photos of the real deals, they have big dark holes surrounds by thin metal shells, I'll try to replicate this too. The little mummy looking thing is some lead shot wrapped in white tak, hopefully enough to prevent tail sitting. Steve.
  7. Quite exquisite, that really is something wonderful. Steve.
  8. I think it'll have to wait a bit longer yet, 'sides, I've got another something planned for the GB. if I can get A into G. Steve.
  9. Nicely done on this, I like the look of these & you've caught that look well. Steve.
  10. This looks fantastic. I was fascinated by these as a kid & have been much tempted by this kit, seeing this one is not making that temptation any easier to resist. Steve.
  11. That looks wonderful Einar. I very much agree with your colour choice, mine shall be red too, my first Dinky toy one over 55 years ago was red so how could it not be. BRG for the coupe suits it so well too, they are a most handsome pair. Steve.
  12. That is a really nice Viper photo. Steve
  13. Tower did a lot of trooping contracts from memory? Smart livery. Steve.
  14. Definitely like that older style livery on this. Steve.
  15. We've had a few of these here in New Zealand over the years but the last one retired a year or two back from memory. When they were on night freighting, they bought back memories of the L-188 Electras that Air New Zealand's predecessor TEAL flew when I was a kid, that Alison drone. Steve.
  16. Thanks for the photos again. IMHO those are just the sexiest looking TF-104s I can imagine. If my TF kit wasn't already spoken for or they were easier to come by I'd be after doing one of these like a shot. Steve.
  17. I think the large tug might be Agile,the dates mentioned here seem to fit & more importantly, so do the physical characteristics. Steve.
  18. You've really got a way of cheering people up mate. It may come as a surprise as I approach 70 that facing 40 again would be quite the jolly thing. Someone told me as I approached 60 that never mind, 60 is the new 40. bugger off I told him, I'd rather be 40 again. Hopefully he will have the sense to shut up come my 70th, 'sides, he isn't on the guest list. Another way of saying what I'm trying to is its all relative. Having just retired from 36 years in a dead end job of which the only saving grace was being able to pay the bills, I found it was the little things that kept me going, the mind games I played that made eternal knock backs look like small victories, so onwards & upwards bud, make this place the site of your victories & consign the rest to eternal duty, for that as much as anything is what kept me doing it. Sorry to be such a wet blanket, good to see you back. Steve.
  19. It's a bit like taking a picnic lunch to the factory & following the build along. Totally amazing. Steve.
  20. Its a ship build, so I'll keep an eye on it. To my eye, you've a very sound base for further progress on this. As an aside, would you have any idea what the tug at Londonderry's bow was, I'm a sucker for tugs too. Steve.
  21. That looks impressive Mark. I've long pondered one of these, not so easy now I've retired & the chancellor of my exchequer keeps a close eye on the coffers. I can remember seeing these in my first Observers Book of Aircraft, 1963 from memory, they looked like something out of a Dan dare comic strip to my eye. After seeing this & your other one, I may have to be very nice to the chancellor for a bit. Steve.
  22. Those have both come up wonderfully well, I like them a lot. Steve.
  23. I would be too, that has come up superbly well. Steve.
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