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  1. Hi Nige, Generally I've been 75% lucky with Drawdecals and customs. My most recent order ($40 worth) came through with no additional charges. There isn't any UK supplier as all his decals are pinted to order. As for the windows, the best thing to do is fill them and use the decal windows provided on the sheet https://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=44-747-37. Good luck and I'm looking forward to watching this part of the build. Jeff
  2. Apparently, off topic a bit, but I've read somewhere that a couple of Zvezda (?) employees are privately developing a 757 model in CAD. They have done this themselves and there's absolutely no guarantee that Zvezda or anyone will buy their hard work. No doubt an expert will be along to correct me but this is what I understand from badly translated forums and hearsay from other places. What has the elegant 757 done to be so badly ignored? And yes, hopefully Ray will have some great deals. Jeff
  3. The poor old 757 must be wondering what's its done to deserve being ignored! Rumours are one may be available soon but in the meantime I'm looking forward to this kit - Laker and BCal thanks! Jeff
  4. For the figures search on eBay. There's usually a load of white figures being knocked out from places in China. If there's none specifically listed as 1/144 try searching British n gauge as this is 1/148. And Preiser has a load of figures too. Jeff
  5. It does seem strange to design a "normal" injection moulded kit with accurate detail, moulded flight deck and presumably fine recessed panel lines to then treat it as a desk top display model to be plonked on a stand. I have a couple of Gemini jets and they are severely lacking in detail and designed to be stand mounted but they have u/c included. Anyway let's hope Revell see sense and includes the gear on all releases of the NEO kit. Jeff
  6. Yes indeed, wasn't the initial announcement a landing gear free kit? Maybe they've had a rethink and will now offer the gear too. Jeff
  7. At last, a new A320 kit that includes sharklets!! Jeff
  8. And there's the different fuselage/ tail piece contours too. Quite a conversion and definitely a long overdue model. Jeff
  9. But apparently they only ever thought that modellers would only buy one of their model - what if you didn't want to make N680SC? Ask for your Good Housekeeping approved refund? It is a lovely looking kit (rubbish stand excepted) with pretty neat detailing (decal placement guides excepted too). Have you a scheme in mind? Jeff
  10. Yeah me too, I think it may have been in Finescale Modeler magazine from the early 90s ish. It was (and still is!) way out of my skill level to do that. If we're putting in our orders for aftermarket decal sheets, I'd like QANTAS cheat line scheme and Pan-Am please! Jeff
  11. Oh good stuff. Like them or constantly criticise them, EE are at least turning out models that other companies can't be bothered with. Jeff
  12. Have you looked at their feed back? All of the models I've bought from Russian and Asian sellers have always delivered the goods. Never had a bad deal from eBay and it's protected by PayPal. As I said in post 38 above, mine was delivered after less than a week from purchase, faster than some UK based sellers I've ordered from. Jeff
  13. Interestingly (ish) is the urban myth/ rumour/ legand that the actual wing mirrors are from a Scania truck. Installed early on after the rotor brake came on in flight but the aircrew couldn't see the black smoke pouring out from the upper trans deck as there was no rear view mirrors fitted to the Merlin at that time... Also slightly interesting - one of the pilots was the future CO of 814 and you're doing a tiger Merlin... Dirty looking Merlin? Looks spot on for the hard working (when they work..) aircraft they are. Jeff
  14. Absolutely wonderful model again. That's the first decal sheet I bought from Ray 26models at Telford last year. Great scheme and it would be great if there was a matching decal sheet for a 737 wearing the same colours. Did you use AA flight deck windows too? Thanks for the packing bead idea, mine suffered the very same fate. Love it, thanks for sharing your great work Dave. Jeff
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