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  1. That is what the hobby is all about... fun! Great little sub you have there...
  2. Hi Tony... Blast from the past..! Sorry though, I can't remember which Olive Drab, far to long ago...! Thanks all for the comments Ta Oz
  3. I'm only 20 minutes down the road, didn't even know it was on! Gutted! Graet pictures, thanks for posting..
  4. Going to have to throw the towel in on this one. My model room is now packed ready to move house... This wasn't planned but the right house came up...!
  5. OzH

    Saigon 1975

    Good spot, just watching it now...
  6. Very nice indeed, love them both.. Like the decks as well, very nice detail all round..
  7. This is probably my favorate kit of all time. Goes together beautifully with some great details OOB. I've built two with another six in the stash with a couple of dangerboy and one KMC wing fold sets.. All will be FAA, just waiting to move house later in the summer, will have a dedicated modeling room in the new place and will be cracking these open... Hope they turn out as nicely as yours has Supurb...
  8. Just checked the pdf on the eduard website and its the same, no details of the canopy etch. I guess its a case of getting some reference piccies...
  9. Now that is good to see...
  10. That is awesome.... Done a bit of rigging in my time, but yours looks perfect!
  11. Brilliant, fantastic finish...
  12. This is Backwoods Miniatures Tank Truck that I finished in RNAS scheme. Not sure these were ever used but the RNAS must have had some sort of fuel trucks...! And here she is on site with a Bristol Scout.. The kit went together like a dream, the resin is some of the best I have ever used..
  13. Built out of the box, finished and then realised the serial is incorrect...! Just read an article that says that these started at 895, not 885...! Too late now though! Not my best, but a bit of fun...
  14. Cool pics... Bring on the diorama!!
  15. Sorry, should have said... This one:http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/60w-professional-lcd-solder-station-with-esd-protection-a55kj
  16. Me neither.. always used glue before, but I think I may just be converted... read on... Cleaned up last nights work And then cracked on with the cockpit/cabin And the console Then I started to look at the skid assembly that is all white metal. This looked problematic as it was heavily flashed and bent out of shape... So, with my new found soldering skills, I built the skids out of brass tubing...
  17. Thanks for the encouragement guys.. As a result of the research mentioned above, I stumped up the cash for a decent soldering iron, picked one up from Maplin and what a difference! Need some cleaning up and a few touch ups, but happy so far.. Something I'm a bit more familiar with, resin, etch and white metal engine More to come today..
  18. I'll join in as well if you don't mind.. I have a few non-Injection moulded kits, resin, vac-form, white metal and this one took my fancy.. The kit consists of etch, White metal and resin with vac-formed glazing The majority seems to be etch that will need soldering, something I have never really mastered, so have been reading up and have watched a fair few YouTube tutorials.. so fingers crossed..!!
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