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  1. I think my school taught 'Triggernometry'.... Dave
  2. Although I'm not yet a fan (it might take time to grow on me), you can certainly see it coming! After the age of the 'billboard titles' and oversized tail logos, it makes a change to have them small and discreet. Dave
  3. www.bsmodelle.com/eu/index.php/en/ have 4 sheets for 4 Airbus Skylink Guppys if that is of any interest. Dave
  4. Let's hope so! Thankfully, they seem to be past 'cloning' Minicraft's efforts nowadays. Dave
  5. Thanks Jeroen, he is slowly improving (but still fairly helpless for doing much) and scheduled to have an X-ray on Feb 8th. Meanwhile, our eldest brother who lives 5 miles away has a detached achilles tendon and also needs looking after. As for me, I recently had to have yet another eye injection, which left my right eye (my better one for vision) looking like a tomato, ie completely bloodshot red. That lost me about 10 days of modelling whilst it cleared up. Hi Edge, more happy car memories there of cars gone by. That said, a mate is still driving an X plated beige Triumph Acclaim around the town. He recently tried to improve it's looks by repainting it by hand. Probably seemed like a good idea at the time! Dave
  6. As long as the quality and price are up to their usual high standards, it looks as if Zvezda could have a real hit on their hands. Dave
  7. One good reason (hopefully!) to be thankful that it is being done by Zvezda is that judging by their Tu-204 kit, a plane that is very much like the 757 size wise, should be the retail price. Compared to prices of, say Eastern Express, it should be much more reasonable. On a personal note, I've flown on nineteen 757's featuring ten different airline colour schemes, and have decals for them, so I'll be looking for a fair few kits. Looks like my part-built Minicraft 757 is going to take up permanent residence on the 'shelf of doom'.... Dave
  8. But only from the nose to the tail -and most parts in between! Still a favourite of mine though. I seem to remember Eastern Express showing a Trident as a future release a few years ago, which would have been an interesting comparison. Dave
  9. Finally got the main body and wings sorted -joins cleaned up and relevant panels scribed. The main undercarriage doors proved very fiddly as they wanted to drop into the wheel wells, but some strips of plastic gave them something to rest on in the end. It is now sporting a coat of Halfords grey primer in preparation for the white upper fuselage to follow. Luckily I was able to restock my supply of Halfords spray paint just hours before the latest lockdown, whilst accompanying my brother to hospital. While he was getting his broken arm attended to, I nipped round there to stock up. Every cloud eh? I've left the tailplanes off for now to ease getting the blue cheatlines on. Dave
  10. Hi Pat, it's had a couple of coats of 'chocolatey' brown paint on the body, which actually looked like chocolate when it dried -d'oh! A quick rub down and a (hopefully) decent top coat, and it should be back on track. Sadly, the weather hasn't been too kind for much spray painting of late, and now my brother has had a bad fall on some ice the other morning and broken his arm, so I'm being kept busy looking after him. However, M's beautiful Alfasud and Jaguar XJS are inspiring me on! Dave
  11. You're doing a grand job on what doesn't look to be the easiest of kits. The cockpit glazing provided looks to be a similar style to their DC-8 kit as pictured here. Strangely, on a flying visit to my local model shop, I noticed the Heller Caravelle with a prototype Concorde combo boxing. Already having got 1/100 Faller and Revell, plus 1/96 Novo Caravelles, for once I let my head rule my heart... Keep up the good work! Dave
  12. Very nice work there M! I always liked the little Alfasud and remember enviously seeing my GP's on his driveway when I delivered his newspaper every morning back in the late 70's. I've got both the Alfa and the Jag in my stash but when I opened the Alfasud box, all that was left in there was a pile of brown coloured dust (apologies to all Alfa Romeo fans). Dave
  13. I've completed the wings at last -scribing the spoilers on the top of the wings and making up some wingtip lights from clear sprue. That was certainly a test of my patience, as the 'carpet monster' snaffled the first light just as it was being glued on. Almost ready for some paint now... Dave
  14. Looks like a very nice kit, I will be watching this with interest. Dave
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