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  1. All i`m saying is it`s a cruel fact that with age our mental faculties diminish despite how fit you are, if your thought and reaction time slows only by a fraction of a second that could mean the difference between life or death! so if you look at it that way maybe yes the the medical examination process has got a problem!.
  2. Having seen three accidents at the Shoreham airshow now! but not wanting to to speculate into causes! although as someone mentioned earlier i also suspect that the pilot lost power at the top of his loop! but lets let the experts determine if that is correct or not!, But my major concern is and i have been concerned about this for some time! is the age of some of the pilot`s who are allowed to climb into the cockpits of fast jet`s and perform extreme aerobatic maneuvers! i am not for one minuet calling into question the pilots abilities in this case! as we all know he had a long and distinguished career! but i do call into question weather it`s wise of the of the C`A`A to grant licences to pilots in their senior years to fly fast jet`s!.especially at airshows!.
  3. I once believed that we went to the moon! until I found the one howler of a continuity error from the mission! that really blew my mind! and I surprised no one else has ever discovered it! no matter how hard you try you will never find a photo of Apollo 11 orbiting the moon! as taken from the lunar lander! and the only photos you will find are of the same command module posing as Apollo 11 but a shiny unpainted one! not white as Apollo 11 was!!.
  4. Don't know how many of you guys where aware of this! but I have just come across this floating around the on the web! Lets hope they sort this out when the time comes! and that it doesn't mean the demise of the worlds greatest display team! personally I am afraid to say I`m feeling a bit pessimistic about it all! considering all the defence cuts and what money there is being spent on other more expensive projects!. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/66993
  5. Can`t say I have ever seen sound units for static models! but I stand to be corrected on that! but there are definitely sound systems designed for RC models! I would imagine they would work for static models as well with a simple bit of electronic wizardry!, link http://www.modelsoundsinc.com/index.php
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