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  1. The fuselage halves are about to be joined together, so I'm turning my attention to the wings and engines. One thing I've noticed is the sink marks on the wing flap track fairings, but a quick swipe of putty should sort out the problem. Dave
  2. As a little bit on the side, I've dug out the Leyland (Austin) Princess kit. I've gone through my paint store to gather all the shades of beige and brown to finish it as the typical 'grandad' car I remember them being -only joking! Dave
  3. Finally finding time to make a proper start after having my schedule changed by the current situation that is occurring. Anyway, one of the first tasks is removing all the raised panel lines (and cheatline painting guide lines) and scribing details such as the baggage hold doors. BTW, I hate scribing! The passenger doors have quite deep gaps around them, so they have been filled. I'm also making up a very basic cockpit, although I'm sure very little will be seen once completed. Dave
  4. Doing a bit of research it seems that the fuselage diameter is 2 inches wider than the Boeing 737, so quite similar to the Airbus narrowbody types. Pictured here with Heller's A320. Dave
  5. I've never seen this kit before, so looking forward to seeing how it goes together. Good timing also, as the Renault F1 team have announced that they will be reviving the Alpine name to use for next season. Dave
  6. Oh well, that damned calendar has beaten me. It was probably a sign when the clock on the wall ticked its last tock at 04:30 on Friday morning! Anyway, thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement over these last few months, it has been greatly appreciated. It has been inspiring to see all those beautiful models being produced. Hopefully, it will be completed in the coming weeks and pictures posted. This is how it currently looks -applying those pinstripes is most time consuming (and frustrating!). Dave ;
  7. The registrations should be F-BTTA/B/C etc., not F-BBTA/B/C. An easy mistake to make, but easily rectified due to all the reggies being included! Dave
  8. The new decal sheets have just arrived from F-DCAL, and very nice they look, albeit with a quite big error (but easy to correct). Once a spotter, always a spotter I guess! A quick view of the sprues before the fun starts. . Dave
  9. After a very hectic month which meant virtually no modelling time, I'm all too aware of the calendar whizzing by. Hopefully, this coming weekend will get it close to the finishing line. Having painted the black area on the sides of the body, I've got to apply some white pin stripe decals over it next. Dave
  10. I remember that Dassault had plans for an improved Mercure 200 powered by 2 CFM56 engines, as the A320 later did. Who knows how successful it might have been if it had made it off the drawing board? I've got one somewhere, but it's living in another kit's box. Just haven't come across it yet.... That is a very kind offer Paul, I'm sure that there will be details I don't know as the build progresses. Dave
  11. Here is my first build, the Dassault Mercure. It will be finished in Air Inter colours, who were the only operator of the type. The kit decals don't look to be that good, but I have a new set currently en route from F-DCAL. Dave
  12. I think you have done a lovely job there Jur. Dave
  13. It seems a long time ago that I signed up (#50) so I can't believe how quickly this is coming around. Whilst getting the lawn scarifier out of the attic, I visited the 'deep storage stash' to try and focus the mind on possible options. The Mercure is a fairly certain starter, the Boeing 747 a maybe, but the 1/50 Mystere (Falcon) 20 won't be appearing. I picked that up on a holiday in Italy in the late 70's, but it would need some a lot of work to do. Note the door on the wrong side of the fuselage, and the strange aft-fan type engines. Of course, things might have changed in a month's ti
  14. The body has now been sprayed with some Tamiya white acrylic and the area around the windows painted black, as per the subject G-MORR. The black striped design is next.... Dave
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