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  1. You're doing a cracking job there Hayden! Having the same kit (plus their ATR42 as well), I really appreciate how neat and tidy you have got it looking. Regards Dave
  2. Things have been a bit busy on the home front lately, so only managed to snatch a few minutes here and there. I've added a small fairing from plastic card onto the spine of the tail boom, painted the inside of the clear side panels/doors to avoid the exterior paint showing through and started the rotor blade hub. This took a fair bit of time, and caused a few choice words to be uttered. The 3 linkages (they resemble tiny cartoon dog bones) proved particularly fiddly to attach properly, and the central spindle was a bit on the short side, making the whole assembly very weak. This has now been replaced by a length of wire, which should now make the rotor blade hub removable -a bonus! I'm still working on creating something to fill the void where the front spotlight should be (attempt #4 coming up). Anyway, I'm still enjoying myself!! Dave
  3. A beautiful model of one of my all time favourite planes. I had the pleasure of flying on 'KM from Luton to Catania (Sicily) in May 1977, and back again a week later. It was a real rocketship, and you've really done it justice. Dave
  4. That exhaust staining looks so realistic John. In fact the whole model is looking great. Dave
  5. Absolutely awesome work Pappy! Food colouring?? All these years I've only thought of the kitchen as a source of something to eat. I'll be looking at everything in a different light from now on Dave
  6. Hi Johnny, the A321 certainly looks like it had a very heavy landing! I've got a set of unused SAS decals from the Hasegawa kit if they are of any use to you. Obviously they are a few years old now, but have been kept in the box with the kit. PM me if you want them. Dave
  7. That's a very handy site thanks Trevor, I've bookmarked it for future reference Dave
  8. That brings back memories for me as I had one as a youngster, but my elder brother built it for me. Looking forward to seeing how it should be built! Dave
  9. From memory, I recall that the 2B version had slightly extended wingtips and longer engine nacelles at the front, to reduce the gap between the prop and the engine intake (probably barely noticeable in this scale). Anything else? The kit should look lovely in BA colours. Dave
  10. Wow, I came across the same kit in a dark corner of the attic only yesterday. This could be the inspiration to finally open the box and let it see daylight after just 35 years of gathering dust! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Dave
  11. It might be 40 years ago, but I can still remember vacuuming that carpet quite a few times! I'm sure they carried some rubber car mats for use in bad weather -they won't be featured here though... Really enjoying this whole GB, it's bringing back lots of memories. Dave
  12. Just like the real ones, lol. Interior coming together...
  13. Col., it is going together better than it actually looks in the photos (digital cameras are so unforgiving!), with just a little sanding of the joints required and a smidgen of filler in a couple of places. Cabin interior is mostly painted and slowly being installed, ready for the clear parts of the front end. That'll be fun! Dave
  14. Cheers Col. and thanks for that gingerbob -very interesting! Not much chance to sit at the modelling table this weekend, but I did manage to get the main parts of the fuselage together. Dave
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