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Douglas DC-6 Cayman Airways Cargo.


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Ever since reading the late Stephen Piercey's 'Skytruck' books I've had a liking for the big ol' piston engine airliners earning their keep in unusual and exotic places. Once jetliners started to enter service, perfectly good large piston engine airliners were not wanted by the big airlines and many hundreds of Lockheed Constellation, Douglas DC-4's, 6's, and 7's were employed on cargo hauling duties.

Browsing Draw Decals website I came across a set for one of the aircraft in Stephens book, the Cayman Airways Cargo DC-6. I just had to have it, and here is the result. The aircraft was actually kept quite clean looking, so I have kept the weathering to a minimum. The kit is the 1:144 Minicraft DC-6 minus the spinners as they don't seem to have been fitted.The decals behaved beautifully and went on a treat. I am particularly impressed that the carrier film seems to have completely vanished.

A WIP thread can be found here.

Enough of the chat, cue the Caribbean background music;






Lovely artwork and printing on the tail badge;


Now I'd like some more of these, we just need to pesuade Draw to do a 'Fri Reyes' DC-4 or 6 (or even B-17!), 'Lanica' C-46, or a 'Conifair' budworm spraying Constellation amongst many others.

Thanks for looking


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Lovely, very nicely done.

I share your love of the pistonliners from days gone either when they were at their heyday with the main carriers or in their new found lives with the cargo companies after the jets took over and everything in between.

Great job.



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If you sit at the Sunset Bar at the end of the runway at Princess Julianne Airport, St Maarten you can see and hear something like this landing. So close you can almost reach out and touch it. More importantly you can hear those pistons pounding and pounding.

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