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  1. Sorted now, thank you
  2. There is a harrier GR3 XV808 in the UK that runs Harrier link
  3. Hello all, I’m after some advice please on the best glue to use with resin aircraft building. The super glue I have has hardly any handling time before it set and I’m nervous of getting everything lined up before it sets and not wanting to make a mess of things, is there a glue out there that is slower setting to give you the time of day to line everything up without having things out of line and fingers stuck the the fuselage Any help and advice is much appreciated. Ashley
  4. One of every current type of aircraft with the same tail I'm afraid. Nothing to write home about but at least some colour. The Reds have just the wording above the roundal.
  5. Awe shucks Only just found this thread and looks awesome, going to enjoy following this and seeing her finished. Ashley
  6. New resin 144th Avro 707A, 707A kinked wing and 707C being released and also the Boulton Paul P111/P111A and P120 released. Also released is a 144th Meteor NF decal sheet for 13 different variants.
  7. In Saturday at Mildenhall then over to LN Monday.
  8. Really looking forward to the TF, better start thinking of shelf space and colour schemes, very happy
  9. Hi All, Just a quick question regarding the 1/48th Airfix Gnats. As they have the Red Arrows offering in the Black Friday sale, is it the same sprues as the trainer version just different decals and painting guide. I've tried google searching and searches on here but it only brings up the trainer version for reviews. Cheers, Ashley
  10. Here's something I've been working on Armed Forces Day Tornado Tailfin TimeLapse
  11. Rolled out Monday and flew yesterday for 45 mins, had a camo tank on the port side which was different.
  12. Hannants have the Karaya kit decals listed, no price yet. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KYS4801 Right place, right time just bought the Eduard M3 boxing on eBay buy it now £35 very pleased indeed.
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