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  1. I think that looks better than trying to attach the forward nose section. And it's good to hear from BPK again - not being on fakebook I wasn't sure if BPK were still in business. Jeff
  2. pinky coffeeboat

    Paint and Miliput

    In all honesty I would suggest you try another range of paints or another colour from your paint rack. I've never had a problem and there are hundreds of users here who (I don't recall) have any issues. Jeff
  3. pinky coffeeboat

    Can someone please identify this livery?

    Don't know, link doesn't work for me.
  4. pinky coffeeboat

    Minicraft 1/44 Douglas DC-32 - Aer Lingus

    I think the green looks pretty good. Good masking skills for the white cheatline, I like doing that too but doesn't happen that often with me! Jeff
  5. pinky coffeeboat

    Minicraft 1/44 Douglas DC-32 - Aer Lingus

    Good progress. What colour of green did you use for the upper fuselage? And did you apply the white cheatline decal over the green paint because if you did, that's a very good solid decal that doesn't appear to bleed the underlying dark colour. I've this sheet somewhere in my stash in the hope that one day I will get round to building both the DC-3 and F-27. Jeff
  6. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    Ok, carry on with your build. Good luck
  7. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    I think Revells decal sheet is very good... And some of the u/c bits look ok... The instrument panel is nice...
  8. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    Yep, I've read and seen that elsewhere too. I don't have one (but that'll probably change very soon). It's an odd scale really though, but to have a set of largish Concorde models I'm willing to accept it. Jeff
  9. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    ^ plus also the cabin windows are too big, the whole under fuselage piece is a disaster of shapes where the fuselage fairs into the flat bottom - the fuselage should taper neatly to a point just in front of the main wheel wells and start again just after it to the tail. This kit has the fuselage coming to an abrupt stop way in front of the u/c bay. Isn't the flat belly too wide also? Aren't the main undercarriage bay shapes wrong? The ADF antenna fairing on the upper fuselage is too thick and chunky, but that can be rectified by some sanding. I think the elevon mechanism covers are too blocky but sand them down too. The nacelles auxiliary doors just back from the main intakes should be blow-in type and not front hinged, downward opening flaps as these idiots have moulded them. The were a feature of the prototype aircraft, not the production ones (even then the prototype had scoop type doors - downward opening, rear hinged doors). Sorry Stephen if all the comments from me and others is negative but this is a challenge of a kit to make let alone make accurately. It's at best a school boy sketch of a generic supersonic type airliner and not a true accurate model of Concorde. For that Airfix and Heller should be quite rightly ridiculed and ashamed for what they produced.
  10. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    And then I read CedB linked "ready for inspection" buikd and I remind myself to never buy one... Airfix (British) and Heller (French) should really be ashamed of the monstrosity they produced. The whole kit just smacks of lack of clear leadership, agreed standards for fit and finish and some of the shapes moulded really question whether or not anyone actually bothered to look at a real aircraft. When the first test models were produced from the mould, did anyone not bother to assemble the parts together? So again lacking quality control. Absolute disgrace. Now if only there was an example of cross channel cooperation where Airfix (in Britain, though probably more likely India) and Heller (in France) could have gone for some guidance.....didn't Britain and France produce a supersonic airliner in the 60s and 70s, what ever happened to that? It's doubtful if any model company will mould a new 1/72 Concorde. It's just so frustrating that the only one we have is such an mess. Jeff
  11. pinky coffeeboat

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    Hi Stephen. Great timing as I've been debating with myself about whether or not to buy this kit (and the Airfix and Heller releases of it too). Concorde is a particular favourite of mine and I'm currently going through a Concorde phase at the moment. However, there are just so many shape and fit issues with this kit that I still haven't convinced myself to buy it. Anyway, I'll follow along with you especially if you use the Brengun eyched detail set. Jeff
  12. ^ Ok thanks Malair, I wasn't sure as some decals do need a white (or light) background. Jeff
  13. Another beautiful airliner Ian, well done. Can I ask a question about the AA cabin windows? I know they're meant to be applied over a white finish to allow the detail to show through, but did you just apply them to the ochre cheatline or over white window shapes? I've only ever applied them to a white fuselage. Great work and thanks for sharing it with us. Jeff
  14. pinky coffeeboat

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Boeing 737-100 (Crowdfunding)

    Well said Ian, I kept thinking that as well. I took the plunge so to speak and ordered one last night. Having the option for a full refund was the deciding factor. If produced it'll sit nicely in my stash beside the 5 1/72 BPK 737-200 I have. Speaking of which, on the side of the box for the 1/72 BPK CRJ200 was a future release notice about a 737-100... Just putting that out there in case no one was aware. BPK have gone quiet recently so this printed kit may be the only chance of getting one (or cutting down a -200). Jeff