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  1. Beautiful aircraft Alex - Buddha in the background a nice touch again with this build. I sure wish Hasegawa would have kept producing 1/200 airliners for all the wide bodies - so much easier on the display space. Cheers, Mike
  2. Again - nicely done Alex. I notice you did the aircraft that exploded on the way way home from Sweden - and a flight attendant survived after a 15,000 ft fall - amazing. Aviation is a strange field is it not? Cheers, Mike
  3. Another gorgeous classic Alex. ( The Buddha in the background is just perfect ) Do I spy a UTA DC-8 on the sideboard? Cheers, Mike
  4. Dear Lord - if you say that is the worst Plasicart kit you have faced, then that is one truly awesome job done. ( Where's kitty ) Cheers, Mike
  5. Mike, that SAA 737 is, well, perfect. I have built that twice, and while my second attempt was way better than my first, I still had bits and pieces of the white decal paper backing showing through. ( same with the 727 and 707 ) Besides witchcraft, how on earth do you manage this stuff? This is more than mere talent I suspect.
  6. My goodness, what a thing of beauty! Have never seen the Draw Decal sheet for this before, and notice both flags are included as an option. One of them will compliment the livery so much more closely than the other. It's those small details . . . .
  7. Oooooh, that is nice. The different metallic hues, and greys that compose AA aircraft, not the easiest to get right in my book. Take a bow. The AA 727 was my first flight within the US - New York to Detroit, and upon arrival the first time I ever saw snow falling - good memories. Cheers, Mike
  8. Better be orange and blue - just saying.
  9. Hmmm, I've been thinking about this build. Something seems to be missing. Trying to put my finger on it - Oh yes, the cheat line! It is actually done so well, it gets away with it though. To make up for building a non cheat line airliner however, I'm going to have to insist you add a "with something else" photo to this thread. Don't throw too many traditions out all at once.
  10. Are these the kit supplied windows I'm seeing? Lovely job done here. Cheers, Mike
  11. A mastery of masking! Looks great Ced. Cheers, Mike
  12. Great work Tony - as we have come to expect. ( No pressure mind ) Is it not amazing how many errors / flaws the camera reveals that one has not seen with one's eyes, even though the build has been in front of you for weeks? I swear, every pic I snap reveals two or three "How did I not notice that before?" moments. ( And don't get me started on how it always seems to add ten kilos and emphasize the receding hairline on pics of self! ) Cheers, Mike
  13. Well, this came out of left field. Hate missing your WIPs - some of the best entertainment known to modern man. "Ced vs Valom" - what's this now, Part III? Cheers, Mike
  14. She's a beaut Mike. As usual, love the engine leading edges, and also the 'hot' business ends here are also very eye catching. AA Cockpit decals? . . . . and yes, the question I'm sure you are going to be asked many times - how did you defy gravity here. I am ruling out your tossing it in the general direction of the base ( nice work there too ) and hope for a few lucky shots. Cheers, Mike
  15. Very well done Rick. The scars from the nose operation don't show at all. A prime example of plastic surgery. Cheers, Mike
  16. I really enjoyed that tour - thank you. Cheers, Mike
  17. As usual Tony, nicely done. ( And great back stories / research ). I am also doing some refurbishments at the moment, and they certainly bring up issues you don't face when doing an original build. Learning curve jumps to mind. Cheers, Mike
  18. Long and bumpy road sure ended with a great result nonetheless. Great looking build. Cheers, Mike
  19. One of my favourite kits, Also a fan of V1 Decals, so will be watching with interest. Have never used LSP, might have to give that a shot. Welcome to the forums too - hope to see many more civil aircraft from you. Cheers, Mike
  20. Great builds indeed Russ. Perfect finishes. Cheers, Mike
  21. Nicely done. A brave man indeed, attempting to mask a 134s cockpit! Really enjoy Zvezda airliners, but you are correct about the fiddly landing gear. Cheers, Mike
  22. I'm not even qualified to comment on this, but I sure enjoyed looking at it. Perfection itself. Cheers, Mike
  23. Beautiful job done. Seriously. Can't believe those are the kit decals though - looks great! Cheers, Mike
  24. Well, I do have to admit up front to being a Luddite, but I have been lecturing anyone I can reach in the IT world "Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to." In the office, I used to have one password I used for years. Well, with our enhanced security, there are now fourteen passwords ( I wish I were making that up ) that all need changing with such rapidity, I have them on Post It notes on my monitor. My screen looks like it has a yellow frame.
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