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  1. It was paper backed foil with a cutting template printed on the back. After about a year the foil peeled off in parts just leaving the paper on the model
  2. Interesting trivia. I once attended a talk at the National Army Museum by a cavalry expert who advised film makers and had done occasional stunt work when he was younger. He was involved in the film War Horse and pointed out that there was a deliberate mistake. During the cavalry charge, the riders are holding their sabres horizontally (as per the gentleman at the back in your picture). This was only done when Cavalry was charging Cavalry. For charging infantry as per the film, the sabres should have been held at the side and pointing down, but the director thought the scene was more dramatic with horizontal swords glinting in the sun. Sometimes art is more important than truth
  3. As a two seater, it actually looks very nice, not as ungainly as other modified fighter variants.
  4. I remember building this when it first came out, cost me a massive £5 in the 1980s. Those moulded in shadows were a pain.
  5. Very Nice. The BE4 always looks like something out of Tintin or Porco Rosso.
  6. Nice build of an unusual subject. Must have been a pig to fly with floats and a torpedo hanging off the bottom.
  7. Very Nice. This is how I remember the Phantom, none of this modern Low Vis Grey
  8. Nice. A personal Observation, I would connect the living quarters to the cab so that I could pass between the two without having to open the doors and leave the vehicle.
  9. before the seagull swoops
  10. Coming along nicely. Do you use a magnifier for detail painting or do you have incredible eyesight?
  11. The Monogram kit may look a bit dated know, but I was massively impressed with it in the 80s when it first came out. Nice work so far.
  12. Their Hudson has the same problem. In the Revell rebox the instructions tell you to put in a shim in front of the windscreen.
  13. I built this in a Hasegawa boxing. A bit basic but builds well with a little care.
  14. six times before breakfast
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