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  1. At last! A PC-12 kit. I'm in for a Flying Doctor model please and maybe a couple more. Definitely looking forward to this one. Jeff
  2. Super stuff. That's another one to add to the stash. Hopefully, other versions will be released too. Jeff
  3. Good news. Could this be split into 2 separate topics please as the Viscount and DC-8 are two very different aircraft? And I agree about providing a solid plastic flight deck cap. I've wrestled with Zvezda clear parts that, for me, just defy all attempts to smoothly blend into the model. What do they make the clear part from ? Looking forward to both models. Jefg
  4. ^ but isn't that always the way? Today we have become so spoilt with high quality well produced kits of a huge range of subjects that "we" have become incredibly picky and ungrateful. Rivets, panel lines, details are analysed beyond the nth degree that really, when the model is built and sitting on your shelf and you've started another model do you really care about the previous kits issues? Can you even remember what they were? Jeff
  5. Great work David and such a wonderful build report too. As a Mirage fanboy you have my full attention. Looking at the Moldelsvit kit, the rivetting doesn't seem as bad as originally claimed and the whole kit shows great quality. As a Mirage fanboy, I bought a couple of very limited print books covering the Mirage 111RS (one book) and Swiss use of the Mirage 111 aircraft over the years (other book), big glossy very high quality books all nicely enclosed in a thick qualiy cardboard outer slip box. Imagine my horror when I later found it soaked, warped and stuck together after a period of storage in someones shed...and the mice had been at it too. As for the fuel tanks and the grain effect - I understand what you're trying to do and think the effect is certainly very much in the right direction. The untouched tank (the upper tank in your photo) looks a bit flat and much too "perfect" and smooth to represent metal. Did you dry brush the silver in a side to side motion across the tank to get the subtle streaking? It looks very good. Great build and looking forward to more updates, thanks. Jeff
  6. Thanks for posting the video. Not wanting to be a kill joy, but watch the video either on an empty stomach or at a much reduced speed (0.25%) as the video man is clearly as excited as the two gents unboxing the kit. The picture waves all over the place and is generally out of focus most of the time...however, the kit looks really good and probably great value for money. Jeff
  7. Great model. Well done for making a better job this time round. Jeff
  8. I didn't know this was a re-tool of their original CRJ200 kit, or perhaps even a new mould. Thanks Homebee for sharing this, now off to "price" this kit (code for "buy"). Jeff
  9. Not really my subject area but I do like the JASDF version. And It looks pretty decent. Hasegawa Starfighters nearly 20 years ago.... Jeff
  10. Very nice, in fact I love everything about it particularly how you've managed to get the antiglare panel on the cheatline decal to seamlessly meet at the nose - I always end up with a step! Did your Vintage Flyer decal sheet have photo real windows included? I know Mike has recently begun adding them to his range. I've used a set before (Flying Tiger L1049H) and was really pleased with their use and have a few more in the stash. I'm off to my loft to dig out my Minicraft DC-8 (UTA) that I just needed that inspiration to finish - and your great model has provided that! Many thanks for sharing you work. There have been so many recently that you can almost imagine people saying "what another airliner??!!" Jeff
  11. Hi Ian, I'm currently working on a Zvezda A321 Thomas Cook "Sunny Heart" colours, an almost finished Eastern Express MD-87 City Airline (LN Decals), Eastern Express DC-10 (either BCal, Condor, Laker, Iberia or Ghana Airways) and trying to find the motivation to finish F-rsin ATR-72 (Flybe Nordic), Zvezda 737-800 Thomson and Zvezda Air Canada 737MAX. Oh and I'm sure I started an EE Herald WiP a few months ago... What about yourself? What's the next masterpiece we can expect? Jeff
  12. I'd hope for a Gstream 650 instead. Such a superb looking aircraft but I'm still very happy with my G550 kit. Jeff
  13. Fantastic Dave. Great minds think alike - my Sunny Heart A321 is in the final stages of painting and virtually everything is the same as yours from paint decals and Braz sharklets but Zvezda kit. I hope mine looks even half a neat as yours. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing your work. Jeff
  14. Absolutely wonderful. Honestly a great looking model, well done Ian and thanks for sharing. Jeff
  15. This little kit arrived with me today, only a handful of days from Hong Kong (ebay seller kitshobby 2011). Overall, another sweet little kit from EE. It must hold some kind of record for the largest box used to sell a model - I'll show all the bits - Decal sheet (waterslide and printed by "the hippo") Options include different prop types and seats for the cabin or decals for the windows should your eyes not be up to it. Nice. Jeff (I have absolutely no connection to EE nor am I a PR rep for them. I am instead just a happy civvy modeller who's happy to have all these airliners released at long last.)
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