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  1. Still in for this one, though I'm likely to join in the second half as I have a couple of models I have to have done by the end of November and I'm a slow builder. I'll be there though.
  2. Thank you very much for posting this link, like many here I respect Tony and enjoy his models. I have now 'Followed' his FB page.
  3. I really like that, and look forward to seeing the Bedford.
  4. Madness, utter madness. Thank goodness for modelers like you who make us smile and wonder with your incredible efforts and skills.
  5. I always love your builds, and this one is as stunning as the rest. Superb.
  6. S'alright is that. It was made to be built, you built it; and you got your mojo back. That's a winner all-round.
  7. Superb photos, thank you for sharing.
  8. None at all Pete. This was almost certainly a one-off. Once you have seen the mould misalignment on T-3's that may well be your reaction. If you do decide to take the plunge, be warned that the gearbox is very noisy when it's switched on.
  9. Hello All, Sci-fi is not my usual genre but I was passed this kit to build as a tribute to a late club member. This is AiP's Thunderbird 5 with Thunderbird 3 kit, Thunderbird 5 is motorised, the motor being supplied in the UK issue of the kit despite it being reported in some places that you have to source your own motor. You will have to find your own AA battery, The motor and gearbox are almost entirely housed in the main body of Thunderbird 5, which makes it very 'nose' heavy. I added 30g of steel offcuts right up against the inside of the read bulkhead, and I think I should have added a little more. The rod on which the Thunderbird 5 part of the model is supported has a considerable mount of free lateral movement and if you are going to build this kit I would suggest providing some internal support like a tube to prevent this. With the motor switched on Thunderbird 5 rotates slowly about the mounting rod, the underside antenna rotates, the twin upper antennae rotate and a wheat-bulb in the blue dome flashes intermittently. The contacts for the flashing light are poor and I have struggled to get this to work consistently; but work it does. In contrast, Thunderbird 3 is simply held on to the base by a magnet in the bottom of the main rocket body and a magnet under the base. According to Scalemates this kit's origins can be traced back to the 1967 IMAI release, later upgraded by Aoshima. The age of some of the moulds shows as the fit is poor in places and there are significant mould misalignments in some parts; Thunderbird 3's lower body in particular needing a lot of work. The kit provides two bases, one a representation of the Earth from western Europe to Greenland and the other a representation of the Moon. I have not completed the Earth base yet and have not fixed the Thunderbird 5 mounting rod so I may transfer between the two once the other base is painted. Without further ado, here it is:
  10. 1/72nd Airfix? If you hadn't put the paint pot next to the model I wouldn't have believed you... or did you photoshop it next to a 1/48th?
  11. Tres Beau..... Beautifully executed model.
  12. Brilliant model. I still prefer the Razorback, but your bubble top is excellent.
  13. I am not sure if there is another thread about this, but I have just built the AiP TB5, and the kit comes with the motor included and he 'transparencies' are blue and not clear. As an aside, Scalemates has this as the ex-Aoshima and therefore ex-IMAI kit, originally released in 1967. Aoshima may have updated the moulds (eg the meteor deflector ring) but many of the parts are lumpy-bumpy and several have large mould mis-alignments.
  14. To a plain ole rivet-ignorer like me it just looks like a really well modelled Backfire.
  15. A magic Magister. You've done a nice job with the Patrouille scheme too.
  16. Niw thats a wee bit different. It's nice to see a 'lesser built air force' aircrft, especially a Jaguar.
  17. Maybe you should build more, that's really nice.
  18. Yeah, I like that a lot. Extra good for being 1/72.
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