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  1. Having signed up for this, I have the problem of choosing which kit(s) to build. An inspection of the 'loft insulation' hasn't helped too much as I haven't come across several candidates that I know are lurking up there. These include the 1/125 Boeing 727, 737, 747, Concorde and 1/50? Cessna 150 and Rallye. Others, such as the 125th 707, DC-8 and DC-10 look to have certain issues, my TriStar is missing some engine parts, and the A320 and A380 are too recent. All of which leaves these as possible/likely options. I did find 6 other cars that had slipped my mind though.... Dave
  2. I certainly remember seeing it there, well, my ears do! It was much quieter when it was replaced with a 700 version. Cracking refurb job -were the JCB logos and registrations homemade? Dave
  3. You really have nailed that nose shape to produce probably the best Airfix Caravelle I've seen. It's wearing my favourite Alitalia scheme BTW. Dave
  4. Great work there Alistair! I really like the realistic scuff marks that the steps leave below the forward door. Dave
  5. I remember seeing the real thing at Heathrow a few years ago and you've done a great job, especially with the fuselage colour. Excellent!! Dave
  6. Despite the problems you encountered, you've certainly triumphed in the end. A cracking job! Dave
  7. I'd love to join in as there are loads of old Heller kits in my stash, ranging from most of their 1/125 airliners, to 1/50 light aircraft and quite a few of the small cars (an Austin Princess I recall -why?) I bought in 1980. Halcyondave
  8. I bet that an all red Palair Macedonian (like their Fokker !00) would look great. I always hoped that S7 might paint up one of their Il-86's into the two tone green scheme, but they were retired before that could happen. Dave
  9. I just hope that EE don't change anything with the open windows -like they did with the Herald. As a Viscount lover, I'm sure I'll end up buying one to join the fleet of F-RSIN plastic, Welsh and S&M offerings. Dave
  10. It was called Buccaneer, and the 'Redair' Britannia was easily the best bit. Brilliant Britannia (the real one ain't bad either!) Dave
  11. I've set my Skybox to record it, thanks! Dave
  12. May I thank you for your sacrifice to the modelling gods. I once cut down a Revell A320 to make an A319, only for them to announce their kit of the A319. I chopped 2 Minicraft MD-80's to make an MD-87 and MD-90, but before I had finished them EE announced they would be doing both of them. A while back I got hold of 2 spare Zvezda 787-8's, with plans to convert them to produce a 787-9 when, you guessed it. alomg came their new 787-9 kit. At least I might be able to make an -8 and -10 out of them. I'd marked up a Zvezda 737-800 for shortening to a -700 , but that is on hold for now! BTW, my Revell A350 is still buried deep in the stash, without any thoughts of a conversion.... Dave
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