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  1. Looking good. You are realy beating it in to shape.
  2. Very minor detail. Your M1 carbine has a bayonet lug under the barrel. This was a post war/Korean War addition. You see it a lot in War Movies, as all the WW2 rifles were modified after the war and few genuine unmodified ones remain.
  3. Very sad news. A massive fan of his work. Forge of God remains one of the ultimate "End of the world" novels.
  4. Very nice build. It is always interesting to look at the Spitfire with a two bladed wooden prop and think about how far and how fast it evolved post 1939.
  5. Very nice build. I love the designers approach to airbrakes, no subtlety at all.
  6. Having built some A Model kits in the past, you will need a lot of filler. They do some interesting subjects, but the kits can be a little crude in places.
  7. Very nice. I see these and R22s flying over quite a lot from the Helicopter Flying School at the nearby Aerodrome.
  8. Just acquired some state of the art hearing aids (for an eyewatering price). Now I can hear everything SWMBO says... On the plus side, music now sounds like it did when I was in my 20s, and conversations don't get drowned out by background noise. Currently in the Sensory Overload phase while my brain filters adjust from not hearing full range to hearing everything.
  9. I recall on Top Gear many years ago Clarkson visited Japan, and for some strange reason it was a status symbol to own a high end German Car in LHD even if it was available in RHD. Something to do with the "Purity" of the design if it was LHD.
  10. Very nice. Not knowing the geography or air operations in Vietnam, are there any decal options in those provided for the two aircraft that can be combined for a reasonably authentic diorama/vignette?
  11. Personally I think the worn look on the markings looks quite good. All to often you see a seriously battered aircraft with pristine markings.
  12. It's an unusual subject, and it would be tempting to go for a captured machine at Farnborough. Would have loved to have seen Eric Brown's verdict on the type.
  13. In this scale, I am surprised you didn't use real canvas
  14. Always beautiful work. I do like the interwar "Yellow Wings" US schemes. So bright and cheerfully and hopefull...
  15. Why did I think of Orville when I saw this? Stunning build. Very tempted to get one myself.
  16. Wow. A blast from the past. I remember seeing the adverts for these in the back of Scale Models magazine in the 1980s. The days when you wrote a letter and enclosed a Cheque/Postal order to order kits...
  17. https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/resources/stories/si-brown/ This gentleman is my Nephew.
  18. Ouch. I think we have all had a day like that, when we just wish we hadn't been in such a hurry for the paint/glue/filler/varnish to dry...
  19. I highly recommend the book "Beyond blue skies" by Chris Petty, a fascinating History going from the X1 to the X15 and the various lifting bodies as well. There were a lot of incidents when it was the pilot's flying expertise that saved the day, not their engineering qualifications.
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