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  1. Not worth much at all actually. Still doesn't alter the fact that AMK announced their intention .....whatever we all know and it's getting boring. Jeff
  2. pinky coffeeboat

    New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    Well, that's the current trend in weathering. Unrealistic in the extreme but it's what many modellers are doing and what would make it even more contemporary would be spraying the centre of every panel white. Nice looking model though, shame about the paint job. Jeff ps - I love the quote in your signature line....
  3. Very true Muzz and without wanting to turn this into an AyAreSee style discussion where every post is quoted and commented on a dozen times but adding nothing to the whole discussion, I think maybe Alclad and AMK missed a bit of a coup - whilst examining the sprues of the forthcoming (!) Tomcat why not buy some paint to go with it and vice-versa. But, as you say, it is only a plastic model, no one will die if they don't get it or the rear end is slightly wrong or AMK don't reply often enough. I think some modellers (or perhaps "modelers") seem to forget that. Jeff
  4. pinky coffeeboat

    Beechcraft C18S American Passenger Aircraft - ICM 1:48 (48185)

    Am I right in thinking the orange scheme aircraft was used in an episode of the A-team where our brave mercenaries were employed to combat elephant poaching in Africa? Obviously the whole show was filmed entirely on location in California, but throughout the episode this little Beech 18 in this colour scheme was seen buzzing around culminating in the final "battle" scene where it was used as an attack plane. Not sure if anyone else remembers it (I only saw the episode recently), but the DUMBO name may tie in. Just a little bit of idle trivia, Jeff
  5. The thing I don't understand though, is if the Tomcat model was at Telford 1) why did they announce their intention to show it at a British show on an American forum? 2) why didn't the "owner" of the model take photos of the parts especially the contentious rear end to put everyone out of their misery (or add to it) ? 3) and if it seems that it was only the weapons sets, why didn't they want to bring the whole model? 4) what is their reluctance to show a photo of the whole "almost ready to go" model? I think the ARC discussion is just bonkers and entertaining at the same time. But the silence from AMK is quite strange too, a lot of increasingly negative "ranting" and they do nothing about it. Jeff
  6. pinky coffeeboat

    Airfix 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5

    Definitely not what I thought Airfix would produce. I thought it was going to be another yawn fest of a Spitfire/ Hurricane whatever so this announcement was interesting. I still have zero interest in anything Airfix put out, however watching the video and hearing the enthusiasm from the designer and the way the model looked mean and solid and "chunky" (as in, the actual F6F) I had a brief moment when I was tempted. Well done Airfix for not doing another boring Spitfire but deduct a point for doing another WW2 subject. Jeff
  7. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 - de Havilland DH.106 Comet 4C by Mach 2 - released

    There were a few issues I saw, from the ridiculously small engine exhausts, to the engine faces being too close to the intake, the shape of the wing/engine fairing and others. I do love the Comet and if I wasn't being too picky I could build it, but those issues mentioned just jar in my mind and would be always visible to me. Jeff
  8. pinky coffeeboat

    1/144 Trident 3B coming from Authentic Airliners

    I picked up both the 1E and 3B from AA at Telford. Both kits look beautiful as usual. Haven't had a good look yet but from initial fondling, they are everything you'd expect. I forgot to get decals from Ray (26decals) and/or Nick (classic-airlines.com) both of whom were at the stands next to AA. Order coming soon!! Jeff
  9. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 - de Havilland DH.106 Comet 4C by Mach 2 - released

    I was excited by it and headed straight over to their stand yesterday, looked at it for a moment and moved on. Jeff
  10. I picked up the Lufthansa & United Express version yesterday at Telford (missed out on the AA box). It's very nice kit that includes an etched brass detail and small sheet of masks for the wheels and clear windows. The fuselage is a clear moulded piece as can be seen above but what can't be seen is the windows are very very slightly recessed and look really good, as is the windshield. The engine intakes and exhausts are resin cast and look very good too. All in all, a happy purchase of a nice model . Jeff
  11. Oh good, I'll add these two to my must buy list. Jeff
  12. pinky coffeeboat

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hi Colin, not sure if you speak for Combat Kits, but is there a chance they'll offer the Lancastrian conversion for the airliner version? I'm not up to speed on the differences between this and the Nene version so they may be very similar but the Blackbirds effort seems to be nonexistent and from what I've heard, it's better than the M+E kit from years ago but still not perfect. Thanks, Jeff
  13. pinky coffeeboat

    Antics shop in Cardiff to close or not perhaps???

    To be honest, I was always under the impression that their current premises were due to be demolished and that was the reason why they were moving. I didn't think they'd close up completely. Hopefully Antics will find somewhere soon and then we can still enjoy a decent bricks and mortar model shop. Jeff
  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing this beauty build up. It seems to be a beautifully detailed kit. Jeff
  15. pinky coffeeboat

    F-84E Hobby Boss 1/32

    That's great. I like the metal finish too. Jeff