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  1. Looking forward to seeing those big engines in 72 scale. Jeff
  2. Ha! I remember M&S having large posters hanging from the ceiling declaring "Don't forget Easter is 14 April" - this was the middle of January and you'd have to be a boffoon to forget it with such a constant early reminder. No wonder we all feel the pace of life is increasing with Christmas being shoved down our throats just after summer, Easter being forced on us just after christmas and summer holidays being offered now. Just remembered seeing TUI offering holidays for 2021 a few weeks ago... Hurry up!! Hurry up!! Jeff
  3. Buy any kit as they all contain the main details sprue containing u/c, prop spinners, footsteps and 3 types of nose including the standard nose. Jeff
  4. Based on the article and some of the rare photos I've found too, the standard "manned" version of the kit will be ok to make ZA180 as the bulged windshield is included in the box. Jeff
  5. I didn't know the crabs had bought some so I had a Google and found some discussion and pictures from over a decade ago. Looking at the picture below, the very recently released kit (Da-42 MNG) can be made as this aircraft. On the very busy sprue shown above, there are three types of EO/IR camera bodies. The one in the picture below with the long projection is included in the kit, along with two types of windshield. https://www.airteamimages.com/diamond-da-42-twin-star_G-DOSC_united-kingdom---royal-air-force_146103.html Jeff
  6. I received my Da-42 a couple of days ago. It's a nice little model that comes with a few unused options (some used on the unmanned Dominator release) This new kit looks good too so I'll be looking to add this to my stash. Jeff
  7. They are made by BPK and the 737 was released 7 years ago. I've got a few but haven't completed any of them. Very decent kit but display space or lack of, stops me pushing on with it. There's loads of potential super detailing that can be done - just have a look at the main u/c bay and you easily spend weeks adding all the pipes, hoses, aircraft structure etc!! When it was released, there were a couple of aftermarket resin pieces available from Authentic Airliners for it but they were no better than the kit parts and I only bought one set and regretted it. As for the CRJ, I've got one in the post!. BPK also offer 1/144 CRJ kits which are cracking little models - my CRJ900 is almost finished and I've thoroughly enjoyed every second of its build. They do have plans for more airliners but I think it's a pretty small company so each kit may take a bit of time to be produced. Jeff
  8. Slightly off topic, will you be offering them with alternate decals? Please say "Yes"!!! Jeff
  9. I saw this and thought of you!! I haven't watched it yet (it's in my watch later list) but as the thumbnail is s Gnat there may be some great inspirational film to keep you going!! Jeff
  10. Not a bad idea but the issue is with people constantly quoting those dozens of original photos just to say "nice!". That's what does my head in, not the original poster showing his work. Jeff
  11. Just thought, maybe, you were very excited about it!!! A few years ago Authentic Airliners had a 1/72 BAC 1-11 kit in full resin. Looked superb but came with a superb price tag too. My understanding is it didn't sell that well and is now out of production. I also promised myself I'd get one, but space is becoming very limited and so I tend to stick to smaller models now. Jeff
  12. Whilst browsing eBay I saw these - Which is good news especially as there has been no mention of a 300 series being produced. £31 + postage...which is bad news. Jeff
  13. Your main u/c legs and wheels look great - did you put a wash ovet them? Jeff
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