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  1. Available separately from Hasegawa
  2. It might be over riveted, but at least they seem to be following the real aircraft, unlike the Airfix "graph paper" pattern.
  3. Nicely done. This is a vintage Revell kit and you have built it well.
  4. Nice build. Interesting subject, Has a touch of French/Russian design to it.
  5. Don't mention that name...
  6. Lovely build. I always wonder about the Russian obsession with tail turrets. They put them on everything.
  7. Is that the same build that featured in Scale Models? It was pretty impressive work.
  8. From strawberry fields, forever
  9. Ah, the mystery of how TB2 lowers itself on to a pod, with no room for the wings either side...
  10. Absolutely brilliant. Could have sworn they were screen shots.
  11. Superb figure work. I have been eagerly waiting for Raquel to arrive on the scene.
  12. Michael Collins, CSM Pilot Apollo 11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56921562.amp
  13. Good grief, and I thought the Trumpeter kit was a challenge...
  14. Yes, when you see that canopy, you don't expect a cockpit, but a full scale bridge with a brass and mahogany wheel.
  15. The GP has just cut my Naproxen dose from 500mg to 250, as I found that now I am driving an automatic the knee is much better and I was only taking one tablet a day. My chemist was really good, as I got a prescription for 100 paracetamol at the same time. Sold me 96 over the counter, as it was cheaper, and since I had a prescription for it I wasn't limited by the "32 rule".
  16. I must apologise for my IT Rant. Having sat down with them, it turns out that due to a management decision, a contract was not renewed and the software drivers were not updated, causing the CSV file to fail to upload. However. It was ITs fault that they didn't install my new printer properly and it was printing offset, so it evens out...
  17. from the Covid vaccine
  18. Beautiful. Shame there is no way to replicate the white hot blast of the afterburners that I always remember from Phantom take offs.
  19. Glad you are happy with the bottom now. It did look a bit Kardashian for a bit there...
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