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  1. I followed your build (100+ installments?) on youtube. Superb, absolutely superb. Even for those of us who could not add as much amazing detail to their model as you did to yours, the videos offer some really good tutorials, especially for things like lowering the suspension to get a better ride height. I'll say it again, superb.
  2. When I was a small chap I hated Revell kits for their imprecise fit and mis-aligned parts. Since then I have avoided their stuff like the plague, but had hoped that a new release would be better. Alas, this kit is no better with incorrect instructions, inaccuracies and, as you have noted, a poor fit in places. Considering its, err, 'challenges', you have done a really good job with it.
  3. Merci mes amis. I have been wielding my paint brushes over the past few evenings. I have a lovely set of Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes, and you can still get really fine lines with a No.3; amazing. Airfix suggest Oxford Blue for the overcoat, but that seemed too dark, until I went on-line and saw how dark the French uniforms actually were. Oxford Blue it is. The gaiters are a mix of German rey and Black, and there is still the detailing to come. His face was painted with a mix of Vallejo Flat Flesh and Vallejo Light Rust, high and low-lighted and some details added. Please bear in mind that in the photos he is much larger than the actual model piece, so it is much easier to see all the errors. And there are lots... His uniform so far (I know there are touch-ups to do eg. the red on his sleeve among others): His face and hat - the peak and front cockade of his hat are a separate part. Don't forget, these images are over five times the size of the actual part:
  4. Yep, that worked. I replaced the kit ramrod, which was moulded to Soldat le Plaisantain's hand and slightly mis-shaped, with a piece of wire. Next I attached the figure's feet to the base with PVA so that I had a ground datum to work to. Following Black Knight's tips, I then positioned the musket and le Soldat's right arm and then glued his arm in place using liquid cement to give a little time for adjustment. The musket is not fixed in position at this point. Once the right arm was suitably set I manoeuvred the left arm and musket into the required position and affixed the arm to the shoulder with liquid cement. The musket is still not affixed so it can be removed to assist with painting. More soon...
  5. Nice tips Black Knight. The hole in the muzzle of the musket is done, and I was thinking of replacing the ramrod with fine wire; but your tips about positioning his arms are worth a try. Thank you.
  6. Hi Dave, on this thread ... I included a couple of posts showing how I relaced the wheels on my Italeri 1/9 Harley WLA750. krow113's skills are way above mine, but the method shown in my thread was relatively simple and is actually based on krow113's methods (credit where credit is due). Hiroboy linked here (I have no connection) have some chain sets and, as you can see above, krow113 has had success with a 1/12 set on a 1/9 kit.
  7. Ici Soldat Deuxieme Classe le Plaisantin. In late comes my attempt to get a model built for the French Fancy II GB. The Airfix 54mm (1/32nd scale) French Line Infantryman in 1815 uniform; as worn at the Battle of Waterloo. The kit was purchased from a well known auction site, along with eight others; all for just over three quid each. Bargain. All were blister packs as with this one: The instructions are printed on the back of the card pack: The sprues are in white plastic with very little flash but some fairly noticeable mould lines to clean up: Plan A is to complete the figure reloading his musket. I think that it will be easier to position his arms for that pose rather than trying to align everything to pose him in the firing position. We shall see...
  8. Really good to see a UAV on the forum, and I'm glad you went for the RAF option too.
  9. Three very nice mosquitos there Tony, fine advertisements for the new Airfix kit though the Hasegawa still looks the part when finished so nicely.
  10. I missed this when it was posted. Very nice indeed Oz. Online I have seen (but can't find now) a photo of a Flak 88 on a bridge firing across the river, hastily set up as your build; was something similar your inspiration for your projected diorama?
  11. Don't... make... me......... Resistance... is... futile..........
  12. With my current record for not starting GBs I said I'd take part in, and getting heavily involved in non-modelling stuff, I daren't commit to anything these days; but this is one I would love to do. Here's hoping Fate keeps it's nose out next year.
  13. Oh dear lord, somebody actually built one. And did an incredible job of it. Bloomin' superb!
  14. Near Crediton in Devon this afternoon - A Gyrocopter, I think an MT-03, doing circuits of the area.
  15. Take one kit, add Libor - shake. Stunning result.
  16. Sooooo much better than the joke HobbyBoss He-162 with its ridiculous flat canopy. The Frog mould may be a million years old, but you have shown that it still builds in to a great model.
  17. Lovely. Just lovely.
  18. I am glad your hand is in one of the photos as the model could easily pass for 48th or even 32nd. Superb modelling and finishing.
  19. The Airfix kit is rather nice, and you have done a great job on it. A Lightning in its element, perfect.
  20. The colour matched Zero Paints from https://www.hiroboy.com/ are superb and, I think, are really easy to use.
  21. I always like your builds, and this is no exception. Every bit as Golden as it is an Oldie, and yours is built 'just right'.
  22. Those Hasegawa bike models look every bit as good as (better than?) the Tamiya kits. Especially so when made and finished as well as yours.
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