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  1. pinky coffeeboat

    Aer Lingus

    It always makes me laugh when the airline, proud as a new dad, discuss how the "image consultants" looked at the history of the country, the cultural influences and that indefinable quality that has helped shape the airline over its 'whatever' number of years of service and then draw back the curtain to reveal a dull bland scheme, same as any other airline!! Really? Every country, airline and culture is the same? Another totally mind numbingly dull update. Jeff
  2. pinky coffeeboat

    Eastern Express catalog 2019 - programme

    Well there is a BIA example listed as "new" but the current releases aren't shown, strange. Even their website doesn't show them...get 'em while you can? Jeff
  3. pinky coffeeboat

    Eastern Express catalog 2019 - programme

    Thanks Homebee. For me I'm looking forward to the Q400, A220, Trident, BAC 1-11and boh Airbus widebodies, especially the A310. The Trislander will be tiny! Excellent!! Jeff
  4. Hi Phil, As far as the A350 and growing on me, it has too and I like the nose from this angle, Finnair A350 but from the side the nose is just awful. My Finnair A350 was built without a WiP but I put it together and took some photos As you can see, there's a few things left to do (antennae, wing lights, nose gear doors) but since I've no room to display it, I lost interest and shoved it on the shelf. Honestly, I don't remember many issues with the engines, sorry! Jeff
  5. Very nice buld Phil, I've missed the start of this but had an enjoyable read through it. Loads of great info too, I'm in the same boat as you regarding that nose. I still don't like it. I think it looks awful, the 787 looks much better. I've built one Revell A350 (Finnair) but have no room to display it so it sits on the shelf, wingless and forlorn looking. But that still hasn't stopped me buying more aftermarket decal sheets for the A350. Jeff
  6. That's a lovely rich colour of green. Even though the list looks quite straight forward, we all know how deceptive that can be! Jeff
  7. Hello, From previous EE kits I've built, I know that prep work is required on some or all of the parts to either make the part usable or to improve the fit. In this case, it was required to remove the flash and attachment points on the fuselage halves. This method of attachment seems to be increasing in use, whereby the sprue gate is connected to the mating surface and not to the exterior surface of the model. I'm not a great fan of this and although I can see the reason behind it, there are some times when this method can be more awkward to clean up. However, with the gates removed a gentle sanding on a block helped remove the flash, the little gate stubs and improve the fit. The aircraft I'm making will be that provided in the kit, G-AVPN. Having a good look a available pictures like these Channel Express G-AVPN and G-AVPN Air UK shows that the aircraft didn't have the left side fin strake bulge. Nor did it feature the strake leading edge air scoop. At first, I thought this was related to air conditioning, but having seen Heralds with the bulge but no scoop and scoop but no bulge, I'm not so certain. Does anyone know what the bulge is? Anyone who may have worked either with Handley Page or fixed Heralds for a living? Therefore the kit bulge will be removed. Whilst I'm down the tail end, I've also noted that the fin and rudder metal corrugations haven't been portrayed at all and both are smoothly moulded. Oddly, from a picture I seen, the Welshmodels vac-form kit has them. It is possible to add these, by either stretched sprue over quite a few evenings, or by lightly scribing them in. For me, life's a bit too short now, so I'll forego adding the 70+ ridges (I did count them, and there was me saying just now "life's too short"!!) Small steps, but progress nonetheless. Hopefully, later tonight the fuselage can be joined, the wings built and maybe even think about starting the engines. Jeff
  8. pinky coffeeboat

    easyJet A320 - 200th delivery in 1/200

    Great work John. They really do go together so well and so quickly too. The issue with decals not fitting the kit also really annoys me - sometimes I wish the actual kit was measured and the decals sized to fit that. I've just used a set of decals from an aftermarket company I've never used before and the cheatline is much too long, the titles much too big and the doors totally refuse to match the kit doors. Great.. Inquiring minds want to know what the masking film is you've used? Jeff
  9. Ahh, whilst they are sometimes used as hand holds, they are in fact the mounts for the DAS sledges - the frames that are used to support the defensive aids suite flare launchers and IR jammers; they are being added to all Mk2 and were added to some Mk1. It's even worse with the sledges fitted - they really are used as steps to climb up the side (have a look and see the two footholds are covered by the frames when fitted - how's a lad to go up top then?) Jeff
  10. umm, just to let you know (although this could be a bite...) what I suspect you're calling handrails, aren't...
  11. A G- type MS-10 perhaps? And for your sonobuoy load, they are roughly (done very quickly whilst walking through the hangar) 6" diameter. Remind me again Bill, are you doing a Mk1 or Mk2 Merlin. Subtle differences exist between them. Jeff
  12. Thanks Graham. A few years ago on the Airliner Group Build 2016, a member built the kit but in my foggy memory I thought he had to extend it for the colour scheme he intended to use. Having just checked, he wanted to build the BEA aircraft which were the shorter fuselage, so he had to cut some out. And yours was one of the first comments on that thread! Jeff
  13. Hi Chris, Have you got the old Frog 1/72 Herald kit? I saw one on eBay recently and was very tempted. If I remember correctly, the Frog kit is the initial shorter fuselage version? But as much as I'd like one, I haven't really got the room for larger models and I'm thinking about selling the half dozen or more 1/72 Airfix F-27 I bought a while ago. It's about the same size as the Herald. The collection of models in my photo above is pretty much the ideal size for me now, with perhaps an A321 being the biggest I can manage. Jeff
  14. Ha, the "shed". That will be American Eagle from the kit decals. I also have the EE version that includes both QANTAS and Australian schemes (and Aer Lingus and British Midland releases of the kit). It's not a bad model, it just requires a few minutes with each part to get a good fit. It's been primed but modelling has been stalled for a few months and now I've got a bit of a backlog to clear. Jeff
  15. Very nice 737John. The mods really do add to the look of the Airfix 737. If there was one model I wish Airfix would retool, the 737-200 would be it, instead of another Spitfire or WW2 subject...yawn!! I've got the LN Decals set for the BPK 1/72 737, for when (if?) I ever get round to building it. Thanks for sharing. S.A.F.E - not a comment on their safety record but South America and Far East... Jeff