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  1. preferring it medium rare
  2. John_W

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Brilliant musician and larger than life character. Sadly missed.
  3. tastes like Wolabra Wonga
  4. Lovely Build. May try this with the IBG kit myself. As well as the length, Hardy was also slightly wider across the beam, but barely noticeable at that scale.
  5. Very nice build. Before my Time (I grew up with Lightnings and Phantoms) but my mother who lived on numerous airbases over the years always said the Javelin was the noisiest of all the aircraft that flew over the house.
  6. Airfix Magazine did an article on combining the Airfix and Matchbox kits to provide a more accurate version back in the 80s.
  7. Nice work. Are you going to correct the wing struts? Apparently they locate too high on the fuselage.
  8. If it is the new mould, the flaps and the lower wing joint are not great. If you drop the flaps there is no detail in the centre bay, just an empty void.
  9. Allegedly the kit was based on a restored example that had been re engined post war. Don't know how true that is though.
  10. Interesting they have changed the doors. I remember this kit as the three window prototype too. The single large window was introduced as an emergency escape.
  11. If you are building a glider tug, part 153 and its appropriate counterpart will give you the modified tail wheel/towing point.
  12. Back in the 80's I used to see a lot of "Flying Jackets" with a badge on the back proclaiming "Dakota Special Flight" the aircraft on the badge was/is a Twin Beech or possibly a Lockheed Electra Link to second hand website.
  13. Amazing build. Love Harvards. Especially love yellow Harvards.
  14. Coming along nicely. What colour scheme do you have in mind? Prototype or restrored/racer?
  15. I remember paying the massive sum of £1.50 for this kit. Took me a month to save it up from my pocket money. Has that rather odd clear IP part and fuel tanks that you never see.
  16. Lovely Build. The only aircraft I have properly flown in, instead of just being a passenger.
  17. Stunning build of an unusual subject. Can imagine that with a D nose as a Night Fighter prototype.
  18. The jacket looks identical to the current issue British Army No2/FAD jacket except for the buttons on the lower pockets which seem to be a Bootneck thing.
  19. His guide dogs help
  20. I had forgotten the abominable red plastic. Brush painting Matchbox kits could be a real challenge.
  21. Indeed, lovely kits of with a diorama base as well. It did limit your paint choices when they gave you a dessert base but one of the decal options was Eastern Front and the crew were wearing shorts...
  22. Nice choice. This sums up what I loved about Matchbox, kits of types neglected by the mainstream manufacturers
  23. Looks better in a revel box and one colour plastic. I remember dark grey and possibly vomit green? Was a nightmare brush painting white over the top.
  24. I have a massive soft spot for the Fury, first Matchbox kit I ever built, back when it was first released.
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