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  1. The early 707s had a "spade" type of nose gear door that hinged from the rear and covered only the strut. Late aircraft had the double side-hinged doors seen in the photo you linked to. See the 707 guide for details.
  2. It's best to study the Ultimate 707 guide to make certain which version you want to do. From everything above, I'm betting that the Airfix kit wouldn't be too far from wrong. You'll need to alter the nose wheel doors, and make the "organ pipes" longer so they look like JT-4s.
  3. Yes, but be careful which Minicraft kit you get; some of them also had Conways. Look for the Northwest boxing if you can find it. The military boxing of the VC-137 can also be used. There's a minor problem with the Minicraft kit though. Its cockpit section is much too bulged. You can get a corrected nose section from Two Mikes resin.
  4. Correct markings available here. There are also several other options in the list.
  5. It's amusing to see a 5 year old post get so much attention
  6. One of my classmates in the Navy was named Derek Moss. He swore up and down that if he ever had sons, he would never name them either Christopher or Peter.
  7. I did the Williams Brothers 1/32 C.450/460 and that was small enough. Yours is decidedly tiny!
  8. It's kind of like a Bulldog. It's so ugly it's gone back into the cute territory. This is especially true when you consider it's only about as long as your finger.
  9. Something about the old joke regarding screen doors comes to mind... Or perhaps it's Leonard of Quirm's Going Under The Water Safely Device?
  10. Now if only some brave company could do a kit of that...
  11. And with the bear trap, you have help pulling you down, and a seriously strong piece of machinery which clamps onto a probe underneath the helicopter which keeps it from moving about once it's safely down. After all the folding is finished, the bear trap can move the helicopter into the hangar without any external aid.
  12. Perhaps try a graduated fading with the prop disc? It should be slightly darker towards the middle of the blade position and thinner towards the edges.
  13. So mount an X-37 on it and you've got something approaching the first space shuttle concept.
  14. Oh dear. That's pretty much a total rebuild. The main rotor transmission was torn out of its mountings, and without those being in perfect condition a helicopter simply cannot fly. There's not going to be much left of the original helicopter if this one ever gets back into the air.
  15. It's likely the fact that the windscreen panels on a real Vanguard are flat, but Airfix gave us a smoothly round strip which is, of course, impossible for reasonably advanced modellers to sand and polish into the correct shapes, especially given how unreasonably thick and non-transparent it is. Also the nose scoops are less than accurate, but nobody has ever been able to carve a strip of plastic into the correct shape to correct the messes kit manufacturers give us. No, it's better to give up and complain than to take matters into our own hands and correct them.
  16. Hi Greg, If you can bear to snap the tailplanes off, they shouldn't have any dihedral. I like how you achieved the illusion of spinning props. It's very effective.
  17. Those are spectacular reference photos, but where's the model?
  18. The only suppliers I know of for Contrail parts are AHS and Contrails himself (It's a one-man operation).
  19. Contrails parts are pretty good. Sometimes they can be a bit rough, but an experienced modeller can easily make them work. You'll also want to replace the fictional landing gear legs with something accurate.
  20. There's a simpler explanation: Nigel is contagious; it's transmissible through the internet.
  21. I built this one way back in 198(mumble) when the local hobby shop somehow obtained several kits in this range. I think that I still have it stowed away somewhere. As I recall, I replaced the seat with one made from plastic card sanded to shape because the seat in my kit suffered from massive mould misallignment.
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