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  1. Interesting, the engines are split horizontally. Still looking good though. Jeff
  2. Yes all fingers crossed that it's better and more refined than the Viscount. And keep them crossed in the hope that its shrunk down to 1/144 for those who would buy loads. Jeff
  3. Maybe that's my problem- impatience!! It also effects non-lacquer paints too. I sprayed it over Mr Surfacer primer that has some of the lower surface Xtracolor grey over spray on it and it crazed the Xtracolor immediately, so be careful with over spray and applying over other types of paint. Jeff
  4. Hi, After reading and seeing all the rave reviews of this paint, I too went out and bought some. My feelings are the same as yours, nice smooth finish, quick drying but oh good grief - "How many coats??!!" I mainly spray white and this is normally a paint that needs dozens of layers before a decent solid colour emerges. But, yesterday I went back to Mr Color (Gunze Sangyo, Creos from Japan in case of confusion) and sprayed two - yes 2 - coats of white (GX 1 Cool white) and got a very solid gloss white finish. With MRP I had to spray at least 10 for the same results
  5. Yeah, watched it, got quite interested in maybe getting one, saw the price, lost interest!!! £32 Jeff
  6. Well said Homebee!! This is getting boring now..."I want Airfix to do this, I want Airfix to do that....".
  7. ?? But as I have pointed out and Ian Turbofan mentioned, decals have been made for a CAT Convair 880 and Minicraft offered CAT decals with their DC-6 kit. Sooo...the answer is yes, at least two companies have made them. You said "any, all" when asked for which aircraft. So a DC-6 and CV880 isn't what you want. Could you be a bit more specific about which aircraft, which scale, which era of CAT you're after? Jeff
  8. http://vintageflyerdecals.com/cat.html Sadly not a C-46 but a Convair 880. If you do find a source for the C-46 be sure to post it here, I too would like one!! Jeff
  9. Oh good luck. I have/ had both kits plus the Welsh Models kit. Below shows the F-rsin kit sitting comfortably inside the Oz Mods fuselage half And pointing skywards both sitting on their tails. I found both kits quite frustrating - F-rsin was typical F-rsin (!) and the Oz Mods kit wasn't much better. Plus, as I remember it, the wing carry-through on the F-rsin kit isn't correct as it seems sunken below the upper fuselage surface. I'll happily follow along and perhaps summon enough confidence to re-attempt the Oz kit (F-r
  10. Hi, According to the instructions on my Drawdecal Delta B717 sheet, Model Master Blue Angel blue or Tamiya X-4 are very close matches. HTH Jeff
  11. Gulp, the pressure!! I'll have a good read of the liked article Dave and take on-board any suggestions - I was looking at the Molotow website a few days ago a saw some likely contenders for the green. It's still a few weeks away from finishing as I've got 9 other models in the final stages of completion. Jeff
  12. Hi Al, Thanks for providing reassurance that I wasn't being clumsy with the flight deck cap! My NEO will hopefully wear the garish green of S7 Airlines. I'm currently trying to decide on the correct shades of green. Jeff
  13. Beautiful NEO and an eye catching colour scheme too. My A321NEO has stalled a bit due to the less than wonderful fit of the clear flight deck cap - mine seemed to be too narrow at the edges so I've had to build up the sides with filler and that has sapped my enthusiasm a bit. Other than that, it is a pretty decent kit. I like the colour scheme. How well did it fit aroud the back end? Jeff
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