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  1. Very well done. I expected him to say "evening all" and the Dixon of Dock Green theme to start playing.
  2. Photo bucket. Keeps sending me emails telling me my account is over storage. Options are pay to upgrade or delete my account. Won't let me log in and delete photos, because I am over storage! Money grubbing con men if you ask my opinion...
  3. Very nice. I have a Revell boxing of a SH Boston III/D in the stash. Your build has provided some useful pointers.
  4. Is that the current incarnation of the original Frog mould? Think I built that around 40 years ago now...
  5. Nice photo. Had to look twice, thought that was an experimental prototype with a T tail in the background.
  6. Western Arms? That's a name I haven't heard in a very long time...
  7. I knew the armourer on Aliens. The original props were painted a Humbrol colour called "Brown Bess"
  8. From my recollection, the kit came with three different types of air intake. Just check your references if you can.
  9. Check your intake fits for the version you build. The one on the boxtop is a restored warbird and has post war/civilian intakes. The fit of the flaps is a challenge too.
  10. Blue in 1980 I recall.
  11. Reading Philip Roths 2004 alternative history "The Plot Against America". The premise is that Lindberg becomes President instead of Roosevelt and signs a non aggression pact with Germany to stay out of WW2. Very well written and believable.
  12. Clay. Digging a new pond, almost down to depth and the spade hits a stone. Try another spot and another stone. Foot and a half down, and hitting the London Clay layer. Horrible claggy stuff full of pebbles, like digging a Topic bar. Had to chop it out in chunks with a pickaxe in the end. Took more.time for the last two inches than the rest of the hole all together.
  13. A tribute to the X Wing, set to the music of Kenny Logins.
  14. I started as a Covil Servant. Then Finance/Accounting for multinational computer company. Now a School Librarian.
  15. Very nice. Can't decide whether it is "Aliens" universe or "Halo" universe, hints of the Sulaco and the Pillar of Autumn there.
  16. I presume that the Pan Am logo is still under trademark and markings will have to be home brew if we want a movie version?
  17. I forgot the cinema car park. There is also some parking in the Clarendon Road Car park. Many of the bays on the high street have been closed off during covid though.
  18. In a different timeline, this would have acquired a D/K nose and a RIO in the back seat... Superb scratch building.
  19. The show is on a Sunday, local residents parking restrictions run Mon-Sat so nearby streets will be free. Don't park in the Shopping Park, they are very strict. Station car park charges. If you don't mind the walk, park at the Venue car park at the other end of the high street, free on Sundays. Avoid Tesco, 2 hour limit.
  20. I always try to plant "bee and butterfly friendly" plants. Yesterday there were a good half dozen Butterflies in the garden, mostly Common Brown and a few Small White. Did get a lovely Peacock butterfly passing through. Hoping to overhall the old pond this year as we regularly get frogs and newts. Used to get Dragonflies but not for a few years now.
  21. Very nice. I built this many years ago in its original Matchbox boxing, didn't make such a good job of it as you.
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