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  1. I just hope that EE don't change anything with the open windows -like they did with the Herald. As a Viscount lover, I'm sure I'll end up buying one to join the fleet of F-RSIN plastic, Welsh and S&M offerings. Dave
  2. It was called Buccaneer, and the 'Redair' Britannia was easily the best bit. Brilliant Britannia (the real one ain't bad either!) Dave
  3. I've set my Skybox to record it, thanks! Dave
  4. May I thank you for your sacrifice to the modelling gods. I once cut down a Revell A320 to make an A319, only for them to announce their kit of the A319. I chopped 2 Minicraft MD-80's to make an MD-87 and MD-90, but before I had finished them EE announced they would be doing both of them. A while back I got hold of 2 spare Zvezda 787-8's, with plans to convert them to produce a 787-9 when, you guessed it. alomg came their new 787-9 kit. At least I might be able to make an -8 and -10 out of them. I'd marked up a Zvezda 737-800 for shortening to a -700 , but that is on hold for now! BTW, my Revell A350 is still buried deep in the stash, without any thoughts of a conversion.... Dave
  5. I certainly did thanks -I think that it was about my 25th visit there! Wow!! the DC-3 and 6 are looking beautiful -really nice work! Dave
  6. I have just returned from my annual holiday to Puerto de la Cruz and actually visited El Sauzal, not knowing anything about what has been lying at the bottom of the sea for so long. I am aware of course, of the very sad history of several other crashes in Northern Tenerife, and have often thought about modelling the Dan-Air 727 that came to grief there. I will look forward to seeing your project progressing. Dave
  7. I have both kits and the only difference I can see is that the cargo version kit has no passenger window openings in the fuselage, and has an engraved large cargo door on the forward port side. The passenger kit comes with all the window holes plus clear window strips to fill them. So it comes down to wether you want to use decals for the windows really. HTH Dave
  8. Good to hear that you are getting back on track -health first, then modelling. I'm also hoping to resume some modelling after an operation and complete my 737 builds. Dave
  9. As soon as I saw on the news about the Air Niugini 737 overrunning and ending up in the water, I thought about this model. Turns out to be the actual plane involved..At least the outcome wasn't as bad as it could have been. Dave
  10. Lovely work there and those changes you made make a big difference to the overall look of the 727. Looks great alongside the 737 -Double Dutch?? Dave
  11. Finally found this info on AirlinerCafe; British European Airways Corporation - BEA had an option on 20 - 25 727-200s, allocated the Boeing code 18. This option was taken after the demise of the BAC 2-11 project, and BEA was refused the export currency to proceed with the 727 order. A replacement order in 1968 resulted in something called a Trident 3B Dave
  12. Boeing even allocated the customer code 18 (ie 727-218) to BEA in anticipation of orders. Dave
  13. The Heller kit is a 320B, which has a different wing to the original non-fan powered 320 and 420. Dave
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